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This article contains a detailed list of all current wiki-wide projects. Any current, major project that changes a large amount of wiki pages, or a highly detailed page should be listed here, just so that they will not be forgotten about until it is completely finished.

Rewrite Psynergy Lines

This project involves rewriting the various Psynergy articles in a format similar to the Quake Psynergy series. The major change for this rewrite is the inclusion of the Psynergy Infobox on these articles, in order to better organize simple information about each member of the line. This project also rewrites the Analysis section of Psynergy Articles to offer a generalized analysis, then an analysis by game. Further, if the Psynergy if offensive in nature (does damage in battle) Then we add a Damage Calculation sub heading beneath the infobox. Here is an Article Skeleton.

==Basic Description==
 (Psynergy Infobox Here)
===Damage Calculation=== (If necessary)
===By Game===
Golden Sun:
Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Relevant Navigation Templates

Project Status: In Progress - Remaining Utility Psynergy articles

Enemy Line Rewrite

This project involves a major overhaul of the Enemy Line pages. The Enemy lines pages were divided into GBA and Dark Dawn sections. We also implement the Enemy Infobox and Enemy Command List templates into the pages. These templates should also be carried over into the various Boss articles. See the Rat enemy line article for an example.

Project Status: Complete

Create Useful Help Pages

This project focuses on the articles in the help namespace. The articles listed on the Help Navigation Template need to either be created or in some cases, rewritten into either a friendly or a more accurate style. The Help Category should contain all help articles. A few of the pages in this category are obsolete, and will need to be combined into a page that is listed on the template.

Project Status: In Progress

Town Update

The Town pages are inconsistently organized. They will all need to be updated to follow a consistent format, as decided upon at Help:Article_Skeletons#Town Part of this update will be implementing the new Vendor tables that are currently being designed and finalized. User:dkpat plans on beginning this project when he has free time, and after Hungry finishes his re-categorization of the enemies. An Example article will be provided at that time. For the redesigned Vendor templates, see User:dkpat/sandbox/shops.

Project Status: In Progress