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Madra is located in the southest part of Indra.
Landmass Indra
Game(s) The Lost Age
Inn Pricing 4 coins per adept
Services Item Vendor
Weapon Vendor
Armor Vendor

Madra (マドラの町 Madra Town) is a town in the southeast of the continent of Indra. It is the second settlement visited in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Madra is where the party first encounters both Piers and Karst. The mayor of Madra becomes a semi-important NPC in the subplot involving Briggs.


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Although Madra is visited early in the game, it becomes a semi-important location up until the party sets sail on Piers' boat. Being situated between Gondowan and Osenia, it will be visited several times throughout the early portion of the game.

Madra Catacombs

Main article: Madra Catacombs

The Madra Catacombs are an area buried beneath Madra, possibly left behind from Weyard's ancient past. The Catacombs were buried until Madra was attacked by the Champan pirates, who tried digging a tunnel into Madra and uncovered the Catacombs. The Tremor Bit can be obtained here, and after Sheba learns Reveal and you have Piers in your party (who can use Frost) the player can also receive the Moloch Summon.


Madra's Inn is located directly above Madra's entrance and costs 4 coins per Adept

Weapon Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Long Sword.gif Long Sword Long Sword 200 Attack +14
Mace.gif Mace Mace 80 Attack +6
Short Sword.gif Short Sword Light Blade 120 Attack +8
Battle Axe.gif Battle Axe Axe 280 Attack +24
Magic Rod.gif Magic Rod Staff 380 Attack +16, Unleashes Murk
Armor Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Travel Vest.gif Travel Vest Clothing 50 Defense +7
Leather Armlet.gif Leather Armlet Bracelet 180 Defense +7
Leather Cap.gif Leather Cap Hat 20 Defense +3
Circlet.gif Circlet Circlet 120 Defense +6
Padded Gloves.gif Padded Gloves Gloves 10 Defense +2
Leather Boots.gif Leather Boots Boot 270 Defense +6
Wooden Shield.gif Wooden Shield Shield 40 Defense +4
Item Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Antidote.gif Antidote Consumable Item 20 Cures Poison and Venom from one Adept
Herb.gif Herb Consumable Item 10 Restores 50 HP to one Adept



  • Antidote.gif Antidote: Found in a box behind the northeast house above the Sanctum.
  • Coin.gif 15 Coins: Found in a brown box in the mayor's manor.
  • Elixir.gif Elixir: Found in the house behind the item shop.
  • Nurses Cap.gif Nurse's Cap: Found in a chest to the right of the Mayor's house. In order to reach it, players must leave the Inn from the top entrance and hop across the roofs of the shops.
  • Sleep Bomb.gif Sleep Bomb: Found in the Inn, upstairs on the second floor, pot to the left of the stairs.
  • Smoke Bomb.gif Smoke Bomb: Found in the house above and to the right of the Sanctum, in the barrel (upper left).
  • Cyclone Chip.gif Cyclone Chip: The Cyclone Chip is is acquired from the mayor of Madra, who gives it to Felix as a reward for capturing Briggs and helping prove Piers innocent. It bestows the Psynergy Cyclone, which blows away weeds that grow out of the ground and can be used on twisted platforms as a transporter in the Jupiter Lighthouse.
  • Golden Boots.gif Golden Boots: The Golden Boots are only available to players who have met certain requirements in Golden Sun and then transferred their data to The Lost Age. In Golden Sun, the player must speak with the mayor of Vault to learn about the thieves breaking out of jail. In The Lost Age, these same thieves overhear Karst mentioning Isaac, and attack Felix's team because of it. Upon defeat, the thieves hand over the Golden Boots as a sort of peace offering.


  • Mars djinn.gif Char is a Mars Djinni that can be found in Madra. Char is being held as a pet by the old couple living above and to the left of the sanctum. In order to receive Char, the player must bring the old man his favorite meal: the Healing Fungus found on the Gondowan Cliffs.

Background & Story

Madra has little to do with the games' overall storyline. However, it becomes a semi-important location for both the Briggs subplot and Piers' story before he joins the party.

Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.
The seemingly peaceful town of Madra. The two-story building is the Mayor's house.

Pirate Problems

The tidal wave caused by Poseidon's return managed to move the entire continent of Indra, wedging it between Gondowan and Osenia. Since Madra is near the bottom of Indra, it now finds itself right next door to both continents. The tidal wave also caused Briggs' ship to crash near the newly formed Osenia Cliffs, and Briggs was soon arrested and placed in Madra's jail. Briggs' crew and his wife Chaucha remained out of sight as they planned a way to break Briggs out of jail. Finally, the Champan pirates began digging a tunnel into the town, uncovering the Madra Catacombs in the process. At the same time, warriors from Kibombo attacked the town, searching for a jewel to use in Akafubu's ceremony, which would cement his position as witch doctor. It is suggested that the Champan and Kibombo warriors worked together, as several of the pirates' weapons were left behind and appear to be Kibombo in design.

While the Champan pirates snuck in from the east, the Kibombo warriors came from the west, attacking a weak spot in the wall. During the chaos several people were injured, including the item shopkeeper. Briggs managed to escape and fled to Osenia with his crew. The Kibombo, however, failed in their mission. Shortly afterwards Piers' ship was found and, due to the recent events, he was automatically accused of being a member of Briggs' crew. While Piers remained imprisoned, Madra's mayor and the town elder left with a small travelling party to track down Briggs and prove Piers' innocence. It is around this time that Felix and the other party members arrive in Madra. During their short stay, they witness Piers being harassed by the shopkeeper's boyfriend, Shin. Piers finally loses his cool and casts Frost on a puddle Shin was standing on. Kraden immediately recognizes this as Psynergy. Felix and Co. then leave to find Briggs themselves.

Kibombo Complications

After Briggs is captured in Alhafra, most of the Madrans who left returned to set Piers free. Unfortunately, before they could return, the Kibombo warriors returned to finish what they started. During their second attack, the Kibombo managed to steal a gem that the mayor was holding onto for Piers. Without the gem Piers' ship would be unable to move, so Piers set his sights on Kibombo once he was freed. Felix and Co. chase after him once they hear what happened, and manage to help him get his gem back. During this time, Isaac and his party pass through Madra and hear about Piers. When they hear that Piers was able to turn water into ice they automatically realize that he must be an Adept and set out to find him.

After returning to Madra with Piers' gem, Felix's party find that the mayor and elder have returned from Alhafra. They had grown tired of waiting for Alhafra's mayor to follow up on his empty promise to fix the boat Briggs bought with Madra's money. Before Piers left with Felix's team, the mayor of Madra gives them the Cyclone Chip as a reward for helping capture Briggs. Unfortunately, Karst happened to be in the area and realized who Felix was. Sheba made the mistake of telling Karst that Isaac killed her sister Menardi. At this, Karst makes sure that Felix remembers his goal: to light the remaining Elemental Lighthouses. Karst then leaves to seek revenge on Isaac. After this, the infamous "Madra Blushing Scene" occurs. This scene is where Sheba teases Jenna about liking Isaac (It is looked on by Valeshippers as canon evidence for the Isaac/Jenna pairing).

Spoilers end here.Those who did not want the plot ruined for them may now continue reading as normal.

Cultural references

Madra is likely named after Madras, the old, colonial name for the southern Indian city of Chennai. Madra is also the name of an ancient region of the Indian subcontinent, located in modern day Pakistan. This is less likely the origin of the town, however, as Madra is part of northern India and Pakistan, while Madra Town in Indra is in the south. Chennai or Madras is located on the Bay of Bengal, and the origin of the name, Madras, is very much in doubt.


  • If you use a Gameshark to travel to the corner where the Elder/Mayor's House is and look hard, you can see a pair of feet. With memory tools, you can take away a sprite layer to reveal it's the Mayor of Madra, but you cannot talk to him (possibly a event sprite dealing with Piers).
  • In the sanctum, when Madra is revisited on the party's way west into Gondowan in the English localization, the spoken text boxes and mental thoughts respectively assigned to the blue-dressed woman and the old woman give the impression that the old woman's vocal speaking style (in which she uses the phrase "them Kibombo") was mistakenly applied to the thoughts of the blue-dressed woman instead of her own thoughts. The blue-dressed woman, despite her spoken statement using far more normal diction, thinks about how "them Kibombo were mostly nekkid," whereas the old woman's thoughts concerning villager injuries are suddenly a lot less "crotchety" in tone compared to her spoken statement.
    • Also in the sanctum, the blue-dressed woman makes a reference to the Christian faith when Mind Read is used on her during the party's first visit:
[Spoken] "We must pass this test. Now is the time to be strong! Come, join hands, and let us give thanks."
[Mind Read] "If this is a test, please give us a sign. We are your flock... Do with us as you will..."
  • The town's name is misspelled on the fold-out world map packaged with North American copies of Golden Sun: The Lost Age as "Madras". This is likely because of the name origin for the town.
  • If you fill up your inventory prior to receiving the Cyclone Chip, the Mayor of Madra will say that he can't possibly let you leave without giving you his gift and places the Cyclone Chip into the pot outside of his house.
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