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4-Koma Gag Battle

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Cover Page

The Golden Sun 4-Koma Gag Battle (黄金の太陽 開かれし封印 4コマギャグバトル, Golden Sun: The Broken Seal 4-Koma Gag Battle) is a self-published Japanese manga volume (doujinshi) published in Japan on December 10, 2001, four months after Golden Sun's August 1, 2001 Japanese release date. It was featured in the video game-centric comic publication Hi no Tama, which is published by Kōbunsha.

As a doujinshi, this is a non-professional work depicting Camelot-owned Golden Sun characters and properties that is published and sold by its authors for profit despite it not being formally endorsed by Camelot Software Planning. From a Western standpoint, the illegality at play would assuredly prompt legal action from the copyright-holders towards the authors, but in Japan, it is uncommon for copyright-holding companies to pursue legal action because the doujin industry is widespread enough to be passively accepted, and therefore overlooked.

As a Yonkoma Manga (literally "4-Cell Manga"), this volume is composed of a collection of four-cell strips authored and illustrated by various artists. A total of eighteen artists contributed to the manga, almost all of which contributed a color page and between five and six pages in monochrome. The volume contains a total of 126 pages, most of which feature two four-panel strips that each involve humor and comedy. As this was published ten months prior to the Japanese release of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the manga does not feature characters or scenarios exclusive to games released after the first, and thus Piers, Karst, and Agatio are noticeably absent.

The Golden Sun fan community had enacted separate fan-translation projects for the 4-Koma Gag Battle in the years following the international release of The Lost Age, but had experienced multiple delays until they eventually became unofficially discontinued, such as a scanlation project by the fansite Golden Sun Realm. A separate project carried out by a community member pen-named Sora G. Silverwind had remained defunct all the way until early 2015, when the project was restarted and executed from beginning to end. The final scanlated image was posted on Tumblr on April 20th, 2015.

The following tables chart and describe each individual page and strip in a detailed manner, derived from Silverwind's completed work.

Covers and Miscellaneous Illustrations[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Front Cover Kizuki Miki The front cover of the product, featuring an illustration of the four main characters of the original Golden Sun: Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia.
Front Cover - Inside Jacket Flap Mikabe Sesuna A flap connected to the edge of the front cover from inside. Shows Mia holding a frying pan, with a Jupiter Djinni cutting up the food in the pan and a Mars Djinni heating up the pan from underneath.
Front Cover - Opening Illustration Kouta A title page showing Isaac's party with a Mercury Djinni and a Mars Djinni in a battle scene, with an exasperated Garet being picked up and carried off by a Gryphon.
Back Cover Igarashi Emi The back cover of the product, featuring an illustration of Felix, Alex, Jenna, and Sheba.
Table of Contents Hakyuu Shou The two-page table of contents showing a sort of summer-themed place, with Isaac's crew on the right handling a potted flower, and Saturos, and Menardi on the left trying to have a barbecue but being interrupted by Alex's water-summoning shenanigans.

Colored strips[edit]

This first group of pages of the manga are in color, unlike the rest of the product.

Title Author Synopsis
How To Use Psynergy Tonami Minato Isaac and Garet prospectively eye a nearby treasure chest that lies across a narrow but steep canyon pit. Isaac guesses that he can use his Move Psynergy to telekinetically transport Garet across the pit, much like with the Carry Psynergy; Garet's reservations towards this idea are quickly substantiated, however, as Isaac quickly runs out of Psynergy Points and Garet lands flat on his face far below.
How To Use Psynergy? Tonami Minato Isaac joins Garet at the bottom of the canyon pit, and next figures that he can use the Lift Psynergy to transport Garet back up to the level of the chest. Garet's doubts about Isaac's idea are again substantiated, as the two metaphorical hands associated with Lift flatten him like a cardboard cutout. Isaac chuckles that he finds it tough trying to guess how much force to apply.
Looks Like This Chigusa Hiroko In Lamakan Desert, Isaac and company relax in an oasis that they discovered with Reveal, the power that lets them perceive things that remain unseen to normal eyes. It passively occurs to Mia however, that this oasis would appear invisible to outside observers even though they themselves would not; at this point in time, someone or something observing them from a fair distance is startled by the sight of people apparently bathing in a pit of sand.
Looks Like That Chigusa Hiroko Mia acquires a Mercury Djinni, and Isaac and Ivan express that the refreshing, watery effects that are brought about whenever that happens makes befriending a Mercury Djinni seem wonderful. But whenever Garet befriends a Mars Djinni, on the other hand, the flaming effects and the grunts of pain they elicit from him cannot be mistaken.
Greed For Gold Hakyuu Shou Isaac engages in an internal monologue on the elements of the world and how he is holding the embodiment of Mars, the Mars Star, in the palm of his hand, leading him to the deep realization... that with an object that valuable, money may well never be an object for them again. An unamused Garet reminds Isaac of why they are on their quest to begin with.
Greed For Goods Hakyuu Shou Isaac, Garet, and Ivan have just finished battling the gang of thieves in the attic of the inn at Vault. The man they rescued goes off to get the mayor, but while waiting, Isaac eyes the nearby hoard of ill-gotten goods that the thieves previously stashed. Succumbing to temptation, Isaac urges Garet and Ivan to consider looting some of the hoard's contents while they can; Garet and Ivan are baffled.
Container Sakura Shinobu Mia, at the base of Mercury Lighthouse with her newfound companions Isaac, Garet, and Ivan, looks upon the now-flowing fountain of Hermes. When Mia discovers that her side does not have an Empty Bottle with which to take some of the Hermes' Water they will need, she decides she must make a trip back to Imil to fetch one. Isaac, in his unique brand of spontaneous wisdom, slurps a mouthful of the water with the intent to use his own mouth as a makeshift "container"; Mia, though somewhat amused, tells him to stop that.
Crisis! Sakura Shinobu Isaac and Garet are surprised when they are spontaneously approached by Jenna, who rants that she is the main character and implies that she is being shoved out of the spotlight. Isaac and Garet are put down.
Undergarments Ookubo Midori Isaac and company win a Running Shirt from the Lucky Wheels minigame at Tolbi, and Garet equips it to increase his agility. As for the old Mythril Shirt Garet was previously wearing, both Isaac and Ivan propose that they each could just as easily wear it for themselves; Mia mounts a spirited retort to their implication that she could wear that unwashed, sweaty shirt as well.
But It's Got +1 Luck Ookubo Midori Isaac's side then wins a Silk Shirt, which a flustered Mia immediately snatches - she asks the boys not to look at a girls-only undergarment so much, and admits that she gets embarrassed because she will be wearing this underneath her robe from here on out. A rather straight-minded Isaac points out that Garet's old Mythril Shirt would offer more protective value, and therefore suggests Mia sell the Silk Shirt off; Mia does not approve of the suggestion that she really will be wearing Garet's hand-me-downs at this rate.
Bargain Buy! Kyouji Hirona Mia is suspicious that Isaac and Garet have been able to purchase equipment left and right despite their group's lacking funds. When Ivan arrives to tell her that he just bought a Venus Djinni that was on sale, Mia recognizes it as one of their own - and gets exasperated that Isaac and Garet had pawned off one of their own Djinn for money.
The Horror Kyouji Hirona Isaac and company are at the final room of the Tunnel Ruins, having solved the riddle of the five colored statues that each thinks about where each other statue is in relation to itself. Before they proceed upstairs, though, Ivan notices that one of the statues is now visibly upset and thinking something else: "There is a girl to the north of me." Isaac's group is then immediately frightened when they see a female apparition that has materialized behind the statue.
Boys' Opinions Koutake Hiroyoshi In Mercury Lighthouse, Mia has finished casting Ply at the goddess statue so that the Adepts may now magically stand upon the surface of the tower's waters without falling through. Ivan is astounded that they are now able to stay atop the waters "like a swan in the center of a rippling pond", just like the inscription at the goddess statue intoned; however, Garet and Isaac joke that this effect makes them less like "swans" and more like water skeeter bugs. The goddess clearly does not take that joke well, as Isaac and Garet suddenly fall through the water as though the magic was "turned off" for them.
Colosso Koutake Hiroyoshi As Isaac and company are shown around the stages of Colosso in advance of the Colosso Finals, he learns of how reaching the central arena before his opponent will let him take stronger equipment for himself. His companions realize the ways that they can secretly help Isaac through the stages under the pretense of "cheering" from the audience seats. Isaac is initially compunctious towards competing with the fight fixed in his favor like that; by the finale of the tournament, when he is openly laughing while conducting his final battle decked out in the Claymore, Chain Mail, and Iron Shield he was able to get through his friends' "help", not so much.
Skate Kouta Isaac and company find that the frozen river around Imil lacks any kind of friction, meaning that they end up sliding until they bump into something. By the time Mia makes the connection that one can never stop sliding until they collide with a stationary object, however, Isaac's group has already begin sliding straight down a frozen river that runs straight seemingly without end.
Mama Dora Kouta After Garet has punctured a hole in Isaac's rooftop, Dora promises she will fix it herself later. Jenna thanks her and refers to her as "Ma'am", and Dora warmly asks Jenna to remember to just call her "Dora" from here on out. Isaac mentally muses that Dora should know better than to expect to not be called "Ma'am" by default at her age; as if she had some kind of mother-to-son-exclusive equivalent to the Mind Read Psynergy, Dora quickly and sternly gets on Isaac's case.
Lord Babi Hijiku Kiyomasa Isaac meets with the imposing, aged mayor of Tolbi, who formally introduces himself as Babi... but then goes a little crazy and makes a humorously self-congratulatory attempt at describing his inherent "greatness" further, calling himself "Babi-bu-be-bo" (in accordance with the ordering of the five vowels in the Japanese syllabary) and calling himself the "greatest lord". Isaac and Garet agree that Babi is not quite who they imagined.
Last Chances Hijiku Kiyomasa A bee performs its "last sting" against Isaac before it is downed, and he and Ivan remark that it was an impressively tenacious enemy. Later at dinner, Garet snatches a cookie meant for Mia and has his "last bite", and Mia violently demands her snack back; Isaac and Ivan agree that a girl can be every bit as unsettlingly tenacious.
Sol Sanctum 1 Mizuna Tomomi As Kraden, Isaac, Garet, and Jenna begin their secretive investigation into Sol Sanctum, Kraden poses his hypothesis that there ought to be something on the premises that reflects the idea of Sol Sanctum having been built in honor of the sun. Isaac takes a Small Jewel he found earlier and inserts it in the empty eye socket of a wall-mounted minotaur relief, and in response, both of its jewel-eyes glow brightly. The gleam ends up reflecting off of Kraden's bald forehead, and the Adepts interpret this effect to be what Kraden described; Kraden is none too amused by this conclusion.
Sol Sanctum 2 Mizuna Tomomi Later, as Kraden and his pupils arrive at the tiled room near the end of Sol Sanctum, they make the connection that the strangers they previously met at Vale, Saturos and Menardi, had come here before, and are planning to rob the sanctum of its hidden treasures. Kraden suggests they not go back to warn the village just yet, but unlike in the game, his reason is not because he is compelled by his curiosity to discover the true nature of Sol Sanctum's great secrets; much to the chagrin of his pupils, he is highly interested in taking some of that so-called treasure for himself.
First Time At Sea Oumi Waki This strip pokes fun at a minor plot inconsistency in Golden Sun: Isaac and his group arrive at Kalay Docks and bear witness to the expansive Karagol Sea, and Isaac and Garet believe this to be the "ocean" Kraden told them about back when they used to live at Vale. A nearby employee of the Karagol ferry service clarifies to them that the Karagol is technically not an ocean because it is surrounded by land. Ivan and Mia huddle off to the side, discussing whether it would be too much of a shock to break it to the boys that they could have seen the real ocean surrounding Mercury Lighthouse.
The Endless World Oumi Waki Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia mentally note and appreciate that the world is much greater than any of them were ever exposed to up until now, having never left their hometowns until the start of their quest. They pass by many, many trees, until eventually it occurs to them that they are passing by the same trees repeatedly; only now are they willing to acknowledge that they are completely lost in Mogall Forest.
Desert Resort Taiga Ichigo At a desert resort, Ivan plucks a ukulele while Isaac and Garet sunbathe upon lounge chairs. A fully-clothed, sweating Mia glumly asks what they are doing, and the boys claim that by tanning their bodies dark so that they can hide from their enemies in the shadows, they are effectively learning "shadow Psynergy". Mia gets angry at them; Garet figures that's just because she would get liver spots from the sun if she tried that.
If You Believe Taiga Ichigo Isaac and Garet reminisce on the intensive training they undertook to grasp the art of Psynergy prior to the start of their quest. They get teary-eyed over the memories of when they first managed the feat of telekinetically moving small rocks with their minds, even though, at the same time, they mentally acknowledge it would have been much easier to just use their arms to physically displace the rocks.
Announcing Candidacy Mikabe Sesuna Out in the middle of the Karagol Sea, Isaac and company have been asked to choose one of the Tolbi-bound Ship's passengers to fill in for the oarsman that was rendered unable to continue rowing the ship by the most recent sea monster attack. None of the passengers want to take on that grueling responsibility, but on Garet's suggestion, Mia relies on her womanly charms to inspire the passengers to volunteer for the work. The change in the passengers' attitudes is instantaneous.
Seasoning Mikabe Sesuna At Babi's Palace, Isaac and company take note of Babi's foreign guest, Sheba, who is visibly melancholy. Isaac has Ivan use Mind Read on her to find out why, and Ivan determines the reason to be that she gets a morning soup that disagrees with her tastes. Sheba irritably exclaims that she was trying to keep quiet about that.

Tonami Minato[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Clean Cut Tonami Minato Isaac, Garet, and Ivan are climbing through the maze of leaf-enveloped branches atop Tret Tree. Isaac finds the leaves enough of a hassle that he orders Ivan to use his strongest Whirlwind Psynergy, which ends up stripping Tret completely bare of leaves. Tret is exasperated while Laurel remarks, "Nice haircut."
A Tree's Life Tonami Minato Isaac, Garet, and Ivan are in Kolima, having just realized that all the trees are former townspeople that fell victim to Tret's curse. Isaac promises they will get the trees back to normal, but one tree in the second floor of one of the houses expresses through Mind Read that a bigger priority is its relocation to the ground outside, so that it can take in necessary nutrients. The Adepts muse about the long, laborious process they are forced to undertake in the interest of helping those in need, with Garet having to lug the tree on its back and Isaac and Ivan having to dig a hole outside.
That's No Good Tonami Minato Isaac and company have emptied the water out of Altin, and are now shopping at the recently re-opened armor vendor. Mia buys a Silk Robe, but logically, it is thoroughly drenched. Isaac angrily tells the smug shopkeeper that he should at least dry his goods before selling them off.
I Can See It, But... Tonami Minato Isaac, having achieved the capacity to use Psynergy's amazing powers to their fullest, resolves to use it only for important things from here on out. He immediately effects the first of these so-called relevant applications that comes to mind: Using the Catch Psynergy to remotely lift up the bottom of Mia's robe and see up her dress from behind. Mia, not amused in the least, violently gets on his case.
Ignoring Tonami Minato At Fuchin Temple, Isaac and company have been unable to get any vocal responses out of the meditating Master Nyunpa. Ivan figures that they will have to use Psynergy to get a meaningful reaction. The Psynergy they use is less subtle than in the game, though - Move, Douse, Growth, Catch, and so on. Nyunpa remains silent but gets visibly annoyed by the poking, mentally exclaiming that the guests are doing this on purpose.
Hottest Fashion Tonami Minato During their foray through Lamakan Desert, Isaac and company repeatedly vocalize their complaints about the sweltering heat, and Ivan brings up their need to find an oasis before it is too late. Garet, though - being comparatively lightly-clothed among his group - suggests that it may help the other three to take off some of their thickly-layered traveling clothes in the interim.
His Wife Tonami Minato At Hammet Palace, Lady Layana asks Isaac's side to continue with their journey, all while putting on a strong act to suggest that she is not wracked with worry over her husband's current status as a captive at Lunpa. To determine whether Layana is really not that worried, Ivan uses Mind Read, and is surprised to see that she quite frankly appreciates the "freedom" she is afforded while Kalay's lord is away.
Mosquito Tonami Minato Mia is bothered by a mosquito, and uses the Lift Psynergy to squash the insect in midair in between the two metaphorical hands of the Psynergy. Isaac comments on Mia's remarkable laziness.
Listless Afternoon Tonami Minato Isaac and his friends are once again inside Lamakan Desert, complaining yet again about the heat. They express that it would have been nice had one of the water-spewing Living Statues from Altin been on hand to keep them cool, though they agree that trying to bring one along with them would have been tricky.

Koutake Hiroyoshi[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Four People On The Roof Is Too Many Koutake Hiroyoshi After a flashback to when Dora assured Isaac, Garet, and Jenna that she would fix the roof of her and Isaac's house on her own time, Garet and Isaac agree to revisit Dora and the rest of Vale because their travels through Angara have brought them back nearby. They find that she has taken ill during their absence, but that the still-broken roof of the house does not cause problems for her at least - because, as Isaac is none too pleased to discover, the damage Garet left behind affects his own room on the second floor.
How Original Koutake Hiroyoshi Isaac sighs, and upon his friends' urging to relate his thoughts, he expresses that he is bothered by the people they are chasing - Saturos, Menardi, Alex, and Felix; specifically, that the names of Isaac's own circle are so banal in comparison.
Mercury Lighthouse Koutake Hiroyoshi Isaac and his friends have just defeated Saturos in battle atop the aerie of Mercury Lighthouse, and in that moment, Alex makes his appearance and explains that they won because Saturos was unable to fight to his fullest power. When Ivan asks why, Alex responds with three less-than-flattering but equally-irrelevant possibilities alongside the concept of Mercury Lighthouse being unfavorable to Saturos - that Saturos was hungry, wanted to avoid drawing Menardi's ire by standing out more than her, or was cold. Saturos fumes at Alex and tells him to help out.
Haphazardly Koutake Hiroyoshi Ivan's Mind Read Psynergy is presented as able to be used on much more than humans - that it can receive messages from dogs, trees, and even stone statues. In Fuchin Temple, Isaac tickles Ivan while proclaiming that he could probably even read the mind of devout, motionless monks like Nyunpa nearby. Isaac is surprised that the power works even here, when Nyunpa stirs and responds when his mind is read; Ivan is left to wobble uncomfortably from Isaac's rough-housing.
Surprised Koutake Hiroyoshi Isaac and Garet note how Mia is such a kind and gentle person, who not only can heal with the Ply Psynergy but has a natural propensity towards using it to help people in need; it is self-evident why the townsfolk of Imil had taken to calling her an "angel" during her time there. Later, though, the boys are intimidated when Mia adopts a fearsome persona as she tells Dodonpa that he is "rotten to the core".
The Mystery Of The Item Menu Koutake Hiroyoshi Isaac and Ivan purchase ten Nuts at an item vendor, and comment that they all conveniently store themselves in one inventory slot. The shopkeeper lady then offers them as many leftover Bones from her dinner as they want to take, all for free; Isaac and Ivan take a bunch of bones out of politeness, but quickly realize that each individual bone occupies a separate space in their inventory, for no apparent logical in-universe rason.
We Scare Ourselves Koutake Hiroyoshi Isaac and Garet swap their Djinn so that they both assume the Ruffian class - but since the class' equivalent name in the Japanese version is the "Assassin" class, the two are put down by the uncomfortably morbid title of their classes. Ivan thinks they're overreacting, but loses his composure in much the same way when he gets equipped with the Assassin Blade.
In A Manner Of Speaking Koutake Hiroyoshi In the Elemental Star Chamber, Felix begins his speech on how he knows he had caused Jenna no small amount of grief over leaving her and the others to assume that he had been dead for the past three years, and Isaac and Garet harshly berate him for not bothering even once to try to convey to them otherwise during that timeframe. Saturos casually adds that Felix had never helped his side in a fight even once since then; an exasperated Felix asks whether he has anyone on his side at all.
The Simple Solution Koutake Hiroyoshi Isaac and company observe that whenever a perilous situation is beset upon their circle, it is seemingly always Ivan - and Ivan only - that gets blown to kingdom come, and Ivan attributes this to his elemental alignment as a wind Adept. Later, when Ivan gets blown away like a feather yet again, the others irritably force him to binge-feed in hopes of getting him to put on some weight.
The Truth Of One's Heart Koutake Hiroyoshi On their way to the competitions at Colosso, Isaac and Garet march through Tolbi's bustling plaza, ignoring the festivities and the many potential distractions that they may mount. That is, up until one vendor at a stall gives them a Corn for free; the pair lose their prior focus and celebrate their newly-gotten gift.
Battle Mode Koutake Hiroyoshi Isaac and his companions are partaking in the game's Battle Mode, and their most recent matches have pit them against some of the full-fledged boss monsters that they fought in the main game, such as Toadonpa and the Kraken. While surprised by this trend, they remain optimistic about their performance - up until they end up rematching the game's final boss, an outcome made possible solely by their Clear Data.

Igarashi Emi[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Slam Dunk Igarashi Emi Isaac is playing the minigame at Tolbi's Lucky Medal Fountain, ready to throw in a Lucky Medal. But rather than facing backward and blindly tossing the medal behind him as per the rules, he leaps into the air and forcefully slams the medal into the center of the fountain. Isaac coyly remarks to Garet that he thought throwing it in like a normal person would have been boring; meanwhile, the dragon-head sculpture that rewards a Lucky Medal thrower with an item is not amused by Isaac's gaming of the system and asks him to leave.
Blessings From The Earth Igarashi Emi A Mole that Isaac and company are battling uses its Worms enemy ability to eat an earthworm and restore its health. Isaac and Garet, tired and hungry themselves, are envious of the Mole's capacity to keep its own stomach filled; as if to mess with them, the Mole offers them some of these worms, and Isaac and Garet soon find themselves running for their lives as it chases after them with a clawful of worms.
Mannequin Igarashi Emi Isaac and his friends take note of the suspiciously human-sized tree standing near the entrance gate of Bilibin, complete with a vest. Thinking this to be no more than an odd decorative monument, Isaac replaces the vest with a different article similar to the China Dress. Later, after breaking Tret's curse and returning to Bilibin, they are taken aback to see that the tree has transformed back into a middle-aged man, who remarks that he now understands both how trees and crossdressers feel.
Great Big Sea Igarashi Emi Isaac and his friends are on the Tolbi-bound Ship, filled with joy over beholding the magnificence of a body of water much like the ocean that Kraden was talking about. Isaac and Garet even go so far as to parody the iconic poster shot of James Cameron's 1997 film, Titanic. Sean, lying vulnerable on the ground behind them, sourly asks them when they are going to do something about the monstrous Kraken that has boarded the ship.
Cooling Off Igarashi Emi Trekking through Lamakan Desert, Isaac and company are driven by the sweltering heat to frantically search for an oasis to cool off - to the point that when Ivan's Reveal Psynergy exposes an Ant Lion pit, Isaac and Garet hastily dive in under the mistaken assumption that it looks similar to an oasis. The Ant Lion is just as perplexed as Ivan and Mia, as Isaac and Garet snuggle up next to it.
A Shot At Winning Igarashi Emi During the Colosso Finals, Garet, Ivan, and Mia use their Psynergy from the audience seating to fix Isaac's segment of the obstacle course in his favor - but Garet goes about his business a little overenthusiastically, flat-out demolishing an important ledge with the Force Psynergy before Isaac can cross it. Even as Garet cheers Isaac on, Isaac glumly asks him how he can proceed.
Enjoying An Outing Igarashi Emi Isaac finds a Cookie in a chest, and as his inventory is full, he hands it to Garet for safekeeping. At a later point in time, Isaac and Ivan agree that the former should consume the cookie so as to raise his Psynergy Points - but Isaac is none too amused when Garet produces the pile of crumbs that the cookie has since turned into. One of the group's Jupiter Djinn sucks up the crumbs for itself, to Garet's frustration.
Kame**meha Igarashi Emi At the Alpine Crossing, a distraught Feizhi asks Isaac to save Hsu, who has been pinned under a fallen boulder. For no good reason at all, Isaac summons Cybele's Frog to squash Hsu under its own weight, and - remarkably out-of-character for Isaac - laughs that Hsu is done for. Feizhi vengefully blows Isaac away with a beam of Chi that closely resembles the iconic attack referenced in the strip's title.
Everyone's Thinking It Igarashi Emi Atop the aerie of Venus Lighthouse, Isaac and Garet discuss what they previously heard the townsfolk of Lalivero allege about Sheba - that she came flying to the Venus ruins like a shooting star, and created a massive depression in the center of the ruins upon impact, all without sustaining any kind of injury. Isaac comes to the conclusion that Sheba's helmet-shaped hair really does function as a helmet; even Saturos and Menardi hold back some giggles, while Sheba feels insulted.
Sizzling Hot Duo Igarashi Emi Later, Isaac and his companions have managed the incredible feat of besting Saturos and Menardi in battle, but Menardi sneers that Isaac is not anywhere near as close to winning as he might think, because of what Saturos is about to do. Saturos produces Corn from Tolbi, which of course is not at all what Menardi expected; she yells at Saturos that she meant throwing the Venus Star into the Lighthouse, and Saturos weakly defends himself by saying that the corn is too good to resist.
Mind-Reading Girl Igarashi Emi Finally, the scene fast-forwards to when Sheba hangs for her life on the edge of Venus Lighthouse, and Felix desperately reaches for her hand to save her. When she takes his hand, however, she instinctively Mind Reads him and finds that his mind is not only preoccupied with how cute she is, but how she is apparently much heavier than she looks. Outraged on both counts, Sheba deliberately lets herself plummet off Venus Lighthouse.

Mikabe Sesuna[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Effective Use Mikabe Sesuna In Vale Cave, Isaac and Garet chase the Jupiter Djinni Kite in a futile effort to catch it; not only does it consistently fly out of their reach, but the two end up getting in each other's way. Eventually, Isaac decides to make use of the Halt Gem that was found earlier in the cave, but his usage of the Halt Psynergy as a means of helping him catch the Djinni differs from the game: He freezes Garet in time with it so that he can better focus on chasing Kite in circles by himself.
Tread Lightly Mikabe Sesuna A month after Isaac and Garet leave Vale for their journey, they return to Vale to discover that the hole that Garet punctured in Isaac's roof has since been repaired. The atmosphere of delight quickly gives way to one of discouragement for Garet, however, as his disappointed father shows him the hefty roof repair bill his family had to pay for Dora in his absence.
How Convenient Mikabe Sesuna Isaac and Ivan find Mia in the midst of reading a novel, and upon hearing her recommendation of the work, both express that they would like to read it too. Mia politely promises she will lend it to them once she has finished it, but Ivan comes up with a creative method of avoiding forcing anyone to wait; he maintains physical contact with both Mia and Isaac so that his Mind Read can transfer her thoughts into both of the boys' minds in real-time, effectively allowing three people to read a single book simultaneously.
Sneaky Mikabe Sesuna At Fuchin Temple, Garet and Ivan have found themselves unable to elicit a response out of the meditating Master Nyunpa, but Garet comes up with an idea: He and Ivan take his candles and start walking away to the entrance. Nyunpa irritably stirs and yells at them over this, to their delight.
Keep It Simple Mikabe Sesuna Ivan briefly uses Mind Read on each of his three friends in quick succession, all without saying a word. The other three keep silent in confusion until Ivan spontaneously announces that tonight's dinner will be Isaac's favorite soup. Garet expresses disapproval for Ivan's annoying habit of relying on Mind Read in lieu of ordinary spoken conversation.
Usual Use Mikabe Sesuna Jenna brings up with Felix that his sword does not appear worn from battle despite his claim to have had combat experience. When Kraden approaches Felix to announce that he is hungry, Felix demonstrates what he uses his sword for: A large kitchen knife. Jenna is stunned.
In The Oasis Mikabe Sesuna In Lamakan Desert, Isaac and his group jump fully clothed into an oasis just in time to avoid suffering damage from the extreme heat, and the metaphorical heat meter associated with the desert in-game reduces itself for everyone. However, when Mia steps in, her wet robes shrink to adhere to the contours of her body more closely, which arouses the three boys and prompts their heat meters to shoot all the way back up, to Mia's confusion.
Not Good At Cooking Fish Mikabe Sesuna In Vault's Inn, Ivan Mind Reads one of the tenants suspected to be thieves, and quietly confirms to Garet that this man is indeed one of the three that had stolen Ivan's Shaman's Rod. Garet is then spooked, however, when Ivan reports on several other irrelevant personal facts he found out about the thief, such as liking cookies and taking his dog for walks.
Smooth Mikabe Sesuna Isaac's group discovers that all of the townsfolk of Kolima have been transfigured into trees, but takes note of one tree in particular that is completely barren of leaves. They casually guess that the wind must have blown all of its leaves off. Later, after Tret's curse is lifted, the party returns to Kolima to see that everyone has reverted to human form - including the leafless tree, which is shown to be a balding, elderly man.
Mind-Reading Mikabe Sesuna Garet lets out a long, dejected sigh with a vacant complexion. Mia tells him out of the blue that he is thinking about his hunger and when it will be time to eat; Garet is shocked and promptly jumps to the conclusion that Mia can use the Mind Read Psynergy like Ivan, but Isaac clarifies that anyone would have been able to guess Garet's immediate thoughts from the drool tracks on his face. Garet is humiliated.
Discoveries Mikabe Sesuna While shopping for a weapon, Ivan shows Isaac and Garet a mace that he would like to purchase, but Isaac brings up that their side is low on money at the moment. Ivan claims to know a way to cover the cost, however: He uses Reveal on Garet to pinpoint stores of coins the latter keeps within hidden compartments in his boot soles and his shirt. Garet is angered by Ivan's unwanted withdrawal from the former's creatively-concealed secret savings.

Hijiku Kiyomasa[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Job Motivation Hijiku Kiyomasa On the Tolbi-bound Ship, Isaac and company have agreed with Kaja to protect the oarsmen from sea monster attacks, and when one oarsman is knocked unconscious, Isaac picks one of the passengers of the ship to fill in his position. With the passenger begrudgingly taking up the job, Kaja thanks Isaac for putting up with the sorry mess the ship has found itself in - but then, Mia fulfills a unique role of her own and forcefully motivates the passenger by adopting a spectacularly out-of-character dominatrix personality.
The Chosen One Hijiku Kiyomasa Lord Babi mulls over which of the four warriors among Isaac's traveling group should compete in the Colosso Finals. He rules out Mia immediately due to her gender, but in deciding which of the boys to send, it comes down to a personal preference on name - he can't remember Garet's lengthy Japanese name (written phonetically as Jerarudo), and figures Ivan's name is too interesting. He therefore settles on Isaac, but while announcing his decision, he pronounces the name with each of the five vowels of the Japanese syllabary, continuing Kiyomasa's particular rendition of Babi featured in his colored strip.
Dull Hijiku Kiyomasa A dispirited Mia expresses to Isaac and Babi that she does not care for being the White Mage class. All she ever does in this class is utilize its unique capacity to Dull and Blunt enemies' offensive capabilities, a role she indeed finds to be a "dull" affair. Kiyomasa's pun-happy rendition of Babi approves of Mia's play on words.
My Brother's A Showoff Hijiku Kiyomasa A distraught Jenna, fresh from the revelation that Felix had been alive ever since he was believed killed in the Vale disaster, asks his brother how he was saved. Felix promptly discards his somber attitude about the whole affair by presenting a set of three inane possibilities for her to guess between, two of which proclaim that Felix is either the greatest person or strongest person in the world and the third of which states that it all just worked out somehow. Jenna guesses the third answer, and Felix rules her incorrect. Menardi disapproves of Felix's behavior around his sister.
Sibling Envy Hijiku Kiyomasa Saturos casually observes the heightened spirits shared between Felix and Jenna now that the two siblings have reunited. Menardi presses Saturos on whether he feels envious of Felix, and Saturos stammers a denial. To tease him over the obviously fabricated poise of indifference he maintains over this, Menardi makes an impossibly endearing face while addressing him as "big brother", and Saturos cannot help but get charmed. He has to clarify to Felix that he and Menardi are not actually related, however.
Bravo For Beauty Hijiku Kiyomasa Garet expresses that Alex is pretty, but is shocked when Mia clarifies that he is a man in spite of his appearance. Garet similarly confuses Hama's gender when he expresses that Hama is "handsome", and Ivan similarly must clarify that she is a woman. Isaac is puzzled by Garet's unexpected disappointment in this last revelation in particular.
In The Heart... Hijiku Kiyomasa Ivan is shown to be comically gloomy, and the strip paints this as an example of the effect a "frosty heart" has one one's disposition. The strip similarly gives examples of behavior associated with the differing hearts of the other Adepts, including the self-confidence afforded to Garet by his "flaming heart" and how Isaac's "quaking heart" compels him to react with apprehension when Jenna presses him on whether he likes her or Mia better. But as for Mia, however, in keeping with her offbeat characterization in Kiyomasa's other strips, her egotistical vanity is displayed as an example of a "terrible mind". It is possible that part of the joke is centered on how being an Adept of the naturally-malleable element of water should logically make her mercurial and volatile.
Tres Bien Hijiku Kiyomasa Isaac and company begin playing Tolbi's Lucky Medal fountain. Mia is the first to toss in a Lucky Medal, but the medal fails to land flat on one of its two faces, and comes to a stop balanced on its rim. Mia dourly asks how they would know whether she won or not, and Isaac tries to reassure her that she should still get something nice from the spot where it landed.
Too Bad Hijiku Kiyomasa Garet follows up with a medal-throw of his own, but the medal ends up bouncing off the shell of one of the wandering turtles and falls back outside the fountain's rim, which is ruled as a ring-out. Isaac and Mia hold back giggles as Garet devolves into a state of blind rage.
Jealousy Hijiku Kiyomasa Atop Mercury Lighthouse, Mia is stunned when Alex demonstrates his incredible capability of Warping, and asks how he is able to do that. As if to gloat, Alex additionally demonstrates that he is capable of floating as well. Mia spontaneously asks Saturos to allow her to join his circle, hopeful that she can acquire some of those powers for herself. Isaac's side laments the brevity of the time they had with Mia before her betrayal.
A Woman's Heart And A Man's Heart... Hijiku Kiyomasa Menardi is shown to have the heart of a less severe woman than she lets on by default, when she eyes a dress in a store and asks Saturos - in the midst of spoon-feeding Kraden as one would an infant, incidentally - to purchase it for her. Saturos tells her that they are short on money, but Menardi relies on the comically-endearing face she invented in "Sibling Envy" to win over Saturos. Later, as Menardi celebrates her newfound prize, an emotionally-defeated Saturos invites a puzzled Felix to laugh at him.

Nanatani Bun[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Really Nanatani Bun When the Venus Djinni Flint introduces himself to Isaac and Garet, he begins his explanation about the different types of powers afforded by the different types of Djinn. Isaac is attentive, but Garet impatiently suggests the two of them leave the creature behind and proceed on their quest. Flint promptly demonstrates his stone-cleaving attack by smashing Garet's head with it. Isaac optimistically approves of Flint's power, while the reeling Garet vows to get back at Flint once they are done saving the world.
The Fiery Ones Nanatani Bun As Isaac and his friends brace themselves for their battle with Saturos atop Mercury Lighthouse, one of Garet's Mars Djinn recommends that he Set it onto himself to increase his power, but Garet brushes it aside and expresses that their levels are plenty fine. Later, after the group's startling victory over Saturos, Isaac learns from Mia that they were able to win because fire Adepts are weakened while at the water-aligned Mercury Lighthouse. Right on cue, the Mars Djinni spitefully dumps a pail of water onto Garet.
Like, Totally! Nanatani Bun Isaac and Flint enjoy eating a meal together to such a degree as to be considered cloying; they happily share their respective meals with each other, and the mutual state of approval shared between them evidently comes about from their shared alignment to the Venus element. When Isaac asks the visibly dour Garet and his Mars Djinni whether they are jealous, both Garet and the Mars Djinni - who are eating their meals separately - curtly deny the notion.
5 Minutes Before Departure Nanatani Bun As Isaac and Garet finish packing their supplies in advance of their imminent departure from Vale, they decide to take another look at Sol Sanctum before they begin their journey. They find that one of Vale's healers has since been stationed near the entrance so as to prevent anyone from passing into the trembling area and putting themselves at risk. While Garet is content to leave Sol Sanctum be, Isaac reveals that he had left the Mars Star inside Sol Sanctum; Garet bolts back into Sol Sanctum, ramming and shoving the healer aside.
The Four Elements Nanatani Bun Each of the four elemental categories of Djinn are shown extending a gesture of goodwill to their corresponding human companion; the Venus Djinni grows a flower for Isaac, the Jupiter Djinni blows a refreshing breeze for Ivan, and the Mercury Djinni gives Mia a cup of drinking water. However, when the Mars Djinni affectionately offers to grill Garet, the latter casually replies that he is fine as is.
Folktale Nanatani Bun Inside the attic at Vault's Inn, Ivan is overjoyed over having retrieved the Shaman's Rod. Isaac asks for details about this rod and why he was so desperate to find it; Ivan starts telling an apparently irrelevant suspense folktale, but while Isaac starts quivering in trepidation, Garet is quick to note that this story is not anything to be taken seriously.
How To Use Nanatani Bun Garet asks if Mia knows where the Mars Star and the Shaman's Rod went, and Mia answers that she saw Isaac with them. She expresses confidence that Isaac has something pertinent with them in mind, but Garet soon discovers that to be anything but the case - Isaac and his Venus Djinni are using the Mars Star and Shaman's Rod as a baseball and bat, respectively, for the sake of play. Garet - in a rare display of sensibility - grabs hold of the Djinni and summons a miniscule Meteor into Isaac's face.
Remembering Nanatani Bun In the immediate aftermath of Isaac and his group's battle with Toadonpa, the monstrous beast's carcass is discovered to have pinned Dodonpa underneath its dead weight. When Dodonpa calls for help, Garet recommends to Isaac that they leave the malicious kingpin in his currently prone position, for that constitutes his just deserts. However, Isaac seems optimistically ready to forgive and forget the troubles both Dodonpa and his fortress gave their group, and Garet begrudgingly agrees to help Isaac heave the beast off Dodonpa. Garet notices that Isaac is deliberately stepping on Dodonpa's head in the process, however, as if to imply that Isaac has more passive-aggressive resentment for their enemy than he is letting on, but Garet does not have any objections.
That's The Gist Of It Nanatani Bun In Kolima Forest, Isaac, Garet, and Ivan are having a hard time working out which logs should be rolled and in which directions to allow themselves to proceed. While Ivan is willing to carefully plan each individual log's movement, Garet impatiently announces his intention to save time by moving the logs whichever way and hoping they fall into their appropriate places, and Isaac agrees with Garet's initiative. Alas, their unplanned, roundabout approach to the logs ends up leaving them tangled in a mess of logs, just like Ivan expected.
Change! Nanatani Bun Garet Sets three each of Venus and Jupiter Djinn onto himself and announces that he has become a Ninja, while Mia Sets three Venus Djinn and four Jupiter Djinn onto herself and announces that she has become a White Mage. Taking his cue from them, Isaac makes use of one Mercury Djinni and one Mars Djinni and announces that what that results in is hot water for him. The two aforementioned Djinn knock Isaac out with a strike on his head.
Comedy Duo Nanatani Bun A Living Statue is expelling an endless stream of water onto the flooded town of Altin. After the statue is left to do this for a while, Isaac suddenly and beratingly slaps the statue aside with a paper fan, in a motion inspired by the manzai genre of Japanese stand-up comedy. In the context of this strip, Isaac plays the role of a "straight man" that uses a prop fan to berate the character playing the role of the "wise guy", which in this case was the Living Statue. In a fairly pointless discussion Isaac holds with a townsperson about this routine, however, Isaac expresses that with scary monsters like the Living Statue part of the equation, it is doubtful anyone would want to perform the "straight man" role in this particular act.

Kyouji Hirona[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Newbie Hero Kyouji Hirona Isaac and Garet find themselves trapped in the quaking Elemental Star Chamber as Mt. Aleph begins to erupt the moment Isaac takes the Mars Star from its pedestal. When Isaac suddenly sees the Wise One staring down at him from behind, however, he is startled enough that the Mars Star falls out of his hand and into the abyss surrounding the platform. The Wise One glowers at Isaac for his feat of having just ensured the world's slide towards its fated destruction.
Surely... Kyouji Hirona Felix peers down a stone well in Vault, curious about whether there is anything at the bottom. To his misfortune, he slips and falls face-first into the well's gaping chasm. At a later point in time, Isaac comes across the same well and peers down it, curious about the groaning noises he can hear being emitted from the bottom.
I Think That's Rather High Kyouji Hirona At the top floor of Tret Tree, Isaac and Ivan cringe when they realize they are expected to break through the spider webs holding them up and freely fall through the six floors below without anything to break their fall along the way. Garet casually thinks that is nothing to be concerned about and shoves Isaac down the hole in the cobwebs. Isaac's scarf spontaneously wraps itself around Garet's neck as if it were a prehensile extension of Isaac's own body, so as to try to save himself; Ivan calmly notes both of them are going to fall in at this rate.
But It's An Oasis Kyouji Hirona As Isaac and company trek through Lamakan Desert, Ivan reveals a hidden oasis as per what Master Hama instructed him to do, and Garet immediately runs toward it and jumps in. Mia brings up the logical concern that the water of any oasis located in this extreme heat should be boiling by now; Garet immediately runs out of the scalding hot pool.
Making Money Kyouji Hirona Mia worriedly brings up with her friends that they have run out of coins, but quickly ropes Ivan into a cunning scheme to make all of the money back; she calls out to the nearby crowds to watch Ivan perform a magic show for them, and has Ivan use his Mind Read and Reveal Psynergies to astound the crowd with his capabilities. Garet, impressed by her capacity and drive to con townsfolk, internally notes that girls do not back down in the face of adversity.
Delicious Kyouji Hirona Mia invents a recipe for "super stamina", the ingredients of which involve every one of the six types of statistic-raising edibles they have come across. She grinds a Cookie and Hard Nut into a powder, and lets one Mint and one Apple simmer together on low heat for thirty minutes before mixing the powder with it in a frying pan. She finishes by applying the paste-like substance onto a Power Bread and adding a dash of Lucky Pepper. Alas, Mia retches and tosses the bread aside mere moments after first putting it in her mouth, and Garet berates her for wasting food.
Confusion ♥ Kyouji Hirona Isaac and company proceed along a linear, cavernous tunnel, and for a time their tensions run high as they find themselves blindly feeling their way through their environments in pitch darkness. They are eventually delighted to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, though they notice that Garet is not visibly present. Mia promptly loses her composure, however, when she realizes Garet has concealed himself underneath her robe.
Thinking Kyouji Hirona Isaac expresses to Ivan that a Cookie the former has been holding has been on his mind for a while. He clarifies that he is not trying to decide who to give it to; rather, he wonders whether this cookie is one of the dove cookies famously associated with the real-world city of Kamakura, Japan as its trademark food. Indeed, the design is literally the same.
Thoroughly Kyouji Hirona At the undersea grotto at the bottom of Crossbone Isle, Isaac and his friends are on their last legs, having barely managed to survive and defeat all of the rare and powerful monsters guarding each of the island's treasure chambers. But with Ivan downed, Isaac agrees with Garet to cast the Retreat Psynergy and recuperate - but they notice that Mia is crawling onto an abandoned pirate ship moored nearby, deliriously hopeful that she can find some kind of remaining treasure onboard before they leave. She is, of course, oblivious to the horrors she will inadvertently set upon her group in doing so.
Godly Skill Kyouji Hirona In Suhalla Desert, Isaac and his friends have an extremely difficult time maintaining their bearings while getting tossed about inside one of the desert's powerful whirlwinds. The whirlwind, due to its true nature as an effect projected by one of the native lizard monsters, tips over in Garet's direction because of his excessive weight. Despite Garet's effort to tip the whirlwind back into a balanced position, all four Adepts end up hurled out of the twister in separate directions.
The End Kyouji Hirona In Lalivero, after Isaac's victory over the final boss of the game, most of Isaac's group is optimistic about stepping on board the Lemurian Ship that Iodem bestowed upon them and setting sail on a new adventure with it. However, Mia is both troubled and saddened to the point that she refuses to board - she exclaims that the game will be considered "cleared" at this rate, and expresses that it is unfair that everything will be centered on Jenna from here on out. Isaac and Garet curtly apologize for the fact that this is not the happy ending she wanted.

Saiki Yuni[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
If You Use Mind Read... Saiki Yuni In the town meeting at Vale's sanctum after the eruption at Mt. Aleph, the great healer tells Isaac and Garet that the entity they beheld in the Elemental Star Chamber is the mythical guardian of the Elemental Stars, the Wise One. Isaac spontaneously visualizes an image of the Wise One as the head of a human male wearing only gloves and a speedo and starts holding back giggles, and Garet wonders what he is thinking about.
You Really Drank That Saiki Yuni In Kolima Forest, Isaac and his friends are on the cusp of pouring their bottle of Hermes' Water into the dying Tret's roots, but Garet, to the extreme shock of the others, spontaneously drinks its contents for itself, seemingly without the intention to. Garet instantly tries to take back his blunder by running off to the nearby bushes and emptying the contents of his bladder into the bottle. Garet moves to pour that into Tret in the Hermes' Water's place, but Isaac promptly pushes him away with the Move Psynergy.
Topknot Saiki Yuni Isaac sets the requisite arrangement of Djinn onto himself so that he assumes the Samurai class - but this spontaneously changes his dirt-blonde hair into a black topknot, and his speaking style has similarly transformed into an archaic form of Japanese commonly associated with Samurai. Garet and Ivan are taken aback by the oddness.
Heart's Eye Saiki Yuni At Lama Temple, Hama hastily teaches Ivan the Reveal Psynergy before leaving with Feizhi to assist her with her concern. Ivan promptly and casually gives his newfound power a try and targets the two women with it - and immediately strains himself in his efforts to hide his spontaneous arousal from everyone else.
Sparkling White Smile Saiki Yuni After having endured many hardships on their journey, not the least of which was their passage into the extremely hot Lamakan Desert, Isaac and company have finally arrived at Kalay, and Ivan brings them to Hammet's palace. The palace guards take a moment to recognize Ivan and comment that he has become so tan; Ivan - who appears to have transformed into a hulking, dark-skinned brute - quizzically asks Isaac if he has really changed to such a degree.
Only In Water Saiki Yuni Isaac tells Garet that he had Set a Jupiter Djinni onto himself earlier, but can't seem to find it at present. It is only after the Jupiter Djinni in question spontaneously emerges out of his left nostril that Isaac casually recalls he had set it up his nose; Garet not-so-merrily asks him why.
The Unfairness of Cheering Saiki Yuni Isaac's friends promise him that they will secretly fix the competition at the Colosso Finals in his favor under the pretense of solely cheering for him. Garet, Ivan, and Mia use their Psynergy to open up shortcuts for Isaac so that he will reach the battle arena without any incident, but in the event, Isaac repeatedly falters on his course, while his opponent proceeds on his version of the course without any hardships. Isaac's friends cringe when it occurs to them that they were cheering on the wrong side of Colosso.
Floating In Darkness Saiki Yuni Inside Altmiller Cave, Isaac and company realize the presence of an invisible person when they accidentally step on him. The shadowy man explains that he came into this cave to retrieve his Mystic Draught, drinking which would grant him renewed vigor and allow him to switch off his concealing effect. Isaac's group agrees to fetch it for him; however, when they return with the bottle later, Isaac nervously explains he had tripped on his way back, and had cracked the bottle. There is only enough draught in the bottle now that the man's head becomes the only part of his body that becomes visible, giving him the appearance of a floating, disembodied head.
Savory Scent Saiki Yuni As Isaac and company hike through Lamakan Desert, a native Orc stalks them, waiting for the scorching heat to wear the humans out. The Orc soon takes its chance and moves in to attack them - but because it is a humanoid swine creature living in the desert, the baking heat has sizzled its skin to the point that Isaac and Garet see its appearance as the arrival of a free pork meal, and jump on the opportunity to prey on it.
Saturos Saiki Yuni Saturos taunts Isaac and his group, proclaiming that they will have to beat him if they want to save their friends Jenna and Kraden. However, he quickly discovers that the Mercury Beacon behind him does more than weaken him to the point that his movements are impeded; his limbs, and eventually his whole body, start losing their shape until they are twisted into a rubbery substance. Saturos still maintains his now-ineffectual bravado and invites Isaac's side to fight him, but Garet is not impressed.
Ignored Saiki Yuni In the darkness of an undisclosed location, a Mercury Djinni - apparently not one of the seven that Isaac's group is able to have collected by the end of the game - waits in anticipation for Isaac and the others to eventually find it. It takes delight in considering itself to be the most difficult Djinni to find by far, for apparently, the only way to encounter it is by means of an incredibly complex and secretive series of tasks, including using Mind Read on a book hidden under Isaac's bed at Vale and circling Suhalla Desert three times. The Djinni fumes in frustration when it then hears that Isaac's group has completed the game without it.

Mizuna Tomomi[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Repairing The Roof Mizuna Tomomi While Isaac and Dora work atop the roof of their house, Jenna climbs up to greet her for the morning, and Garet quickly follows suit. Then, several other villagers climb onto the roof to greet her in the same fashion; eventually, the house buckles in and collapses under the weight.
Companion Mizuna Tomomi The Venus Djinni Flint spontaneously approaches Isaac and Garet and introduces itself, and asks the Adepts to take it on their quest. Incredulous to the creature's claims, Isaac wonders whether it is some kind of monkey, dog, or bird, while Garet tells it that they don't have any millet dumplings for it; this strip references the Japanese folktale of Momotarou, who befriends animals of the three aforementioned species by giving them the aforementioned food. Flint angrily asserts it does not need any of that.
Masked Man Mizuna Tomomi In the Elemental Star Chamber, Saturos commands Felix to remove his mask, and Jenna - stunned to hear her brother's name as though he were alive - waits in bated anticipation for the man to take it off. Felix's reluctance to show his face to anyone from Vale is shown to have apparently been so strong since before entering the village that he must now take off roughly two dozen copies of the same mask he has been wearing over his face.
It Is The Town Of Xian! Mizuna Tomomi Isaac and company are shown to have been capable of casually-worded banter up until they arrive at their next stop, the town of Xian. Once they depart from the town, however, their gossip is shown to have been heavily influenced by the atypical, foreign speaking style of its denizens, a fact Ivan defeatedly takes note of.
Crossing The Sea Mizuna Tomomi Onboard the Tolbi-bound Ship, which has already suffered at least one sea monster attack, a scream of pain is heard belowdecks and the ship's oars once again stop rowing, and Kaja rushes down to check whether another sea monster has attacked the oarsmen. Isaac humbly explains that is not the case - that one of the replacement oarsmen they picked out of the passengers, specifically the elderly man with the cane, had sprained his back. Kaja angrily asks why Isaac did not pick anyone younger.
Tret Mizuna Tomomi In Kolima Forest, Isaac and company have successfully renewed Tret's life force with the Hermes' Water, and Tret explains how the Psynergy Stones that had fallen into his branches led him to devolve into a state of blind anger at those people that had previously tried to cut his forest down. Ivan Mind Reads Tret during his explanation out of sheer habit, and sees that Tret, contrary to his claims, was motivated by a newfound greed when the valuable gemstones fell into his branches, wanting to collect as many as he could.
Laurel Mizuna Tomomi Laurel continues Tret's explanation about the effects the fallen Psynergy Stones had on the both of them, stating that a gem had reached her while she was filled with sorrow. On Isaac's suggestion, Ivan Mind Reads her as well, and sees that the real reason behind her sorrow was that she had been secretly hoping that Tret would give some of his gems to her. Isaac's group decides at this point to leave the overly materialistic trees behind without listening to the rest of their story or advice.
Through The Desert 1 Mizuna Tomomi Isaac and his friends slog through the brutal heat of the Lamakan Desert in a desperate search for a hidden oasis, and Ivan's Reveal soon uncovers one. The Adepts joyously jump in - but because Ivan has had little time to hone his aptitude in Reveal, he is unable to maintain the effect for more than a few seconds, and the oasis visually disappears, making everyone perceive themselves as partially submerged in sand.
Through The Desert 2 Mizuna Tomomi Continuing on through the desert, everyone repeatedly complains about how hot they all are, and Ivan decides to test whether that truly is the only thought occupying each of their minds. He finds that while this is true of Garet and Mia, Isaac, in contrast, is thinking that he is hungry. Ivan mentally notes how Isaac's thoughts contrast with the idea of him being a mighty warrior.
Colosso 1 Mizuna Tomomi Isaac's friends learn from one of Babi's palace guards that only Isaac has been allowed by Babi to compete in the Colosso Finals, and Garet, incidentally affronted by the implication that he isn't good enough to compete, asks how Isaac is supposed to win against the gladiators with his own power. A metaphorical Yes/No dialogue box briefly appears for Isaac to respond to this, but it contains a third option that amounts to a passive-aggressive jab at Garet over the fact that Isaac himself is stronger than Garet. Garet takes notice of the brief but bizarre appearance of a text window, but Isaac tells him it is just the former's imagination.
Colosso 2 Mizuna Tomomi Later, as Isaac competes in the finals and his friends use their Psynergy to fix the competition in Isaac's favor, his friends express concern over the principle of such, but Ivan poses his suspicion that Babi is interested in seeing the Psynergy capabilities of all of Isaac's traveling group. The finals proceed until Isaac eventually wins. Later, in Babi's throne chamber, Babi smugly but approvingly tells Isaac that the latter cheated a lot in his fights at Colosso.

Hakyuu Shou[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
As An RPG Hero 1 Hakyuu Shou In the prologue sequence at Vale, just before they evacuate their house, Dora asks a young Isaac whether he has everything he needs, and when Isaac answers no, Dora apologizes and insists that he will have to leave whatever it is behind. Isaac gripes that he must look into every pot, box, and barrel on the premises because he is naturally given to do so as an "RPG hero". Dora knocks him unconscious with a blow to the head and irritably drags him out of the house.
As An RPG Hero 2 Hakyuu Shou Later, outside their house, Dora affirms with Isaac that the latter is able to find his way to the lower levels of the village, and then proceeds to go off with Kyle to assist in the evacuation efforts. Isaac sneaks back into the house to look inside every pot, box, and barrel he can, as if by some deeply-running psychological compulsion. Dora returns as though she had anticipated this very outcome, and angrily casts the Catch Psynergy to grab and restrain Isaac's head and upper body from behind.
A Far Too Strong-Willed Hostage Hakyuu Shou On the aerie of Mercury Lighthouse, Isaac's group have just taken notice of Menardi, Felix, and their captives Jenna and Kraden waiting on the distant elevator. Menardi tauntingly asks whether Isaac's party had come all this way to rescue Jenna and Kraden, and Garet proclaims his line from the game verbatim, "That's not all... We're after the Elemental Stars!" Jenna immediately takes offense at the unintended implication in Garet's wording that her rescue is but a secondary concern to him, and hurtles toward Garet to slug him on the cheek before returning to her original position besides her captors and resuming her distressed cries for a rescue. Isaac and Garet are startled.
A Unique Charm Hakyuu Shou Garet suggests to Mia that she wear the China Dress that they had recently purchased, and when Mia casually confirms that her Elven Shirt suffices for her needs, Garet suggests more strongly that there would be nothing wrong with trying it on for even a short time. Mia becomes annoyed by Garet's insistence and calls him out for his obvious ulterior motive. Ivan diverts the course of the argument by wearing the dress for itself, which he does with a noteworthy enthusiasm; his tactic could be said to have been successful, since the other three promptly walk off together to leave Ivan behind.
After Using Mind Read Too Much It Got Awkward To Stay Overnight At Inns Hakyuu Shou After Master Hama ends her conversation with Isaac's group and steps back inside Lama Temple, Ivan calmly reasons to his friends that he believes that the time will come when Hama will tell him what she had meant by her earlier, cryptic statement concerning her joy over seeing that Ivan had grown into a strong man, as though she had known him from before. Ivan expresses that he has to believe that she will tell him when their mission has completed... then immediately goes back to Hama to secretly Mind Read her from behind, heedless of the objections of everyone else.
The Right Place To Object Hakyuu Shou Trekking through Lamakan Desert, Isaac's friends vocalize their discontent with the searing heat that bears down on them. When Mia recites her particular quote about wishing that she had brought along a change of clothes, Garet jumps on the opportunity to once again offer her to wear the China Dress. That would have left Mia barely-amused as is, but Ivan refutes what he mistakenly believes to be Garet's logic by explaining that it is better not to have one's skin exposed in a desert. Mia muses that Ivan is objecting to the wrong thing.
Because We're Adepts Hakyuu Shou As Isaac takes part in the Colosso Finals, he comes upon a critical juncture in which he would lose the race to the arena if he stops to retrieve the contents of a nearby chest, but despite Ivan's calls for the contrary from the audience, Isaac stops to open the chest, audibly proclaiming that it would bother him too much to knowingly leave a chest unopened. As a result of his compulsion impeding his performance in all stages of the finals, he ends up fighting Navampa with the three inferior items provided to the contenders that reach the arena too late. And yet, he manages to defeat his opponent in battle; his three friends find this outcome fairly objectionable, and Garet wonders what the point of them cheering so as to secretly help Isaac's performance in Colosso was.
Isaac's Wishes Are An Indicator Of Hakyuu's Wishes Hakyuu Shou Babi cuts Isaac's group a deal - that if they fulfill his request to find Lemuria, he will grant them whatever they wish. Ivan and Mia anxiously respond that nothing specific comes to mind, but Isaac then asks if he could rule the world; Babi responds that something so dubious is not what an "RPG hero" should ask for. Then Garet butts in and holds up the China Dress, nervously expressing that he would wish for Mia to wear that. Mia is once again less than pleased.
That's Awesome! Hakyuu Shou Isaac and company discover the two fallen Tolbi guards in front of the now-open Suhalla Gate, who ask Isaac to send help for them once he reaches Babi Lighthouse; Isaac resumes his quest on that urgent note. The two guards remain prostrate on the ground up through the next day, however, even as Isaac cheerily passes back through the gate while headed towards the game's most challenging and lucrative dungeon, Crossbone Isle. The day after, Isaac passes through the open gate again, quite literally for no other reason than to retrieve the Carry Stone he had previously forgotten to retrieve at Venus Lighthouse, before returning to Crossbone Isle - once again ignoring the two soldiers. The two soldiers remain recumbent on the ground for a straight week, and begin to wonder how much longer they have to stay in their positions.
There's No Better Combination, Huh... Hakyuu Shou Isaac and his companions agree to allocate all twenty-eight of their Djinn amongst themselves so as to assume their best classes for the remainder of the game. Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia agree to become a Berserker, Dragoon, Medium, and Sage, respectively - but on top of the fact that the Japanese name of the Berserker class is the "Black Knight" class, Isaac equips himself with the Muramasa, Thunder Crown, Demon Mail, and Cleric's Ring, among other things. His friends call out Isaac for practically coming across as a villainous character in regards to his wardrobe and powers.
Convenient Psynergy Hakyuu Shou Garet warmly comments to Isaac that the breadth of their Psynergy capabilities has grown a great deal over the course of their journey, and Isaac starts musing on how things would be different if he had this kind of power long ago. Garet mentally acknowledges that Isaac is referring to the tragedy of years ago... But instead, Isaac expresses that if he had Growth, he could have finished his flower observation diary in a single day, and would have been able to spend the remainder of his summer vacation lazing about. Garet does not approve.

Tsukino Dekayu[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Flowers Of Revenge Tsukino Dekayu In Vale, a livid Kay castigates Garet for crushing her flowers with the stone pillar he had been using for Psynergy training, and promises that she will effect retribution of some kind upon Garet later that night. Garet does not personally find this particularly concerning or humbling, but is suddenly wounded when Kay adds that Garet has been training for three years but has still yet to progress beyond level 1 in-game. Garet muses to Isaac that he may have already seen what exactly he is in for.
A Matter Of Utmost Importance 1 Tsukino Dekayu In Vault, the keeper of the inn tells Isaac's group that the suspected thieves from around town have since come into the inn. It is only after Isaac and Garet contentedly rummage through her boxes and retrieve the Mint hiding among them that they rush over to put on a display of concern for the innkeeper's quandary, expressing in particular the deeply hypocritical sentiment that there are unsavory men in this town who would burglarize other people's possessions. The innkeeper tells them to "just forget it."
A Matter Of Utmost Importance 2 Tsukino Dekayu Similarly, Isaac's group enters the house of the elderly couple near Imil's entrance, just as the old man begins to convulse with pain over his affliction and his wife desperately calls for someone to bring over Mia posthaste. And similarly, it is only after Isaac and Garet contentedly inspect the contents of the nearby chest and retrieve the Empty Bottle stored inside that they rush over to put on a display of concern for the man's dire circumstances and announce that they will get Mia right away. The elderly man tells them to "just forget it."
A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing Tsukino Dekayu Isaac and Garet enter Imil's sanctum in search of Mia, and learns from Justin, the boy she had taken in as an apprentice in the healing arts, that they had just missed her. However, Justin takes a pointedly self-congratulatory tone in describing himself as her apprentice; later, when Isaac and Garet find Mia, they criticizingly ask her why she took in someone so arrogant, to Mia's confusion.
Words From The Heart Tsukino Dekayu Mia rushes back to the house of the elderly couple to take note of the man's pained, dire circumstances, and prepares a usage of Ply to treat him. However, as she announces that she will make the man feel better, she wears a most-disturbing yandere face. The old man instantly feels a great deal better and expresses as such, and Mia gently tells an unnerved Isaac that that was her healing spell.
The Whole Body Is A Lethal Weapon Tsukino Dekayu Isaac provides Garet a bizarre, croissant-shaped implement that the former apparently believes to be a helmet, but when Garet tries to put it on his head, he finds that it comes nowhere close to fitting his head; at best, he manages to get it to clamp on his tall, rigid hair. An unamused Garet asks how this is supposed to help his defense, and Isaac quickly guesses that Garet is supposed to swing his head around to strike his enemies with the object, as though his own hair were the rope of a flail - fulfilling the adage that the best defense is a good offense. Garet promptly expresses his disapproval by applying Isaac's human-flail idea onto Isaac himself.
Casual Villainy Tsukino Dekayu Isaac recuperates from a tough battle with some apes, and announces his intention to save his game at this point in time - but for whatever reason, the dialog box he summons asks whether it is okay for him to cheat on someone rather than whether it is okay for him to save, but Isaac casually chooses the "Yes" option regardless, apparently failing to notice the different message. Garet, Ivan, Mia, and one of the apes all interpret this as an expression on Isaac's part that he would dump Jenna for Mia and harshly berate him for this, to Isaac's bewilderment.
That Brilliance Overhead Tsukino Dekayu In Mercury Lighthouse, Mia finishes casting Ply on the goddess statue and announces that she and the three boys have been blessed with the power to skip across the water, and Isaac soon discovers the mechanic whereby a set of three angelic halos above his head function as an indicator of the number of times he can safely skip across the water before needing to return to solid ground. Isaac is subsequently spooked by Ivan's question concerning whether someone that runs out of halos and falls into the water goes to the afterlife.
The Madam's Amusement Tsukino Dekayu At Bilibin, Ivan asks Lady McCoy why she is so focused on bringing down Tret, the alleged "holy tree" central to Kolima Forest, when her plans to have a large mansion constructed for herself would only necessitate logging Kolima Forest to an extent that Tret himself would not necessarily be reached. Lady McCoy reveals that she would like to use Tret's face as a bathroom fixture. As this is the first time Isaac's group is hearing about a tree with a face, they nervously exclaim to Lady McCoy that the tree in question is cursed.
Won't Stand For This 1 Tsukino Dekayu At Altin, Isaac and company come across the first of the Living Statues that has been spewing an endless stream of water onto the flooded town. They chase it inside the nearby cave, but watch as it casts the Frost Psynergy on a puddle to turn it into a pillar of ice, which it then uses to hop away to a distant ledge. When it steps on its own ice pillar, however, the ice crumbles underneath its own weight, and the statue falls to the ground and gets knocked out for a brief period. Isaac and Garet are not impressed.
Won't Stand For This 2 Tsukino Dekayu The Living Statue immediately regains its composure and jumps onto its intended ledge, where it proceeds to run away from Isaac's side - but as it hops along the narrow ledge, it makes facial contact with a burning torch affixed to the wall of the cave, and once again achieves its own defeat in front of the Adepts. Ivan and Mia are not impressed either.

Oumi Waki[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
The Villains Who Believe Oumi Waki Menardi and Saturos optimistically agree with each other that Isaac and Garet will surely pursue them to take back Jenna, and that they will have the Mars Star in their possession. Jenna responds that the Mars Adepts' confidence is likely to turn back at them because they "do not know anything about Isaac and Garet"; the duo are taken off guard when she then expresses in a disillusioned tone that her friends are basically inept when difficult situations are beset upon them, and that they are probably lying out cold somewhere, just like they were found to be three years ago during the storm.
The Two From 3 Years Ago Oumi Waki Saturos and Menardi, fresh off their failed raid of Sol Sanctum, wander through the evacuated Vale during the subsequent storm, and Saturos, in wondering what they did wrong, poses that Menardi's rough personality was perhaps a contributing factor. Menardi, of course, takes offense and briefly snaps at Saturos - but the two of them then quickly take notice of a young Isaac and Garet eavesdropping on them, and Menardi promptly knocks them out cold with the intent to force them to forget the encounter. Saturos, however, has doubts that Menardi's methods could actually make people forget things so conveniently.
That's Why You Won't Get Anywhere Oumi Waki Soon, Saturos once again gets on Menardi's case about the excessive roughness of her personality and methods, and starts declaiming a long-winded speech on how making the two boys faint as she had does not prove that their memories of their brief encounter with the Mars Adepts had been erased, as well as how her casualness in spite of such uncertainty is not warranted. Menardi's only response is that Saturos has simply forgotten how "incredible" her techniques are, and attacks Saturos in much the same way; in a moment, Saturos stumbles about with no recollection of what had just happened, unknowingly winning Menardi's side of the argument for her.
Mindless Sibling Love Oumi Waki With Felix and Jenna's recent reunion both fresh in their minds, the two repeatedly embrace as Felix promises that he will be by her side from here on out. As Saturos and Menardi note with an increasing concern, however, the building state of mutual enthusiasm between the siblings progresses to the extent of suggesting incestuous overtones, with Felix reminiscing on such times long past as when they used to bathe together. Saturos and Menardi impatiently tell the two to get out of their current frame of mind, and Kraden comments that the Mars Adepts were who dragged them along in the first place.
There's No Accounting For Taste Oumi Waki Saturos and Menardi also take note that Alex has been acting out of his habits as of late; previously, he would stay with the Mars Adepts overnight. Menardi asks if Alex has an affection for teenage girls, and an unfazed Alex casually denies this and proclaims that his "ideal is much higher". Saturos interprets this statement far too literally and advises Kraden to be more careful around Alex from here on out with that being the case, believing that Alex is attracted to the elderly. A more visibly-annoyed Alex denies this as well, though Kraden displays an oddly charmed reaction to the idea.
Everything We See Is Quite Unusual Oumi Waki The Venus Djinni Flint introduces itself to Isaac and Garet, but the two boys ignore its prattling and forcefully grab its body to inspect it from all angles, casually noting that there are odd things outside of Vale. Even as Flint asks to be taken along, Garet tells Isaac that Kay would enjoy this as a souvenir, but when Isaac reminds him that the two of them just started on their journey and should not go back to Vale so soon, Garet agrees and leaves Flint behind on the ground. Flint irritably asks for their attention even as they walk off into the distance.
Like A Frog In A Well Oumi Waki The Mayor of Vale receives a piece of correspondence from his grandson, Garet, concerning what he and Isaac have seen on their journey abroad in regards to Psynergy. In his letter, Garet brings up that the laws of Vale prohibit its villagers from using Psynergy around strangers, but then reveals that he and Isaac have encountered other adepts like Ivan and Mia, who are unaware of such customs and have publicly used their respective forms of Psynergy around people without either the Adepts or the people being privy to the powers' true nature. Thus, Garet announces that he and Isaac will do their best to use Psynergy on their quest whenever the opportunity presents itself. The Mayor internally muses that letting Isaac and Garet leave Vale may not have been the best idea.
Dreams Of The Future Oumi Waki Isaac and his party have amassed a varied collection of elemental Djinn, and the Djinn explain to them how the Adepts' classes will change in response to how many of what elemental types of Djinn are Set onto each of them. The four Adepts think about the different professions they assume on a whim are possible to attain with this system - such as "Carpenter", "Baker", "Doctor", "Lawyer", and "Eternally Employed Bride" - and walk off in disappointment the moment the Djinn curtly tell them to figure out how to become those on their own.
Balance Of The World Oumi Waki Isaac then asks the Djinn why the Adepts are arbitrarily forced to allocate the Djinn amongst themselves in an equally-spread fashion, when it would be easier and more useful for all Djinn they collect to mass themselves onto the elementally-corresponding Adept and allow some Adepts to be stronger than others. While Golden Sun: Dark Dawn would later provide an explanation that holds that Djinn simply prefer to share their power with every member of a group of traveling friends equally, the Djinn in this strip pass it off as merely a "law of nature". The four Adepts are frustrated enough that they start walking off again, and the Djinn curtly tell them to find more Djinn to fill in the gaps they want to avoid leaving open.
Drifting Away... Oumi Waki As Isaac's group passes back through Bilibin Barricade, they notice the two boys of the Gang of Three grieving over the apparent death of the third of their group, Jill, who had been washed down the nearby river while they remained afflicted by Tret's curse. Isaac takes note that the boys' circumstances are strangely similar to those he and Garet shared in the past, but he engages the boys in a class of grief counseling that is creative, to say the least: He suggests that Jill may well suddenly return to them as their enemy in three years' time. Garet smacks Isaac upside the head.
It's All For Nothing If I Can't Look Cool Oumi Waki Alex hides behind the Mercury Beacon to listen in as Saturos engages Isaac's group on the aerie of Mercury Lighthouse. Alex understands that the beacon's energy puts Saturos at a disadvantage, and eagerly anticipates Saturos' defeat at the hands of the latter's opponents so that he may step in to assist Saturos, hoping to come across as admirably distinguished all the while. But in the alternate universe that this strip takes place in, Saturos wins his battle, and Alex ends up humiliated when he steps in to begin his premeditated performance before taking notice of the scene.

Sakura Shinobu[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
A Mistake? Sakura Shinobu Late into his group's investigation into Sol Sanctum, Kraden jumps with alarm when the Luna chamber in which he is currently alone suddenly starts trembling and emitting electricity; he realizes that his pupils must have found some hidden mechanic upstairs, but that they are about to make a terrible mistake in tampering with it. When Kraden rushes upstairs, though, he sees Isaac and Garet pushing one of the narrow stone statues together in a manner that visually resembles a standing homosexual sex position. Kraden interprets the sight for how it appears and stammers that he did not mean to imply that the boys' life choices were the "mistake" he referenced; Isaac and Garet are clueless as to what Kraden is talking about.
Look At Me! Sakura Shinobu Inside Fuchin Temple, Isaac repeatedly asks the meditating Master Nyunpa to answer them, but to no avail. Garet takes note that Nyunpa has evidently been fasting for a period of time, so he applies the bright idea of bringing over a hunk of meat and eating it in front of Nyunpa's face. This fails to stir a reaction as well, which leads Garet to conclude that meat must be off-limits for monks as a matter of custom; Ivan responds that this is not the issue.
How About This? Sakura Shinobu Inside Feh's Dojo at Xian, one of the resident pupils tells Isaac that she will take him to see Master Feh if he can knock down a wooden tree trunk from afar with an expulsion of force. Isaac muses that he does not have the Orb of Force necessary to use the Force Psynergy, so it is all he can do to use Move to shift the stump off to the side without tipping it over. Nonetheless, the pupil is startled and impressed enough that she calls out for Feh.
That Kind Of Feeling Sakura Shinobu Early in Mercury Lighthouse, Mia gives Isaac and the other two boys a perfunctory thank-you for their assistance in moving a stone statue out of her way, but in stark contrast to her behavior in the game in which she promptly joins Isaac's group and proceeds to explore the rest of the Lighthouse with them, Mia is logically overtaken by a fearful suspicion of the trio of complete strangers that have spontaneously appeared and followed her in order to randomly offer her help with their own, mysterious powers, and asks if there is something they want from her. Isaac and Ivan acknowledge the awkwardness of the scene.
Danger On Deck Sakura Shinobu While battling the Kraken onboard the Tolbi-bound Ship, Garet casts the Volcano Psynergy in an attempt to wound the sea monster from underneath its massive frame - but to his shock, the Kraken eats all of the lava that enters its mouth from underneath and grows greatly in size and strength.
Predictions Sakura Shinobu Feizhi's power of prediction is shown to bend reality so as to conform to her ebbing and flowing desires; when she tells Isaac that he will trip, he spontaneously trips over as if compelled by an invisible force, and likewise falls into a hole the moment Feizhi tells him that he will do so. And when Feizhi predicts that Isaac will treat her to lunch, an exasperated Isaac finds himself involuntarily bringing a pair of shish kebabs to her. Feizhi triumphantly proclaims that what she predicts always comes true, and Isaac is not particularly content about the sentiment.
Worldly Desires Sakura Shinobu In Altmiller Cave, fresh from their encounter with the incapacitated, cloaked Babi, Isaac and company search for the Mystic Draught that Babi requested. A forlorn Mia comments that there is nothing anyone can do to keep from growing older. When Isaac finally discovers the sole remaining bottle of the draught, however, he does not need to turn around to detect that Mia is eyeing the bottle from behind him with a palpable aura of self-serving intent.
It's A Sandstorm! Sakura Shinobu Isaac and company find themselves in close proximity to one of the whirling sandstorms of Suhalla Desert, and Mia, on Isaac's command, uses her Psynergy to draw out the monster from within. However, she mistakenly casts Ice Horn instead of Douse, but this fortunately effects the outcome of knocking the Tornado Lizard out cold, hence avoiding a protracted battle with the beast.
Appearances Sakura Shinobu Isaac affirms with Ivan that non-Adepts can visually perceive Djinn like they themselves do. Having established that, Isaac comments that he must look ridiculous to the eyes of passersby by this point in their quest, for in having six Djinn currently Set onto him, he comes across as having six creatures physically affixed to his body and limbs.
A-Okay! Sakura Shinobu In one of the game's two deserts, Mia expresses that she would like to change her clothes, but is more or less unable to. Garet anticipatorily tells her that he won't mind if she wants to change here. One awkward silence later, Mia punishes Garet for his pervertedness by sending an Ice Horn in his direction. Garet delightedly expresses that it "hurts so good".
Stone Statues Sakura Shinobu In the final room of Tunnel Ruins, Ivan makes the curious discovery that he can read the thoughts of the colored statues and determine from them how they are to be properly arranged so that the Adepts can proceed into Venus Lighthouse. One awkward silence later, a perturbed Ivan asks whether the presence of human thoughts inside these statues means that these statues are somehow alive, but Isaac urges him not to think about such disconcertingly mystifying details.

Taiga Ichigo[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Peeking Taiga Ichigo On the outskirts of an unnamed town, Isaac suggests to Ivan that the two of them walk together through the town while Ivan casts Mind Read on every person they pass by - and while Isaac can read the thoughts Ivan picks up, they will have to maintain physical contact the whole time to do so. As a result, the two boys stride through the town holding hands. Naturally, this elicits some stares of suspicion and wariness from the townsfolk, which Isaac takes some time to begin noticing.
The Clothed Tree Taiga Ichigo Isaac's group is startled when they take notice of a human-sized tree that is wearing a T-shirt. While a perplexed Isaac asks why this is the case - oblivious to the story of Tret's curse at this point in his quest - Garet expresses that the tree is excessively overprotected as such, and mentally visualizes dogs dressed for a conformation show as a means of comparing the tree's state of overdress.
Reminiscing Taiga Ichigo Garet, in an effort to inspire Isaac to continue leading their quest, proclaims that he trusts the latter's sense of responsibility. However, the effect this has on Isaac could be said to be diametrically opposed to what Garet intended: Isaac recalls that the roof of his house remains ridden with holes, and suddenly begins rushing back to Vale so that he can fix it.
Techniques Of The Time Taiga Ichigo Isaac, Garet, and Jenna attend one of Kraden's lectures about the little-known, partially-lost history of Adepts in their world. Kraden jokingly invents a story that supposedly explains how Adepts died off to the extent that they became increasingly rare over the course of history: That because Adepts relied on using Psynergy for every common task imaginable, their bodies grew weak and their limbs atrophied, while their heads grew heavier to the point that they had to rely on Psynergy to keep themselves standing upright and at balance. Isaac, Garet, and Jenna hastily leave Kraden's cottage, exclaiming that they want nothing to do with Psynergy anymore.
More Important Than Life Itself Taiga Ichigo In the Elemental Star Chamber, Felix takes off his mask on Saturos' command and shows his face to Jenna, and she is especially distraught over the revelation that her brother had been alive for the past three years without telling her, perhaps even moreso than she is in the game itself - for after all, this renders the life insurance policy she previously took on Felix null and void. Felix glumly apologizes for that ironically disappointing aspect about his metaphorical return from the dead.
Water Taiga Ichigo In Suhalla Desert, Ivan explains that the sandstorms that bar their path can be calmed with water, and Mia agrees to provide the water her group needs in order to progress through the desert. But when Isaac and Garet inanely begin building a sandcastle and ask Mia for some water to harden the sand, she violently punches the two of them aside as an expression of objection.
Love Taiga Ichigo When Isaac and company come across Altin and learn from the irate townspeople that the water-spitting statues from the mines are responsible for flooding the town, Isaac is overtaken by shock and proceeds to makes a poignant observation about the situation: Had these statues resided in the desert a short ways south, they would have been revered as gods and providers of life. In other words, they are hated by sheer virtue of existing in the wrong place. Garet and Ivan comically share in Isaac's display of tears as they commend Isaac for his beaming display of goodwill.
Things That Shouldn't Be Seen Taiga Ichigo Ivan unsettlingly announces to his friends that his newfound power of Reveal allows him to see things he could not see before. To Isaac's puzzlement, Ivan glances at Isaac's groin area for a short period of time, and begins making a cryptic statement about "a woman with long, pale hair" before stopping himself. Isaac suddenly quivers in uneasiness as though he picks up on an unstated but implied meaning in Ivan's message, though the audience is left to speculate on what this is.
The Not-So-Old Man Taiga Ichigo Isaac hears from a townsman at Tolbi that Lord Babi has not only ruled this town for one hundred years, but has never visually aged over that time. And when Isaac sees a portrait of Babi, which he notes does not look like a man who is a century old, he exclaims that Babi is too outlandish a case to try to understand - in his creative efforts to make sense of this story, Isaac concludes that Babi possessed the face of a bearded old man even as a baby.
That Feeling When Taiga Ichigo Isaac and company come across the incredibly unusual sight of three human-sized trees stacked linearly atop one another at Bilibin Barricade. Isaac's method of expressing his own particular objection to this sight, however, is to rearrange the trees in the "proper" fashion as he sees it - he uses the Lift and Move Psynergies to place the top tree next to the bottom one, and to move the middle tree atop the other two, so that the three trees are arranged as the kanji character for "forest" (森).
We Are... Taiga Ichigo Ivan comments to his friends that Sheba was apparently known as a "child of the gods" in her hometown. For a relatively cryptic reason, this statement inspires Isaac to proclaim that he is a child of his mother, and Garet likewise is inspired to proclaim that he is a child of mankind. The two boys high-five each other with enthusiasm, and Ivan is left to mentally ask if they are proud of themselves.

Ookubo Midori[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Prank Ookubo Midori Early in their investigation inside Sol Sanctum, Isaac, Garet, and Jenna come across a minotaur-shaped relief that is missing one of its jeweled eyes, and they suggest to Isaac that they make use of the Small Jewel that they had found earlier to complete the relief. But Isaac, purely for levity's sake, shoves the jewel up its nostril instead of into its eye socket, and all three of the young Adepts laugh about it - but only up until Isaac subsequently finds himself forever unable to remove the jewel. This scenario is presented as one possible reason why the story of Golden Sun could have prematurely ended roughly as soon as it began.
Catch! Ookubo Midori At the start of the prologue sequence at Vale, Dora wakes up Isaac and tells him that the two of them must evacuate their house - and before they leave, Dora uses the Catch Psynergy to fetch Isaac's raincoat and put it on him. Isaac silently follows Dora out, mentally expressing that Dora's reliance on using Psynergy to grab an object that was literally within arm's reach is precisely why she is so much chubbier than Garet's mother.
Mom's Decision Ookubo Midori Much later, when it is time for the entire village to see Isaac and Garet off for their journey across Weyard, Kay and her mother forlornly observe that Dora, of all people, has evidently decided not to come down and join the other villagers. Aaron suddenly remembers to give Isaac the Catch Beads, explaining that Dora had asked him to give this to her son. Isaac is touched by what he believes to be the chief implication of this gesture - that Dora will finally become serious about losing more weight in her son's absence.
Rock, Paper, Scissors Ookubo Midori Isaac and Garet find the Elven Rapier in Bilibin Cave, and learn from the tag attached to its hilt that it is capable of Unleashing the Vorpal Slash effect. In their discussion with Ivan over who should get the weapon, Ivan explains that he has little use for a melee weapon because he primarily focuses on casting magic, even though, as it is a Light Blade, he is technically capable of wielding it. Isaac and Garet immediately enact a creative means of determining which of them should hold it: Conjuring Psynergy hands with which to engage each other in a Rock-Paper-Scissors contest. Ivan comments that their method is excessively wasteful of Psynergy Points.
It's Cool Even If It's Cursed Ookubo Midori Garet deliberately equips the Muramasa, Demon Mail, and Thunder Crown for himself, fully aware that he cannot remove these pieces from himself without paying for the services of a Great Healer. Garet impresses Isaac with the raw nerve he demonstrates in putting up with constantly keeping the armor and helmet on his body and the sword in his grip every hour of every day, even during such ordinary day-to-day activities as bathing and sleeping. Isaac eventually gives him the Cleric's Ring so that Garet will not be paralyzed on occasion during battle.
There Are Days Like This, Too Ookubo Midori With her capture by Saturos and Felix's group still a recent memory, Jenna naturally has little reason to be content around them. But when Alex tells her that they will make camp at their current location for the night because the next town is still a ways off, Felix begins making his proposal that he will keep watch for monsters over the night for the sake of her peace of mind - but Saturos promises to take on this role for tonight in his stead. Meanwhile, Menardi has finished boiling and preparing a rat stew for the group's dinner. Later that night, Jenna futilely tries to sleep while disturbed by the idea that she may well end up considering the company of her captors not to be such a bad thing.
Who Is That Masked Man? Ookubo Midori In the Elemental Star Chamber, Saturos commands Felix to remove his mask, and Jenna, stunned to hear the name of her supposedly deceased brother, waits breathlessly for the stranger to show his face. Felix, however, is seemingly unaware that Menardi squiggled a cat-face pattern onto his face with a sharpie during the previous night, so when he reveals his face and attempts to begin his speech about the grief he caused her, it is all she can do to give him an awkward, uncomfortable stare. Menardi comments to a relatively-amused Saturos that she had done that to Felix to get back at him over his increasingly cocky behavior as of late. (Note that while a Western audience would likely assume a reference to the classic cartoon character Felix the Cat, this is likely an unintentional joke on the part of the author because Felix's name in the Japanese version is Garcia.)
Mr. Good-For-Nothing Ookubo Midori Atop Mercury Lighthouse, Alex steps into view from behind the Mercury Beacon and announces that he had been watching Isaac's fight with Saturos from afar. Isaac and his friends recall the information they found out about Alex from Mind-Reading the old man at Imil, in which the old man mentally opined that Alex, though the apprentice of Mia's father, was a good-for-nothing. Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia suddenly and simultaneously barrage him with repeated utterances of this harsh, accusatory callsign; an emotionally wounded Alex stumbles off and remarks to Saturos that the latter will just have to finish dealing with Isaac's group on his own, to Saturos' exasperation.
Wallet Ookubo Midori Ivan secretly Mind Reads the innkeeper at Vale's inn, and learns that she had found a discarded wallet in the room that Felix's group had previously lodged in, and which she assumes belonged to Felix personally. Isaac, intrigued by the opportunity to finagle a quick buck in spite of Ivan's disapproval of such, pretends that the wallet is his own, and the slightly-disappointed innkeeper returns the pig-shaped wallet to him. Meanwhile, Menardi pouts over having lost her wallet, and Saturos tells her that they can just buy another one.
A Djinni's Heart Ookubo Midori Ivan attempts to Mind Read a Venus Djinni, but is perplexed when he finds himself unable to receive any thoughts. After several more futile efforts, Ivan's pride is pained as he proclaims out loud that his mind-reading ability is still too weak, for he is unable to penetrate the minds of spirits like the Djinn. Ivan then follows up with the rhetorical statement that there are beings that humans will never understand. As the Djinni aimlessly wanders about, however, Isaac reassures Ivan with a far simpler explanation: This Djinni is simply not thinking anything at all.
Hidden Thoughts Ookubo Midori A criticizing Jenna, though fully aware that Saturos and Menardi had saved Felix's life, asks Felix why he won't say anything to the duo about the fact that they took his younger sister hostage. Felix apologizes, saying that he is unable to tell her the truth about anything yet, and briefly glances at Menardi. Jenna incorrectly interprets the meaning behind Felix's glance and starts violently calling Felix out for expecting her to view an awful woman such as Menardi as her "older sister", to Felix's disheartened bewilderment. Alex passively derives charm from watching the sibling quarrel from a distance.

Zenigata Taimu[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
The Extremes Of Youth Zenigata Taimu During the prologue sequence at Vale, Isaac insists to Garet that the latter leave behind his trunk of valuables to help save himself from the imminent threat of the Mt. Aleph boulder, and Garet only agrees to leave after storing a few specific items from the trunk on his person. However, as the two boys are crossing a bridge, one such item - a Japanese kendama toy - falls out of Garet's possession and into the water, and tumbles over the nearby waterfall - and strikes Felix on his head near the base of the waterfall, rendering him unconscious and unable to hang onto the pier of his house to prevent himself from getting swept away by the river. All of this transpires in front of a devastated Jenna. The strip flashes forward to a scene where Isaac and Garet sit together glumly, still regretful of their unintended hands in the misfortunes that befell their friends.
Super Grow! Zenigata Taimu Isaac and Garet passively overhear Kay's expressions of indignation over the collateral damage to her flower bed that Garet's Psynergy training has left behind. Later, when it is time for Isaac and Garet to leave for their trip, Garet expresses to Isaac that it would be bad luck to leave without some kind of meaningful gesture of apology to Kay, and casts the Growth Psynergy on the replanted flowers of her flower bed. (Note that it would only be possible for Garet to cast Growth if he had already left Vale and returned as soon as he set a Venus Djinni onto himself.) Isaac and Garet react more awkwardly when they later hear Kay reacting with an even more pointed indignation over her flowers having been excessively oversized in her absence.
My Treasure Zenigata Taimu Isaac, Garet, and Ivan defeat the Vault gang of thieves in battle inside the inn at Vault, and Ivan expresses gratitude to the other two for helping him retrieve his Shaman's Rod. However, when he looks at the contents of the thieves' hoard of stolen goods, all he is able to find is a stuffed rabbit doll, which an elderly resident of Vault promptly claims with elation. A panicking Ivan is left to wonder where the Shaman's Rod is.
Just Hold On A Second Zenigata Taimu In Mogall Forest, Isaac strikes a hollow tree stump with the Force Psynergy to draw out whatever monsters may be hiding inside, and right on cue, an Ape jumps out of the stump - but this ape is apparently so startled by Isaac's intrusion that it runs around in a blind panic and runs headfirst into a nearby tree trunk, rendering itself unconscious without the need for anyone among Isaac's group to draw a single weapon.
Exotic Treasures Zenigata Taimu In Lamakan Desert, Garet loudly complains that he needs a drink of water as soon as possible, and Isaac produces a flask of water that he claims he had previously bottled, without further elaboration. As Garet gratefully chugs the water down, Isaac smugly keeps locked in his thoughts the revelation of the precise source of the water he bottled: The water-spitting statues at Altin. However, Ivan Mind Reads Isaac and relates this revelation with Garet outright, who immediately spits the water back out, though Isaac remains content to chuckle about his prank.
The Three Sacred Treasures Zenigata Taimu Isaac dreams about the three weaker pieces of equipment that he had attained during his performance at the Colosso Finals - the Padded Gloves, Cotton Shirt, and Hunter's Sword, but in his dream, he finds these items greatly empowering, as though he were adorning the culturally-significant Three Sacred Treasures of Japan. Isaac soon wakes up in Babi Palace and comments that it was indeed a dream, though his three friends tell him that he had indeed competed in Colosso with just those three meager implements - a fact that Isaac's battered and heavily-bandaged form can attest to.
The Window-Shopping Brigade Zenigata Taimu At an unnamed settlement, Isaac and company are shopping in a building that contains both a weapon dealer and an armor purveyor. The weapon dealer somberly looks on as Isaac's side ignores him and focuses their money and attention on the armor purveyor's wares for a period of time. When Isaac's group finally decides to look at weapons to consider purchasing, the weapon dealer is briefly delighted and eager to do business with them, but is brought back down to a state of emotionally-defeated humility when Isaac realizes he and his friends are out of spending money.
Djinn Jinn Zenigata Taimu A pair of Will Heads come to the dire realization that a group of immensely-powerful, monster-slaying humans are coming their way, and are unable to escape in advance of their arrival. When Isaac and his companions come across the monsters, the two nervously present themselves as water Djinn that they can use; besides the indescribably inane scenario of flaming creatures pretending to be creatures associated with water, the logic the Will Heads are apparently banking on revolves around their tangential resemblance to the Jinn of Islamic mythology, which are said to be composed of smokeless fire. Isaac menacingly asks the monsters to allow him to set them onto himself in that case, though his friends would rather he not kid with talking monsters to begin with.
Brave Heroes Zenigata Taimu In Babi Lighthouse, Isaac and company, accompanied by Iodem, stare down into the abyss that they are expected to jump into in order to drop into the tunnel that is otherwise locked from the inside. Because Iodem's physical well-being amounts to an extra concern for Isaac's side, Isaac proposes that he jump down first, then use the Retreat Psynergy to return to them in order to relay to them the safest way to proceed. A short period of time after Isaac jumps down, two of the men that were investigating the tunnel along with Faran come back upstairs carrying Isaac on a stretcher, and Garet is not willing to buy Isaac's statement of "It's totally fine" in the least.
The Sun Rises In The West, Etc... Zenigata Taimu In the last room of Tunnel Ruins, Ivan finishes relaying to his friends what each of the colored statues is thinking in regards to where each of the other colored statues should be arranged respective to itself. However, the instructional aspects of each of these thoughts rely on compass directions in their wording, and all four among Isaac's group begin having disagreements over which general direction is actually north, and so on. Ivan Mind Reads a statue again, which is now thinking that the people sharing the room with it are buffoons.
Tch! Zenigata Taimu This strip hypothesizes on the circumstances of Saturos and Menardi's original encounter with Felix immediately after the prologue sequence of the game: Fresh off their failure to raid Sol Sanctum of its secrets and their short-lived encounter with the two young boys Isaac and Garet, Saturos and Menardi casually proceed to fish at the river flowing away from Vale, hopeful that they can catch their dinner for the night despite the ongoing storm. Saturos is both surprised and disappointed when he suddenly lands an unconscious Felix floating down the river.

Chigusa Hiroko[edit]

Title Author Synopsis
Lives Hanging In The Balance Chigusa Hiroko During the prologue sequence at Vale, Isaac comes across Garet attempting to drag his trunk of valuables to relative safety, and Isaac exclaims that the Mt. Aleph Boulder is about to fall in their direction - and that he will not be able to escape it if he does not leave the trunk and its contents behind. Garet heatedly clarifies the contents of the box that he considers so precious to him that he would risk his life for: A box of dried frogs. An indignant Isaac hastily tosses the trunk away.
His Thoughts Chigusa Hiroko Isaac asks Garet to trade Djinn with him so that he will have Mars and Jupiter Djinn, and immediately afterwards asks Ivan to return a Smoke Bomb that Isaac lent him previously. Ivan soon asks if Isaac is thinking of assuming the Ninja class just so he can enjoy the thematic appropriateness of using a smokescreen while one; Isaac tells Ivan off for using Mind Read on him, but Ivan clarifies that he was not using it.
Age Difference Chigusa Hiroko In the Elemental Star Chamber, a teary-eyed Jenna asks Felix why he had left her alone and allowed her to assume that he had been dead for the past three years. In an apparent effort to console her, Kraden reminds her that she was not truly alone all that time - for he was there for her in Felix's stead. Jenna acknowledges Kraden's sentiment, prompting an agitated Felix to exclaim that, as her older brother, he does not approve of this scenario.
"No" Chigusa Hiroko A short time later, Alex materializes before Garet and relieves him of the Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter Stars, and Alex, Saturos, and Menardi clarify that they want Garet and Isaac to fetch the Mars Star for them as well. Garet staunchly refuses in accordance with Kraden's request, but Alex attempts to force his hand by reminding him that Jenna and Kraden are currently their hostages. Just like in the game itself, Garet has the opportunity to repeatedly reject Alex's blackmail, an act which is fairly spectacularly out-of-character both for him and for a supposed RPG hero; Alex becomes increasingly perturbed by Garet's callous disregard for Jenna's well-being and asks Garet to hurry up and try to save Jenna so that the story can be continued. As Garet retorts that he will only save Jenna and Kraden if Alex's side gives him back the stars right now, Isaac rhetorically asks who the real villain of this scenario is.
Back To The Beginning Chigusa Hiroko Shortly after meeting Ivan in Vault, Isaac and Garet attempt to leave, but since Ivan has not recovered the Shaman's Rod yet, he tells them he will stay behind and wait for their return. Isaac and Garet proceed along with the remainder of their quest through Angara and Gondowan, meeting and joining with Mia along the way. Once the three-strong party finally makes it to the base of Venus Lighthouse, Isaac and Garet are overtaken by the oddest feeling that they forgot something.
My Job Chigusa Hiroko At Xian, Isaac, intent on reaching the Mercury Djinni Mist up on an elevated ledge, tails a working girl carrying pails of water to and fro in hopes that she will spill her bucket onto a convenient spot on the ground. Both remain silent for a short time but become increasingly annoyed by each other's mannerisms, until eventually Isaac irritably snaps at her and tells her to spill her water where he needs it. The girl retorts that her job is to carry water without spilling it, knowingly or otherwise.
Has-Been Chigusa Hiroko While inside McCoy's Palace, Isaac hears from one of the palace maids that Lady McCoy was once famous for her beauty. Isaac goes over to the now-elderly woman and silently evaluates her now-homely complexion, and comments that she must be more-or-less anonymous to the world at large now; Lady McCoy is equal parts puzzled and insulted. (A play on words is part of the intended joke of the Japanese-language strip, with Isaac commenting that she degenerated from "有名" (yūmei, "famous") to "無名" (mumei, "anonymous").)
Just One Chigusa Hiroko At the basement of McCoy's Palace, the palace guard responsible for the palace's treasury allows Isaac to choose one of four storage chests so that he may randomly and blindly claim a reward for having helped Bilibin and Kolima by ending Tret's curse. Of course, there is no way for Isaac to know which is the best chest to choose, but he effects a very unorthodox means of circumventing the single-chest restriction: He uses the Move Psynergy to crush the four chests together so that the vaguely cubical mass that results matches the size of a single chest. In tandem with the guard's startled reaction, Garet asks whether Isaac considered the effects on the contents inside each of the chests.
Padding Chigusa Hiroko In Mercury Lighthouse, with Mia having recently joined Isaac's ranks, Isaac learns that Mia has a Mercury Djinni and comments that he has yet to see a Djinni of that element. Mia prompts the Mercury Djinni Fizz into showing itself - which it does by sticking its head out from underneath the collar of Mia's robe, implying that it has taken residence within - or close to - Mia's cleavage. Mia chuckles that Fizz enjoys "warm places", while Isaac attempts to internally reason with himself as to the true nature of this "secret compartment" of hers.
Embracing The Urge To Kill Chigusa Hiroko Isaac asks Mia to stand still for a second, then attempts to use the Catch Psynergy on her - but the incorporeal Psynergy hand associated with Catch passes through her body. Isaac comments that he thought he would be able to pick her up because she does not weigh much, and Mia chuckles that Catch is not meant to be used on people. But then, Isaac is successfully able to lift Ivan into the air with Catch.
Final Destination Chigusa Hiroko Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia share a moment of introspection as they absorb the magnitude of having reached what is seemingly presented as the endpoint of their quest, and reflect on the many hardships they endured to make it to this point. The four eagerly begin running towards Tolbi, intent on gambling to their hearts' content. The Wise One, apparently observing the Adepts from a distance, is affronted by their wanton disregard for the priorities he had personally charged Isaac to bear, the priorities that necessitated Isaac's quest to begin with.


Title Author Synopsis
A Thought Has Taken Root Kouta As Isaac and Garet look upon the human-sized trees populating Kolima Forest, Garet somberly expresses that it was a sad fate that befell its residents. As Garet casually caresses one tree, however, he accidentally snaps one of its branches, and his reaction is easily the most panicked among his friends, assuming that that he may well have severed one of that person's limbs or inflicted some other type of injury. When Isaac and Garet's group returns to Kolima after lifting Tret's curse, however, Garet is deeply relieved to see that the man that used to be the tree in question has suffered no adverse aftereffects - and in fact is less corpulent than he was originally.
Head For Crossbone Isle! Kouta In Suhalla Desert, Isaac tells the rest of his group to join him in literally riding the whirlwind of the Tempest Lizard to Crossbone Isle. One tumultuous airborne exodus later, a winded Isaac expresses that that experience was scary, but optimistically announces that now that they have successfully touched down on the island, they can begin plumbing its cavernous depths for treasure. He turns around to see that each of his three friends are completely dizzy and unable to stand straight, though.
Where Is That Person? Kouta Shortly after Isaac and company arrive in Tolbi, a pair of palace guards approach them and ask if they have seen the man pictured on the poster the guards show them - which appears to be a portrait of a glamorous, grinning young male with dazzling eyes. Garet asks if the pictured man is supposed to be some kind of idol, and Isaac comments that it would be easy to spot a person like that in any crowd. One guard tells the other that it is as he originally suggested - that Lord Babi's self-portrait would have been useless in their missing persons search.
Let's Get Thrifty 1 Kouta Just outside an Inn, the three boys among Isaac's party attempt to restore their health and Psynergy Point reserves without relying on the building's paid services. First, Isaac uses what little of his Psynergy Points remain to heal the others with the Cure Psynergy, and then, he, Garet, and Ivan proceed to run laps around a tight circle so that their Psynergy Points restore themselves at a relatively fast rate. Despite many revolutions, however, they are puzzled to find that their Psynergy reserves are not replenishing themselves, unaware that this only happens in areas infested with monsters. Meanwhile, Mia, paying for a room at the clerk's desk inside the inn, is visibly humiliated by the ridiculous procession being perpetrated by her friends just outside the door.
Let's Get Thrifty 2 Kouta The guards stationed outside Hammet Palace deny Isaac and company entry, and Ivan steps forward to introduce himself. The guards take a moment to recognize Ivan for who he is, and comment that he looks quite different from he used to. The highly-disheveled Ivan asks Isaac if he had indeed changed as much as the guards suggest, but Isaac figures instead that Ivan merely looks a lot dirtier now.
Gambler Kouta Isaac and company are playing the Lucky Dice attraction at Tolbi, but Garet is frustrated when both of the dice land in the "Four" zone despite landing so that they each display "Three" in and of themselves, amounting to a two-pair payout. But Isaac attempts to use his Move Psynergy to cheat by shifting the two dice over into the "Three" zone, thus amounting to a four-of-a-kind payout. Isaac, Garet, and Ivan's state of jubilance is quickly brought to a close when the dealer rules the play invalid because of the obvious involvement of foul play, even if the dealer does not understand the concept of Psynergy.
Class Change Kouta With Isaac and company having amassed as many Djinn as they could over the course of their journey, the four friends attempt to decide on what classes they would like to be for the remainder of the quest, and Garet, Ivan, and Mia each select a class for themselves by naming its second-stage version. Isaac mulls over what class he should adopt until he settles on the Ninja class, but notes that there are not enough Djinn left to fulfill the others' needs as well. However, as being the leader affords him extra rights as far as he is concerned, he announces that the other three will be part-timers, leaving them disgruntled.
Close Friends Kouta When Garet observes that Mia is capable of talking with Djinn outside of her element, he decides that he is capable of the same thing, and approaches the Mercury Djinni Tonic and asks it to shake hands with him. Tonic unleashes a flurry of strikes on Garet's face with the crab pincer-shaped extension attached to the end of its tail. Mia partially notices the distant scuffle that Garet is partaking in and casually wonders what he and Tonic are up to.
Good Ideas Kouta In Kolima Forest, Isaac and company find themselves forced to devise a method of crossing a river that blocks their passage onward. When they notice multiple loose logs lying on the nearby ground, a solution different from the one in-game occurs to them: The construction of a raft. Later, as Isaac and Garet row their group across the river, they get the impression they treated this obstacle as more complicated than it had to be.
Disaster! Kouta Mia is downed over the course of a heated battle, and after the battle's conclusion, Isaac must hoist her frame onto his back to avoid leaving her behind. Later, another battle downs Garet as well; with two unconscious bodies that Isaac and Ivan are now forced to slowly haul and drag along with them, the audience is shown the logistical concerns that would logically plague a traveling party when multiple members fall in battle and must be brought to a potentially far-off Sanctum to be revived - concerns that the design of the Golden Sun games conveniently discard.
Felix's Secret Kouta A flustered Jenna frantically asks Felix why he is doing such things as assisting a group of villains in their effort to bring back a dangerous power to the world. Despite her repeated inquiries, Felix smugly comments that that is a "trade secret", and then breaks the fourth wall and tells the audience, "Look forward to the sequel." Jenna asks with a more disturbed tone why Felix is saying such bizarre things to the air.

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