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Warriors of Vale

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The Warriors of Vale (ハイディア戦士 Haidia Senshi) is a term used by characters in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn to refer to the team of eight Adepts who completed the journey to light the four Elemental Lighthouses, triggering the Golden Sun event that unleashed Alchemy back into the world of Weyard. Formed by the group of Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Piers, Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia, they were the eight playable characters of Golden Sun: The Lost Age (the latter four also playable in the original Golden Sun).

The term's Encyclopedia entry reads as follows:

This group of Adepts saved the world by unsealing the force of Alchemy and causing the Golden Sun event 30 years ago. But because the event also brought mass destruction, the Warriors of Vale are widely seen as a controversial group. They are widely seen as a controversial group because of how the Golden Sun event brought mass destruction.


The name of the group apparently derives from the fact that four of the Warriors of Vale, including their leaders Felix and Isaac, originally lived in the town of Vale. The Warriors of Vale are widely known for their journey to restore Alchemy. Though many see the results of Alchemy's return as beneficial, others consider it a curse, so the group remains controversial and the public opinion of their actions varies. Their journey has been recorded in several places: a theme park in Patcher's Place, and a series of books collectively named the Sun Saga.

At some point following Alchemy's return, the Warriors of Vale would travel to the newly founded country of Morgal, where the country's king would assist the warriors in a quest to find a Mountain Roc feather. By this point, the Warriors of Vale were considered some of the strongest Adepts in the world, and thus the king held them in great respect. The Warriors of Vale eventually separated as a collective group. Isaac and Garet settled near the remains of Vale on the Goma Plateau with their two sons, to protect Mt. Aleph and the Wise One. Ivan and Jenna settled with the survivors of Vale at Kalay. Piers began sailing the sea in his ship, in investigation of strange phenomena. Several sources suggest that Mia settled in Imil. However, Felix is said to have left on his own journey soon after the lighthouses were lit, while Sheba's whereabouts are not mentioned at all, leaving the locations of these two Warriors unknown.

As the years passed, it became apparent that the Warriors of Vale, including their mentor, Kraden, were aging more slowly since the Golden Sun event, with members of the group appearing much younger than their true ages. It has been theorized that this slower aging is the result of them having been directly exposed to the energy from the forming Golden Sun. The effects of this are not fully known, though it has been suggested that the adults may well outlive their own children.



  • After the final battle in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, one of the many dummied-out pieces of Mind Read text in Prox * is a thought by the innkeeper NPC that refers to the protagonists as "Felix and the warriors of Vale". Obviously it is debatable whether this should count as canon or as the first "official" usage of the "Warriors of Vale" term in the series. However, whether or not the appropriately-capitalized "Warriors of Vale" phrase or its Japanese equivalent ハイディア戦士 in both language versions of Dark Dawn were derived from this hidden text is a more nebulous question; when the Japanese-language version of Dark Dawn's official phrase, ハイディア戦士 "Haidia Senshi" (accurately translating as "Haidia-Warriors"), is compared to the dummied-out phrase that is used in the Japanese-language version of The Lost Age, ハイディアの戦士 "Haidia no Senshi" (accurately translating as "The Warriors of Haidia"), there is an extra の "no", a character typically used as a particle showing possession. But this does not in any way prove or indicate that these two versions of the phrase in the original Japanese are separate or different from each other because, in colloquial Japanese, the absent の in the Dark Dawn version, though less grammatically correct, is nonetheless still understood to be there, which means that both versions of the Japanese phrase between the two games can be read by a native speaker as "The Warriors of Haidia". Whether the title in Dark Dawn is, in fact, a direct homage to the unused title in The Lost Age in either language-version has never been confirmed, at any rate.
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