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Bramble Seed

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Bramble Seed.gif Bramble Seed Bramble Seed DD.png
Trade Info
Item class Consumable
Sell value 37
Artifact? No
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Deals Venus damage to multiple enemies
When Usable Battle

A Bramble Seed (いばらのたね, Ibara no tane?, lit. Thorny Seed) is a consumable item in the Golden Sun series. Like most consumable items, each party member can hold up to 30 bramble seeds in a single inventory slot. When used, a bramble seed deals Venus-based damage to multiple enemies with visual effects resembling the Nettle Psynergy. Bramble seeds cannot be bought, but they can be sold for 37 coins each.


Golden Sun Bramble Seeds[edit]

Bramble seeds are dropped by Moles, Mad Moles, Ghost Mages, Rat Warriors, and Roaches.

The Lost Age Bramble Seeds[edit]

Bramble seeds are dropped by Moles, Numb Ants, Ghost Mages, Talon Runners, Wild Gorillas, and Wood Walkers.

Dark Dawn Bramble Seeds[edit]

Bramble seeds are dropped by Mad Moles, Rat Fighters, Bulky Bugmen, Titan Bugmen, Succubi, and Cave Trolls.

Bramble seeds can also be found in the following locations:

  • Open the treasure chest in the second area of the Tanglewood (the room where Isaac and Garet demonstrate the Fireball Psynergy) for the very first bramble seed in the game.
  • South of Passaj's item vendor and down a ladder is a pile of wooden crates. Somewhere in the pile are some bramble seeds.
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