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Daedalus is a Venus-aligned Summon introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn as one of the collectible sequences not initially available to parties even if they have collected enough Djinn to use them. It is awarded for use when the "super boss" guarding its respective Summon tablet is cleared in either game. In The Lost Age, it is guarded by Valukar in the area of Yampi Desert Cave that can only be reached with the Teleport Lapis from the final storyline dungeon. In Dark Dawn, it is guarded by the Ogre Titans that reside in the sealed room in Burning Island Cave that can only be opened by using the Sol Blade found within that game's resident end-of-story dungeon. As a collectible summon, it uses more than one element of Djinni on standby, requiring four Venus Djinn and three Mars Djinn. It resembles a gigantic automaton shooting both a flurry of missiles and a single, immense warhead toward the enemy group; in a mechanic exclusive to Daedalus, it is the only effect in either game that carries out as an attack on the first turn and a delayed attack that transpires at the end of the second turn. Together, the two stages of the attack deal a total of roughly one-and-a-half times as much damage as the Judgment summon, and the player can capitalize on this gimmick by lowering the targets' resistances in advance of the second strike. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that most non-final bosses in the first game, including Toadonpa, Storm Lizard, and Tempest Lizard, are susceptible to status conditions such as instant death, Death Curse, and Deadly Poison?
  • ...that the Black Orb was renamed "Black Crystal" in The Lost Age?
  • ...that 36 of the 72 Djinn from the GBA Golden Sun titles - as in exactly half - appear in the Djinn Guide in Dark Dawn, and therefore the other half doesn't appear in the game at all?
  • ...that Venus Lighthouse is visually present on Gondowan in the overworld data of Dark Dawn, even though it cannot be seen without hacking and it cannot be entered anyway?
  • ...that in The Lost Age holding down the Select button while highlighting an equippable item in a shop brings up a menu that lets you check its Item Details?

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