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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn/Tricks, glitches, and other minutiae

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A collection of details concerning Golden Sun: Dark Dawn that players often find intriguing. Also see Golden Sun/Tricks, glitches, and other minutiae and Golden Sun: The Lost Age/Tricks, glitches, and other minutiae.


Fight later enemies earlier[edit]

  • From Kaocho, head to the small forest area south-east of the town and walk along the edge of the mountain. Occasionally you will fight Rat Warriors, monsters you would normally fight later.
  • After the Grave Eclipse has occurred, dock in Tonfon and walk along the bottom of the Endless Wall. You will be able to fight enemies from the Endless Wall, and the background battle scene will show the Endless Wall.


Fall through the Endless Wall to reach unreachable areas[edit]

Late in the game, when traveling the Endless Wall towards the Apollo Ascent, stand on the line dividing the vertical road to Apollo Sanctum from the horizontal road at the T intersection, and position yourself exactly until Matthew's shadow seems to disappear and the horizontal road appears to overlap his feet slightly. Save here and reload the game file, and Matthew should appear to immediately drop through the ground and fall a fair distance into the black abyss below the game world. You can now walk under the road and bypass various natural obstacles that prevent you from accessing certain areas late-game in normal play. It is easy to find yourself glitching back onto solid ground while walking underneath land, but it is possible to get into areas normally blocked off by points-of-no-return and find Djinn you missed this way, but the only way to return is to die and return to a Sanctum. This is not a problem when returning to the first area of the game, as you can walk through the first roadblock when returning and reach Harapa, so dying will move your ship to that location. However, in northern Angara, the only way out is to return directly to Tonfon, which means that if you enter any town while you are there, you will become permanently trapped in Morgal. A variety of other functions for this glitch exist as well, such as accessing Crossbone Isle early.

Other minutiae[edit]

  • A pre-release screenshot shows the party fighting what appears to be a group of Stone Soldiers, enemies from the previous games that are not present in Dark Dawn.
    • E32010IGN20.jpg
  • A hidden image in the code that depicts some sort of crumbled ruins resting on top of a semi-sphere is apparently an image identifying the Anemos, seemingly representing the story of how the City of the Anemos rose up to become Weyard's moon.
    • DummiedAnemosImage.png
  • There are at least three unused portraits of existing characters in the game code: one of Sveta looking shocked and perking her ears straight up, one of Hou Zan looking tense and sweating, and one of Briggs looking deathly pale with his eyes closed.
    • Sveta3DD.gif HouZan2DD.gif Briggs2DD.gif
  • Four item icons and the items they are attached to are present in the game code that cannot be gotten in normal play. The first two are the icons for the Encyclopedia and Djinn Guide, suggesting these may have been planned as separate items at some point, while the bag of gold can safely be guessed to exist to represent when you find coins out of a chest. However, the round sun emblem is not seen in the game in any form. It is apparently coded as a Quest item, and cannot be dropped. All four of these items have blank inventory descriptions.
    • Unused1DD.png Unused2DD.png Unused3DD.png Coin DD.png
  • The Insight Glass and Magma Orb cannot be acquired by the player in normal play, but have inventory icons regardless. If hacked into the inventory, the Insight Glass can be equipped and used to bestow Insight by any member of the party (instead of just Amiti), and unlike any other Psynergy item can be dropped or sold for 0 Coins.
    • Insight Glass DD.png Magma Orb DD.png
  • Even if the Glyph Book is skipped or thrown away by use of an movement or inventory hack through an external exploit device (such as an Action Replay), Matthew will still be able to read any of the glyphs throughout Weyard like normal, as if he had the book.
  • Atop the Konpa Ruins there is a puddle that the player is normally never prepared to freeze: when progressing through the ruins the player does not have Cold Snap, and by the time they do get Cold Snap the ruins have already been blocked off. However, through use of the Endless Wall glitch, or an inventory or movement hack, they can reach the puddle with Cold Snap in their possession. Yet they will find that Cold Snap does not work on the puddle at all. Therefore, they won't be able to create the platform needed to reach the vine down to the Konpa Cave from there.
  • In the room of the Belinsk Ruins with the Mercury Djinni Spout, there is a statue that the player can use Slap on to progress through the ruins. However, in the room behind the statue there is a stand that the player is normally never prepared to use; when they can first reach this area the player does not have the Magma Shard needed to activate the stand, and by the time the player can return later in the story they will have already used up all of their Magma Shards, with Hou Zan and Ryu Kou having already left their Magma Shard on the stand instead. However, by use of a movement or inventory hack, the player can reach the stand while it's still empty, and with a Magma Shard in their possession. Yet they will find that the stand does not even allow any Magma Shards to be placed on it at all. Therefore, they will still be forced to progress through the Belinsk Ruins the normal way.
  • There are numerous abnormalities that can largely only be encountered by usage of a walk through walls hack (in some cases, the Endless Wall glitch works as well):
    • At the very start of the game at the Lookout Cabin there is a Travel Log titled "Stop Tyrell from flying!", with the description "Tyrell has taken the soarwing and wants to fly away. Stop him before he breaks it.", that cannot be viewed in a normal playthrough. The reason it cannot be viewed is because the player only receives the Travel Log from Karis after Tyrell has already flown away with the Soarwing. In order to bypass this and view the Travel Log, the player must use a walk through walls hack to leave the starting area, unlocking the Travel Log and the ability to save the game early, Upon saving the game, the normally hidden Travel Log written into view.
    • Tyrell can be spoken to by the player directly when on the Lookout Cabin's roof, before he flies away, through use of a walk through walls hack. He will respond: "THIS MESSAGE SHOULD NOT BE DISPLAYED."
    • The normally unreachable east half of Carver's Camp features a house which can be entered and has a fully coded interior. One of the pots in the house even (sometimes) contains a single Lucky Pepper, one that cannot be acquired in normal play. When the oven and cupboard here are inspected, the message "It is translating." will be shown. To the left of the house is a log that can be rolled further west, onto a wooden ledge hanging over the camp's chasm, allowing the player to get closer to the camp's Psynergy Vortex. Attempting to leave the camp through its east exit will simply return the player back to this same area of the camp; the only way to escape the area is if the player uses a walk through walls hack via an external exploit device (such as an Action Replay) to travel across the camp's chasm, and leave through the camp's south or west exit. Many of these details suggest that this area may have been initially planned to be accessible, but dropped later on in development. Full visual details here.
    • The exit of the Konpa Cave that Kraden and Nowell left through can be reached through use of a walk through walls hack. However, going through this exit will simply return the player to this same area of the cave. This area also features a puddle and a vine; Cold Snap will not work on the puddle, but the player will be able to climb up and down the vine just fine, and can climb up it through an exit in the ceiling of the cave to emerge on top of the Konpa Ruins, near the unfreezable puddle.
    • The waterfalls of Kaocho, the Kolima Junction, and the Apollo Ascent can be heard more loudly the closer the player is to them; their maximum volume can only be heard with use of a walk through walls hack to get as close as possible to the waterfalls.
    • The Kaocho Palace normally cannot ever be revisited after the player has been thrown out by King Wo. But reentry can be achieved through use of a walk through walls hack. If the player attempts to return to the throne room however, two palace guards will move to block off the front of the stairway. When spoken to, the guard on the left responds: "King Wo is always busy. I never get an audience with him!", while the guard on the right responds: "Nobody has come this way. They all just vanished from the castle." The guards do not have any Spirit Sense thoughts.
    • In the non-Dream version Border Town, the west side of the town can only be reached with use of a walk through walls hack. The entrances to the west side of the border do not work, and the normally unseen houses in this area are completely broken down and cannot be entered. Growth will not work on the vine in this version of the town either. However, the west exit works fine, and ejects the player to the normally inaccessible area of the World Map between Border Town and Carver's Camp.
    • The normal exits of Belinsk do not work after the Grave Eclipse has begun, even if accessed through a walk through walls hack.
    • The Iceberg Outpost, Harun Channel, Endless Wall, Apollo Ascent, and village of Champa normally cannot be visited until after the Grave Eclipse's shadows have hung over them. However, through use of a walk through walls hack, the player can visit them early, and will feature bright skies clear of the Eclipse's shadows. The music played in a non-Eclipsed Champa will be that of Carver's Camp and Border Town, instead of its sad post-Eclipse music.