Gaia Falls Islet

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Gaia Falls Islet lies east of the island of Nihan.

Gaia Falls Islet (ガイアフォールの洞窟, Gaia Fall's Cave) is an important location in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Located east of Yamata City, it is a short dungeon-style location that contains the Umbra Cloak and the Mercury Djinni Shell.


The dungeon becomes accessible as soon as Himi is recruited in Yamata City with the help of the Third Eye from Warrior's Hill, and it will be circled on the world map as the location of one piece of Umbra Gear once Iceberg Outpost has been completed. To permanently open up the cave icon on the map, cast Himi's Search Psynergy in front of it.

This dungeon's defining feature is a rushing rapid that Matthew must navigate with the help of the Grip Psynergy.

After proceeding down a stairwell, you will enter the main "room" of the location, in which a waterfall and the stream it produces prevents the party from proceeding to the left. Cast Grip to transport yourself to the Grip spire south of the stairs, and proceed out the south exit into an enclosed area of the overworld hanging off the edge of the world. Enter the other cave and approach the two Grip spires above, cast Grip on the northwest one, and claim the Umbra Cloak from the chest above it. Grip your way back southeast.

From the southwest spire in the main room, step northeast through the gap into the rushing water so that you get pushed against the rocks underneath you. Carefully inch your way to the east edge without "falling" down to the rocks below that and cast Grip on the spire east on the screen. Step upward and face the left spire without stepping too far to the left, and cast Grip on the spire standing in the middle of the river. Now that you are pushed against some small rocks, push your way to the left and step onto the land just west of the river. Head north along this land and cast Growth on the vine sapling to reach a chest, which reveals itself to be a Mimic that drops an Apple when felled. Walk behind the waterfall and move north into the cave opening obscured by the water to collect the Mercury Djinni Shell, which does not need to be battled.

Do NOT cast Retreat because it will return you to the southwest entrance, given that this was the most recently used entrance into what counts in-game as the "Gaia Falls Islet" location. Instead, slide down the cliff slide right of the waterfall and proceed back upstairs.


Bestiary of Gaia Falls Islet (World Map)
Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Goblord 38 416 396 192 159 1485 184 Star jupiter.gif Herb DD.png Herb 1/16
Weird Nymph 38 180 292 105 267 1559 176 Star jupiter.gif Elixir DD.png Elixir 1/8
White Wolf 38 270 356 111 190 1188 117 Star mars.gif Herb DD.png Herb 1/16
Bestiary of Gaia Falls Islet (Interior)
Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Brutal Troll 40 540 469 190 130 3775 223 Star mars.gif Titan Gloves DD.gif Titan Gloves 1/128
Lizard Fighter 40 511 444 244 160 2402 189 Star mars.gif Nut DD.png Nut 1/16
Weird Nymph 38 180 292 105 267 1559 176 Star jupiter.gif Elixir DD.png Elixir 1/8
Mimic (unique) 40 1138 343 153 261 18876 1225 Star mars.gif Apple DD.png Apple 1/1

Enemy Formations (Interior)

  • Group 1: Brutal Troll x2
  • Group 2: Weird Nymph x1-3
  • Group 3: Brutal Troll x1, Lizard Fighter x1
  • Group 4: Lizard Fighter x1, Weird Nymph x0-2


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