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Aqua Rock.

Aqua Rock is a dungeon featured in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. One of four similarly presented locations in the game called the Elemental Rocks, it is representative of the Mercury element and is a gigantic, mountainous locale with an ancient and labyrinthine maze built inside. It is located at an island bordering the settlement at Apojii Islands, located near the east edge of the world of Weyard. There is little story relevance to it beyond being a dungeon that Felix's party has to explore in order to broaden their Psynergy powers in advance of their eventual goal to return Alchemy to the world. In-game, it can be unlocked and explored as soon as the party first reaches the Great Eastern Sea segment of the game via the Lemurian Ship; all that is needed to be done first is to cast the Douse Psynergy on the giant tear stone in the nearby settlement. Between its exterior and interior portions, it is about as large as the other Elemental Rock dungeons, and completing it is mandatory to grant Piers the Parch Psynergy necessary to access the Tundaria Tower dungeon. Unlike Gaia Rock, which can be accessed at a similarly early point in the Great Eastern Sea segment, Aqua Rock does not make a cosmetic reappearance in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn owing to its more distant proximity to the explorable portion of the same sea in that game. (Read more...)

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