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Felix icon.gif Felix
Element Venus
Hometown Vale
Age 18
Relatives Jenna (younger sister)
and his parents
Isaac (brother-in-law as of GSDD)
Matthew (nephew)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Battle style Warrior
Weapons Long Sword
Light Blade
Body armor Clothing
Arm/Hand armor Gloves
Head armor Hat/Crown/Mask
Japanese name ガルシア Garcia
French name Pavel
Spanish name Félix

Felix (ガルシア Garcia) is a Venus Adept who is the main protagonist in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Introduced in Golden Sun as a former childhood friend of Isaac who throws his lot in with the villainous Saturos and Menardi when it is revealed that they had saved his life during a tragic accident years earlier, Felix is seen by Isaac's side as an antagonist — especially when he is shown to be seemingly complicit in allowing his group to take his own sister Jenna and the scholar Kraden hostage in a gambit to lure Isaac into a pursuit across the world.

The Lost Age shifts the central focus of the series' narrative to him and his perspective, however, in which the player controls him and his party as they attempt to bring the potentially dangerous force of Alchemy back to the world before Isaac can stop them. As of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn thirty years later, he is Isaac's brother-in-law and the uncle of Matthew, its respective main protagonist, because of Jenna's marriage to Isaac — though he never appears on-screen on account of having left for parts unknown since quite some time beforehand.

As a playable character

Felix Overworld.gif

Felix is featured in Golden Sun: The Lost Age as one of the four party members used throughout most of the game to take part in battles with spiritual powers called Psynergy. In a mirror to Isaac from the first game, he is the resident Venus Adept of the four Adepts his personal group comprises, which grants him the ability to use various Earth-aligned Psynergy in his default Squire class series. Also just like Isaac, he can be made to use a blend of Venus Psynergy and Psynergy from other elements by Setting different elements of Djinn onto himself to shift his class series accordingly. Among these shared elements, which are also present with the main playable protagonist from Dark Dawn, is his practically exclusive access to both the critical Move Psynergy for solving environmental puzzles and the Retreat Psynergy that lets his group return instantly to the start of a dungeon.

Felix in battle stance

Further mirroring Isaac's role is how Felix's formal designation as the second game's party leader makes him the character the player directly controls as an avatar throughout every segment of the game that is not part of a battle (with the minor exception of the prologue sequence). His party members are always considered to be accompanying him, as evidenced by when they appear in cutscenes, even though Felix is the only member of the party visible in the field at all other points.

Felix casting Psynergy

The aspect of his role that is most conspicuously lifted from Isaac's in the game, however, is how he no longer possesses the speaking role he exhibits in the first game as an NPC. Embodying the "silent protagonist" archetype that signifies how the player "is" Felix throughout the game, Felix expresses nothing more than ellipses or question marks on the rare occasions he is granted a text box with which to express a thought (though an anomalous occurrence of him saying a word out loud later in The Lost Age is evidently a localization oversight). Felix is depicted speaking once again during the game's epilogue, where the player is no longer to be thought of as controlling him directly.

Classes and statistics

In terms of the rates of growth for each of his statistic when compared to the other seven Adepts in The Lost Age, Felix has the highest Attack rating and the second-highest HP rating, but he is laden with an average Agility stat, middling Defense, and the second-lowest PP rating of the eight Adepts. Felix's minimal two points of Luck tie him with Garet as the Adept with the lowest default Luck rating.

Felix is exceedingly similar to his fellow Venus Adept from the first game, Isaac, in that he has access to the same array of available class series. Most notably, both are the only two Adepts in the game who can equip the Sol Blade, the particular Long Sword widely seen as the second game's "ultimate weapon." Felix is only differentiated through slight differences in his statistical growth rates; he has more HP and a little more Attack and Defense, but he has a slightly lower amount of PP, one less Luck point, and most significantly, less Agility by a noticeable margin.

The following are the class series that Felix can access based on how many of what elements of Djinn he keeps Set onto himself (with series listed as "Partial" being series Felix cannot advance to the highest class stages of):

Appearance and Personality

Felix is a young man whose long, brown hair is perpetually depicted as tied in a ponytail, and he is shown to wear an outfit adhering to a green and light-brown color scheme. In a vague parallel to Isaac's recognizable yellow scarf, Felix is particularly recognizable for his habit of wearing a green cape draped over his right shoulder instead of behind his back.

Felix is willing to shoulder intense social burdens when external factors render the well-being of his loved ones dependent on him taking part in a plot that amounts to a betrayal of his home village's customs; this plan amounts to a decisive upsetting of a status quo that has significant ramifications for the world and its peoples, though he is not aware at first how important for the world the completion of this plan will turn out to be. Though his submission to the will of Saturos and Menardi is motivated in part by the debt he can rightfully be described as owing to the powerful Mars Adepts for saving his life, Felix's dedication to his seemingly disruptive goals do not falter even when Saturos is no longer part of the picture, even though Felix simultaneously cannot avoid feeling some shame over operating as a rogue to his village.

A close-up of Felix's second full-body promotional artwork.

Felix is outwardly described as "terribly rash" and as someone whose "good qualities outweigh his bad." He settles into an antagonistic stance toward Isaac's side — despite Isaac and Garet having once been his childhood friends — when they emerge as the sworn enemies of the goal Saturos has compelled Felix to pursue. Even when Saturos is permanently removed from Felix's world by Isaac, Felix is disinterested in explaining to Isaac the reasoning behind his efforts despite the current circumstances seemingly amounting to an opportune moment to potentially shift Isaac's perspective about him, choosing instead to taunt Isaac that the latter can just wait and see what happens when Felix has completed his goal. Nevertheless, the kindness at the core of Felix's being and his willingness to help others not opposed to him are not lost on various other people Felix comes across during his own quest to accrue the power to fight Isaac on equal terms.

The most striking quality of Felix's demeanor is his outstanding protective streak regarding other people who get caught up in the schemes he has otherwise resigned himself to comply with. From the start, the control his superiors assert over him does not stop him from harshly rebuking them when they decide that his own younger sister is to be forced against her will to accompany them — though he does also carry the pragmatic sense to reason with Jenna that she must do what they say for the time being. He outwardly discards this caution and fully embraces a rebellious stance against Saturos and Menardi when they take a second innocent, Sheba, as a captive of their company; despite her not being related to him by blood, Felix shows a willingness to put his very life on the line to assert her right to safety and freedom, despite how obviously the circumstances show that he does not personally have the power needed to enforce his ideal. The selflessness he exhibits in his devotion to keeping uninvolved parties out of his quest reaches an openly suicidal scale when it appears that the captive Sheba dies as an outcome of his objectives.

For as much as Felix and Isaac remain ideologically at odds throughout their respective journeys, Felix clearly hopes to avoid conflict with Isaac whenever possible, in part for Jenna's sake, and wants Isaac to ultimately stay alive until his objective is complete. He is resistant to the proposed intentions of Saturos and Menardi's vengeful fellow warriors, Karst and Agatio, who intend to seek out Isaac to exact revenge, but he ultimately lets them be and resorts to keeping the faith that Isaac's power will see him outlast those who have marked him for death. Felix takes back his tacit allowance of Karst's vengeance, however, when she is on the verge of killing Isaac; when she subsequently announces that she intends for Felix to die for his betrayal of their agreement, Felix is unusually gratified when Karst clarifies immediately afterward that his loved ones will be allowed their promised freedom once the quest Felix has pursued this entire time has been subsequently fulfilled by her. This may possibly indicate that Felix is open to considering himself expendable as an asset in the collective effort to see his loved ones free and the world safeguarded from its own doom.


Felix was born and raised in the village of Vale, located in western Angara at the base of the dormant volcano Mt. Aleph. Throughout the fifteen years comprising his childhood and early teenhood, he and his younger sister Jenna lived with their parents and childhood friends Isaac and Garet. Presumably, he had also come to know the elderly scholar Kraden. With Vale being a village of people who concealed from the rest of the world the secret that they have long been capable of harnessing the powers of Psynergy as Adepts because of their proximity to Mt. Aleph, Felix had inherited his father's Psynergy powers as a Venus Adept in particular. Felix was enthusiastically viewed by his fellow villagers to be a good person worthy of trust.

Felix was brought up in an environment rooted in customs that held that their powers were a gift of Mt. Aleph itself and the hallowed Sol Sanctum located within; the village's elders proselytized that the village bore a sacred charge to prevent the violation of the sanctum and its perceived secrets pertaining to the long-dormant force of Alchemy, the source of all Psynergy.

In Golden Sun

Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

Victim of a Supernatural Disaster

Felix and both of his parents were among a gravely ill-fated few in Vale who became victims of a terrible disaster that took place when he was fifteen. When a nighttime thunderstorm spontaneously emerged exclusively around Mt. Aleph and buffeted Vale, Felix fell into the rushing river next to his family's home, and it was all he could do to cling onto a wooden stake embedded in the river to keep himself from being swept away and sent over the edge of a nearby waterfall. Neither his parents nor Isaac's father, Kyle, had either the sufficient lengths of rope or the Psynergy reserves necessary to save Felix from the water. The three adults tensely waited on the pier of Felix's house as Jenna, Isaac, and Garet rushed down to the village's lower plaza to fetch an adult who had the Psynergy to bring him to safety.

Felix, fifteen at the time of the Mt. Aleph Boulder disaster at his home village, could only hang on for his life near his house in the stormy conditions leading up to the tragedy.

But then, the Mt. Aleph Boulder, which was dislodged from its longtime resting place along Mt. Aleph's exterior by the storm, descended and crashed through Vale without any discrimination regarding who or what might have been unfortunate enough to be in its path. Everyone else watched in aggrieved horror as the giant mass of rock plowed straight through the house and its pier and drove Felix, his parents, and Kyle underneath the raging river's surface; none among those who witnessed this scene were able to catch sight of their bodies' descent past the waterfall.

Miraculously, none of the four had been killed, but none of Vale's residents were present at the river below on the village's outskirts to receive them. As their unconscious bodies floated down the river, however, two imposing strangers in the area, the foreign warriors Saturos and Menardi, caught sight of them. The two exceedingly powerful Mars Adepts were, in truth, the ones who had unintentionally triggered the storm when they made an attempt to raid Sol Sanctum for its secrets that night but set off a trap that forced them away and nearly killed them. Though the precise motivations behind them doing so are never clarified, the duo prevented the deaths of the four indirect victims of their failed raid and took them along as they made the journey back north to their own hometown, the snowy village of Prox.

A Home Away From Home

Felix, his parents, and Kyle were forced to adapt to life in Prox, a village perpetually locked within the harsh conditions of Weyard's Northern Reaches. The reasoning behind its ruling elders' decision to send its strongest warriors to raid Sol Sanctum was one born out of desperation for the village's people. Prox, as it currently stands, lies close to the northern edge of the world — which is gradually crumbling along its edge into the gaping abyss beneath the flat planet. Given enough time, Prox will inevitably fall to its doom.

Through virtue of either being rather informed about the world's lost age of civilization or making fortuitously accurate assumptions about the world's physical health, Prox and its leadership had made the connection that the seal on Alchemy that had remained in place since ancient times was responsible for the steadily encroaching abyss. Prox's governing body, comprising the chieftain Puelle and another elder, had originally sent envoys to Vale to tell their elders that Weyard itself was dying and sought to convince them to investigate the potential role Mt. Aleph's Sol Sanctum could offer in staving off this phenomenon. But the staunch traditionalists comprising Vale's leadership stubbornly refused to listen or consider disturbing Sol Sanctum on their request and had them driven out by force. Prox learned from that altercation, however, more about the nature of Sol Sanctum's concealed secrets.

Felix as depicted on the back cover of the 4-Koma Gag Battle manga anthology.

Sol Sanctum was secretly the resting place of a quartet of purified elemental essences named the Elemental Stars, and Prox understood that casting each one of the gem-like objects into the well at the top of its corresponding Elemental Lighthouse — the Lighthouses being four ancient towers located across Weyard — would ultimately break the seal and restore Alchemy to the world. Saturos and Menardi were dispatched by Prox to covertly breach this secret and take the Stars, but with their first failure in hindsight, they spent the next three years preparing for another attempt at raiding Sol Sanctum.

Puelle had originally intended for Felix and the three adults to be returned to Vale safely, but Saturos insisted that the adults be forced to stay in Prox for the sake of Prox's "safety." Saturos decided that Felix, despite his lack of apparent combat talent, was to be compelled to accompany the Mars Adepts on their planned second raid upon Sol Sanctum and subsequent quest across the world for the Lighthouses. The Mars Adepts had at some point conducted research on how to ultimately climb each of the four sealed towers; during this time, they discovered that a given Lighthouse can only be entered by a group that includes at least one Adept of the matching element. Felix was presumably seen as a valuable asset to the Mars Adepts for ensuring that their group would be able to gain entry into Venus Lighthouse in particular. While Saturos and Menardi never divulged any of this context to Felix, his parents remaining all but hostages of Prox was used as leverage to secure Felix's cooperation in the quest nonetheless.

Despite living in Prox for three years alongside driven personalities such as Karst and Agatio, Felix was hardly proficient in either swordsmanship or Psynergy by the time he departed Prox with Saturos at the age of eighteen, which led to several among its people not thinking much of him despite being sympathetic to his and his parents' circumstances. Setting out with his superiors (and perhaps captors) to sail south from Prox on Menardi's Psynergy-powered Lemurian Ship, Felix likely knew that Saturos' quest would save the world in the long term, but his most immediate motivation for seeing the quest through to its end was to win his parents' freedom.

By this point, Saturos, Menardi, and Felix's band was in possession of two other assets. The first, which they had acquired during their research venture, was knowledge that an antique rod associated with the Shaman culture resident to the continent of Hesperia was somehow required for the successful activation of Jupiter Lighthouse on the separate continent of Atteka. The second was the willing cooperation of a fourth member of their band, a powerful Mercury Adept named Alex, who was highly interested in seeing the bound power of Alchemy be released back to the world despite his ancient bloodline dictating that he guard Mercury Lighthouse from intrusion and prevent its activation.

Betraying his Hometown

Felix accompanies his three peers as Menardi sails between the world's continents and eventually moors her ship at Idejima, a peninsula near Venus Lighthouse on the continent of Gondowan that borders Angara from the south. By this point, the four evidently have settled on the following plan for the Lighthouses: After retrieving the Elemental Stars from Mt. Aleph, they would first light the relatively close Mercury Lighthouse, then make the trip back south through Angara and Gondowan to Venus Lighthouse. Following its activation, the travelers would return to the ship hopefully bearing the ancient Rod of Hesperia necessary to enable the activation of Jupiter Lighthouse in the western sea, and following that, they would finally sail back north to light Mars Lighthouse north of Prox. With the Black Orb used to control the Lemurian Ship safely on Saturos' person, the four Adepts are apparently able to navigate the untamed terrain between the two continents to step into Angara while bypassing certain man-made roadblocks that would be a more direct problem on their return trip.

Felix conceals his identity from the people of what was once his home village, bidden by Saturos to betray it on his behalf.

Prior to their arrival at Vale, Felix makes Saturos and Alex promise him that none of Vale's people, least of all his sister Jenna, will get caught up in the potential fallout of their upcoming raid of Sol Sanctum. With Alex preferring to be left to his own devices, the other three check into Vale's inn without bothering to observe Vale's time-honored custom of introducing themselves to the village mayor; Felix wears a mask to conceal his identity from Vale's people, who obviously believe that he has been dead for three years. Felix idles at the inn as Saturos and Menardi head off to engage Kraden, Vale's resident scholar of Alchemy, for further insight into Sol Sanctum's mysteries. During this time, Felix is briefly thrust into an exceedingly uncomfortable interaction when Isaac himsef, now seventeen, happens upon him at the inn; though Isaac does not recognize Felix under the mask, Felix is hardly able to conceal his flustered reaction and aggressively sends Isaac away for wasting his time.

Eventually, Felix leaves the inn — in enough of a hurry that he accidentally leaves his wallet behind — as Saturos and Menardi bring him along to proceed with their planned raid. Saturos had discovered that Kraden was just about to investigate Sol Sanctum without permission from Vale's elders on this very day, and that he is bringing Jenna, Isaac, and Garet with him as his students. Perceiving Kraden's knowledge of Alchemy to make him a highly valuable potential asset for the foreseeable future, Saturos has his group covertly follow Kraden's group into Sol Sanctum to let Kraden and the three young residents of Vale discover the way to the Elemental Stars on their own. To their luck, Kraden's side is able to bypass the trap that Saturos originally ran afoul of, and Kraden and Jenna proceed to let Isaac and Garet gather the Elemental Stars for curiosity's sake.

By the time Isaac and Garet collect three of the Stars, Saturos and Menardi step into the Elemental Star Chamber and take both Jenna and Kraden hostage to force the other two boys to hand the Stars over. Felix, still in his mask, steps in to reassure his unwitting sister and Kraden that he had made Saturos agree not to hurt them; Felix is briefly unnerved when Saturos responds that that depends on how well they cooperate but submits to Saturos' will regardless. When Kraden demands an assurance that these terms will be honored, Saturos agrees with Menardi's on-the-spot proposal to have Felix remove his mask. Felix severely flinches when his name is identified in front of Jenna, but since the promise that Felix would never allow his menacing peers to harm his sister or any others from his old hometown is what is on the line, Felix hesitantly takes his mask off.

Felix, under the yoke of Saturos and Menardi, must reveal himself to Jenna to compel Isaac and Garet to hand them the Elemental Stars from Sol Sanctum.

Jenna visibly trembles in disbelief to see her older brother not only alive but actively taking part in a betrayal against Vale as well. Felix somberly confesses to having caused Jenna much grief over having left her uninformed over the past three years that he had survived the disaster at Vale. Jenna's emotions take over as she exclaims that she thought he was dead, but no answer is sufficient for her question as to why he left her alone for so long. Felix's reveal nonetheless has the intended effect of driving Isaac and Garet into submission, so when Alex makes his belated appearance in the chamber and asks Garet to hand the three Stars, Garet willingly does so and moves with Isaac to fetch the Mars Star for Saturos.

As soon as Isaac takes the Mars Star from its resting place, however, the entire chamber trembles as Mt. Aleph suddenly begins to erupt. Everyone watches in a mixture of amazement and alarm as the Wise One, the all-powerful eye-shaped entity the customary tales of Vale's healers have long described to be the guardian of the Elemental Stars, makes his appearance. Felix is the first to suggest that everyone escape while they can, and Alex and Saturos quickly agree with him despite the severe risk that the Mars Star is about to be lost forever. But since it is possible that Isaac and Garet, who now hold the Mars Star, will survive on their own, Alex proposes that Saturos' side forces not only Kraden but also Jenna to accompany them on their travels, since Isaac would assuredly bring the Star with him if he wants her back.

Felix takes sharp umbrage against Alex for his readiness to break their promise to keep Jenna out of this and combatively proclaims his intent not to let anyone hurt her, but he is forced to stand down when Menardi points out that Jenna will surely die if they leave her behind in the collapsing chamber at this point. Nevertheless, Felix maintains his aggressively protective demeanor as everyone flees Mt. Aleph, snapping at Menardi when she brazenly pushes Jenna toward the exit — despite him knowing full well that he owes the Mars Adepts his life and that the Mars Adepts expect his loyalty for it. Felix and Saturos' quest to activate the four Lighthouse Beacons across Weyard begins on this troubled note.

Pursued by Isaac

With Felix and his three fellow conspirators now forcing two greatly distressed captives to accompany them, Saturos' band of travelers heads hastily toward Mercury Lighthouse to the north. Mt. Aleph's eruption has thrown much of the world's ecosystem out of balance by showering Psynergy Stones across it, but the wild monsters now aggressively roaming the lands are not an issue for Saturos as the party enters the snow-capped northern region of Angara wherein Mercury Lighthouse lies. The group avoids passing through the nearby village of Imil — incidentally Alex's hometown — and has Alex use his Mercury-aligned Psynergy to open the Lighthouse's entrance. The party then proceeds up through the Lighthouse's levels and hallways until they reach the aerie, and the Mercury Star is uneventfully cast into the aerie's gaping well, permanently establishing the spherical Mercury Beacon.

Felix calls out to Isaac's party when they arrive intent on taking back both Jenna and the Elemental Stars.

Before Felix, Menardi, and the two hostages can leave by taking an open-air elevator down to the foot of the tower, a second party of four young Adepts unexpectedly reach the aerie, who turn out to be led by none other than Isaac and Garet. Having successfully survived the erupting Sol Sanctum and their encounter with the Wise One, Isaac and Garet confirm that they have come to take back not only Jenna and Kraden but the Elemental Stars as well. Felix displays a visibly troubled reaction in front of Jenna when Menardi indicates that he is now expected to help her put Isaac and Garet to death, but he submissively nods and begins to step forth. Saturos steps up to continue the confrontation on their behalf, however, ordering Menardi and Felix to leave for the next lighthouse with the valuable hostages while he deals with Isaac's party on his own.

When Jenna exhibits reluctant defiance against Menardi's foreboding invitation to accompany her back down to the ground, Menardi pressures Felix into convincing Jenna that obeying her would remain in the interest of Jenna's physical well-being; Felix calmly pleads with Jenna to do as Menardi says for the time being. Apparently certain that Isaac and Garet's pursuit of his side will now result in their deaths at Saturos' hands, Felix bleakly remarks that the two should not have come after them. Felix, Menardi, Jenna, and Kraden flee from Mercury Lighthouse as instructed, and at a later point they are rejoined by Alex and Saturos — but they report the surprising development that Isaac and the group of Adepts he assembled have already become such competent fighters that they barely managed to bring Saturos to his knees. Alex had to help Saturos away, but he had also confirmed that Isaac does indeed have the Mars Star and will continue to pursue them for Jenna.

Since a critical bridge leading directly back down south has been destroyed by detritus expelled from Mt. Aleph's eruption, Saturos' group proceeds to take a major detour clockwise across Angara, doing whatever they can to obstruct Isaac's pursuit (such as causing a landslide at Alpine Crossing). No apparent explanation is given as to why Saturos' group does not opt to engage Isaac's party along the course toward Venus Lighthouse and forcibly relieve the Mars Star from them while permanently removing them as an obstacle for the remainder of their quest. Likewise, history does not record Felix's interactions with the rest of the group until their quest brings them to Venus Lighthouse — but it can be presumed that at some point or another, Felix divulges to Jenna the secret that their parents are alive and waiting in Prox but will only be granted freedom should the quest to break Alchemy's seal be completed successfully.

From the perspective of Isaac's party of pursuers, their opponents elicit the fairly narrow viewpoint that Felix is complicit with their enemies' penchant for cowardice. During a meeting with an oracle who briefly divines for them the current movements of Saturos and his company, however, Isaac and his companions are shared the unexpected perspective that Felix, in having to participate in Saturos' goals, bears a burden akin to "a terrible fate."

Fallout at Venus Lighthouse

Though Felix and Saturos' company takes the ferry service across the Karagol Sea to arrive at the prominent Tolbi region of Gondowan ahead of Isaac's group, they apparently stay idle within the region for some time. Since Tolbi's societal and military presence stretches across much of upper Gondowan and restricts travel to the area around Venus Lighthouse to those without the proper papers, the company decides not to cross the bridge at Gondowan Passage until the conclusion of Tolbi's annual tournament of warriors. They begin moving once Tolbi sends an escort to bring a young girl named Sheba, who Tolbi's monarch Babi had been holding captive to coerce her hometown Lalivero into building Babi Lighthouse for him, back to her home.

Shortly after Sheba's escort makes an ill-fated attempt to transport her through the dangerous Suhalla Desert on the road toward Venus Lighthouse, Saturos' party crosses through the desert and discovers her wandering the desert alone — and Saturos takes her as yet another captive. This once again puts Felix at odds with Saturos, who reasons that Sheba is needed as leverage to ensure that their company can get into Venus Lighthouse (while secretly recognizing that she is a Jupiter Adept with the power to read minds). Felix thus makes Saturos promise that Sheba will be released once they do so, as Felix considers her unrelated to their quest, and he apparently promises Sheba personally that he will hold Saturos to his word if necessary.

Isaac arrives with the intention of preventing Saturos and Felix's band from activating the Venus Beacon just as Felix falls out with Saturos over Sheba's involvement.

The Mars Adepts resort to violent force to bring their company past the guards stationed at Suhalla Gate, and once they reach the doorway at the base of Venus Lighthouse near the coast, Felix is the one who gains everyone entry on account of him being the group's resident Venus Adept. When they solve a riddle that remotely opens the true entrance into Venus Lighthouse from behind, which is connected to the ancient ruins upon which Babi Lighthouse is being built, the party backtracks through the Lighthouse's "front exit" and travels north through Lalivero to enter the ruins; Saturos and Menardi retain Sheba as their hostage to force Lalivero's townsfolk to stand down and let them pass. As the group enters the tower through its true basement-level entrance and climbs toward its aerie, Felix's frustrations with the Mars Adepts' methods peak when Menardi orders Felix to lead Jenna and Kraden back to her ship at Idejima nearby — while Sheba is to stay with the Mars Adepts for a reason they do not disclose. Not satisfied with the duo's assurance to him that they will protect her from potential danger, Felix soon leaves his role to Alex and heads back up to the aerie.

Felix gives his superiors an unwelcome surprise when he catches up to the Mars Adepts just before they cast the Venus Star into the Lighthouse's well, and he cites his prior promise to Sheba and demands an answer as to why they have not yet released her. Felix is unsurprised when Saturos confirms that Sheba's nature as a Jupiter Adept makes her too valuable to discard, and Felix pieces together what the duo had long since known — that what the first two Lighthouses had demonstrated about entry into each of the four towers requiring an Adept of the matching elemental affinity is why Sheba must stay with them for Jupiter Lighthouse. Though Felix seems willing to grant them this, he expresses outstanding concern that the likely chaos that Venus' activation will unleash would put Sheba in needless danger, and he announces with a demanding tone that he will take Sheba to the safety of the ship.

Unfortunately, this bout of perceived defiance prompts Saturos and Menardi to label him no longer worthy of their trust and refuse his demands, and Felix's protective streak boils over as he displays his will to fight the two in the name of securing Sheba's release from their sphere of control. Though he does not personally care that he has no chance of outlasting them, he flinches upon their observation that he ultimately has no capacity to keep Sheba truly safe because of that. Citing that they had never let him fight and gain combat experience throughout their journey precisely because of his rebellious attitude, the Mars Adepts are about to exact a decisive punishment... but at that moment, Isaac and Garet's party makes it to the aerie in time to potentially prevent the emergence of the Venus Beacon. Felix immediately retorts against this development by aggressively telling Isaac that he does not need to be rescued, and he proclaims that he will follow up his dealings with the duo by lighting Venus Lighthouse to spite Isaac's efforts.

Isaac's own revealed interest in Sheba's safety prompts Saturos to come up with a cunning plan on the spot to shift the situation in his favor. Upon having Sheba affirm telepathically that the Shaman's Rod currently in the possession of Isaac's own companion, Ivan, is indeed the long-sought Rod of Hesperia, Saturos seemingly negotiates a deal with Isaac wherein Sheba will not be harmed if the rod is handed over. Saturos tricks Isaac into interpreting this as a vow to set Sheba free, possibly letting Isaac think Saturos considers the rod to be more irreplaceably important to his objectives than a Jupiter Adept for the time being. Saturos tells Felix to receive the rod and keep it safe so as to continue proving himself ultimately loyal to the Mars Adepts; Felix is visibly resentful toward the implication, but he soon agrees out of practicality and wordlessly walks over to Isaac to take it. When Saturos then clarifies that he had never actually technically said that Sheba would be free to go, Felix seems to share some of Isaac's surprise — though he seems more dejected than outraged.

Felix and Sheba then step aside to safety as Saturos and Menardi subsequently attempt to end Isaac and Garet's party for good. Incredibly, Isaac's four-strong party manages to render the Mars Adepts prone on the ground instead. Despite Isaac and his companions believing themselves to have signified to Felix that he is no longer under the Mars Adepts' mercy, however, Felix takes Isaac's side by utter surprise by insisting that the four beacons must be lit regardless and by refusing to give up Sheba, and he brushes off their conclusion that he is cementing his position in their eyes as their willing enemy. But then, Saturos regains command of everyone's attention by tossing the Venus Star into the well in plain view of everyone, and the establishment of the Venus Beacon ensues in earnest. Saturos and Menardi then surprise Isaac's party further by revealing that the energy permeating Venus Lighthouse will empower them and allow them to fight Isaac's side again.

When Sheba falls off Venus Lighthouse to her apparent death, Felix jumps after her in a fit of complete irrationality and emotion.

Felix is briefly dumbfounded when the Mars Adepts then order Felix to take Sheba to the safety of the ship like he had originally wanted; they reason that they may not have the strength to keep Sheba secure after finishing their final engagement with Isaac. However, Felix now exclaims that he cannot leave the two to fight Isaac by themselves and potentially lose to their opponents again — but the Mars Adepts, perceiving this offer to be coming from Felix being emotionally on the fence regarding his childhood friends' impending deaths, suggest to him that he may be too incapable of bearing that sight to resist trying to save Isaac in the end. This indirect appeal to Felix's dedication to his and the Mars Adepts' ultimate mission successfully prompts Felix to loudly affirm that he will take Sheba for them as they wish, which greatly surprises Isaac's side.

Felix leads Sheba toward the open-air elevator near the edge of the Lighthouse's aerie as Saturos and Menardi merge their bodies and transform into a massive two-headed dragon, which brings down its terrifying power upon Isaac's party in a motion to annihilate them. In an outcome that defies belief, Isaac and his seasoned party of warriors manage to defeat even this final stand mounted by the Mars Adepts, who revert back to their defeated forms and perish as they fall into the Lighthouse's gaping well. Felix, intimidated by these developments given how intimately he has known of the duo's power, announces to the victors that he must now leave with Sheba because Isaac is clearly far beyond his league. He still antagonistically portrays his mission to light the remaining beacons as a necessity; however, Felix merely tells Isaac's group to "just wait and see" when they ask him what will happen if he does not succeed.

Before Isaac's party can move to take Sheba from Felix by force, Venus Lighthouse suddenly generates a violent earthquake as it finishes establishing the Venus Beacon — and Sheba loses her footing and finds herself insecurely hanging onto the edge of the tower's open-air pinnacle. Felix desperately reaches out for her, but she ultimately cannot maintain her grip and plummets off the tower — but not before gently thanking Felix and bidding him farewell. His capacity for rational thought completely overtaken by emotion, Felix thinks nothing of jumping clean off the tower after her in a perceived bid not to let her die; to Isaac's astonished party of onlookers, it would appear that Felix has committed suicide.

In what may well be a supernaturally instigated coincidence connected to Sheba's powers, both Felix and Sheba survive because the earthquake breaks off the tract of land at the base of the tower so that a wave from the sea is able to safely catch them both. Felix sees that Idejima has been torn away from the mainland by the earthquake and is starting to float out to sea, so he expends every ounce of his energy to bring himself and the unconscious Sheba onto the buoyant islet. Jenna, Kraden, and Alex, who had been waiting at Idejima, are astounded to discover the unconscious Adepts shortly afterward.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age

As the events of Golden Sun: The Lost Age are portrayed as though the player has personally assumed Felix's perspective, he is depicted as having no lines of spoken dialogue until the game's epilogue.

In Search of a Ship

Felix becomes the main playable character in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Felix regains consciousness by the time Sheba has finished reporting to Jenna, Kraden, and Alex the astonishing occurrences that had transpired on Venus Lighthouse. Everyone acknowledges the unfortunate reality that Menardi's ship cannot be used as a means to leave the island because the Black Orb that could have controlled it was in Saturos' possession and is now lost forever. For a short period of time, Felix and everyone else resign themselves to waiting on Idejima to see where in the Great Eastern Sea the islet will take them... but just as it passes north of the unfamiliar continent of Indra, Idejima and Indra alike are beset by a massive tidal wave originating from the center of the sea, washing over everyone and rendering them unconscious.

Fortunately, everyone wakes up uninjured and discovers that Idejima was pushed by the wave against Indra, allowing them to step back onto solid land. For Felix, Jenna, and Kraden, that they must accomplish Saturos and Menardi's original objectives and light the Jupiter and Mars Beacons is not up for debate. Jenna is fully on board with Felix because she understands that the lives of her and Felix's parents depend on it. Kraden, meanwhile, believes he must accompany the young Adepts on their travels across the world to continue searching for what his master Babi originally sent him to find when he moved to Vale: the means to extend Babi's life beyond its normal years. Kraden had originally entered Sol Sanctum in hopes of discovering Alchemy's purported secret to eternal life, but Babi's dwindling stockpile of life-extending draught from Lemuria means he does not have much time left now.

Jenna and Kraden are reluctant to put Sheba through the dangerous rigors of their upcoming trip up until they learn from Felix that Sheba is a Jupiter Adept, which obviously makes her an important asset in terms of what their quest requires of them. That aside, Sheba is surprisingly insistent that she travel the world with them, though she conceals her reasoning — that she hopes to discover her true parentage — behind the arbitrary logic that it is her "destiny" to do so. With her and the Rod of Hesperia both at hand, Felix and his assembled party of willing travelers set their sights on acquiring a sea vessel they can use to cross back into the Great Western Sea and eventually activate Jupiter Lighthouse.

On the first occasion Felix's party happens upon Alex, he makes it transparently clear that he prefers to travel and work alone, and he plans to find a sailing vessel on his own terms. As Felix travels south through Indra, it becomes apparent that the tidal wave has done more than damage various coastal villages lining the Great Eastern Sea; the entire continent of Indra itself has been shifted southwest so that it is now pressing against lower Gondowan to the west and Osenia to the east, allowing land-based travel between the chain of continents. In a sharp parallel to Isaac and his companions' growth as warrior Adepts, Felix and his companions quickly gain combat experience and sharpen their aptitudes in Psynergy as they brave the monster-infested wilds on their own. Furthermore, Felix, Jenna, and Sheba gain dramatically enhanced abilities as they discover and collect elemental Djinn scattered across the world.

The search for a functioning sea vessel brings Felix's group down to the village of Madra, where they make a most intriguing discovery: A Mercury Adept of mysterious origins named Piers was recently found unconscious on a Lemurian Ship that happened to make landfall nearby, but he is currently being detained in Madra's holding cells. The Madran people assert without proof that Piers is affiliated with the notorious Champan pirates who had attacked the village earlier and fled east into Osenia, but the local elder and mayor followed the pirates east in an effort to find evidence attesting to Piers' innocence. Until the two figureheads return, their family is dead set on safeguarding Piers' own Black Orb, which would allow Felix to make use of the Lemurian Ship.

Felix and his party spy on the Kibombo tribal leader Akafubu's ceremony in hopes that they can retrieve Piers' Black Orb.

Felix elects to travel east to Osenia to secure the vow of the pirates' notorious leader, Briggs, that Piers is not one of his men. His party arrives at the wealthy seaport Alhafra, which has recently introduced a fully wind-driven sailing ship; with the assistance of Madra's elder and mayor, Felix is able to beat Briggs' vow out of him and have him incarcerated at Alhafra for the time being. The sailing ship had been rendered unusable by the effects of the tidal wave, however, and Felix finds he is not capable of the scale of Psynergy necessary to free its broken mast from a heavy rock formation pinning it down. Before Felix returns west to Madra, he and his group opt to explore Osenia and scale the immense and ancient Air's Rock plateau to tap into its source of Psynergy power; Felix and his companions view developing their abilities as Adepts to be a priority for their quest's eventual completion, perhaps motivated in part by the level of power that has now been demonstrated by the rival party of Adepts actively seeking to stop them.

Felix's company returns to Madra to find that Piers headed into the heart of lower Gondowan after he was set free because warriors from the tribal Kibombo culture raided the town and made off with Piers' Black Orb while Felix was absent. Felix follows Piers' trail until he and his company discover Piers staking out within Kibombo's home settlement. Felix's party introduces itself to Piers, who reveals that he is a native of Lemuria itself and needs to retrieve his Orb so that he can commandeer his ship and return to his secluded homeland. When Kraden offers to help him so that they can go to Lemuria together, Piers has a mind to disallow this at first because Kraden would do so on behalf of Babi, who had once stolen one of Lemuria's ships and a large stockpile of its draught. Kraden insists that he simply wants to see Alchemy's free influence at Lemuria for his own sake, and Felix's side proceeds to make a better impression on Piers by helping him take his Orb back from the Kibombo without presenting themselves as expecting passage to Lemuria in exchange.

By the time Felix and his company escort Piers back to Madra, Piers pleasantly surprises everyone by deciding that he will indeed take them to Lemuria with him out of a desire to reward the kindness they have shown. Before they can make tracks for Piers' beached ship, however, Felix's side has an unnerving chance encounter with Karst, who had recently departed Prox on a single-minded crusade to search for her sister Menardi and confirm her well-being. Felix and his companions are unable to keep it a secret for long that Isaac is responsible for her sister's death, and they make a somewhat inelegant effort to try to vocally protect Isaac from her darkening perception of him. Karst restrains her vengeful rage long enough to pressure Felix into agreeing to continue his effort to carve a path into the Western Sea while leaving her to search for and hunt down Isaac with a partner of her own, and Felix humors her to avoid a dangerous altercation. After Karst storms off, some among Felix's group briefly discuss seeking Isaac to warn him about her, but Isaac's sworn dedication to stopping Felix's quest by force if necessary renders that a non-option. The group must proceed with the faith that Isaac has proven his ability to defend himself from such foes already.

The Great Eastern Sea

Felix is allowed by Piers to direct the latter's Lemurian Ship after Piers is impressed by Felix's willing altruism.

After helping Piers install his Black Orb back into his Lemurian Ship, Felix is allowed by Piers to take its tiller and direct the travels of his newly complete party of Adepts across the Great Eastern Sea for the foreseeable future. Their ultimate objective, that of bringing the Shaman's Rod into the Great Western Sea and eventually lighting the Jupiter Beacon, is seen to be a long ways off; the shifting of Indra in between Gondowan and Osenia has effectively plugged the only available oceanic route between continents, and it would take command of significantly more powerful Psynergy than what Felix's party has access to at the moment to remove the giant rock formations obstructing the one viable route between seas. This adds to the motivation Felix's party has in developing their Psynergy powers, which is what ultimately drives the party to see fit to spend a very lengthy period of time sailing the Eastern Sea in search of unfamiliar islands and ancient locales to explore.

The activity that currently bears the most appeal to Felix's side is discovering and entering the mythical island society of Lemuria within the fog-shrouded Sea of Time in the center of the Eastern Sea as per Piers and Kraden's separate wishes. On their first attempt to sail into the ring of rocks and crags surrounding the area, however, it is found that navigating the whirlpool-filled natural maze posed by this ring is extremely difficult without specific knowledge that would end up being provided at a particular Osenian village. Scattered pieces of hearsay and telepathically gleaned thoughts that Felix's party can pick up as early as his first visit to Madra paint a picture that the tidal wave, which clearly had originated from the Sea of Time, all but heralded the reemergence of a legendary beast of the deep feared in some cultures as Poseidon — which the party clearly would have to deal with before reaching Lemuria proper. Felix hears that this sea god can only be defeated by a particular ancient trident, so the search for this trident becomes another self-imposed objective Felix's group adopts as part of their deliberate efforts to use their free exploration of the world as a training regimen.

Felix as seen on the cover of a Nintendo Power issue.

Though Felix effectively shares the same ocean with Isaac's pursuing company of Adepts, who are actively scouring the seas looking for him, Felix is fortunate enough never to happen across him by chance. However, he soon discovers firsthand that there are other parties who do not intend for Felix to see himself as having even so much as the option to view his quest as a more leisurely excursion. When Felix first enters Champa's home settlement, Alex approaches him and reveals himself to have affiliated with Karst and her partner, Agatio. Alex rather gloatingly announces that he had originally considered Felix and his company to be incapable of successfully seeing the quest for the Lighthouses through to its end. Because of the building sense of resourcefulness Felix has displayed recently, however, Alex has decided instead to let Karst and Agatio threaten Felix with the promise that they will always be nearby to pressure Felix into finding his way to Jupiter Lighthouse as soon as possible.

Before Alex leaves, he decides to additionally relay the news to Kraden that Babi has passed away, perhaps thinking it valuable to allow Kraden to consider himself no longer bound to stay with Felix's group and search for Alchemy's secrets on Babi's behalf. Though shaken, Kraden stresses his intent to continue with Felix and reveals to the others that he has spent his travels thus far formulating a theory about the true relevance of Alchemy to the world itself — and that Felix is the only one he has been secretly discussing it with. Though Felix and Kraden are not open to divulging it to the others on account of the scale of its implications, Piers reveals he has a guess as to what it is and proclaims that it can be validated once they reach Lemuria.

Felix's voluntary expedition across the entirety of Weyard's eastern half sees to his party successfully scaling and tapping into the power of two other ancient mountains much like Air's Rock, Aqua Rock and Gaia Rock. Felix's exploration of Gaia Rock in particular is separately motivated by the distress of the locals from the nearby village of Izumo, who are terrorized by a monster inhabiting the mountain referred to as the Great Serpent. Felix helps the hero Susa slay the Serpent to rescue his beloved Kushinada, and Felix's heroism makes a lasting impression on Izumo's society. Gaia Rock also imbues Felix with a one-of-a-kind Psynergy talent that lets him transform his own body into self-animating sand.

Felix's journey in The Lost Age leads his party across the entirety of Weyard's oceans to gain the power to eventually light the remaining Lighthouses in the face of Isaac's pursuit.

Felix's continuously successful travels across eastern Weyard also see to him discovering and assembling what turns out to be a set of three ancient prongs that were originally part of one trident. Obviously interested in having them reforged as a coherent weapon, Felix is in a position to discover that the elderly figurehead at Champa, Obaba, is the master of an ancient forge that is said to fix any broken thing. However, she is too distraught to perform any work until Briggs, who is revealed to be her grandson, is home safely. It is unclear whether this plays any part in Felix's hunch to return to Alhafra to help fix the sailing ship, but he resolves to do so once his party becomes proficient enough at Psynergy that they can remove the rock formation pinning down the ship's mast. Once the sailing ship is repaired, however, Briggs enacts a plan to bust out of imprisonment and steal the ship to hightail it back to Champa. Though Felix pursues him, it is not his intention to have Briggs brought back to justice on Alhafra's behalf — though he does have to engage in another scuffle with Briggs in Obaba's domain before various misunderstandings can be sorted out.

Following this, Felix presents Obaba the three prongs, and she recognizes them to be parts of the authentic Trident of Ankohl; it turns out that all of her training in the ancient ways of her forge was specifically so that she could eventually restore the Trident to its original splendor. Now armed with a weapon said to give its wielder a peerless advantage over any sea monster, Felix and his company are finally in a position to enter the Sea of Time and make a prepared attempt to to reach Lemuria. The Adepts draw on all of their knowledge to navigate the natural maze of whirlpools, and they are soon attacked by Poseidon as anticipated; the Trident affords them the fighting chance needed to ultimately slay the monster after a fierce battle. Felix and his party soon reach the island city of Lemuria at last.

In Lemuria, Felix and Kraden behold a reclusive society ruled by one King Hydros, who is revealed to have originally sent Piers out of the Sea of Time to chart the continents across the Eastern Sea. In a meeting with the king, Piers confirms an electrifying reality about Weyard that is indeed what Felix and Kraden had previously discussed and speculated between themselves: The seal placed on Alchemy has done much more than gradually eat away at the world's edges over the ages. Alchemy's absence is the sole defining reason why modern-day civilization is a mere shadow of what it once was during the lost age of man — but even worse, all of the world's continents are slowly shrinking. By all accounts, Weyard will continue to wane until it collapses and vanishes forever... unless the remaining two Lighthouse Beacons are lit so that the power of Alchemy, dangerous for the world's peoples as it may be, can revitalize Weyard's internal life force. Armed with the knowledge that the quest he had pursued primarily for personal reasons is more significant than ever, Felix and Piers depart Lemuria bearing the powerful Psynergy necessary to clear through the oceanic route between continents.

Jupiter Lighthouse

Now able to sail throughout the Great Western Sea, Felix does not prematurely sail to Atteka to attempt Jupiter Lighthouse because the Rod of Hesperia allegedly needed to do so successfully is named after Hesperia, the continent north of that. Sailing there first, Felix finds that the people of Shaman Village would exchange it for the Hover Jade, an object that bestows its bearer a unique hovering Psynergy that is a vague approximation of the Psynergy-driven power of flight possessed by the ancient society of Adepts that once inhabited Atteka. Before being seen as worthy to claim the Jade, however, Felix and his party must defeat Shaman Village's chieftain, Moapa, in a ceremonial contest centered around the obstacle course at Trial Road. The hovering Psynergy is soon found out to be what is ultimately needed for Felix's party to solve Jupiter Lighthouse's ancient riddles and open the well at its aerie, which they do after landing on Atteka and entering the tower.

Felix forces Karst to stand down from her desire to kill Isaac and takes the Mars Star from Isaac to fulfill her other terms.

While Felix's party of Adepts climbs through the tower to reach the open well, they are surprised to discover that Isaac and his own party have entered Jupiter Lighthouse in hopes of stopping them — but Felix is able to watch from a distance as Isaac's party gets divided by a trap set by Karst and Agatio, who are also in the Lighthouse. The Mars Adepts declare their intent to fight Isaac and put him down for good out of revenge for the deaths of Saturos and Menardi at Isaac's hands; as Isaac begins desperately fighting for his life, Felix rushes through the tower to stop the battle. Along the way, Alex approaches Felix to openly acknowledge that Felix obviously would be too distraught by Isaac and Garet's deaths to see the lighting of the Jupiter Beacon through, so Alex heals Felix's party and encourages Felix to go and save his friends.

Karst and Agatio have rendered Isaac lying prone on the ground by the time Felix defiantly steps forth to announce that he and his party have no intention of letting the Mars Adepts put Isaac's side to death. Karst is none too pleased by Felix's willingness to betray his and her prior agreement to let her do with Isaac as she would. Nonetheless, as they are outnumbered by Felix's side, Karst and Agatio submit to Felix's will but force him to take the Mars Star from Isaac's possession as part of their new terms. Isaac, responding to Felix's willingness to save his life, tells Felix to take the Star and presents himself as willing to trust the latter's judgement. After Felix receives it, he proceeds to follow the Mars Adepts to the aerie of Jupiter Lighthouse and accepts Piers' proposal to be brought along because of Karst and Agatio's untrustworthiness. There, the Jupiter Star is cast into Jupiter Lighthouse, and the Jupiter Beacon is permanently established.

Felix and Piers are startled when Karst and Agatio, citing their newly formed distrust of him, suddenly reveal that the fact Mars Lighthouse is at Prox is why they consider Felix not to be needed anymore — and steal the Mars Star from Felix's grasp. Felix is dismayed when the Mars Adepts proclaim that their capacity to light Mars Lighthouse on their own is why they can decide that it is now time for Felix to die for them, though Felix momentarily takes solace in their insistence that Prox will assuredly release his parents once the last Lighthouse is lit. Felix begins a desperate fight for his life with Piers, and Jenna and Sheba subsequently join him when they arrive to check up on him.

It is not specified which of two possible outcomes — Felix's side winning or losing — is considered canon, but Alex prevents one side from being able to kill the other in either scenario so that the Mars Adepts can be allowed to leave for the last Lighthouse with the Mars Star. If Felix and his companions lie wounded on the ground at the end of the clash, Alex prevents the Mars Adepts from meting out death to Felix's side by telling them that there is no time for petty grudges, for they need to flee Jupiter Lighthouse before Isaac's rejuvenated party arrives in mere moments. Isaac has Felix and Jenna's group healed with Psynergy once he discovers them. If it is Karst and Agatio who are left lying on the ground, on the other hand, Felix briefly considers whether he would take them up on their invitation to finish them off and disregard their taunting warning that Prox might retaliate by executing his parents in that case. Whatever Felix's inclination, however, Alex steps in to appeal to Felix's sense of caution by impressing upon him that the latter's quest to free his parents could well turn out for naught if Karst is not bluffing. Alex heals the Mars Adepts just enough to help them escape Jupiter Lighthouse.

Felix diplomatically engages Isaac's opposing party to convey how Isaac's cause would have spelled disaster for the world.

Felix and Isaac's drained parties briefly engage in a tense interaction over the many troubling occurrences that have led up to this point, but members of both sides diplomatically propose collecting themselves back at the nearby settlement of Contigo before formally engaging each other about Felix's motivations to light the Elemental Lighthouses. Felix agrees to meet Isaac there, and Isaac is later glad to see Felix uphold his promise when Felix's party follows Isaac's group into a particular house in the village.

In the revealing interaction to follow, it is impressed upon Isaac that Felix had been avoiding Isaac in part because he had not been able to face Isaac over betraying Vale and getting Jenna and Kraden caught up in his aims on top of that. Furthermore, it was in part because Jenna did not want the two boys to fight. Isaac, Garet, and their allies are then staggered when Felix proceeds to reveal that his and Jenna's parents, as well as Isaac's father, are alive in Prox and will only be released when the final Lighthouse is lit — and also that Weyard itself will end if Alchemy is not released to the world in time. This last point is accentuated by the revelation of an oracle in the neighborhood that the world will freeze quite soon if the fire-aligned Mars Lighthouse is not lit soon enough — but that Karst and Agatio will be decisively stopped in their efforts to do so by a "powerful force that does not want to see Mars rekindled."

His perspective on his own quest now shifted by a tremendous new sense of clarity, Isaac quickly defines his party's purpose as helping Felix on the remainder of his own quest, and so the two parties of Adepts merge into an allied coalition of eight travelers. Isaac and his companions permanently join Felix on the latter's ship as they sail north into the Northern Reaches, though a massive ice wall barring their passage toward Prox first necessitates the expanded company exploring Magma Rock to tap into its fire-aligned Psynergy power and gain the physical means to shatter the ice.

Mars Lighthouse

Felix and his newly expanded party arrive at Prox, which is on the brink because of both Weyard's global chilling and the encroaching edge of Gaia Falls from the north. Puelle, the Elder of Prox, and the townspeople recognize Felix and take note that he has clearly become much stronger as a warrior in the time he has been away. Though Agatio had previously told his countrymen that Saturos and Menardi were killed by Isaac, that Felix now counts Isaac as an ally plays a part in Prox's acceptance of Isaac as one whose pursuit of the late Mars Adepts was justified by the danger wrought upon his town and loved ones by their disruptive methods.

Felix returns to Prox much stronger than they last remembered him, now allied with Isaac.

Since Karst and Agatio had traveled to Mars Lighthouse but clearly have been stopped cold in their effort to use the Mars Star to light it, Prox places its trust in Felix that he will continue and conclude the mission. The determined outlook shared among Felix's allies that they will activate the fourth and final Lighthouse to safeguard Weyard's future is tempered, however, when they find that Felix's parents and Isaac's father are not present in the village; despite Puelle having previously ordered the release of their "hostages" upon Felix's return to Prox, the adults headed toward Mars Lighthouse on their own for mysterious reasons.

During their expedition through Mars Lighthouse, Felix and Isaac's combined party dispatches what comes across at first to be a pair of dragons that are indistinct from all the other wild monsters roaming the structure's hallways — but the dragons' defeated forms suddenly transform back into those of Karst and Agatio, who are now nearing death. The Mars Adepts weakly recall that, prior to their transformation and resulting loss of rational thought, an eye-like entity peered into their souls and unilaterally decided that they lacked the will to go further. When they recognize Felix's presence, they exhibit a striking reversal of their prior antagonism against him by pleading with him to take the Mars Star and see their mission through to the end. It is unknown whether they are aware of Isaac's presence as they do this, but Felix takes their cue and rushes to the aerie of Mars Lighthouse with Isaac, and the Mars Adepts are content to be left behind struggling to stay alive long enough to perceive the beacon's light.

Upon reaching the tower's aerie, Felix and Isaac share their party's surprise when they hear a disembodied voice "welcoming" them as betrayers, and Felix's rush to cast the Mars Star into the well is prevented by a sudden gust of directed wind. Everyone is soon stunned to discover that the Wise One is what stands between them and their objective; the Wise One, being the entity who had originally tasked Isaac and Garet to recover the Elemental Stars and stop Felix and Saturos' quest for the Lighthouses, demands an explanation as to why they have reneged on this and are now trying to break Alchemy's seal. The entire group proceeds to explain what they discovered about Weyard's impending collapse and call for the Wise One not to protect the seal any longer in light of this knowledge.

However, the Wise One provides the counterargument that mankind may well bring about Weyard's destruction themselves through Alchemy's destructive power. To illustrate why the Adepts cannot hope to fully ensure that the people of Weyard will not use Alchemy with base intentions, the Wise One informs them of a staggering revelation that seems to demonstate how desire for power and control is intrinsic to human nature. It turns out that Alex has essentially used every person involved in the quest for his own personal gain, for he is currently at the peak of Mt. Aleph awaiting the return of Alchemy so that his powers will increase exponentially as an outcome of an explosive release of energy that will take place there; the Wise One introduces this effect that will herald Alchemy's return as "the Golden Sun."

Felix and his company are left reeling when it is discovered that the Wise One tricked them into fighting and destroying his own parents.

While this makes several among the Adepts temporarily apprehensive about doing exactly what Alex wants, Felix is more readily willing to agree with Isaac that this is incidental compared to the consequences Prox and the world will face if the Mars Star is not cast into the well. However, the Wise One once again drives back Felix when he tries to walk to the well — despite what the godlike being had just explained about how he is bound to a directive not to interfere in mankind's actions — because an apparent loophole in this code allows him to summon forth what could, in a certain point of view, count as a "miracle" that would prevent them from lighting the Mars Beacon. Per the Wise One's will, a colossal three-headed dragon flies onto the aerie to attack the Adepts, and Felix joins everyone in accepting this challenge and fighting the beast in the name of the world's future — too late to pay heed to Kraden's sudden calls for the Adepts not to kill it.

At the battle's end, the entire party is horrified and aggrieved when the dragon transforms into the dying bodies of three adults — who turn out to be Isaac's father and Felix and Jenna's parents. Felix's perspective and emotions are somewhat inscrutable as several Adepts proclaim the Wise One a monster for the wretched deception he committed and the emotional harm inflicted upon Jenna as a result, but Felix and the other Adepts are eventually able to agree with Isaac that their parents would understand their decision to place Weyard's well-being over the Wise One's will. Felix proceeds to cast the Mars Star into the Lighthouse's well to herald the salvation of Weyard with the somber conclusion of his party's quest.

After the Mars Beacon is established, the party is informed by an outside source that the four Lighthouses are about to act in tandem to facilitate the Golden Sun event and will become quite dangerous. Felix is briefly forced to make an on-the-spot decision whether to take their parents' bodies with them in their rush out of Mars Lighthouse, but the question is quicky rendered moot when the Mars Beacon suddenly bathes the entire aerie — and all of the Adepts still on it — in raw elemental power as it shoots a beam toward Mt. Aleph. In a miraculous development, this wave of Psynergy imbues each of the Adepts' bodies with power — including those of their parents on account of being Adepts themselves, decisively staving off their impending deaths. Felix and Isaac's company transports the adults back to Prox, whose people help nurse the adults back to health.

Felix and Jenna celebrate the survival of Vale's people as their parents and companions look on.

Some time later, Puelle and the Elder of Prox personally thank Felix, Isaac, and Kraden for saving their home village, decisively halting the creeping doom that had faced the world, and bringing about a new era for the world and its peoples. Prox gratefully sees Felix and his companions off on their return voyage to Vale, with several among the populace opining that Felix has now become mightier than the strongest warriors the village itself has ever produced. Felix and Isaac share their concerns with Kraden about Vale's safety and question why the Wise One made them fight their own parents almost to the death — especially considering that the parents' revival by the energy expulsed by the Mars Beacon was something the Wise One would have known in advance would happen. All Kraden can do is to guess that the Wise One's true intent from the start was to test Felix and Isaac's strength of will and confirm that they are capable of placing the greater good of Weyard over their personal concerns.

When Felix and Isaac finally complete the journey back to Vale with their companions and parents, they are devastated to discover that Vale and Mt. Aleph are gone, having been wiped clean off the map by the destruction brought about by the Golden Sun's brief emergence. With Isaac and his father believing his mother dead, and Garet believing that his entire family is now gone forever, Felix and Jenna are at a loss as to how to comfort them because Felix's own parents are safe. It is all Felix can do to sympathize with Isaac and Garet by explaining that he had once felt exactly the same way, and he suggests that everyone collect themselves at the nearby village of Vault. But then, all of Vale's people reveal themselves not to have perished; just as the Wise One had telepathically warned people based near the Elemental Lighthouses to stay away from them when they became dangerous, he had also instructed all of Vale's residents to evacuate the village. The atmosphere gives way to jubilation as Isaac and Garet reunite with their families, and Felix and Jenna's rather physical means of mutually engaging in celebration accentuates the mood for many onlookers.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Felix is never seen on-screen during the events that would transpire thirty years after the Golden Sun event and is barely mentioned in conversations. As one of the eight "Warriors of Vale," he would gain the same widespread notoriety as the other seven warriors who enacted the Golden Sun, which would proceed to result in years of destructive natural disasters and a newfound era of strife between nations. Virtually nothing is known of Felix's activities beyond him having left the region encompassing Vale at some point within the thirty years prior to Dark Dawn, and he has not been seen since. The children of the other Warriors of Vale, among them his nephew Matthew, seem to casually refer to Felix in no deeper terms than him having been one of the two who led the Warriors' exploits back in the day. Some have a passing awareness of some of his feats and interactions; in particular, Karis recalls that the pirate Briggs once fought against him.

A series of books named the Sun Saga, which apparently have found their way onto bookshelves at least across Angara, provides a popularized retrospective on the journey the Warriors of Vale originally embarked on. They recount events purely as Isaac would have viewed them at the time, and as such, Felix is presented in an antagonistic light as "the wayard son of Vale" for most of the series. Up until the point in the recounting that describes the reunion between Felix and Isaac, the work uses a rather smearing choice of terms to all but portray Felix's role in his side's efforts as a ringleader equivalent to Alex — grouping them together as "the two fiends who had the same mad ambition." Felix and Sheba are also described as "the scoundrel and his captive"; Saturos and Menardi are not even referred to by name.


  • Though Felix is depicted as never speaking in The Lost Age because of the series' tradition that the player "is" the main character for the game and is assuming his role, much like with Isaac in the previous game, there are a select few points where Felix's facial portrait is displayed on-screen while he "says" something unintelligible. For example, he "says" several ellipses when the others try to pry Piers' age out of him, and he "says" several question marks when it is about to be realized that a tidal wave is coming. It is only during the post-credits epilogue scene when Felix regains his speaking role.
    • The English localization makes an error regarding this otherwise consistent pattern at one point, however, when Moapa is explaining the rules of the Trial Road competition; while Felix merely projects a single question mark in the Japanese version, the localization has him spontaneously vocalizing "Why?" out of nowhere.
  • Felix is the only character in the GBA Golden Sun games to have three separate portraits used for conversations, all of which are present in both game carts. Besides his default portrait and the portrait in which he wears a mask, however, a portrait showing him as his somewhat younger self can only be seen in the games' Debug Rooms. This is broadly thought to have been originally intended for use in his role in the first game's prologue, but it never appears on-screen because the younger Felix is never programmed to say anything.
    • FourthFelix.png
      Hidden in The Lost Age's internal list of facial portraits, however, is an unused portrait that appears to be a bizarre corruption of the masked Felix portrait, with odd coloring and red strings of pixels strewn about. It is placed in between the regular masked Felix portrait and another copy of Felix's default portrait, but it is impossible to determine the original intent behind its existence because it does not exist in the first game, ruling out that it is a scrapped draft of the masked Felix portrait.
  • Unlike every other character that is playable between the two games in the Golden Sun GBA series, each of whom has exactly one full-body character illustration prior to Dark Dawn, Felix is the only one to have been provided two, which are used as promotional materials for each of the first two games in the series, respectively. The two are quite similar, with the first giving Felix somewhat of a more devious expression to correspond with his seemingly non-heroic role in the first game. The second version, which features a different sword that is now drawn, features a practically identical wardrobe, although his boots have undergone a slight redesign (though strangely, this redesign is not reflected in the promotional artwork of Felix's party spying on Akafubu's ritual).
    • Unusually, despite both games' versions of the Felix illustration clearly depicting a green cape and Felix's overworld sprite in the first game corresponding with that fact, Felix's overworld and battle sprites in the second game show the cape to be blue. This inconsistency is accentuated by the CG of Felix and Jenna celebrating during the post-credits scene, where the cape is a greenish color once again.
  • Felix appears to be left-handed, since he is shown holding his sword in his left hand in his second full-body illustration, in his party's appearance on the cover art for The Lost Age, and in the promotional art of his party that appeared on the cover of Nintendo Power.
  • Felix is one of several Golden Sun characters whose official pieces of promotional artwork (the first of the aforementioned two, in Felix's particular case) are featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as collectible "Spirits," of which Felix is among the vast majority that requires a player intent on collecting his Spirit to win an accompanying match scenario. What can be considered "his" battle theme from The Lost Age has been featured as a remixed musical track in the Smash series since Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii.
  • The product listing for Golden Sun: The Lost Age on the UK version of Amazon.com makes a fairly spectacular blunder in describing Felix as Isaac's "long-lost brother". Coincidentally and somewhat ironically, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn would technically confirm Felix as Isaac's brother-in-law through his sister Jenna's marriage to Isaac.
  • As of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Felix and Jenna are the only two playable characters to be siblings.
  • While waiting for Alhafra's sailing ship to be fixed, Felix's party has to put up with the self-serving interest in them shown by Alhafra's notoriously unsavory mayor. The scene fades to monochrome as the party is shown apparently engaging in an unpleasant discussion with the mayor, but no dialogue boxes are shown. When the mayor seems to verbally make an untoward advance toward Jenna and/or Sheba, Felix is shown jumping in a spontaneous bout of outrage.
  • Certain NPCs in the GBA games will turn to face the player-character wherever the player walks after being spoken to just once. During the epilogue in Prox, the female warrior at the village's northern end who does this mentally admits to finding Felix attractive on account of his demonstrated abilities as a warrior. This cannot normally be accessed without a hacking device because the Mind Read Psynergy will be inaccessible at this point.

Name origins and meanings

  • English: Felix. Felix is Latin for "happy" and "lucky," which fit Felix's story in both direct and utterly ironic lights. Alongside great hardships brought on by horrifically unlucky circumstances that would give him little to be happy about, multiple instances of extreme luck (such as surviving both a massive falling boulder and a deliberate jump off a tower) precede him having ample reason to share in the jubilation of his many companions at the end of The Lost Age. In an another ironic detail, Felix has a decidedly low default Luck stat for a playable character who is not a Mars Adept.
  • Japanese: Garcia.
  • French: Pavel.


In Golden Sun
  • In Vale:
Felix: (Is masked, and visibly distressed at the sight of Isaac) "Hey... Boy... Do you have business with me?" (If Isaac says no) "Then I suggest you stop wasting my time." (Or if Isaac says yes) "That's too bad, because I have no business with you. Be off!"
  • In Sol Sanctum's Elemental Star Chamber:
Felix: "I know I've caused you much grief, Jenna. It was a miracle that I survived that day..."
Saturos: "We are the ones who saved him."
Menardi: "We saw him floating unconscious in the river as we passed."
Felix: "I've been with them ever since... I've experienced a lot."
Jenna: "But why? Why did you leave me all alone..."
Felix: "Jenna..."
Jenna: "My own brother... I thought you were dead!"
Felix: "Alex... Are you breaking our promise?"
Alex: "Conditions have changed since we made that promise."
Felix: "Jenna's not any part of this. I won't let you hurt her!"
Felix: "Hey, don't push my sister!"
Menardi: "Who do you think you're talking to? You owe us your life!"
  • At Mercury Lighthouse's aerie:
Menardi: "Felix, I'd get your sister to obey me, if you hope to keep her from harm."
Felix: "Jenna, please... Just do as she says for now."
Felix: "Isaac and Garet shouldn't have come after us..."
  • At Venus Lighthouse's aerie:
Felix: "Come with me, Sheba! I shall protect you!"
Saturos: "Are you ready to do this, even though it means fighting us?"
Menardi: "...I believe he is! He would not have defied us if he lacked the will to fight."
Felix: "If it means protecting Sheba from harm, then I must."
Felix: "I don't need you or anyone to rescue me, Isaac! I was just about to settle things with Saturos and Menardi... You can watch! And then we'll show you the true power of this beacon's light! But... Sheba has nothing to do with this! So set Sheba free!"
Saturos: "Silence! You'd best tread lightly, Felix, or both you and Sheba will suffer!"
Felix: "I cannot give up Sheba..."
Garet: "What!? But we just saved you!"
Felix: "I never asked you to help us..."
Mia: "Felix, you're not one of them. You're free to go now... So why are you doing this?"
Felix: "The four beacons must still be lit..."
Ivan: "You're going to light the beacons!? That's ridiculous!"
Felix: "I felt you'd say that. But I'm going to do it anyway!"
Garet: "So, wait... If he means to light the beacons, then he's our enemy, right?"
Felix: (If Isaac says yes) "Do what you will, Isaac, but if you try to stop me, I'll fight you." (or if Isaac says no) "Friend or enemy, you won't stop me from taking Sheba with me!"
Menardi: "What are you waiting for? Go! Now!"
Felix: "No. I cannot leave you to fight them alone."
Saturos: "Are you saying you don't want to lose to Isaac?"
Menardi: "I wonder if that's true..."
Felix: "What was that?"
Menardi: "Wouldn't you be just a little sad to see your childhood friend perish?"
Felix: "What are you saying?"
Menardi: "I'm saying you're here to protect this brat from your past."
Felix: "Do you really think that I would help them?"
Menardi: "Let's just say that I wouldn't put it past you."
Felix: "And you, Saturos? Do you agree?"
Saturos: "I wouldn't say that... But it would be best not to raise our suspicion."
Felix: "Now, who's telling whom what's best! Fine! I'll take Sheba for you! Come on, Sheba!"
Felix and Sheba's fall off Venus Lighthouse, as depicted in the Sun Saga in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.
Felix: (After Isaac slays Saturos and Menardi) "Did you finish them? No one knew their power better than I did. If you destroyed them... Then I am no match for you now, Isaac... I must go... Come, Sheba!"
Mia: "Wait, Felix!"
Ivan: "Why do you run from us?"
Garet: "They fell into the lighthouse. It's all over!"
Felix: "Poor fools... If you think it's over, you are sadly mistaken!"
Mia: "If you plan to light the other beacons, you will still need..."
Felix: "The Elemental Stars? We have them!"
Ivan: "They're gone, Felix! You don't have to light the beacons anymore..."
Felix: "Yes, I do. If I don't light the beacons..."
Garet: "What will happen?"
Felix: "It's no use talking about it... Just wait and see!"
Sheba: "Good-bye, Felix, and thank you." (Sheba falls off the tower to an apparent death.)
Felix: "SHEBA!!! No! I won't let you die!" (Felix jumps clean off the tower after her.)
Isaac: "!!!"
Garet: "Sheba fell after that last tremor..."
Ivan: "Felix didn't dive into the sea after her, did he?"
Mia: "I can't believe he did that from so high up!"
Garet: "You idiot, Felix! I can't believe he said he'd light the other beacons."
Ivan: "We would have had to fight him if this hadn't happened..."
Mia: "But he sacrificed himself to save Sheba. He's not like Saturos."
In Golden Sun: The Lost Age
  • In Golden Sun: The Lost Age's epilogue:
Felix: (referring to the destruction of Vale and the apparent loss of the others' families) "Isaac... Garet... I understand what you're feeling. I've felt it, too. But standing here won't bring them back. Let's go back to Vault. We can rest there and think..."
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn's encyclopedia entry for Felix:
Another one of Vale's Earth Adepts led a second party that joined up with Isaac's group in the days before the Golden Sun.
Felix's sister, Jenna, and the scholar Kraden were others from Vale in his party. He left his homeland—and has not been seen since.

In fan circles

Felix is one of the most popular characters in the Golden Sun fandom because he was introduced with particularly prominent personality traits. He amounts to an atypical take on a "villain" for Isaac, the perceived "hero" for the first game, and certain scenes that show him willing to openly imperil his own standing — and even life — for his ideals regarding the welfare of others left an impression on many players, considering the series' fairly oft-noted deficiency in clear-cut characterization.

Though it would come as a disappointment to some that Felix's playable role in the follow-up game has him adopting the oft-maligned tradition of the silent protagonist, it is sometimes suggested that his feats following a background filled with hardships should see to him being regarded as closer to the true "hero" of the GBA duology than Isaac. In turn, some think it would make about as much sense for Felix to be awarded a position of prominence equal to — or in place of — Isaac as his series' foremost representative in the Nintendo crossover property Super Smash Bros..

Felix's exceedingly protective nature and opposition to Isaac's party for most of the games he directly appears in plays heavily into his treatment in the fan fiction community. Authors write heavily on the "protective older brother" relationship he has with his sister Jenna, and much has been penned about several romantic "shipping" relationships available to him — most notably with Sheba, who Felix is willing to put his life on the line to protect from the very start. This is referred to as "Lighthouseshipping" because he goes so far as to jump off a towering lighthouse to follow her after she falls off it toward what seems like an obvious death.

Another ship called "Duskshipping" concerns a relationship with Karst despite her being shown in-game to be perfectly content to put Felix to death for a perceived betrayal; the two would have had three years of exposure to each other prior to the events of the first game, and fans pick up on the point in which Karst later acknowledges while nearing her death that Felix's hands are warm.

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