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Nut.gif Nut Nut DD.png
In-Game Description
"Replenishes 200 HP" (GS) (TLA)
"Restores at least 200 HP." (DD)
Trade Info
Item class Consumable
Buy value 200
Sell value 150
Artifact? No
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Restore 200 HP to one ally
When Usable Battle or field
• First sold at Altin (GS)
• First sold at Kibombo (TLA)
• First sold at Belinsk (DD)
This article is about the HP-restoring item. For the Defense-boosting item, see Hard Nut.

A Nut (ヒールナッツ, Heal Nut?) is a consumable item in the Golden Sun series. Like most consumable items, each party member can hold up to 30 nuts in a single inventory slot. When used, a nut restores 200 Hit Points to a single party member. Nuts can be bought for 200 coins and sold for 150 coins.


Golden Sun Nuts

In the original Golden Sun game, nuts can be bought from the item vendors in Altin, Kalay, Tolbi, Suhalla, and Lalivero.

A limitless supply of nuts can be won from the Lucky Wheels minigame in Tolbi.

Nuts are dropped by Dirges, Death Heads, Willowisps, Maulers, Orcs, Harridans, Lizard Men, Lizard Fighters, Clay Gargoyles, Trolls, Cave Trolls, and Brutal Trolls.

The Lost Age Nuts

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, nuts can be bought from the item vendors in Kibombo, Yallam, the Apojii Islands, Izumo, Champa, Shaman Village, Contigo, Loho, and Prox.

A limitless supply of nuts can be won from the Lucky Wheels minigame in Contigo.

Nuts are dropped by Dirges, Dinoxes, Pixies, Faeries, Death Heads, Harridans, Lizard Fighters, Wolfkin Cubs, Clay Gargoyles, Trolls, Cave Trolls, and Pteranodons. Also, the three Chestbeaters that act as the boss of Kandorean Temple are guaranteed to drop a nut upon defeat.

You can also find Nuts in the following locations:

  • In the Dehkan Plateau, in the treasure chest on top of a plateau (after using lash to reach it)
  • In a wooden box, outside, next to the house in the south-west of Mikasalla
  • In the barrel just outside the house up on the north-west plateau in Garoh
  • By scooping on the ground where the bone drops, after using Tremor on the box in the Kibombo Mountains
  • Upstairs in the Inn of Gabomba, inside a barrel
  • Inside a chest on the climb up the exterior of Gaia Rock
  • After falling down the waterfall on the exterior of Aqua Rock, in a chest
  • Under the weeds next to the southern entrance to Yallam
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Dark Dawn Nuts

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, nuts can be bought from the item vendors in Belinsk, Border Town, Port Rago, Saha Town, Harun Village, Yamata City, and Tonfon.

Nuts are dropped by Moles, Dirges, Armored Rats, Leaf Bats, Maulers, Dirty Apes, Hobblegobs, Lizard Fighters, and Trolls. Also, the Dim Dragon and Dim Dragon Plus, the bosses of the Psynergy Training Grounds, are guaranteed to drop a nut upon defeat.

Amiti has two nuts in his inventory when he joins the party.

Nuts can also be found in the following locations:

  • Both a Hard Nut and a normal nut can be found under the wind blossoms in the western half of Carver's Lumberyard (which, of course, can only be accessed by riding the gondola from the eastern half of the lumberyard). Cast Whirlwind on the southernmost flowers and they should be revealed quickly.
  • The second floor of the building behind Harapa's weapon shop is filled with wooden boxes. The bottom-right crate contains a nut.
  • Many empty pots litter Passaj's inn. However, the jar just to the left of the inn's back door is anything but empty. Examine it to acquire another nut.
  • A nut was left cooking in one of Kaocho's ovens. To claim it, head into the house in the northeast corner of town.
  • One room of Ayuthay's underground complex is filled with wooden boxes kept cool by water. A nut can be found in the only crate not in the water, pressed against the room's west wall.
  • Although it's not immediately obvious, there are basement levels to the Clouds of Passaj. The area is navigated by casting Whirlwind while standing on Zol clouds, but flying into miniature stormclouds will send players to the lower levels. Fortunately, Growth can be used to return to the main area. While in the "basement", however, some flowers similar to those found in Carver's Lumberyard can be found. Using Whirlwind on the lower-left flower in the first basement area will reveal the nut underneath.
  • While exploring Belinsk's docks, be sure to pick up the nut in the wooden box to the far right.
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Upon acquiring their first nut, most players will not likely have any party members with 200 Hit Points, making nuts effectively as powerful as vials and potions. Warrior-style Adepts may be approaching the 200-HP point by the time nuts become available in shops, but even then their price may make them impractical: herbs cost a mere 10 coins but restore 50 HP, making them much more cost-effective than nuts. Eventually, though, enemies will deal more damage and party members will acquire more Hit Points, making nuts more practical for mid-battle healing than the equivalent number of herbs.

In the original Golden Sun, vials could not be purchased at item vendors, making nuts the most powerful HP-restoring item readily available to players. As a result, it would not be uncommon for players to have many nuts in their inventory while navigating the final dungeon. As of the second installment, however, vials could also be purchased by the end of the game, making nuts little more than an intermediate step between herbs and vials. Further driving the point home is that, unlike herbs, nuts and vials have the same cost-to-effectiveness ratio. For example, five nuts and two vials will both restore 1000 Hit Points, and they both cost 1000 coins. Also, depending on how quickly a player proceeds through a game, vials may become available by the time nuts would be useful, discouraging players from buying them in the first place. As a result, vials are more common end-game items while nuts would be better of sold for extra money - first game aside, of course.

Disregarding stronger healing items, the actual usefulness of nuts depends largely on a player's preferred style of combat. Herbs are as valuable as they are because they appear early in a game, while Djinn are still rare and Psynergy Points are a valuable commodity. By the time nuts become available, however, players will find themselves with ample PP for healing spells like Cure and Wish, and they may have acquired some healing Djinn like Breath or Flower. Therefore, nuts are more valuable to players who prefer using Psynergy for offense and keep Djinn set to improve their classes. On the other hand, players who unleash Djinn often or who conserve Psynergy for healing may find nuts (and other healing items) a waste of inventory space and would be better off spending their money on armor to reduce the amount of damage they take in the first place. Even these players, however, may find having a few nuts on hand useful should their designated healer get knocked unconscious or has their Psynergy sealed.

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