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GSU has many affiliates, which can be considered friends of our website. As an affiliate, we have a link to their website just as they have a link to ours. This helps both websites out, as users from either website will notice and could visit the other. Potentially, We could gain a loyal editor, or the affiliate could gain an active community member.

If you would like to become an affiliate of Golden Sun Universe, simply leave a message on one of our admin's talk pages, either User:Erik the Appreciator or User:Dkpat. If you want to use an image to affiliate with us, here is the banner we currently have for affiliates.


Here we list all of the Affiliates that Golden Sun Universe has, sorted by their affiliation date, oldest to newest.

Temple of Kraden

Affiliate TempleofKraden.jpg


The Temple of Kraden is a Golden Sun Fan community based upon the morals of Kraden. We encourage all our Adepts to add the Kradenette Userbox to their page if they are active on this website.


NIWA is a large affiliation network comprised of Nintendo related wikis. Due to it's very nature, by being a part of NIWA we are affiliated with a large number of Nintendo Wikis. All members of NIWA work towards the goal of being the authority in their field of specialty.

Golden Sun: Adept's Refuge

Affiliate AdeptsRefuge.jpg


Golden Sun: Adept's Refuge is a Golden Sun fansite that came from the merge of two previous communities: the previous Adept's Refuge and Elemental Temple. They strive to provide a complete base of knowledge about Golden Sun.

The Lost Waters

Affiliate TheLostWaters.png


The Lost Waters is a Golden Sun community created by The Sea King which aims to provide fans of the series a place to talk and communicate with each other.


Affiliate SEIWA.png


SEIWA is an acronym for Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance. The alliance is comprised of Wikis about games produced by Square Enix, as the title might suggest. The alliance hopes to provide assistance to its member wikis, causing an increase in knowledge and interest for all Square Enix games.


Affiliate Wikimon.png


Wikimon is the free Digimon online encyclopedia that anyone can read and help edit. Wikimon is the best resource for Digimon info since December 2005!