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Atlas icon.png

The Atlas is a new option in the in-game menu of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It points out your current location as well as takes note of the important places that you have visited so far. Furthermore, choosing a specific location will bring up its map levels and its specific map(s). The Atlas is useful for backtracking information, like looking at the maps of places that are inaccessible after certain roadblocks. It is also perfect for checking out treasure boxes and Djinn that you might have missed. Players new to the series would find it beneficial in locating the Inn, shops, and temples when visiting a town or a city.

Dark Dawn's Atlas[edit]

Map Legend of the Atlas in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Entries in the Atlas are arranged by the order in which you are supposed to visit them, although some portions of the game are open-ended and can be explored in different orders. A region's location on the World Map is marked on the top screen with a red circular marker.

Page 1[edit]

Area Map:

Lookout Cabin Bottom.png

Area Map:

GP ext.png GP 1f.png

Area Map:

Tanglewood ext.png

Area Map:

Abandoned mine 1f.png

Detailed Map:


Area Map: (Note: The Venus Lighthouse Course map is seen on both maps below)

PTGmap1.png PTGmap2.png

Page 2[edit]

Area Map:

Goma Highlands road.png

Area Map:

Carvers lumberyard.png

Detailed Map:

Carvers lumberyard 1f.png

Detailed Map:

Carvers camp1.png Carvers camp2.png

Area Map:

Konpa gate.png

Area Map:

Konparuinsext.png Konparuinsb1.png Konparuins1f.png Konparuins2f.png Konparuins3f.png Konparuins4f.png Konparuins5f.png

Area Map:


Page 3[edit]

Page 4[edit]

Page 5[edit]

Page 6[edit]

Page 7[edit]

Page 8[edit]

Page 9[edit]

Page 10[edit]

Page 11[edit]

Page 12[edit]

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