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Tremor can shake up objects enough to either make them fall or make whatever's on top of them fall off.

Tremor (スライド, Slide) is a Venus Utility Psynergy introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age that costs 1 Psynergy Point. It is bestowed by equipping the Tremor Bit, an item that is found in a treasure chest in Madra Catacombs, one that is accessible as soon as the town Madra can be entered for the first time. When the player returns to Madra the entrance that they had used is sealed, but by using the Reveal Psynergy they can use another entrance. Tremor is used to "Shake objects left and right," which can cause precariously placed objects and obstacles to topple over. While not required to complete the game, Tremor is used to complete certain side objectives and collect certain items, such as: the Moloch summon tablet, the Mercury Djinn Rime and Serac, exploring the depths of Taopo Swamp, and gaining access to the Alhafran Cave during the party's first visit to Alhafra.

Star venus.gif Venus 1 PP
"Shake objects left and right." ((TLA)) Make certain objects not fastened to the ground shake and potentially topple over.
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