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Chaucha.gif Chaucha
Hometown Champa
Age unknown
Relatives Briggs (husband)
Eoleo (son)
Obaba (grandmother-in-law)
Hair color Reddish Brown
Eye color Brown
Japanese name (チャウチャ Chaucha)

Chaucha (チャウチャ Chaucha) is the wife of Briggs, mother of Eoleo, and an NPC that appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. While a kind-hearted woman in her own right, she is supportive of Briggs' activities and decisions even if they involve piracy.


In Alhafra, Chaucha remains on the sailing ship even after Briggs' defeat, as the mayors of Madra and Alhafra agree that she isn't the one responsible for the piracy, and hence isn't locked up. Furthermore, as Briggs paid for the ship, which isn't being used, no-one sees the need to evict her, at least until the ship's repairs are complete. During the time Briggs is kept in Alhafra's prison, Chaucha regularly visits Briggs and cares for their son, Eoleo.

Upon their departure from Alhafra, Chaucha reminds Briggs to convey his departing comments to Felix, something he promptly does.

Upon the completion of repairs, Chaucha assists Briggs in his escape by blindfolding the guard, before following him through the mayor's cave and around into the city, eventually making it back onto the boat, which they commission once again to sail back to Champa, mocking Felix along the way.

Eventually, Felix arrives in Champa, where he confronts Obaba and the Avimander. The Adepts prove victorious and go on to explain to Obaba Briggs' illicit actions. Chaucha arrives to calm down the scene, assuring everyone that Briggs had now found jewels legally and has every intent to repay what was stolen, before ushering him off to bed under the (thinly veiled) guise of sickness.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Chaucha was mentioned by Briggs as the pirate lay dying due to wounds from a monster attack, suggesting she was alive prior to the Grave Eclipse. However, she is never seen or spoken of when the player arrives in Champa Camp, and thus her ultimate fate remains unknown.


  • After the cutscene at Alhafra's jail, Chaucha and Eoleo will have moved onto the ship until the boulder pinning down the mast is removed with the Burst Psynergy. In the short stretch of time between the destruction of this boulder and the cutscene that triggers when you first step off the boat's west end, you can reenter the interior of the ship through the lone cabin door to find that both Chaucha and Eoleo have completely disappeared — even though said cutscene depicts them stepping back out onto the deck through that door to comment on your handiwork. This was likely done to avoid having to create an alternate cutscene in which Felix directly notifies Chaucha inside the ship before heading back into town.
  • This family tree posted on Nintendo of America's official Twitter page erroneously claims that Chaucha is a playable character in the first two games.