Golden Sun Universe:Privacy policy

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At Golden Sun Universe, our goal is to have a complete and accurate base of knowledge about the Golden Sun series. Anyone can edit and add to our articles, and the content is completely free. However, certain information is logged about visitors. All Edits are logged within our database with the time and date of the edit, as well as the editor's name or, if they are not logged in, their IP address. In addition, our site collects information from visitors, such as screen resolution, operating system, web browser and generalized location. This information is used to ensure our website provides the best experience possible to its users.

Any personal information, such as name, age, phone number, etc. posted on the wiki is public to anyone. Share this information at your own risk. Golden Sun Universe is not responsible for any direct results of such actions. Information inputted during user registration is collected as well. Golden Sun Universe will never sell any information collected to 3rd party companies.

The staff of Golden Sun Universe will do their best in regulating this wiki's content. We aim for the wiki to be appropriate for users of all ages. However, we cannot be held accountable for any content that the user deems inappropriate, as all pages are publicly editable.

For any further questions about the privacy policy, ask one of the Staff members on their talk page. They will answer your question as soon as and as best as they can.