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Crossbone Isle

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Crossbone Isle as it appears in the original Golden Sun game.

Crossbone Isle (宝島 Treasure Island) is an optional dungeon featured in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is home to the strongest enemies and bosses in every game in which it appears.

So far, Crossbone Isle has appeared in the following games:


  • The World Map portion of Crossbone Isle is coded into Golden Sun: The Lost Age. However, it is located in an ocean to the west of Mars Lighthouse that is only reachable through the use of a glitch. There are no loading zones leading to the dungeon itself. [1]
  • In the original Golden Sun, the above island is instead located to the west of Imil, instead of its story location of the Karagol Sea.

See also[edit]

  • Anemos Inner Sanctum, which fills a similar role in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.
  • Treasure Isle, a dungeon with a very similar name in the Japanese versions of the games, and a similar exterior appearance – notably appearing in the only game that lacks a Crossbone Isle.