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Isaac icon.gifIsaac
Element Venus
Hometown Vale
Age 17 (GS, GSTLA), 47 (GSDD)
Relatives Kyle (father)
Dora (mother)
Jenna (wife as of GSDD)
Matthew (son)
Felix (brother-in-law as of GSDD)
Jenna's parents (parents-in-law)
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Battle style Warrior
Weapons Long Sword
Light Blade
Body armor Clothing
Arm/Hand armor Gloves
Head armor Hat/Crown/Mask
Japanese name ロビン Robin
French name Vlad
Spanish name Hans

Isaac (ロビン Robin) is a Venus Adept who is one of the main protagonists in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. As the leader of a group of friends consisting of Garet, Ivan, and Mia throughout both entries of the series' GBA duology, Isaac is the main character in the first game and one of the most significant characters in the overall Golden Sun series. The player directly controls Isaac throughout all of Golden Sun, and late in The Lost Age, Isaac's group joins the ranks of a second group led by his temporary antagonist Felix to form that game's final party. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Isaac is a significant NPC who sends his son Matthew on a very different kind of quest across a much-changed world. Isaac is often seen as the most central representative of his series and the closest to being its main character overall; this is reflected in his prominence in Golden Sun-related material that makes cameo appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Isaac starts the series as a young resident of the village of Vale who makes the difficult decision to embark on a quest across the world of Weyard to safeguard it from a presumed doomsday that would be brought about by the release of the ancient and sealed power of Alchemy. Though he is tasked by the godlike entity known as the Wise One to use his powers as an Adept to negate the efforts of a band of intruders led by Saturos and involving Felix to prevent the activation of the Elemental Lighthouses that will herald Alchemy's return, Isaac's perspective eventually changes upon learning of the necessary significance of Alchemy to the world itself.

Within the thirty years that elapse after he brings about Alchemy's revival with the other seven heroes known in retrospect as the Warriors of Vale, he becomes a controversial figure who is both praised and blamed for bringing about a power that is as destructive to the world's populace as it is necessary. After becoming the husband of fellow Vale resident Jenna and fathering their son Matthew, Isaac eventually sends Matthew and several of the Warriors' other children on a quest intended to hone their skills as Adepts looking out for the world's welfare while continuing his own investigation into a dangerous natural phenomenon that has since come about as a side-effect of Alchemy's return.

As a playable character[edit]


Isaac is featured in Golden Sun as one of the four party members used throughout the game to conduct all of the game's battles with spiritual powers called Psynergy. He is the resident Venus Adept of the four Adepts, thus granting him the ability to use a variety of Earth-aligned Psynergy in his default Squire class series; alternatively, he can be customized to use a blend of Venus Psynergy and Psynergy of other elements by changing his class series accordingly via Setting different elements of Djinn onto himself.

More specifically, Isaac is formally the leader of the party in the first game, which results in him being the character that the player directly controls as an avatar throughout the entire game's out-of-battle segments and overworld. His party members are considered to be perpetually accompanying him even though he is the only one visible in the game's setting, and the rest only appear either in battles or in cutscenes. As per series tradition, while Isaac can initiate conversations with all manner of other NPCs, he is never depicted as speaking with anyone in the first game because he is restricted to the parameters of the "silent protagonist" archetype. As later games show, however, this seemingly mute depiction does not accurately reflect his speaking habits.

Isaac in battle.

Isaac, like the other Venus Adepts who lead their own parties in their respective games -- Felix in The Lost Age and Matthew in Dark Dawn -- always has access to the near-exclusive Retreat Psynergy, which gives players the highly important quality-of-life function of transporting the party back to the entrance of a given dungeon-like area. He also innately knows the Move Psynergy like the aforementioned party leaders and certain other characters, which is a very commonly used tool for solving environmental puzzles.

Isaac starts the first game as a younger form of himself in a stormy prologue sequence in Vale as an extremely weak and unnamed class without any access to any Psynergy. When the story shifts to the present day, he debuts as his stronger version with access to the Squire class series (a series exclusive to himself and Felix that indicates that they are "warrior-style Adepts" of the Venus element); he starts at Level 1 like Garet and Jenna, who are also present in his party, and his initial equipment includes a Short Sword, a Cotton Shirt, and Padded Gloves. As the first game progresses, Isaac usually establishes himself as a superior combatant over the more defensively inclined warrior-style Mars Adept Garet.

Isaac casting.

Roughly three quarters of Golden Sun: The Lost Age takes place with the player controlling an entirely separate party led by Felix, and Isaac and his own party are unavailable until a point late in the game that is internally referred to as the "Reunion." Once this transpires, Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia are added as party members who can be switched into and out of the overall party's four active combatant slots both outside battle and during it. By default, Isaac and his other three party members will all join at Level 28, each with five out of seven of the original game's 28 Djinn. Isaac will personally be equipped with generic starting equipment that includes a Great Sword, a Knight's Shield, a Knight's Helm, and a Steel Armor, and he will also be carrying all of the original game's unavoidable Utility Psynergy items -- Catch Beads, Douse Drop, Frost Jewel, Lifting Gem, and Carry Stone.

However, a special Password function exclusive to The Lost Age can be used to dictate the overall power and development of Isaac and his party by the time they join Felix's. Through using either a Game Link Cable and two separate Game Boy Advance systems or a generated text password that has to be manually entered, Isaac and his party can be made to join Felix's party with the exact levels, EXP, inventory, wealth, and Djinn collection as they had at the end of the player's playthrough of the first game. This is the only way to make sure that Isaac and his friends come with a complete collection of Djinn and the rather important Orb of Force Utility Psynergy item (as well as the no-longer-useful Cloak Ball and Halt Gem).

Classes and Statistics[edit]

Before the statistical modifications of character classes are taken into account, Isaac would have the second highest Attack rating of the eight party members used throughout the GBA games. His Agility is also moderately high, and his HP is above average. The only other character to have an innate Luck rating of 3 is Piers. However, his PP is below average. Isaac is extremely similar to Felix both in terms of default class series and statistical inclinations; he naturally features significantly more Agility, slightly more PP, and an extra point of Luck, but Felix offers a higher HP rating and slightly more Attack and Defense. Either Venus Adept can be made into the most destructive in Golden Sun: The Lost Age by far because both are capable of equipping the weapon that offers the most powerful Unleash effect in the game, the Sol Blade.

Isaac, just like Felix, has access to the following class series based on how many of what elements of Djinn he keeps Set onto himself (with series listed as "Partial" being series Isaac cannot advance to the highest class stages of):

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn[edit]

The adult version of Isaac is featured early in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn as a computer-controlled "guest" character that temporarily joins the party of Matthew and Karis with the adult version Garet during the Tanglewood segment of the game's opening chapter. He will remain as an uncontrolled fixture in the party up through the Tangle Bloom boss encounter in the Abandoned Mine; his stats will not be viewable, but his in-battle model confirms that he is equipped with a Great Sword. During this "tutorial" segment of the game, Isaac and Garet are effectively indestructible and can annihilate monsters in one attack. Isaac is given to Unleashing the Venus Djinni Flint for massive damage if the player has already unleashed two of their own Venus Djinn, which allows the player to quickly summon Cybele (or possibly Judgment). Isaac will also immediately unleash the Venus Djinni Salt if any member of the party is afflicted with any status condition, and he will similarly unleash the Venus Djinni Quartz to attempt to partially revive Matthew or Karis if either of them are Downed.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Isaac and his son, Matthew, has the appearance of a typical (messy) blonde-hair, blue-eyed character. As a warrior, he wears warrior clothing. His chosen coloured outfit is blue and yellow. Matthew also has blue warrior-type clothing. His trademark piece of clothing is his yellow scarf which he also passes down to his son when Matthew goes on adventures. In Dark Dawn, he has aged slightly and has gained a beard. He also wears a blue trench-coat.

In the Golden Sun series, Isaac is seen as the hero of the story even if he did not know Felix's true objective. He believes everything he does is right if there is a reason behind it. When finding out the true reason why Alchemy must return to the world, he defies The Wise One to join Felix's quest in saving the world from extinction (and saving his father and Jenna along the way).

Isaac, like all playable Venus Adepts, is relatively calm. In Dark Dawn, he does not see his son, Tyrell, or Karis off when they start their adventure. It could be because Dora did the same thing when he started his adventure. A woman in Patcher's Place describes Isaac as a popular person among the ladies.


Isaac was born in the secluded town of Vale at the base of the dormant volcano Mt. Aleph, and for his first fourteen years he lived a tranquil life there with his parents Kyle and Dora and his friends Garet, Jenna, and Felix. Like his parents, Isaac is a Venus Adept, and all the townspeople of Vale are Adepts to varying degrees because they live their lives under the influence of a giant Psynergy Stone formation near the town's entrance. Isaac was very reliable and was well-liked by the populace; as an individual, he is virtuous and caring yet not to a fault, and Dora describes him as being so much like his father at his age, including his stubbornness. Isaac used to visit the cottage of the scholar Kraden a lot as well before the elderly alchemist was kidnapped during Saturos' second raid on Sol Sanctum.

Having lived at Vale his entire life, at a mountainous area not close enough to the Great Western Sea, Isaac had never seen an ocean before prior to his quest in Golden Sun, like his friends at that point.

In Golden Sun[edit]

The story of the first Golden Sun is told through Isaac's perspective, so Isaac is the main character the player controls throughout the entire game, and becomes the silent protagonist the player may end up interpreting his or her own way.

The Mt. Aleph Boulder incident[edit]

Young Isaac and Garet are ambushed by the menacing and powerful strangers, Saturos and Menardi.

The lives of Isaac and many others were changed forever when he was fourteen, when the Mt. Aleph Boulder incident happened at Vale: Mt. Aleph and Vale were beset upon by a terrible thunderstorm, and a giant boulder located somewhere on Mt. Aleph became dislodged and descended upon Vale, crashing through Jenna's house and pier - where Kyle, Felix, and Felix and Jenna's parents at the time were located. All four of of them seemed to disappear right before the eyes of Isaac, Garet, Jenna, and Dora. Lost and confused, Isaac wandered off on his own into the night and Garet followed him. The two boys were soon accosted by a duo of menacing strangers, Saturos and Menardi, who used their powerful Mars Psynergy to knock Isaac and Garet out cold so they would forget their memories of the duo, and the pair of Mars Adepts immediately left the area.

It goes without saying that the period of time following the disaster was very trying for Isaac and those he knew. Isaac and Dora were devastated by the apparent death of Kyle, but the trauma Jenna underwent eclipsed that, for she seemingly lost her entire family. Isaac felt that if he had been better at Psynergy, he could have saved his father; thus, he and Garet resolved to study the art of Psynergy hard over the next three years, with Kraden guiding their toils as a scholar of Alchemy himself, to become stronger both for themselves and for everyone else.

Infiltrating Sol Sanctum[edit]

Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

In the present age, Isaac has become a strong, reliable young man who has developed his Psynergy powers as a Venus Adept, along with Garet and Jenna. One day, as part of their studies, Kraden arranges for an expedition for the three young Adepts and himself into Mt. Aleph's shrine, Sol Sanctum. Entirely by coincidence, however, Saturos and Menardi return to Vale that day, and they are overheard by Isaac and his friends audibly plotting on how to enter the Sol Sanctum themselves and remarking about Kraden, who they approached earlier. Then the two groups cross paths; following a brief but tense interaction, Saturos decides to let them pass (Isaac and Garet wouldn't remember the pair of Mars Adepts from three years ago since the memory was physically knocked out of them). The young Adepts immediately go to Kraden to speak about the strangers, and conclude they are likely here to rob the Sanctum, but Kraden states they cannot prove that until after they commence their own scheduled expedition, which they ensue immediately.

Isaac and Garet, with the Mars Star in hand, encounter the Wise One and are saved by him from the erupting volcano.

Kraden and Isaac's group secretly enter and explore Sol Sanctum, and eventually make it into the sealed chamber where the Elemental Stars await on their respective pedestals. Letting his curiosity overtake his better judgment, Kraden orders Isaac and Garet to remove and retrieve the Elemental Stars for him to study. Just as Isaac and Garet collect three of the four Stars, fate intervenes and Saturos and Menardi make an entrance, taking Jenna and Kraden hostage. They demand that Isaac and Garet hand over the Elemental Stars to them, and this time, the duo has other companions with them: A powerful Mercury Adept named Alex and, to everyone's disbelief, none other than Felix himself, who Saturos and Menardi had rescued from the disaster three years back and who now is sworn to their cause. Isaac and Garet submit to their demands and give them the three Stars, and go to retrieve the fourth Star for them.

When Isaac and Garet remove the last Star, the Mars Star, from its pedestal, the volcano that is Mt. Aleph begins to stir, and a boulder-like entity laced with immense power awakens and makes its presence known. When Kraden identifies the being as none other than the Wise One from the healer's tales at Vale, Saturos' group realizes it is too dangerous to remain in the chamber and are forced to make the personally troubling decision to flee while they can while leaving Isaac, Garet, and the Mars Star behind. Saturos needs all four Stars to carry out his group's plan, which is to activate the four Elemental Lighthouses situated across the world, which will cause the restoration of the force of Alchemy to the world. They decide to take Jenna and Kraden with them as captives traveling as part of their group, in hopes that if Isaac and Garet escape on their own, they will immediately pursue Saturos in an attempt to free Jenna and Kraden from their grasp, which would would give Saturos the opportunity to retrieve the Mars Star from Isaac's possession.

Isaac and Garet, meanwhile, personally come face-to-eye with the monolithic Wise One, who declares to them that if the Elemental Lighthouses are lit, the world will be exposed to the threat of Alchemy. The Wise One explains that Alchemy can be a dangerous power if misused by the people of Weyard, so the lighthouses should remain unlit and Saturos' objective should be thwarted for the sake of the world's safety. The Wise One uses his powers to subtly imbue the Mars Star in Isaac's possession with an as-of-yet unknown property for an as-of-yet unknown purpose, then teleports Isaac and Garet to safety as the volcano erupts. As the Wise One redirects the flow of lava from the volcano away from the town, Isaac and Garet return to Vale safely.

Isaac decides for himself and Garet whether to accept the quest that will affect the fate of the world.

Isaac and Garet attend as the main subjects of an urgent town meeting in Vale's Sanctum. After the Adepts explain everything to the worried townsfolk, the Great Healer receives telepathic messages from the Wise One, and declares that the fate of the world depends on whether Isaac and Garet will take up the quest to pursue and stop Saturos' group. He leaves the decision on this incredible responsibility to Isaac and Garet individually, but Garet is quick to leave his decision to Isaac, so Isaac must now decide for them both: Should Isaac refuse to accept the burden of the entire world as his own, he will not be able to take back his decision as he leaves the sanctum and the town. Thus would Weyard begin drifting towards its fated destruction.

In the canonical version of the game's story, Isaac does accept taking responsibility for the fate of the entire world, and the Wise One telepathically compliments Isaac and Garet for their bravery in taking up this quest. Isaac and Garet do not receive much in the way of instructions on how to start their quest off, however. Everyone decides for Isaac and Garet to spend one last night with their families at Vale, and then see them off as they start their journey the next day. Come the next day, Dora is too distraught to actually be there to see her son off on such a dangerous mission, so Isaac receives Dora's Catch Beads from Garet's brother Aaron in Dora's place. With everything said and done, Isaac's adventure across the world of Weyard in pursuit of his multiple goals hereby begins.

Mercury Lighthouse[edit]

Isaac and Garet initially don't have a specific location or direction in mind when they begin their hasty quest in pursuit of Saturos' party across the continent of Angara. Immediately, they start battling and killing off the many, many wild monsters roaming the lands that were driven feral by the influence of Psynergy Stones that Mt. Aleph's eruption scattered across the world, and the battling experience Isaac and Garet receive increases their proficiency at fighting and sharpens their Psynergy abilities somewhat dramatically. Isaac also meets and befriends a Venus Djinni, Flint, one of many small elementals that were also scattered across the world when Mt. Aleph erupted. Flint is the first of many elemental Djinn that Isaac and his group collect on their quest, and each one they find bolsters their combat and Psynergy abilities.

The first town Isaac and Garet come across is Vault, where they meet a mysterious young Jupiter Adept named Ivan. They help him retrieve an important artifact, the Shaman's Rod, that was stolen from him by the Vault gang of thieves. Ivan, using his Psynergy-based ability to read minds to learn everything that happened to Isaac and Garet and how it relates to the world's state of affairs, eventually decides to join Isaac on his quest and becomes a permanent part of Isaac's traveling group of Adepts from that point forward.

Isaac and his complete party of Garet, Ivan, and Mia face off against Saturos after he activates the Mercury Beacon - and defeat him in battle because of it.

The course of Isaac's quest eventually leads his group to the wintry northern region of Angara, where they stop in Imil, the town near the Elemental Lighthouse of Mercury, which is likely Saturos' first target. They meet a female Mercury Adept and healer named Mia, who suddenly sees that the Mercury Lighthouse is generating reactions as if invaders entered it, so she and Isaac immediately go to the Lighthouse to investigate. After Isaac uses his Psynergy to remove some obstacles, Mia feels she can trust Isaac, and she joins Isaac's party as they climb their way up through the tower in search of who might be here.

At the aerie of Mercury Lighthouse, Isaac and Mia's party discovers to their great dismay that the Mercury Beacon has already been activated with the Mercury Star, a process which cannot be reversed by any known means. The culprits haven't left yet: Menardi and Felix and their captives Jenna and Kraden call out to them from the opposite end of the aerie, and Saturos himself soon steps out in front of the Adepts, complimenting Isaac and Garet's survival of the eruption of Mt. Aleph. Saturos stands ready to attack and defeat the four Adepts in battle as the others flee; he proves a very fearsome and powerful opponent indeed, but the Mercury-based power generated by the active Mercury Beacon is enough of a hindrance to Saturos' Mars-based abilities (consequently boosting Mia's Mercury-based powers) that Isaac's party manages to best him in battle.

Alex, who was watching the Adepts from afar, makes himself known at this point, complimenting Isaac on how he and his friends have become such great fighters in such a short amount of time. After confirming that Isaac still has the Mars Star with him, Alex helps Saturos up and leaves the Lighthouse with him via the elevator. Just as Saturos' group resumes their objective to activate the remaining three Lighthouses' beacons, Isaac's party resolves to resume their quest to stop Saturos from activating the other Lighthouses, but Mia decides to permanently accompany Isaac on his quest as well. Isaac's group is now fully rounded out with four members, one of each element.

Quest across two continents[edit]

Isaac is a Venus Adept, having the Psynergy-based ability to conjure sorcerous powers based on earth and plant matter.

Isaac leads his group of Adepts clockwise across the entirety of Angara in pursuit of Saturos' group of Adepts and unwilling captives, all the while entering new towns, taking part in subplots involving such individuals as the young woman Feizhi and the oracle Hama, and exploring and clearing dungeons and caves whose obstacles and wild monsters challenge Isaac's course. By the time the Adepts make it to the town of Kalay, Isaac and Garet have an opportunity to revisit Vale and temporarily reunite with their respective families, though by now Dora has grown ill with a cold out of worry over her son's safety. Knowing now that Saturos crossed the Karagol Sea southwest of Angara to the continent of Gondowan where the next lighthouse, Venus Lighthouse, awaits to be lit, Isaac's group takes a none-too-pleasant voyage on the ferry service across the sea, arriving at Gondowan and beginning the next leg of their quest.

The party of Adepts stop in Tolbi, the largest city in Weyard, which is currently in the midst of its world-famous annual festival and tournament of warriors, Colosso. But Tolbi's mysterious ruler, Lord Babi, is missing. The Adepts follow a lead into the nearby Altmiller Cave and soon discover Babi on the verge of death, and they save his life by bringing him the fluid Babi was seeking in the cave, Lemurian Draught which Babi had stockpiled within the cave a long time ago. Babi takes a keen interest in Isaac and his company's powers, and decides to personally register Isaac as a Colosso Gladiator for the upcoming Colosso Finals so he may observe Isaac's abilities to their fullest extent. Isaac has no choice but to agree to participate, and he competes in the tournament exceedingly well.

Following the tournament, Babi is content to declare that he has finally found the warriors he was hoping to meet. As he explains, long ago he was at the hidden island city and society of Lemuria far out in the Great Eastern Sea, long believed by outsiders to be a myth because of how it is shrouded by perpetual fog and a ring of stone crags. Lemuria is a place where the power of Alchemy remains unbound, allowing its inhabitants to live far beyond their normal years. Using the Psynergy he learned there, Babi fled the isle on a Lemurian Ship with Lemuria's entire remaining stockpile of draught in tow. Babi is now 150 years old because he has been drinking this fluid to artificially extend his lifespan. But his draught stockpile has now run out, and he needs a group of Adepts like Isaac to commandeer his Lemurian Ship into the ocean and rediscover Lemuria so as to retrieve more draught for him. Babi hid his Lemurian Ship within the town Lalivero in the easternmost region of Gondowan, close to Venus Lighthouse, which coincidentally is Isaac's next destination. Babi also had ordered the construction of a lighthouse-like tower named Babi Lighthouse near Lalivero so that the powerful light it would illuminate at night would help orient sailors as they try to enter the foggy area of sea where Lemuria is hidden. With this in mind, Isaac promises Babi that once he has achieved his own objectives, he and his party will search for Lemuria and attempt to save Babi's life again. Babi assigns his chief minister, Iodem, to accompany Isaac as they travel to Lalivero and the Venus Lighthouse.

Venus Lighthouse[edit]

Isaac's party journeys to Lalivero with Iodem, but they learn from the distressed locals that Saturos' group passed through here with a young Laliveran girl named Sheba as yet another one of their captives. Iodem can only speculate what they would want with Sheba, but Isaac leaves Iodem behind with the Laliverans in Babi Lighthouse as he and his companions head through the Tunnel Ruins to Venus Lighthouse. By now they possess the power and Psynergy abilities necessary to solve the structure's ancient riddles and climb through the tower to its very top.

Isaac confronts Saturos, Menardi, and Felix on the aerie of Venus Lighthouse.

At the Venus Lighthouse Aerie, Isaac and his friends arrive just in time to watch as Saturos and Menardi, in front of the Lighthouse's unlit beacon, have a falling out with Felix over the involvement of Sheba, who is up there with them, in their quest. Isaac's group initiates a tense standoff with Saturos and Felix, but Saturos employs crafty wording to trick the Adepts into thinking that he would release Sheba if they trade to Felix the Shaman's Rod in Ivan's possession. The Adepts are exasperated when Saturos clarifies afterward that he only actually said he wouldn't harm her, and that he can't let her go: Sheba, after all, is actually a Jupiter Adept, and Saturos' group needs both her and the Shaman's Rod in order to properly climb through Jupiter Lighthouse in the future.

Saturos and Menardi then decide it is time for Isaac's party to die, and the duo launches an all-out offensive. Though the battle is fierce, Isaac's Adepts best the master Mars Adepts in the end. Isaac then tries to reason with Felix, but Felix insists that the Lighthouse beacons must still be lit even though he is not bound to follow Saturos anymore, forcing Isaac to conclude that Felix is their enemy. But Saturos and Menardi are not out of the picture yet: they casually toss the Venus Star into the Venus Lighthouse's well, to the horror of Isaac and his friends. As the Venus Lighthouse activates, the energy let loose recharges the duo. Saturos and Menardi then execute their ultimate power: they merge together to form a single, colossal, terrifying creature resembling a two-headed dragon. The dragon attempts to annihilate Isaac and his party of Adepts, but after an incredibly intense battle, Isaac ultimately slays the beast. The dragon reverts to the defeated forms of Saturos and Menardi, who fall backward into the Lighthouse's opening and meet their demise.

Isaac's incredible victory intimidates Felix into declaring that he is no match for Isaac now and that he must flee with Sheba to carry on Saturos' quest. Suddenly, the Venus Lighthouse wracks itself with a violent earthquake, and as part of the automated process that establishes the active Venus Beacon, the tower splits up into four evenly divided quarters. Sheba loses her footing and falls off the tower to certain death, and Felix, completely beside himself over what just happened, jumps clean off the tower after her, to the disbelief of Isaac and Garet. After the Lighthouse reforms itself and the chaos subsides, Isaac and his friends gather their thoughts: Saturos and Menardi are gone for good, but Felix and Sheba appear to have died too. They need to find Jenna and Kraden now, so they climb down and leave Venus Lighthouse.

Isaac and his crew inherit Babi's Lemurian Ship and sail out into the Great Eastern Sea in search of their continued objectives.

In the period of time to come, Isaac and the Adepts conduct a long and tiring search for Jenna and Kraden around the vicinity, but they are never found. The people of Lalivero believe, however, that Sheba and Felix have actually survived their fall, because witnesses saw the base of the lighthouse get flooded by the ocean during the earthquake and the sea rising up to catch Sheba safely. The Adepts figure that Sheba and Felix must together with Jenna and Kraden and likely Alex as well, the latter three of whom were likely on the peninsula of land named Idejima that broke off the Gondowan mainland and floated out to sea during the earthquake. Iodem leads Isaac's party to Babi's Lemurian Ship, and entrusts Isaac the Black Orb that allows the Adepts to commandeer the Ship with their Psynergy. With their objectives laid out for them, Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia resolve to sail across the oceans of Weyard in pursuit of their multiple goals: To stop Felix and Alex from unleashing Alchemy upon Weyard via the lighting of the Lighthouse beacons of Jupiter and Mars; to rescue Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden; and to uphold their promise to Babi to discover Lemuria and retrieve Lemurian draught in time to save Babi's limited life.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age[edit]

In contrast to the previous Golden Sun, the story of Golden Sun: The Lost Age is told through Felix's perspective, so Isaac and his group are not encountered in person for much of the game. During his own quest Felix can learn what Isaac has been up to recently by talking with townsfolk at certain points in the game.

The Great Eastern Sea[edit]

For the next great period of time, Isaac and his party of Adepts sail their ship in an expedition across the Great Eastern Sea in search of Felix and their other objectives. Isaac is under his strong belief that the world would be in terrible danger should he fail his tasks, as per what the Wise One told him in Sol Sanctum. But until a chance encounter with Felix somewhere across the seas should occur, Isaac explores the sea and stops at various settlements in hopes of acquiring information important to his other, self-imposed objective of discovering Lemuria for Babi.

Isaac as seen on the original Golden Sun's cover art.

Isaac may or may not have made an attempt at this time to sail into the foggy, craggy Sea of Time where Lemuria lay hidden. Granting that Isaac does, even though the Venus Lighthouse is lit well enough that it substitutes for what would have been Babi Lighthouse's role of helping them keep their bearings in the treacherous sea, Isaac's group would have failed in finding Lemuria at first. This is because the initial ring of stone crags at the perimeter of the Sea of Time make for a complicated maze and obstacle course that cannot be navigated without special knowledge of how certain strong currents can be negated by sailing in specific patterns. And even if they had such knowledge, they would have inevitably been turned back by a monstrous demigod named Poseidon prowling the grounds, who is completely invulnerable to the forms of assault Isaac and his friends know.

After stopping to rest at the eastern island chain of Apojii Islands, where Isaac and company get to see Gaia Falls itself up close for the first time in their lives, Isaac sails southward to the continent of Indra. As he and his crew ask around in the town of Madra about Lemuria, Isaac comes to learn about a man who was held captive in Madra recently named Piers, who possesses a Lemurian ship just like Isaac does and has the ability to perform Mercury Psynergy. Isaac is shocked to learn of a man like Piers, who could very well be a Lemurian, and he declares he will follow Piers into the heart of lower Gondowan when he learns that's where Piers was last headed. Before leaving, Isaac is told the story of how Piers caused a puddle of water to magically turn into a pillar of ice, and he tells the Madrans how that was an example of a power called Psynergy, and he and his friends decide to show the Madrans some of their own Psynergy powers. For Isaac and Garet to do this is rather interesting because it is a law and code of Vale, their hometown, not to show Psynergy to outsiders.

Isaac is very determined to meet with Piers, believing the Lemurian to be his last chance to enter Lemuria and fulfill his promise to Babi. He and his friends stop in the southernmost town on Gondowan, Naribwe, and Isaac pays the innkeepers a large sum of coins for them to pass the message onto Piers the next time they see him that Isaac wants to meet him. Then Isaac's party apparently travels northward to Kibombo only to be ultimately turned back by the Kibombo warriors stationed at the Kibombo Mountains (who have increased their numbers and security after Piers went through there earlier). Isaac and his group are never able to meet Piers throughout the Great Eastern Sea. Thus the inevitable news comes: Babi has finally died in Tolbi. It would be understandable to assume that this failure to save someone's life would weigh heavily on Isaac and his perspective on his own quest, since Isaac was unable to keep his promise despite his best efforts.

Isaac would also come across hearsay that shed light on Felix's recent activities, and he is surprised to hear of what he perceives to be uncharacteristic heroism on Felix's part - Felix had fought the notorious pirate Briggs and put him in his place, and had also fought and slew the Great Serpent that was terrorizing the island village of Izumo. Felix had achieved other exploits, such as exploring the Ankohl Ruins and obtaining the legendary Trident of Ankohl. Isaac and his friends eventually make the decision to head west toward the Jupiter Lighthouse.

Jupiter Lighthouse[edit]

Isaac and his companions sail through the divide between the continents Gondowan and Indra to make it into the Great Western Sea, and they moor their ship at the island continent of Atteka, which is where the next lighthouse they must protect from Felix, Jupiter Lighthouse, is situated. After they pass through the town of Contigo along the way, they rush into Jupiter Lighthouse.

During their exploration of Jupiter Lighthouse, however, the Adepts are divided by a trap that separates Garet and Mia from Isaac and Ivan. Shortly afterward, a pair of Mars Adepts, Karst and Agatio, present themselves as the ones responsible for the trap. Isaac correctly judges from their appearances that they are closely related to Saturos and Menardi; Karst is indeed the younger sister of Menardi, and she and Agatio have come from their hometown of Prox far up north to destroy Isaac in revenge for Isaac's murder of Menardi. Isaac, strained from his quest and prior events as is, tries to brusquely tell Karst and Agatio off and say he'll save his friends on his own, but the pair launch their assaults toward Isaac and Ivan with the intent to kill.

Isaac makes some new enemies in Karst and Agatio and are cornered by them into a hopeless battle.

Isaac and Ivan are eventually overpowered and defeated by Karst and Agatio in a desperate battle, and the Mars Adepts are about to finish them off when Felix and his party of Jenna, Sheba, Piers, and Kraden step in to stop them. Karst and Agatio interacted and dealt with Felix's group of Adepts previously, but Felix declares his intent to keep Isaac from further harm, and he and his party force Karst and Agatio into a deal where Isaac's life is spared if Felix takes the Mars Star Isaac has in his possession, and then activates the Jupiter Lighthouse with the Jupiter Star Felix has. As Isaac lies on the ground, he sees that Felix was willing to save him from death despite their being at odds for their entire quest, and though Isaac does not know why Felix is so set in releasing Alchemy, he places his trust in his former childhood friend and gives up his Mars Star to Felix. Felix and Piers then follow Karst and Agatio up to the top of Jupiter Lighthouse as the other three are left behind to tend to Isaac and his party.

With Garet and Mia saved from the trap and Isaac and Ivan patched up, Jenna and Sheba suspect something might be wrong and they check up on Felix. Once Isaac's party fully recuperates, they head up to the aerie of Jupiter Lighthouse where they find Felix's party has just conducted an intense battle with Karst and Agatio, who have now escaped (with the Mars Star now in their possession, as they have taken it from Felix). Isaac demands an explanation from Felix about everything, but everyone is quick to agree that this isn't the best place to discuss all the circumstances, and Felix promises Isaac that they will meet officially in Contigo. Isaac leaves them and Jupiter Lighthouse on this note, sternly warning that Felix can not just sneak off again.

The Reunion[edit]

Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia stake out in an empty house in Contigo and wait until Felix and his party of Jenna, Sheba, Piers, and Kraden arrive to begin their meeting. In the epic interaction to follow, it is first explained that Felix was always trying to avoid Isaac because he couldn't face Isaac after he assisted Saturos and Menardi in raiding Sol Sanctum and thereby betraying their hometown of Vale, and also that if they had met prior to this point they would have ended up fighting each other, which Jenna in particular could never want. As to why Felix helped Saturos, Isaac is shocked by the truth to say the least: Felix and Jenna's parents, as well as Isaac's father Kyle, were not killed in the Mt.Aleph boulder disaster three years back. Saturos and Menardi - the ones who had originally triggered the disaster - had rescued the parents from death just as they had saved Felix, and the duo brought them all back to their hometown of Prox. For the past three years the parents lived in Prox, nominally incarcerated at the town by Prox's people on Saturos' suggestion. The parents were to be kept captive at Prox until Saturos's quest to restore Alchemy to the world would be complete; Felix had thus been coerced to join Saturos in his objective, motivated by the prospect of winning his parents' freedom.

Isaac's party officially parleys with Felix's party so as to discover once and for all Felix's true motives.

Isaac then learns something even more incredible from Felix's side, something that Felix's party discovered during their own quest: Alchemy's absence from the world of Weyard over the past many ages has let the world descend into a gradually deteriorating, dying state in a very physical sense, with the continents of the world gradually breaking up and sinking into the oceans, and with Gaia Falls consuming more of the world's perimeter. The world effectively has a life force that is literally sustained by the presence of the force of Alchemy, and if Alchemy is not brought back in time, Weyard will collapse into an eventual yet inevitable doom. This revelation makes the current circumstances all the more concerning for Isaac, as he and everyone else believe there could be a risk of Alchemy destroying the world if its seal is broken, but if they don't take that risk the world will definitely end.

Finally understanding why Felix and those he allied with were trying to activate the Elemental Lighthouses, Isaac makes the decision to join forces with Felix's party, proclaiming that this is Felix's quest which he is now helping out with. Then Hama, the oracle who Isaac met earlier in his own quest, comes in to announce that Felix's Lemurian ship now has a pair of magic wings attached to it, allowing the ship to fly. She also brings notice that with three of the Lighthouses now active, the element of the last unlit Lighthouse, Mars, is being suppressed on a global scale, causing the world to gradually get colder, and the world will freeze if Mars is not activated in time. And though Karst and Agatio are headed up north to try to activate the Mars Lighthouse for themselves, Hama senses that they will fail because there is a powerful force of some kind that does not want to see Mars rekindled. Isaac's crew joins Felix as they set out together on the latter's flying ship north to Mars Lighthouse to take the Mars Star back and activate Mars themselves.

Mars Lighthouse[edit]

Felix and Isaac lead their combined group of Adepts north into the bleak, blustery landscape of the Northern Reaches, and make it to Prox. The hometown of Saturos, Menardi, Karst, and Agatio, Prox is located near the Mars Lighthouse, itself located very close to the edge of the world. Isaac learns from the people of Prox, their Elder, and their chieftain Puelle the history and motivations behind Saturos and Menardi: The edge of the world is steadily consuming the landscape south in the direction of Prox, and Prox knew from the beginning that this was caused by the seal placed on Alchemy. So, they had originally sent out their strongest warriors, Saturos and Menardi, on a mission to retrieve the Elemental Stars from Sol Sanctum and break Alchemy's seal before the town, and eventually the entire world, would be doomed.

When it is brought to Prox's knowledge that it was Isaac who killed Saturos and Menardi, Isaac jumps and assumes combat stance, but Kraden quickly tells him off and clarifies why things had turned out the way they did; Isaac cannot be blamed for pursuing the pair to regain the Elemental Stars they stole after the pair triggered a volcano that endangered Vale. Prox comes to pardon him on the basis that Isaac should be prideful that he is stronger than they were, and that now he and the others are slated to see Saturos' original objective through to its end. Karst and Agatio went to Mars Lighthouse earlier, but have not since been heard from, so it is decided they should search for them too.

Puelle had given the order that Kyle and the parents of Jenna and Felix are to be set free once Felix returns to Prox. Isaac and Felix's group rushes to where the parents were supposed to be kept safe in a house, only to find that their parents are nowhere to be found in Prox. Evidence indicates that the parents went up towards Mars Lighthouse for some reason. Unsure of what could be happening, Isaac and Felix ready themselves and begin the final leg of their journey into Mars Lighthouse.

As the band of Adepts explore and battle their way through Mars Lighthouse, they encounter, battle, and dispatch a pair of lumbering, powerful Flame Dragons. The defeated dragons suddenly transform back into the defeated forms of none other than Karst and Agatio. The Mars Adepts, near death, relate their story of how they were stopped in their tracks and were gauged by "the eye" to lack the will and conviction to go any farther, and were turned into mindless dragons that were sealed in captivity. Because Karst and Agatio shared Saturos and Menardi's ultimate objective to activate all four Elemental Lighthouses, they entrust the Mars Star to their former "enemies" Isaac and Felix so that Isaac can complete the quest for everyone. Isaac and Felix then lead their group to the aerie of Mars Lighthouse.

Isaac, Felix, and the rest of their party confront the Wise One over why Isaac's betrayal of the Wise One's command was necessary.

At the Mars Lighthouse Aerie, Isaac and Felix's party are confronted by none other than the Wise One himself. The Wise One demands to know why Isaac has disobeyed his command to recover the Elemental Stars and is trying to break Alchemy's seal, and Isaac and everyone else respond with everything they now know about how the world would be destroyed if Alchemy remains sealed. The Wise One counters with the scenario that mankind may very well destroy Weyard themselves if allowed use of such power, and he states that in time, one man will seek to rule over all, which is an inescapable facet of human nature. The Wise One then reveals that the Adepts have all been played for fools from the start: Alex has used them all, and is currently climbing Mt. Aleph awaiting the lighting of the Mars Beacon so that when Alchemy is returned to the world, he will be at the center of the process and gain supreme power for himself. Everyone is thunderstruck, but Isaac loses none of his resolve in declaring that the beacon must be lit regardless, for the sake of the entire world's survival.

The Wise One declares that the Adepts will only be able to light the Mars Beacon if they can "defeat a miracle", then summons a colossal dragon with three heads for them to battle. As the Adepts steel themselves for their final battle, Isaac manages to see the Doom Dragon for what it really is: An amalgamation of the very parents they were trying to find before, including his father Kyle, forced by the Wise One to fight the Adepts without the Adepts being aware of who they would be killing until it would be too late. Isaac, in his greatest demonstration of his virtue, is willing to sacrifice what he holds most dear to his heart for the sake of the world, and helps his allies slay the dragon in an epic clash. Following the battle, even as everyone else is horrified when they first discover who they had really killed, Isaac remains strong and stoic; he declares that what they have done was to defy the Wise One in order to save the entire world, which is something Kyle and the other parents would understand. Everyone else finds it within themselves to agree with Isaac. With the quest almost at its conclusion, Isaac remains with his father as Felix casts the Mars Star into the Mars Lighthouse's well.


Isaac, Garet, and Kyle return home from their quest to find their home, Vale, completely destroyed.

With the Mars Beacon lit, the process that will give shape to the Stone of Sages at Mt. Aleph and herald the revitalization of the world's life begins in earnest. Like the other Lighthouses, the Mars Lighthouse generates an immense amount of raw elemental power as its beacon shoots a light into the direction of Vale, and all of the Adepts present at the aerie of Mars Lighthouse absorb a great deal of energy into their bodies. This includes the bodies of the fallen parents, and in nothing less than a miracle the parents are revived by the energy. Isaac and Felix and their party of Adepts transport their parents and themselves down out of the Lighthouse and across the landscape back towards Prox, and the people of Prox nurse the parents back to health.

Isaac, Felix, and Kraden are personally thanked by the Elder of Prox and Puelle for saving their town and the entire world, and for effectively bringing about a new, golden age where civilization may once again advance. They discuss what might have happened to Vale physically because of all the energy that was released above the town at Mt. Aleph; Isaac is most concerned about his mother's health, since the last time he saw her she was ill in bed worried for her son's safety. As everyone boards the ship due back home to Vale, Isaac also asks Kraden and Felix why everything happened at Mars Lighthouse the way they did: The Wise One had turned the parents into a dragon that Isaac and the others were forced to fight and pretty much kill, yet the way the parents were revived back by the beacon's light suggests the Wise One had to have known that would happen in advance. Kraden hazards a guess with wild implications: The Wise One's actions were all part of his grand scheme to test Isaac and his companions as individuals capable of the great responsibility of ensuring that throughout the world, Alchemy is not abused and used for evil.

Isaac and his father, Kyle, embrace Dora when she is revealed alive and well

Finally, Isaac and the Adepts, the three parents, and Kraden return to Vale, but are emotionally impacted by a tragic sight: Mt.Aleph and Vale are effectively gone, having been erased by the energy let loose by Alchemy's release. Isaac and Garet believe that Dora and all of Garet's family have perished along with all of the townspeople of Vale. But then, Dora and everyone else believed to have perished appear alive and well and greet the Adepts, revealing that the Wise One warned them to evacuate Vale before the town would be destroyed by the breaking of Alchemy's seal. Isaac and Kyle embrace Dora together for the first time in three years, and The Lost Age ends as everyone celebrates.

The epilogue of The Lost Age shows that when Alex stood in the beam of pure Alchemy shot down into Mt. Aleph by the sphere of energy formed by the merging of the energy beams of the four Lighthouse Beacons (the Golden Sun), he did gain bolstered power and life, but not the full mastery of reality Alchemy should have provided him. It is revealed that this was a precaution the Wise One took a long time back in Sol Sanctum: Recognizing the circumstances in the present and future when he awoke, he imbued Isaac's Mars Star with an effect that would cause the Mars Beacon's power, and thus the Mars portion of the Golden Sun, to enter Isaac's body at Mars Lighthouse rather than Alex's at Mt. Aleph. Isaac is now the unwitting bearer of the portion of the power of the Golden Sun that Alex now lacks. Alex in the meantime appears to have disappeared along with the mountain as it sunk into the ground.

The next thirty years[edit]

Isaac as he appears thirty years later.

The release of energy above Mt. Aleph would be known as the Golden Sun event because it resembled the brief formation of a luminous sphere of golden energy, which let loose a powerful explosion and spread elemental energy throughout Weyard. It revitalized the world's life, but the magnitude of the power caused disasters across the world; all manner of earthquakes reshaped the landscape, and natural disasters representing the planet still being caught in the violent throws of rebirth would torment the people for decades to come. Needless to say, Isaac and his companions, who would be known across the world as the Warriors of Vale, become known throughout the world as a controversial group, and are both praised and blamed for their efforts.

A new phenomenon is believed to be an after-effect of the Golden Sun event: Psynergy Vortexes, distortions in space that suck the elemental energy out of the world and from Adepts in their vicinity. One immense Psynergy Vortex unleashes unimaginable destruction and misery in the center of Angara apparently at a rate of once per decade, and it is so named the Mourning Moon. As Isaac himself would put it, people become desperate and are driven to fight like animals. Most of the surviving townsfolk of Vale would resettle around the new Goma Plateau and the Goma Mountains. Isaac and his companions take it upon themselves to carefully monitor and study Psynergy Vortexes and other after-effects of the Golden Sun event, and he holds himself responsible for bringing the world chaos and views it his responsibility to discover how to save it. He places such faith in the Wise One that at times he calls out into the empty sky in prayer, in a futile attempt to get guidance on what must be done next.

Several among the Warriors of Vale would bear offspring, and Isaac would become husband to Jenna. It can be presumed that their son, Matthew, is conceived roughly thirteen years after the Golden Sun event. The Warriors all have the mindset that they should train their children as Adepts that will become the next generation to watch over the world in their stead. Matthew would be raised in the cabin Isaac would build on the newly upheaved Goma Plateau. This cabin, equipped with a telescope, is what Isaac would use to watch both Psynergy Vortexes and what remains of Mt. Aleph, which is regularly wracked with volcanic activity.


In discussion with Ivan, Isaac and the others agree on a radical concept for a new tool that can allow Isaac to better carry out his vigil: a Psynergy-controlled hang glider-like device named the Soarwing, which can be used to fly over the uncrossable terrain surrounding Mt. Aleph as needed. They somehow know that roosting on the peaks at the northeastern edge of Angara is a mammoth bird named the Mountain Roc, and that its feathers are the critical material to making a Soarwing work. Whether it's before or after Matthew's birth, Isaac and several others, including Kraden, make a journey across Angara. By now the continent has been radically reshaped by the cataclysmic effects of the Golden Sun, making the journey uniquely challenging.

One of the many effects of the Golden Sun event was that populations on Weyard, both human and animal, were transformed into hybrid beastmen, and these people took the northeastern region of Angara as their territory and new kingdom: the Morgal region, with Belinsk as its capital city. Isaac arrives at the city and earns an audience with the beastman king, and explains how they need one of the Roc's feathers. Even though the Mountain Roc is viewed by the beastmen as divinity and a national symbol, the king is won over and personally accompanies and assists them in their venture - the king has an inherent sense of respect for skilled warriors, and Isaac and his group are probably the greatest warriors in the entire world. A feather of the Mountain Roc is procured, and Isaac and his friends return home, leaving the king to speak of Isaac's group with great warmth to his young son, Volechek.

Isaac on the cover of the Dark Dawn V-Jump manga.

At least by the end of the third decade following the Golden Sun event, it is very clear to Isaac and everyone else that their aging rates have been dramatically slowed. Kraden - probably the most obvious example of this phenomenon because he is by now over 100 and still exploring the world - theorizes that everyone that was caught in the expulsion of energy at the aerie of Mars Lighthouse at the onset of the Golden Sun event received an extended lifespan. Everyone is noted as appearing only ten years older thirty years after the Golden Sun event, and it is thought that this trait does not necessarily pass down to their children.

Incidentally, on the subject of Alex, Isaac and everyone else reaches the assumption that he was killed during the Golden Sun event while he was trying to become an immortal. Alex is never seen by anyone over the course of these three decades. The children of the Warriors of Vale would be told of what Alex tried to do during their parents' quest and be told what is assumed of his supposed fate.

By thirty years following the Golden Sun event, Isaac and Garet live in the cabin together with their sons, Matthew and Tyrell. Jenna and Ivan now live in Kalay, Mia lives back in Imil, Sheba lives back in Lalivero, and Piers sails across the world investigating mysterious phenomena, while Felix left his homeland a long time ago and has not been seen since. For unknown reasons, Isaac and Garet now believe that there is an individual with an absolute hatred of the Wise One, for reasons no one knows, and that the Wise One may be being targeted. Isaac believes that he must stop this person at any cost.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn[edit]

Matthew is now sixteen, and Isaac has clearly handed down his yellow scarf to him. Isaac and Matthew have just finished a trip down to the new settlement the people of Vale founded, Patcher's Place, and return to the cabin. Ivan's daughter, Karis, who has regularly visited the cabin to see her friends Matthew and Tyrell, brings the Soarwing that Ivan has finally completed, and is here to give the others flying lessons. However, Tyrell takes the Soarwing for himself and immaturely insists that the others don't take him seriously, and despite Isaac and the others sternly telling him not to, Tyrell leaps off to fly around with it. Because he doesn't know how to use Psynergy in accordance with it, Tyrell finds himself unavoidably losing altitude, but Isaac gets an idea and instructs Tyrell to fly over the forest below and land at the small peak on the other side where the abandoned Psynergy Stone mine is. Tyrell is to wait there while Isaac and the others reach him on ground.

Isaac tells the others that they will all accompany him - as he explains to a troubled Garet, they have been training their children so that they may assume the duty to look after the world in their parents' stead, so braving the forest along with the adults will be a good experience. Isaac's attunement to the earth allows him to verify that Tyrell is safe in the mines far away. Isaac and Garet let Matthew and Karis lead the way and fight wild monsters on their own as they cross into a cave trail in the Goma Plateau that leads out into the forest, and the two young Adepts receive their first combat experience. Once they reach the dangerous forest known as the Tanglewood, though, Isaac is more concerned because it is now nightfall, which causes the natural buildup of negative energy that corrupts the trees and draws out monsters. Therefore, Isaac has Garet agree with him to accompany the children more closely, and to loan the children some of their Djinn. Isaac has his lifelong friend Flint explain the Djinni concept.

Past that, the four enter the abandoned Psynergy Stone mine below the peak where Tyrell landed on, where they are surprised to find a particularly large Psynergy Vortex pulsating within, and they see Tyrell lying unconscious near it, clearly having had all his Psynergy sucked out. Isaac restates what is theorized about vortexes; these are pure anti-Psynergy that are created by exceptionally dense concentrations of Psynergy in many places, and it is speculated that when they appear, they foreshadow the reappearance of the Mourning Moon. The four try to get over to Tyrell, but they are attacked by an enormous, sentient plant monstrosity growing near the vortex. After they dispatch it, Isaac and Garet transfer some of their Psynergy reserves into Tyrell so that he may recover. While the others are glad Tyrell is uninjured, the soarwing has been destroyed.

Back at Isaac's cabin, Isaac and Garet explain to the three young Adepts that the soarwing needs to be repaired. Because Isaac and Garet need to stay behind to monitor Mount Aleph and study the aftereffects of the Golden Sun effect with Ivan, they task Matthew and Tyrell to go on the same long journey to retrieve a Mountain Roc feather that Isaac did previously. This comes across as abrupt, but to Isaac that is the point: thirty years beforehand, Isaac and Garet were catapulted into their own quest when they met Kraden, and a tough quest such as this is the perfect rite of passage for Matthew and his friends to undergo as Adepts. Isaac sends out a carrier pigeon to contact Kraden so that the scholar will meet them in nearby Carver's Camp, where he can help the young Adepts in all matters involving charting a course into the unknown.

Despite having something so big set upon them so suddenly, both of their sons are eager to go on this adventure, and Karis is eager to volunteer to accompany them. Isaac is conspicuously absent while Garet sees Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis off, though; the Dark Dawn V-Jump Manga version of this scene implies this is because Isaac would have been pained to personally see his own son off on this dangerous quest across the chaos-wracked continent.

Isaac is not seen for the rest of Dark Dawn, remaining behind at the cabin while Matthew explores the rest of the continent on a quest that quickly gets sidetracked by a sinister new nation. It is not known if anything specific happens at the cabin while Matthew is off on his quest. When Matthew ends up manipulated by his antagonists into contributing to the triggering of the Grave Eclipse phenomenon that encases much of Angara in an enormous dome of dark energy that generates monsters, the dome reaches west far enough to encompass Isaac's cabin, presumably meaning Isaac and Garet are forced to fend off monsters of their own at this time.

Shortly after the Grave Eclipse, Matthew's group comes across Yamata, the successor to the former town of Izumo, where they find the young seer Himi in an unnatural sleep for unknown reasons connected to the Eclipse. At one instant during this, Himi reportedly cried out, "Isaac is in danger!" What she was referring to is not revealed.

At the end of the game, the Grave Eclipse has ended thanks to Matthew's efforts, and he, Tyrell, and Karis return to Isaac's cabin with the Mountain Roc Feather in tow. But Isaac and Garet are nowhere in sight; instead, a gigantic Psynergy Vortex has appeared in the airspace between the cabin and Mt. Aleph.

Dora.gif Spoilers end here. Those who did not want the plot ruined for them may now continue reading as normal.

In the Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Isaac in a stance, ready to implement his "Move" technique as an assist trophy.

Isaac is the only character from the Golden Sun series making a cameo appearance in another Nintendo video game, in this case the popular Wii fighting game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which is his first 3D appearance in a console game. While Isaac is not a playable character, he serves a minor gameplay role by being one of dozens of minor computer-controlled Nintendo characters that can be randomly summoned during battle by the item called the Assist Trophy. Isaac will be unlocked as one of these randomly-appearing characters if you play over 200 Brawls in the Group mode.

If Isaac appears out of an Assist Trophy, he will cast the Move Psynergy three times in succession while yelling, each time calling up a giant gloved hand that shoots forward to push away any fighter that is an opponent of the fighter who summoned Isaac. He will automatically turn around to face the direction of valid targets in between his castings based on how many fighters are to his left or his right. He can not effect your character, however.

Consensus among Smash Bros. fans place Isaac as one of the strongest Assist Trophy characters in the game; the hands are rather tall and accelerate to a relatively good speed, causing any character that gets caught up in Move to likely be repeatedly knocked back in mid-air until they are "carried" off the stage, assuming there are no obstacles elsewhere. The "pushing" effect of Move is a demonstration of an effect in the game's internal mechanics called set knockback, which is knockback like it were coming from a character's attack but deals no damage and always sends the victim a certain distance back rather than a variable distance affected by the victim's life meter percentage. Isaac's Move Psynergy has the distinction of being the only thing in all of Super Smash Bros. Brawl that can knock back and potentially K.O. a character under the invincibility-granting effects of the Starman item.

Isaac's voice in all versions of Brawl is provided by female Japanese seiyu Aya Hara, who also voiced the Japanese Krystal in the same game (and Star Fox Assault). The three voice samples Isaac randomly projects during his casting the Move Psynergy include two battle yells and the word "Move".

Everything serving a gameplay role in Brawl is represented by collectible figurines called Trophies, of which hundreds exist, and each trophy showcases a 3D model of a character, object, or other property along with a short text description. Isaac is no exception, and his trophy is among the large proportion of trophies that can be collected by "normal means" in Brawl, such as in a trophy-collecting mini-game called the Coin Launcher. Its text description reads:

"A strong-willed Psynergy adept of the bloodline of an ancient race thought to have been lost with the downfall of civilization. He can manipulate earth-based forces and is also a highly skilled swordsman. He sets out to protect a lighthouse that can release the sealed powers of alchemy. In Smash Bros., he uses "Move" Psynergy, which creates an energy field that pushes foes away."

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Isaac's artwork for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

While Isaac was removed from the Assist Trophy line-up in Super Smash Bros. 4, he returns as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Along with retaining his Move Psynergy, he also makes use of his Catch Psynergy, which can trap an opponent and slam them into the ground.


  • Isaac is the only character in the Golden Sun series to have made an appearance in another game outside the series, namely as a supportive cameo role in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and this appearance is his first 3D appearance in a console game and the first time his voice, or the voice of any Golden Sun character for that matter, is heard.
  • Isaac's trademark scarf appears to switch which shoulder it rests on depending on whenever he is depicted as battling or not battling. In his official artwork, portraits, and images pictured above, his scarf is draped over his left shoulder, while his in-game battle sprites and, more recently, his Super Smash Bros. Brawl appearance as a fighting Assist Trophy depict his scarf over his right shoulder. This may be an intentional visual quirk or a meaningless coincidence.
  • Along with his scarf, Isaac's sword also seems to switch shoulders, where, in his official artworks and trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it is over his left shoulder, while his town map and frontal sprites have it over his right. Thus said, although Isaac's battle sprite shows that he is obviously right-handed, it's debatable whether he truly is or not. This could be, like his scarf, a meaningless coincidence or a simple spriting mistake.
  • Following the Reunion, where Isaac's party joins Felix on Felix's ship late in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Isaac's own ship has apparently vanished. A commonly presented answer as to why it's never seen in the game, outside of accusing the developers of negligence, is that Alex may have stolen it for himself at this point, and used it following the events at Jupiter Lighthouse to sail back to Angara and begin his final journey towards Mt. Aleph.
  • The August 2009 issue of the U.K.-circulated Official Nintendo Magazine made the erroneous claim that the main playable character seen in the E3 trailer for Golden Sun DS was Isaac himself, rather than a descendant of Isaac as confirmed by the E3 press release. [1]
  • During Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Isaac and Garet become the first computer-controlled party members.
  • A woman at Patcher's Place states that Isaac was a ladies man back when he was younger. He was a ladies man in Vale while Felix was a ladies man in Prox.
  • Isaac's name means "laughter," and his Lost Age counterpart, Felix, has a name meaning "happy."

Name origins and meanings[edit]

  • Japanese: Robin. Robin means 'fame' in Old German. A Robin is a bird who in folklore is connected to charity, compassion, both good and bad luck and omens of winter and death.
  • English: Isaac. Isaac is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning 'He will Laugh'. Isaac in the Bible is one of the Patriarchs of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Faiths. He was very long lived.
  • French: Vlad. Vlad is short for Vladislav, which is a Slavic name and means 'to rule with glory'. The most infamous Vlad is Vlad III/ Vlad Tepes. This may be a nod to the Ragnarok/Odyssey Psynergy that summons swords to impale a foe.
  • Spanish: Hans. Hans is the German equivalent to John, which means 'God is generous'. One could consider this an interesting name choice as Isaac is gifted with part of the powers of Alchemy.

Sidequest roles[edit]

  • Isaac is the main subject of the main optional events that happen in Golden Sun: The Lost Age based on what Isaac and his party achieved in the original Golden Sun and whether that game's completed save data is used for data transfer:
    • Early in Isaac's quest after the eruption of Mt.Aleph, he and Garet join Ivan in taking down the Vault gang of thieves and locking them up in Vault's prison for the crime of larceny during a time of disaster. If Isaac and the other Adepts return to Vault later in the game and speak with the town's mayor, they will learn the thieves broke out of their prison somehow and seek vengeance upon him. Early in Felix's quest in The Lost Age, after Felix meets Karst (seeking vengenace on Isaac herself for his killing her sister Menardi, no less) for the first time in Madra, he will be stopped in his tracks by the bandits as he leaves the town, and they will take out their frustrations about Isaac by attacking Felix's group, but they easily lose. The thieves, threatened by the prospect they might go to jail again, apologize and run away, leaving behind the Golden Boots for Felix to use and equip.
    • During the portion of Isaac's quest that takes place in the Xian region of Angara, a subplot involving the young woman Feizhi and her friend Hsu will play out, with Hsu being trapped in Alpine Crossing by a landslide. Isaac, after having Ivan learn Reveal and before entering the Lamakan Desert, may decide to backtrack to Alpine Crossing and free the injured Hsu from the trapping boulder using the Lift Psynergy. Feizhi is thankful enough to Isaac that after the latter leaves to resume his quest, Feizhi develops a romantic crush on him and decides to make a good-luck charm called the Golden Ring which she'll give to him the next time she sees him. During the Great Eastern Sea portion of The Lost Age, Felix's party would be stopped by Feizhi the first time they enter Champa, and Feizhi mistakes Felix for Isaac because she predicted the Venus Adept coming into Champa and assumed it was Isaac. Feizhi entrusts the Golden Ring to Felix so that Felix may give it to Isaac later (which is an event not explicitly depicted in the actual game).
    • During Golden Sun, if Isaac actually wins the this year's Colosso tournament, he will gain a moderate degree of fame as a gladiator and make some vengeful rivals among his fellow Colosso warriors who suspect his victory came from his matches being rigged, rather than some sort of spiritual force named "Psynergy". Several of the Colosso competitors will appear across the Eastern Sea, with some asking Felix to warn Isaac that several other Colosso Gladiators are seeking revenge. As such, late in The Lost Age when Isaac's party has joined Felix, the three Colosso Gladiators Isaac beat previously will ambush the party in Shaman Village Cave and demand a rematch, but are easily defeated again by the powerful party of Adepts. The gladiators will apologize to Isaac for their actions and receive Isaac's forgiveness, and they give him the Golden Shirt they found earlier in the cave, and as they leave they suggest maybe they can compete against Isaac again in the next Colosso.
    • After competing in Colosso, Isaac may request from Lord Babi to borrow the Cloak Ball. Using this tool, Isaac and his friends can finally sneak into Lunpa Fortress and save Ivan's adoptive father, Hammet. While doing so only provides Isaac and Ivan some clues on how to use the Shaman's Rod (clues they'll never get to use, but ones that will be useful for the player if he or she goes on to play The Lost Age), during the reunion in The Lost Age, Hammet's emissary will send Isaac a reward with Lady Hama to Atteka Inlet – an Orihalcon.
    • Late in Isaac's quest, he will have the opportunity to discover and explore the legendary island cave in the Karagol Sea, Crossbone Isle, and he and his party are powerful and capable enough as Adepts by that point to solve all the island's tricks and traps, loot all its treasures, and possibly even defeat the terrifyingly powerful ancient ghost pirate protecting the treasure, Deadbeard. Once Isaac's deeds are done, pirates across Weyard will somehow learn of it and Isaac's identity, and recalling the stories that the one who defeats Deadbeard will gain the honorific of leader of all pirates, buccaneers will start seeking out this apparently tough and reliable man to join his pirate crew. If the game file where Deadbeard is defeated is used for data transfer into The Lost Age, then in the town of Alhafra, after the pirate Briggs flees the town on a ship and departs back for Champa, a pair of swashbucklers will appear in the second floor of Alhafra's inn as the town updates. The moment Felix's party comes in, an optional cutscene will occur where the two talk about Isaac's exploits and state that that means Isaac is their leader now, and that is why they are now looking for him so that they can join his crew. Then they will pass by Felix's group as they leave the inn on their search. It should be noted that this cutscene can occur anytime after when it can first occur, meaning that it can be triggered late in the game when Isaac's party has joined Felix's. In that case, though, the cutscene will play out exactly as it would otherwise, and the pirate pair will not realize they just passed by their new "leader" as they leave the inn in search of him.


Game message: (in Lady McCoy's room) "Isaac peeked into the wardrobe... There's a silk negligee. Isaac! Put that back!"
  • At Venus Lighthouse:
  • At Jupiter Lighthouse:
Isaac: (To Karst and Agatio, while Garet is in peril nearby) "If you're not here to help my friend, then get out of my way, so I can do it myself!"
Isaac: "Go on, Felix. Take it. I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I trust you… Take the Mars Star."
Isaac: "F, Felix... No! Why are you helping them?"
Isaac: (If Felix loses his battle with Karst and Agatio, and after Karst and Agatio leave) "Blast! They must have taken the elevator to escape!"
Jenna: "We'll be there, Isaac. I hope you still trust me."
Isaac: "I’ve never stopped trusting you, Jenna. I'll be waiting for you in Contigo." (To Felix) "We'll be expecting you. Don't think you can sneak out of this! You owe us an explanation!"
  • During the Reunion at Contigo:
Isaac: "Wait for the end of the world to come or wind up accidentally triggering it ourselves… What a choice…"
Isaac: (To Felix) "Why did you wait so long to tell me? I would have helped you..."
Kraden: "You wouldn't have done it before, Isaac... It would have meant violating the sacred teachings of Vale."
Isaac: "Listen, this is Felix's quest now… We're just doing what we can to help out..."
  • At Mars Lighthouse:
The Wise One: “The people of Prox have committed an unforgivable sin. They must pay the price.”
Isaac: “For lighting the lighthouses? Is that their sin? Does that warrant total destruction?”
Isaac: (After learning of Alex’s deceit) "None of that matters now. We still have to light the beacon. We don't have any choice. If we don't do it now, Prox will be destroyed! Felix… We have to, right?"
Isaac: (After killing the Doom Dragon, which was revealed to actually be Isaac's father and Jenna's parents that the Wise One forced the Adepts to fight and slay) "That's enough… I knew what I was doing the moment I raised my sword. We defied the Wise One in order to save the world. Our parents would understand."
Isaac: "Our quest is almost over. I...don't know how I'm going to tell Mom about this... But sorrow can wait. We've got to light the beacon."
  • Epilogue at Prox:
Isaac: "We're just glad to have helped save Weyard..."
Kraden: "Well, I suppose we should be departing for Vale soon."
Isaac: "You're right, Kraden... If we don't, you-know-who might start causing trouble..."
Isaac: "I just want to be home again... I want to see how my mother is doing..."
Kyle: "Don't worry, Son. I'm sure Dora's doing fine. She's a strong woman."
Isaac: "But last time I saw her, she looked so sick, so weak... Even if nothing happened to Vale, I'm still worried..."
Kyle: "Don't worry, Isaac. I'm sure she's in wonderful shape. I think she'll be surprised to see me!"
Isaac: "It looks like we've got an exciting last trip ahead of us, doesn't it?" (If Felix says yes) "Wow... Setting out like this takes me back to our own quest's start... It was so long ago."
Isaac: "If [Vale]'s not there, then what's the point in even going back?"
Kraden: "Is that really how you feel, Isaac?"
Isaac: "Kraden... Why did the Wise One change our parents into a dragon? Why did he make us fight them? I mean, we almost killed them... He tried to make us kill our own parents. Why?"
Kraden: "Do you think that he intended for them to die from the start?" (If Felix says no) "Ah... You don't understand why he put you through all this if he knew they'd survive... We cannot hope to fathom the motives of a being as all-powerful as the Wise One..."
Isaac: "You don't know either, Kraden?"
Kraden: "I can only hazard a guess... The Wise One... wanted to test you."
Isaac: "What do you mean, test us?"
Kraden: "I cannot tell you more... It is up to you to find the answer. Will we use Alchemy to wage war, to raise armies? Or will we use it to grow wise, to rise above our petty feuds and perform great deeds? You were willing to sacrifice everything for this quest. I'd say you've risen to this challenge."
  • In the Battle Mode lobby:
Isaac: (If you lost a battle and Isaac was not in your party at the time) "You win some, you lose some. That's the nature of competition."
  • At Lookout Cabin:
Isaac: (To the sky) "I appeal to you, Wise One, who watches over all Weyard! Have mercy on us, or give us some sign of what we must do next to save our world from chaos!"
Garet: "Oh, there you go again, Isaac! Wise One THIS... Wise One THAT... Look-wringing our hands and invoking the name of that godlike hunk of rock isn't going to help matters any."
Garet: "I hope Tyrell can really make it to the other side of the forest..."
Isaac: (If Matthew responds with anger) "Hear that, Garet? My son has spoken! We'd better not fail yours."
  • In Tanglewood:
Garet: (About Isaac) "I can usually read him like a book... Even if it is a thick book half the time."
Isaac: "Hmm, yes. Thick book. Funny. Now, if you're done talking, I've had a thought."
Isaac: "Negative energy draws the cold to it-a vile pairing that you should always keep in mind!"
Isaac: "Throw a fireball, Garet."
Garet: "Would it hurt you to say please once in a while?"
Isaac: "Just do it, Garet."
Garet: (Begins casting Fireball, but stops) "Where do you want me to shoot one, Your Highness?"
Isaac: "Anywhere! Just use your Psynergy already."
Isaac: "See? The path ahead is far less tangled now."
Garet: "I guess you're right."
Isaac: "I always am."
Garet: (To Matthew) "He's BEEN right about most things for the last 30 years. It's infuriating."
  • On Lookout Cabin:
Isaac: (To his carrier pigeon) "All right, carry this letter to Kraden, little friend. Good luck to you."
Isaac: (If Matthew approaches him repeatedly) "I cannot leave my post here, since we now believe that someone may be targeting the Wise One. This person has an absolute hatred of the Wise One. Why, we'll never know. But I must stop him--at any cost."

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn's encyclopedia entry for Isaac:

This Earth Adept left his hometown of Vale 30 years ago - and returned to find it destroyed by the Golden Sun event. He lives in the cabin that looks upon distant Mount Aleph, where he trains his son, Matthew, in the use of Psynergy.

In fan circles[edit]

Isaac is one of the main points of interest in the Golden Sun fan fiction community and his shippings are fiercely debated. One of the main pairings involves him and Mia in relationship, and it is dubbed Mudshipping because water and earth can mix to make mud. Isaac's other main pairing is with Jenna, and is called Valeshipping because both characters hail from Vale. Valeshipping became canon with Dark Dawn, as Matthew is the son of Jenna.

Portions of the fanbase disagree with the personality Isaac was given for his speaking role in The Lost Age because he seems curt and abrasive, and his nature as a silent protagonist in the first Golden Sun prompts players to come up with their own interpretation of Isaac (as is the essential purpose of being a silent protagonist).

Isaac has been featured as a contestant in the annual GameFAQs Character Battle popularity polls since 2007. He was unable to make it past the first round in 2007 or 2008, but was able to beat Professor Layton to advance to the second round of 2010, where he lost to the joke character L-Block (representing the Tetris series and which was the grand prize winner of the 2007 battle).

Isaac had been a popular request as a character inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. series since his inception, and even after failing to warrant inclusion in the rosters of both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, he has remained a popular suggestion as a potential DLC character for the Wii U and 3DS games. Smashified, a small collaboration of community members that creates fan renders of as-of-yet absent but oft-discussed characters in the style of the official portraits of characters in Smash 4, posted a render for Isaac on August 20th, 2015.

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