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This page lists and describes every music track in all games in the Golden Sun series. All three games released thus far credit Motoi Sakuraba as the sole composer.

Hidden music player in Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Various video games allow the player to listen to their soundtracks, whether as official "music player" functions or as hidden "sound test" menus that can be accessed with codes. While no such feature exists for the original Golden Sun or for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, a hidden music player function exists in the Battle Mode lobby of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Since every piece of music in both of the two GBA games is present in this menu in the second game, this page lists and describes every music track in the GBA duology using the indexing order of the TLA music player.

To access this easter egg, use a save file to enter the Battle Mode lobby, then go to the woman at the southwest corner of the area who normally says the following: "I like my men macho. You...don't work out much, do you?" If you talk to her while holding either the L or R shoulder buttons, she will instead say, "You have a song request?", and a tiny menu consisting of a single number will appear. You can scroll left and right to pass over the numbers 0 to 96, which represents the game's internal music index, and pressing A while settled on a given number will play the track assigned to that number.

The completion rate of your save file affects which tracks are available in this function; only tracks that have played at least once in your playtime thus far will be unlocked. Furthermore, the second game's list of music includes a large number of tracks retained from the first Golden Sun that never play whatsoever, so the list will seem incomplete by the time a save file right before the final boss is created. However, when a Completed Data File is saved and used to enter the Battle Mode, all 97 tracks will be unlocked regardless.

List of music in Golden Sun and The Lost Age

Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

The following list is ordered to match the internal list of music accessible from the hidden music player in the Battle Mode of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It marks tracks introduced in Golden Sun with (GS), and tracks later introduced in The Lost Age are marked with (TLA):

  • 0 (GS): The festive theme that plays in the Battle Mode lobby in either GBA game, as well as while playing the Lucky Medal Fountains in Tolbi and Lemuria and playing Lucky Wheels in Tolbi and Contigo. It also plays in Golden Sun when playing Lucky Dice in Tolbi and chasing the bandits inside Vault's inn.
  • 1 (GS): The extended version of the official Golden Sun theme, heard during the end credits of the first game and the text prologue of the second.
  • 2 (GS): The File Select screen music that plays in both GBA games, and it is heard in several sanctums in Golden Sun as well.
  • 3 (GS): The theme heard throughout both Mercury Lighthouse and the "one-way-exit-out portion" of Venus Lighthouse in Golden Sun, and when Jenna steps into the woods just outside Venus Lighthouse at the start of The Lost Age.
  • 4 (TLA): A chipper tune heard when playing Super Lucky Dice in Contigo, during the initial phase of each game.
  • 5 (TLA): The energized Alhafra town theme. This is used as the Lucky Dice theme for its reappearance in The Lost Age.
  • 6 (TLA): Understated music heard in the pre-dungeon screens of Kandorean Temple, and it is also used as the Champa village theme and the music that plays at the Sea of Time Islet.
  • 7 (TLA): The Daila village theme, also heard in West Indra Islet.
  • 8 (TLA): The Polynesian-inspired Apojii Islands village theme, also heard in SW Atteka Islet.
  • 9 (TLA): The flute-and-percussion music representing the in-game celebratory atmosphere at Izumo after Gaia Rock is completed.
  • 10 (TLA): Izumo's downtrodden initial village theme, which plays before Gaia Rock is completed. Remains as the Izumo Ruins dungeon theme.
  • 11 (TLA): Somber music heard after the final battle in The Lost Age, when the party absorbs the aftermath of their battle.
  • 12 (TLA): A more understated, "cavernous" remix of the Daila village theme used as the theme of the dungeon portion of Kandorean Temple.
  • 13 (TLA): The tribal percussions and chant heard in Naribwe, Kibombo Mountains, and the village of Kibombo after the Gabomba Statue dungeon is complete.
  • 14 (TLA): Intense, rhythmic percussion heard during Akafubu's ceremony at Kibombo, during which Felix's party meets Piers.
  • 15 (TLA): Lemuria's city theme.
  • 16 (TLA): The "generic village theme" of The Lost Age, heard in Madra, Mikasalla, N Osenia Islet, and Hesperia Settlement.
  • 17 (TLA): Heard at the barely inhabited, snowy locales SE Angara Islet and Kalt Island.
  • 18 (TLA): The Garoh village theme, with subtle wolf-like howls heard in the background.
  • 19 (TLA): The Yallam village theme.
  • 20 (TLA): Yepp's song with percussion, heard in Yallam.
  • 21 (TLA): Yepp's song without percussion; this does not appear to actually play in-game at any point.
  • 22 (TLA): The Air's Rock dungeon theme.
  • 23 (TLA): The Aqua Rock dungeon theme, also heard when Douse is on the giant blue Aqua Stone in Apojii Islands to unlock said dungeon.
  • 24 (TLA): Foreboding "underground music" heard in Madra Catacombs, Alhafran Cave, Islet Cave, and Apojii Islands Cave.
  • 25 (TLA): Somewhat quirky "cave music" heard in Shrine of the Sea God, Shaman Village Cave, Indra Cavern, Osenia Cavern, Atteka Cavern, and Angara Cavern.
  • 26 (TLA): The Gaia Rock dungeon theme.
  • 27 (TLA): The Gabomba Statue dungeon theme.
  • 28 (TLA): The Jupiter Lighthouse dungeon theme. It is heard at one point much earlier in The Lost Age, when Akafubu attempts to offer Piers' Black Orb to the Gabomba Statue.
  • 29 (TLA): The Magma Rock dungeon theme.
  • 30 (TLA): The Mars Lighthouse dungeon theme.
  • 31 (TLA): The Tundaria Tower dungeon theme. Later heard after the Shaman's Rod is given to Moapa at Shaman Village.
  • 32 (TLA): The Taopo Swamp dungeon theme.
  • 33 (TLA): The Ankohl Ruins dungeon theme.
  • 34 (TLA): Karst and Agatio's threatening theme used in cutscenes focused squarely on both of them, namely when the two appear on-screen at Jupiter Lighthouse and then later in Mars Lighthouse.
  • 35 (TLA): Upbeat Polynesian-inspired music heard when Briggs steals the sailing ship at Alhafra. Also heard when Echo gives his explanation of the Djinn and Summon system at the start of The Lost Age.
  • 36 (TLA): Menacing, slow music with chanting, heard when meeting Karst for the first time in Madra, when the Jupiter Beacon is lit, and when the party confronts an unexpected obstacle on the aerie of Mars Lighthouse.
  • 37 (TLA): Music heard in the villages of Loho and Shaman Village. It also plays in the south screen of Prox during the epilogue, when the party is departing the village.
  • 38 (TLA): Sad music heard during the cutscene with Sheba after flying the winged Lemurian Ship away from Atteka Inlet for the first time. Late in the game, it is heard at Mars Lighthouse after track number 11.
  • 39 (TLA): Tense music heard when Idejima breaks away from Gondowan, when Alex, Karst, and Agatio approach Felix's party in Champa, and when the final boss makes its appearance at the top of Mars Lighthouse.
  • 40 (TLA): The official theme of the opening screen in The Lost Age, heard right after the company logos are displayed when the game is first turned on.
  • 41 (TLA): The overworld sailing theme. Before the Lemurian Ship is acquired, this is heard when first coming across it at its starting location at East Indra Shore and when exploring its interior.
  • 42 (TLA): The overworld theme heard throughout The Lost Age before the Reunion at Contigo. Locations this music retains itself in include Osenia Cliffs and Gondowan Cliffs.
    • This music has an extra instrumental track that is never heard because an instrument was never assigned to this value; it is unknown whether this is a programming error or intentional. Here is a video whose second half is the overworld theme with a drum instrument assigned to the additional track via hacking, to show what the theme was likely supposed to sound like.
  • 43 (TLA): The climatic overworld theme used for the late stages of The Lost Age after and after the reunion takes place at Contigo. The same song plays during said cutscene.
  • 44 (TLA): The end credits theme of The Lost Age.
  • 45 (GS): Fast-paced music heard during Link Battles in the games' Battle Modes. In the main game of Golden Sun, it is only heard in part during a brief cutscene in Altin Peak in which Isaac outruns a rolling boulder. In the main game of The Lost Age, it is fully heard during the double-up phase of Super Lucky Dice.
  • 46 (GS): Battle music heard when battling the Colosso Gladiators in either game. In The Lost Age, it is also heard during the race portion of Trial Road.
  • 47 (TLA): Jenna's battle theme heard in the prologue of The Lost Age, and also heard in Alhafra shortly before Briggs steals the town's sailing ship. After the reunion with Isaac's party, this music plays whenever you enter battle with Jenna in your current party and both Isaac and Felix in the reserve party.
  • 48 (TLA): Felix's battle theme heard throughout most of The Lost Age's many battles. After the Reunion, this will play as the main battle theme as long as either Felix is in the front party or neither he, Isaac, nor Jenna are in the front party at all. The entirety of this theme is used as the introductory portion of the progressive rock remix of Golden Sun battle music that first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and was reused in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • 49 (TLA): Special battle music heard on both occasions where the party fights powerful non-Adept humans accompanied by human minions — Briggs and his Sea Fighters at Alhafra, and Moapa and his Knights at Trial Road.
  • 50 (TLA): The Lost Age's standard boss theme.
  • 51 (TLA): The battle theme heard when entering battle while sailing on the Lemurian Ship before the Reunion. Afterwards, the battle theme will default to either Felix, Isaac, or Jenna just like on land.
  • 52 (TLA): Karst and Agatio's battle theme, heard when you battle them after lighting Jupiter Lighthouse. It is a more aggressive variation of track number 34.
  • 53 (TLA): Menacing low-key battle music heard during the battle with the Flame Dragons in Mars Lighthouse. Also heard earlier in the game in the core of Gaia Rock, when Susa feeds the Serpent with Dragonsbane.
  • 54 (TLA): The final boss battle theme. This is the main, looping portion of the progressive rock remix of Golden Sun battle music that first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and was reused in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • 55 (GS): Standard Golden Sun series victory fanfare.
  • 56 (GS): The Game Over theme heard whenever the party is felled.
  • 57 (GS): Sentimental music commonly called "Ivan's theme" because it is heard when Isaac first meets Ivan in Vault, when Ivan meets Hama in Lama Temple, and when Ivan reunites with Hammet in Lunpa Fortress.
  • 58 (GS): "Villainous" music heard on each of the four occasions Saturos and Menardi make on-screen appearances. It also plays when Isaac's party encounters the Vault bandits in the attic of the inn, and it is also the Pirate Ship theme at the bottom of the optional Crossbone Isle dungeon. In The Lost Age, it plays during the part of the prologue when the party are threatened by an incoming tidal wave.
  • 59 (GS): The harrowing theme that plays when Sheba falls off Venus Lighthouse at the end of Golden Sun. In The Lost Age, this is Prox's village theme prior to the epilogue.
  • 60 (GS): Chaotic music heard during the Elemental Star Chamber sequence Mt. Aleph erupts, then when the Kraken appears on the Tolbi-bound Ship, and finally during the cutscenes between the two final boss battles atop Venus Lighthouse. In The Lost Age, it plays atop Mars Lighthouse after the final boss, right before the scene skips forward to the epilogue at Prox.
  • 61 (GS): A shortened version of track 65, presumably heard when the title screen is brought up after the young versions of Isaac and Garet are rendered unconscious by "Mystery Man" and "Mystery Woman" in the prologue.
  • 62 (TLA): The tense music that plays when navigating the whirlpools and currents of the Sea of Time.
  • 63 (GS): The official Golden Sun series main theme, the non-extended version heard in the first game's title screen. This has received a remix in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.
  • 64 (TLA): A more upbeat remix of track 63, heard when entering a password in The Lost Age.
  • 65 (TLA): Somber music heard when the Mars Star is cast into Mars Lighthouse, and the scenes afterward prior to when Mars Lighthouse starts to overflow.
  • 66 (TLA): A softer remix of track 63 heard in the game's post-credits epilogue sequence, shortly after the party discovers what became of Vale. Is the last song heard in the main game.
  • 67 (TLA): Tragic music heard in The Lost Age's post-credits epilogue scene, when the party returns to Vale to make a harrowing discovery.
  • 68 (GS): A shortened version of track 63 heard in the "To Be Continued" screen at the end of Golden Sun.
  • 69 (GS): The peaceful town theme heard in Vale and Vault, as well as Altin after defeating the Hydros Statue.
  • 70 (GS): Generic "chipper town" theme heard in Lunpa, as well as Bilibin, Bilibin Barricade, Tolbi, Kolima Village, Kolima Forest, and Kolima Bridge after story developments have alleviated their respective troubles. In The Lost Age, it is heard in Gondowan Settlement.
  • 71 (GS): Generic "troubled town" theme, first heard in Bilibin and later heard in Imil, Bilibin Barricade, Kolima Village, and Lalivero; in all four cases, these villages will play more upbeat or peaceful tunes as story milestones are passed.
  • 72 (GS): The vaguely medieval-inspired "generic manor theme" heard in Lord McCoy's palace in Bilibin, Hammet's palace in Kalay, and Babi's palace in Tolbi. In The Lost Age, it is heard in King Hydros' palace in Lemuria.
  • 73 (GS): Downbeat music heard inside the Tret Tree dungeon, and later in Altin village while the Altin Peak dungeon remains incomplete.
  • 74 (GS): Eastern-inspired village theme heard at Fuchin Temple, Xian, and Lama Temple. In The Lost Age, it plays when Hama makes her on-screen appearance at Contigo.
  • 75 (GS): The joyous theme of Kalay's main town area, also heard at Kalay Docks and Tolbi Docks.
  • 76 (GS): Music heard during the racing portion of the Colosso competition. Heard earlier once you revive Tret in Kolima Forest.
  • 77 (GS): Fanfare-like music just outside the crowded venue for the ongoing Colosso competition at Tolbi. It is also heard when you preview the various stages of Colosso.
  • 78 (GS): Festival-like music heard in the main city area of Tolbi until the Colosso competitions wrap up.
  • 79 (GS): The music heard in Sol Sanctum and Anemos Inner Sanctum.
  • 80 (GS): Enchanting music heard in Kolima Forest and Mogall Forest, though it is first heard in Sol Sanctum when discovering the two rooms connected to the Elemental Star Chamber. In The Lost Age, it is the main village theme for Contigo, and it is heard throughout Trial Road after successfully beating Moapa.
  • 81 (GS): The "starry" music heard inside the Elemental Star Chamber until the villains intrude, as well as atop the aeries of Mercury Lighthouse and Venus Lighthouse. In The Lost Age, it is heard in the portion of Anemos Sanctum that bars you from proceeding further if you have yet to collect all 72 Djinn, and it plays during the post-credits scene atop the peak of Mt. Aleph.
  • 82 (GS): Tense, low-key music heard during the first game's stormy prologue sequence, throughout the Altin Peak dungeon, and inside the Lunpa Fortress dungeon. Also heard when the Wise One talks with Isaac and Garet in the erupting Elemental Star Chamber, and at the aerie of Venus Lighthouse following the final battle.
  • 83 (GS): Generic "cave theme" heard in Goma Cave, Vale Cave, Vault Cave, and Suhalla Gate in Golden Sun, and in Yampi Desert Cave in The Lost Age.
  • 84 (GS): Generic "desert theme" heard in the Lamakan Desert and Suhalla Desert dungeon-like locations in Golden Sun, and in Yampi Desert in The Lost Age.
  • 85 (GS): Peaceful music heard in Imil after the Mercury Lighthouse dungeon is complete, and it is also the village theme of Suhalla. In The Lost Age, it plays in E Tundaria Islet, and in Prox during the epilogue.
  • 86 (GS): Generic "dungeon music" heard throughout Fuchin Falls Cave and Crossbone Isle in Golden Sun, and it plays during the cutscenes on the Tolbi-bound Ship prior to the ferry's departure across the Karagol Sea. In The Lost Age, it is the dungeon theme for Dehkan Plateau and Treasure Isle.
  • 87 (GS): Foreboding music heard in Altmiller Cave and Tunnel Ruins, though it first appears during the cutscene that transpires on Mercury Lighthouse's aerie after the boss battle with Saturos. In The Lost Age it is heard in Gabomba Catacombs.
  • 88 (GS): Lord Babi's theme, heard when talking with him both in Altmiller Cave and later in Babi's Palace.
  • 89 (GS): The orchestral march heard all throughout the events on the Tolbi-bound Ship. Is notable for being used in promotional videos for multiple Golden Sun-related releases, such as the first E3 2009 trailer for "Golden Sun DS" and the announcement trailer of the Nintendo Switch Online rerelease.
  • 90 (GS): Overworld theme for the first Golden Sun. Also heard on Idejima in the prologue to The Lost Age.
  • 91 (GS): Venus Lighthouse dungeon theme, heard in the later "main dungeon portion" of Venus Lighthouse in Golden Sun that is separate from its "one-way-exit-out portion" explored earlier. This is used for the one-way-exit-out portion itself during the prologue sequence taking place at the lighthouse in The Lost Age.
  • 92 (GS): Isaac's battle theme, heard all throughout Golden Sun by default. After the Reunion in The Lost Age in which he joins Felix's party, this will play a standard battle initiates with Isaac in your current battling party while Felix is in the reserve party.
  • 93 (GS): Boss battle theme commonly referred to as "Saturos' battle theme" because it plays when he and Menardi overwhelm the player in the prologue and then when he is fought atop Mercury Lighthouse. In The Lost Age, this is used as the battle theme of the optional Star Magician boss in Treasure Isle.
  • 94 (GS): Golden Sun "generic boss battle" used for many bosses throughout the game. In The Lost Age, it is heard only when battling Valukar in Yampi Desert Cave.
  • 95 (GS): "Super-boss battle theme" heard in Golden Sun when fighting the first of the two final battles atop Venus Lighthouse, and when fighting Deadbeard in Crossbone Isle. In The Lost Age, it is used as the battle theme of the optional Sentinel boss in Islet Cave.
  • 96 (GS): Final boss music in Golden Sun. Also heard when battling Dullahan, the hardest optional boss, in The Lost Age.

List of music in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

The internal music list of Dark Dawn contains 85 tracks, but unlike with previous games, these include the short "incidental" pieces that play when recurrent events like opening a chest and staying at an Inn take place. Therefore, the following list only covers the tracks that are recognized as appropriately lengthy music pieces.

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