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Lucky Medal

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Lucky Medal.gif Lucky Medal
Trade Info
Item class Consumable
Buy value 100
Sell value 75
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Used to acquire rare equipment at Lucky Medal Fountain
When Usable Field
See also: Lucky Medal Fountain

Lucky Medals (ラッキーメダル, Lucky Medal?) are small golden medals that act as a sort of valuable token in the Golden Sun series that allow the player to acquire unique equipment not found elsewhere. They can be bought for 100 coins each and sold for 75 coins.

Gameplay Role[edit]

They are found in chests and dropped from enemies (primarily Mimics or Rare Drops by Orc Lord) in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. They are used with Lucky Medal Fountain found in Tolbi in Golden Sun and Lemuria in The Lost Age. Many different and unique items can be acquired in both games, and the Eclipse Summon in The Lost Age. New players often sell these as they seem to have no useful purpose at the beginning of the adventure, but will be ravenously sought after once the player has tried the spring. They can be bought back in bulk from Item Vendors, fortunately. To find jars with Lucky Medals in them, or any item for that matter, the player can cast Reveal, so that item-containing pots will glow with a tell-tale golden light.


Lucky Medals can be found in jars and crates all over Weyard.

Lucky Medals can be found in the following locations:

In Golden Sun[edit]

1. Goma Cave: in a chest requiring the multiple-usage of Move to navigate to.
2. Kolima: in a jar on top floor of inn.
3. Imil: On the upper-left grave in the cemetery.
4. Xian: In a pot in the mulberry orchard.
5. Altin Peak: in a chest in the bottom-level of the mine.
6. Altin Peak: Dropped by the Hydros Statue.
7. Crossbone Isle Cave: Dropped by the Hobgoblin.
8. Tolbi: in a barrel next to oven in house above the all-in-one shop.
9. Tolbi: in a pot in the lower right corner of town, near the growth sprout.
10. Babi Palace: in a barrel in the top floor of southeast watchtower of the Palace.
11. Tolbi: in a guest room's barrel, never to a bed at the inn, after a post-Colosso cutscene where the maid finds it in the guest bed.
12. Gondowan Cave: in a chest in the watery room with stepping stones and two chests.
13. Lunpa: in a lone box in the upper right house.
14. Lunpa: in the hidden treasure repository that you need to use Reveal and Frost to work around to.
15. Lunpa Fortress: in the locked treasure repository alongside the Mythril Circlet; backtrack after getting the Cell Key.
16. Kalay Tunnel: in the treasure room opened up as a reward for saving Hammet.
17. Suhalla: in a ceramic jar to the left of the Sanctum; walk around and jump over the stream to get to it.
18. Suhalla Desert: In a chest in the second section, beyond the right-most tornado.
19. Crossbone Isle Cave: On level 5, parallel to the chest with 555 coins.
20. Lalivero: In a barrel in the leftmost, second-floor room of the inn.
21. Lalivero: In a barrel in the house attached to the two-in-one weapons and armor shop.
22. Crossbone Isle Cave: On level 7, in the rightmost chest requiring Carry to reach.

Additional Lucky Medals can be collected as rare drops from Orc Lords, found in Babi Lighthouse and Tunnel Ruins.

In The Lost Age[edit]

1. Yampi Desert: In an invisible chest where the stones are square-shaped.
2. Alhafra: In a jar sandwiched by damaged houses. Accessible only after the Briggs boss fight.
3. Alhafran Cave: Amongst the chests accessible on the first visit after the Briggs boss fight.
4. Air's Rock: Dropped by a Mimic.
5. Madra Catacombs: In the ruined palace, around the back during the second visit after Air's Rock.
6. Kibombo: In a blue jar in the northwest, 2-room house, acquirable after completing the Gabomba Statue.
7. West Indra Islet: In a barrel in the upper-left area.
8. SE Angara Islet: In a box on the south-most raft.
9. N Osenia Islet: In a barrel somewhat hidden under palm trees at the top near the house.
10. Sea of Time Islet: In a box inside the house.
11. Taopo Swamp: Dropped by a Mad Plant.
12. Izumo: Under the weeds just outside of Uzume's house; use Cyclone to uncover.
13. E Tundaria Islet: In a blue jar in the igloo house.
14. Tundaria Tower: In a chest in a room accessible after learning Burst.
15. Champa: In a jar on the third floor, outside on the cliffs.
16. Treasure Isle: In one of two chest accessible before attaining Grind.
17. Lemuria: Use scoop on the flowery patch SE of the Spring of Lemuria, where a butterfly is.
18. Hydros Palace: On the first floor, in a barrel in the rightmost room.
19. Shaman Village: In a jar just outside the door to the second floor of the right-most structure.
20. Gondowan Settlement: On the middle-right gravestone.
21. Magma Rock: Inside the mountain; in a chest on the first floor's southwest area.

Unlike in the first game, there are no enemies that drop Lucky Medals, so you're limited to these 21 and any you transfer over using a linked game password.

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