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Certain Psynergy can be used in battle to augment stats temporarily.
The Djinn play into the stat mechanic heavily, as they change a character's class, which in turn changes character stats; for the better or worse.

Statistics, often abbreviated to Stats, in the Golden Sun series are no different than in any other RPG. The status screen tells you each Adept's name, stats, current class, and any status conditions affecting them.

Methods of increasing/decreasing Stats[edit]

There are several ways of increasing an adept's specific stat. The most common is through the use of equipment, as well as consumable items that permanently raise a stat, such as a cookie or mint. The second method is used within battle: adepts may have several buffing-type Psynergies available depending on their class, that are used to raise an adept's or entire parties' stats temporarily; these boosts disappear after the battle. The player should be aware of the spell Break, which negates all bonuses the party may have cast for themselves; consequently most bosses possess this spell. Lastly, Djinn can be reordered among characters to change classes and in turn raise or lower stats. This is extremely useful for building an adept's luck rating, as their are but few other ways of doing so.

At times, it may actually be desirable to lower a stat. This becomes apparent when abusing the Random Number Generator to acquire drop-items from enemies: usually, it will be required that the monster be felled with a specific element of Djinn on a specific turn (most often the second). If a normally speedy character such as Ivan lacks the attack power to fell the monster at the start of that turn, it is suggested to lower his agility rating by way of class change, or agility-reducing equipment such as the Turtle Boots. This way, one can weaken the monster with the other battling adepts and have Ivan finish the monster with the Djinn strike, guaranteed.



The character's current level, which increases when the Adept gains enough experience points. As an Adept's level increases, so does their HP, PP, Attack, Defense, and Agility. Early game characters such as Isaac and Matthew start at level 1 and late game characters such as Himi can start at a level as high as 35.


The character's current amount of experience points. It also tells you how many more points you need to reach the next level. Experience points are gained by defeating enemies. Adepts who are downed do not receive any experience. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Adepts not battling only gain half as much experience as usual. Felling an enemy with an offensive Djinni increases the amount of experience that enemy gives.

Hit Points[edit]

The character's current and maximum amount of Hit Points (also called HP). As Adepts and enemies take damage their HP is depleted. When anyone's HP reaches zero that person is Downed and cannot fight or receive experience points. There are many ways to recover lost HP or raise a character's maximum HP. There are also several ways to revive Downed Adepts, the first of which is to visit a Sanctum (although the easiest would probably be the Revive Psynergy). Adepts with high HP include Garet, Piers and Eoleo.

Psynergy Points[edit]

The character's current and maximum amount of Psynergy Points (also called PP). Every time an Adept or enemy uses Psynergy (either in or out of battle) their PP is depleted. Psynergy spells cannot be cast if the caster doesn't have enough PP remaining. There are also some moves that lower the target's PP. There are several ways to recover lost PP, the simplest of which is to simply walk around outside of battle, or to raise an Adept's maximum PP. Adepts with high PP include Ivan, Sheba and Himi.


Attack determines how much damage the Adept will do when attacking with weapons, offensive Djinn, and certain Psynergies (such as Ragnarok). The higher an Adept's Attack, the more damage they can dish out. Attack can be increased in many ways, the most common of which is by equipping weapons. Adepts with high attack include Isaac, Felix and Matthew.


Defense determines how much damage the Adept will take when attacked with any method involving the enemy's Attack. The higher an Adept's Defense, the less damage they take, preventing them from being Downed. Defense can be increased in many ways, the most common of which is by equipping armor. Adepts with high defence include Garet, Tyrell and Eoleo.


Agility Determines the turn order in battle. The Adept or enemy with the highest Agility takes the first action, the one with the second-highest Agility has the next action, etc., although there are exceptions. There are ways to boost an Adept's Agility, although they are not as common as Attack and Defense boosting effects. Adepts with high agility include Ivan, Sheba and Karis.


The higher a character's Luck is, the better their odds of avoiding status-affecting attacks.

Adepts with the highest inherent luck of 5 include Mia, Sheba, Rief and Himi.

Adepts with the inherent luck of 4 include Ivan, Jenna, Karis and Amiti.

Adepts with the inherent luck of 3 include Isaac, Piers, Matthew and Sveta.

Adepts with the inherent luck of 2 include Garet, Felix, Tyrell and Eoleo.


Shows how many Djinn of each element are assigned to that Adept, as well as how many are set. In the first Golden Sun, each player may have up to 7 Djinn. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age and all subsequent games, they may have up to 9.

Elemental Levels[edit]

This is a general indicator of how skilled that Adept is with each element. Each Adept starts with 5 levels in their assigned element. Each Djinni set to a character increases that person's Elemental Level by 1 for that element.

Elemental Power[edit]

Elemental Power determines how much damage you can do with each element. A high power increases elemental damage dealt to targets. Power increases by 5 for each level in that element. Some equipment also increases the wearer's power.


Resistance is how well you can resist damage from each element. A high resistance reduces damage from elemental attacks. Resist increases by 5 for each level in that element. Some equipment, Psynergies, and Djinn effects can also raise or lower an Adept's resistance.

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