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Revive being cast in Dark Dawn

Revive (リバイブ) is a Venus-based Support Psynergy that is used to "Revive a downed ally" to full health.

Basic Characteristics[edit]

Revive is a Venus-based single-target support Psynergy.

Revive.gif ReviveDD.gif
Star venus.gif Venus 15 PP
Range 1.gif
"Revive a downed ally." (GS-present) Revives an ally with the downed status to 100% of their HP.

Visually, revive displays several golden feathers falling from the sky onto the target. In Golden Sun and The Lost Age, a beam of light comes up from the ground as the ally is revived. In Dark Dawn, A golden glow appears from above as the feathers fall, and a brief burst of light appears from the ground as the ally is revived.


Revive only affects allies with the downed status. In battle, it can only be used on Adepts who are currently one of the four battling. Outside of battle, any party member can be targeted. In either case, Revive restores the targeted ally from a fallen state to 100% of their current HP.

Revive, as seen in Golden Sun.


Revive is available to a variety of classes, and can be learned by any Adept. All playable Venus Adepts have access to Revive in their base class series, though three Venus Adepts require at least 4 Venus Djinn to access it. Non Venus Adepts usually require varying amounts of Venus Djinn to access Revive.

The following class learns Revive at Level 17:

The following classes learn Revive at Level 19:


Revive is arguably one of the most valuable healing Psynergies, along with the Wish Psynergy series. Revive is the most accessible method for healing downed Adepts. The item equivalent, the Water of Life, is normally expensive and uncommon (barring the end of Dark Dawn). In addition, there is only 1 Djinn, Tinder guaranteed to revive an ally. Meanwhile, Revive is guaranteed to revive an ally to 100% health 100% of the time.

Revive is especially useful during boss battles, where party members have a higher chance of being downed. Since Revive is available to all Adepts, it is easy to have multiple Adepts with access to Revive, which helps to increase survivability.

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