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Golden Sun Universe was originally created on [1] on November 2nd, 2006 to compile a complete, thorough, and dynamic repository of information relating to the Golden Sun series of Role-Playing fantasy video games and related media, developed by Camelot Software Planning and produced by Nintendo. Very shortly afterwards, It moved to Wikia to continue in its goal. The wiki grew here for a great time, and succeeded in becoming well known for Golden Sun knowledge. On November 25, 2010, it moved to become an independent wiki affiliated with NIWA, the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance. Golden Sun Universe (hereby referred to as GSU) is a wiki, meaning that it is written and maintained by the community and can be instantly edited by a variety of contributors.

GSU is designed as a resource on all issues, both general and specific, that relate to Golden Sun and its follow-ups. It primarily focuses on the main game series, currently comprised of the original Golden Sun released on Game Boy Advance in 2001, its GBA follow-up Golden Sun: The Lost Age in 2003, and the more recent 2010 installment for the Nintendo DS, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, as well as all characters, gameplay features, and story elements they encompass. In addition, all noteworthy appearances of Golden Sun-themed characters and material in other works and formats are covered in detail to the extent that Golden Sun and said works are relevant to each other; examples of this as of present are the cameo appearance of a main character in a non-playable appearance in the video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the Japanese-only unofficial doujin manga 4-Koma Gag Battle released shortly after the first game's initial release. Lastly, a limited, general overview of the most notable matters pertaining to the series' fan community is provided.

Please be aware that GSU goes in-depth into its information about characterization, backstory, plot, setting, and story; therefore, spoilers abound for readers who have yet to play through all of the current games and who do not wish to know what happens later in their respective stories. If you are one such reader, then you read any page not specifically focusing on a gameplay element at your own risk.

As the core focus of the wiki is on a series of video games, much of GSU is written in a game-guide style, with walkthrough sections present in many articles. In terms of the gameplay information, a primary differentiation between this and a typical hint book is that GSU arranges its material by topic title rather than by any "official storyline ordering". In addition, by virtue of being a wiki, its information may be updated at any time by readers and fans of the series, and corrections and higher-quality information are thus possible.

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