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The Hover ability during use.

Hover.gifHover (グラビティ, Gravity) is a Jupiter Utility Psynergy featured in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, obtainable via the Hover Jade item.

Basic Characteristics[edit]

Hover is a plot-important Psynergy that costs 2 PP when cast in the field. Hover is obtained by equipping the Hover Jade to any Adept. The Hover Jade is obtained after completing the Trial Road against Moapa.

When used in the field, it allows the caster to "Hover in the air" when over areas where sufficient Jupiter energy, indicated by glowing violet areas, is available. Beneath the player will be a multicolored, circular shape, indicating Hover's power. So long as the player remains over the required area, they can Hover for an unlimited period of time. However, should the caster move away from the area, the effects will continue for a limited amount of time before the user drops to the ground, indicated by the circle beneath them growing smaller. In this way, the player can reach platforms or floors that are otherwise unavailable, or pass over obstacles. The power of Hover is necessary for entering and completing Jupiter Lighthouse, but is commonly used in many dungeons afterward.

The power of Hover is crucial to being able to fly the Lemurian Ship with the Wings of Anemos.

In addition, Hover's power allows the player to fly the Lemurian Ship in conjunction with the Wings of Anemos, after completing Jupiter Lighthouse. However, using Hover in this manner will progressively drain the PP meters of all eight party members and is indicated by a yellow meter. However, this ability allows your ship to fly over reefs and onto land by either selecting it or by pressing B.


Hover is stated to be the trademark power of the Anemos, with the Hover Jade allowing others to replicate the effect. As part of a friendship agreement, the Anemos would trade their Hover Jade for the Shaman's Rod of Shaman Village; it was agreed that the Hover Jade would be given to whomever produced the Rod. When the people of Prox were researching the Lighthouses, they discovered the necessity of the Shaman's Rod for exploring Jupiter Lighthouse, but the reason why had been forgotten. Felix's party would come to Shaman Village during their travels, where they eventually received the Hover Jade. Hover would be used extensively in Jupiter Lighthouse, and was specifically called the power of the Anemos.

Hama would later relate the other use of Hover to the Adepts, and instructed them in its use to fly their ship in conjunction with the newly built Wings of Anemos. According to Hama, their unfamiliarity with Hover restricted the altitude and distance they could travel. However, this restriction appeared to vanish following the lighting of Mars Lighthouse as the Adepts were able to use Hover to fly from Prox back to Vale.


  • If the Hover Psynergy is selected directly rather than used with B while on the ship, though the ship will not appear to be hovering, the hovering sound will still play and monsters will not attack either. This also only costs the base cost of Hover. This effect will not dissipate until B is pressed and the proper Hover is initiated.
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