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Vajra Mace.

A Vajra Mace is a Mace-class weapon that appears in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It has a rare chance to randomly drop from Thunder Lizards in Crossbone Isle, the optional postgame-exclusive dungeon, which largely makes it irrelevant to most game files. It is technically the weapon with the highest attack stat that Rief can wield, but it is otherwise saddled with middling Unleashes, which makes it falter in comparison to other "ultimate" weapons. Because it has four separate Unleashes it can randomly choose from, the exclusive signature unleash it offers, Final Nemesis, does not reliably trigger even when heavy unleash-rate boosts are granted by the equipped party member's gear. Even when it does proc, it does not actually apply any damage multiplier or additive value beyond treating the equipped Adept's standard attack as Jupiter-aligned. Instead, it hits up to three enemies at once, and each affected enemy can be afflicted with the Stun status condition. The Atropos' Rod and Lachesis' Rule staff-class weapons would produce stronger hits more consistently through their respective Unleash sets despite having less base attack on the weapons themselves. Oddly, despite being a rare drop, this does not count as an Artifact and will not appear in vendors' Artifacts menus if sold off or dropped. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that when you cast the Halt Psynergy on any townsperson, they'll say only the first word of their sentence when you talk to them and then return to normal?
  • ...that Bramble Seed, Oil Drop, Weasel's Claw, and Crystal Powder, which emulate mid-to-late-game Psynergy for free, do not take their users' Elemental power ratings into account and are most useful the earlier in the game they are used?
  • ...that the Curse Psynergy forwards its own countdown timer when used multiple times on the same enemy target, and that Curse works twice as fast against enemies that act twice per turn?
  • ...that the Retreat Psynergy, usually ineffective in towns, is functional in Shaman Village?
  • ...that in The Lost Age holding down B causes you to auto-progress through cutscene dialogue at a moderate rate, which is a feature not present in the original Golden Sun?

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