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Battle Portrait Amiti.pngAmiti
Element Mercury
Hometown Ayuthay
Age 19
Relatives Veriti (mother)
Paithos (uncle)
Alex (father)
Mia (first cousin once removed)
Rief (second cousin)
Nowell (second cousin)
Hair color Silvery blue
Eye color Turquoise
Battle style Mage
Weapons Light Blades
Staffs (but not Ankhs)
Body armor Clothing
Arm/Hand armor Gloves
Head armor Basic Headgear
Japanese name ハルマーニ Harumani
French name Haru
Italian name Jao

Amiti (ハルマーニ Harumani) is a playable character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He is a Mercury Adept who is the prince of the dry kingdom of Ayuthay near Angara's southern coast.

As a playable character


Amiti is introduced during Matthew's first trip to Ayuthay. He initially tags along with the party as an NPC during their journey to Barai Temple to get the Insight Glass. After being granted the Insight Psynergy, he joins the party permanently as the group's second Mercury Adept. Amiti's Insight is required for access to the Ouroboros. His hatred of pirates leads him to oppose aiding Eoleo, but his opinion tempers after Briggs dies saving Eoleo and Matthew's party.

Amiti is the only character to make use of the Aqua Squire class series which features a similar Psynergy line-up to Piers's Mariner class series. He is generally more combat-oriented than his fellow Mercury Adept, Rief, with his base class offering him a wider variety of offensive options than typical mage-style Adepts. Amiti is a strong, competent mage throughout Dark Dawn because, unlike Rief, his offenses are suitable for front-end battling, and he joins at a high-enough level that he knows the physical Psynergy attack Diamond Dust. Diamond Dust, its upgraded form Diamond Berg, and the Cool Psynergy series are the Psynergies unique to Amiti after being introduced first by Piers.

It can be said that Amiti is the strongest mage to date. He has the highest HP for a mage although the lowest PP. He surpasses every Mercury-Adept in terms of agility (5th fastest in Dark Dawn), and he has the highest attack as a mage. His attack can be capitalized due to his ability to equip Light Blades, allowing him to equip Light Blades with damage-multiplying Unleash effects. Also, he has access to Piers' Elemental physical attack, (Diamond Dust and Diamond Berg) which can do good damage to enemies with Mercury weaknesses. Like Jenna, Amiti has less defense than the warrior adepts but a lot more than the other mages.

When he joins the protagonists, he will be at Level 14 and will have an equipment setup consisting of a Battle Rapier (unleashes mastered), some Adept's Clothes, a Leda's Bracelet, a Silver Circlet and 2 Nuts. He will also have three Mercury Djinn in his possession: Mist, Mellow, and Claw which will automatically upgrade his class to Aqua Knight.

Statistical comparison


Statistically, Amiti shares many similarities with both Piers and Jenna. Amiti's base class has identical multipliers to Piers's class and both Adepts are the sole members of their unique Mercury-aligned base classes, which share a similar lineup.

Like Jenna, Amiti is a mage-styled Adept, which allows him to equip Bows, Robes, Circlets, Armlets, Light Blades, and a limited selection of Staffs. In addition, his base class is an rounded class with average to above average statistics. Amiti has the lowest PP pool out of all the series' mage-style characters. He also possesses an innate Luck rating of four points, shared with Karis, Ivan, and Jenna, which is one point less than fellow Mercury Adept Rief has.

Compared to fellow Mercury Adept Rief, he has much more HP and Defense, somewhat more Attack, and Agility, but a lot less PP, and one less Luck point.


Amiti has the following classes available to him:


Amiti has silvery-blue coloured hair with turquoise coloured eyes. These two features seems to be inherited from Alex. His outfit consists of mainly blue with gold and bits of orange. He wears a silver bracelet on top of his left brown armlet.

Based on the height of battle sprites, he is short for a full-grown male, being shorter than Matthew, Eoleo and Tyrell. At the same time, he is taller than Rief, Himi, and Sveta, while being of comparable height to Karis (if anything slightly shorter, but this may be because of Karis' pony tail).


Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

As a member of Ayuthay's royal family, Amiti is very cordial and polite to everyone. After traveling briefly with Matthew's party, he joins the party in order to assist them in finding the Sol Mask, choosing to continue on out of a desire to improve himself. Despite his congenial nature, he displays a very black and white sense of justice, likely as a result of being sheltered in Ayuthay. His naivety in such matters means that Amiti initially shows little tolerance for those he sees as criminals, such as Briggs and Eoleo. However, his travels help temper his views, particularly when Briggs sacrifices his life to ensure that the group can safely escape Belinsk.

Amiti has shown a sense of formality and respect in certain situations, evidenced when the party visits Kolima Forest, where Amiti quickly pays his respects and bows to Laurel when first meeting her with the party (his companions, and even Laurel herself, tell him to stop, but he objects saying that they should pay their respects to the holy tree). His respectful nature is made fun of should the player wander in the forest and find another tree with a man's face sticking out from a hole inside; Amiti doesn't give a second thought and bows cordially. Near the end of the game, he is shown to empathize greatly with Sveta's distressing situation; both were raised as royalty, and Amiti is shown to understand Sveta's desire to put Morgal's fate before the life of her brother.



Amiti was born to Veriti approximately 19 years before the setting of Dark Dawn. Veriti died soon after Amiti's birth, leaving Amiti as an orphan to be raised by his uncle, King Paithos. Paithos told Amiti, as well as the people of Ayuthay, that Veriti was a powerful adept who not only restored the Alchemy Well, but conceived him from her own power. As Amiti grew, he became very popular amongst the people of Ayuthay, and was described by some as their "golden child." At some point, he became close friends with Baghi of Passaj, and gave Baghi a Tree Flute, so that Baghi could enter Ayuthay's underground.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn


Amiti receives Ayuthay's newest visitors.

When Matthew's party stumbles into Ayuthay, Amiti is summoned. The citizens, who were hiding from Kaocho's army just outside the walls, had overheard a conversation between Matthew's party and the Kaocho generals attempting to invade and feared that they had been discovered. Upon discovering that the intruders were Adepts, and that they had actually come in aid of Passaj, Ayuthay's ally, Amiti chooses to take them to speak with his uncle. Upon meeting with Paithos, the Adepts tell both men about their quest for the Sol Mask; in exchange, Amiti recounts the story of the Alchemy Well's revival. Paithos chooses to take the opportunity to reveal the truth of Amiti's heritage. Amiti's mother was not an adept herself, but instead, she fell in love with a mysterious Mercury Adept. The Adept restarted the Alchemy Well, but left so suddenly that no one except Veriti knew his face. Soon after, Amiti was born, but when Veriti died, the knowledge of his father's identity died with her. Amiti is shocked by the revelation, but comes to accept it.

Paithos gives Matthew's group vital information to assist in their quest for the Sol Mask. The Adepts are told that they will need the Insight Glass, a treasure of Ayuthay located in Barai Temple, in order to find the Sol Mask in the Ouroboros. Amiti offers his services as a guide, stating that the underground city can baffle travelers. First, the party travels to the Alchemy Well. Amiti informs the group that they will have to reverse the flow of the well in order to access the temple, as the temple is currently underwater. Amiti is suddenly telepathically contacted by a being known as the Sand Prince. Following the Sand Prince's instructions, they are able to receive the Sand Prince Stone, which grants the Psynergy needed to reverse the flow of the well. This allows the group to access Barai Temple. After traveling through the dungeon, the Insight Glass chooses Amiti as its master, granting Amiti the ability to use Insight.

After returning to Ayuthay, Amiti announces his intentions to join Matthew's group, as they will need his Insight Psynergy. Though Paithos protests at first, he eventually concedes, and Amiti joins Matthew's group as their second Mercury Adept. His powers immediately prove useful when the Adepts are forced to fight Kaocho's two generals, Ku-Tsung and Ku-Embra. After the Adepts defeat the generals, Amiti assists in devising a plan to keep the generals in Ayuthay's dungeon, as their aimlessly wandering soldiers would not notice them gone.

Amiti's Insight becomes useful during the trek through the Ouroboros, and with his help, the party is able to find the Sol Mask. He travels with them to Passaj, where they use the Mask to restart Passaj's Alchemy Forge. However, the Adepts find that they cannot use the Forge to create a passageway over the mountains. The Sand Prince once again contacts Amiti, informing him of the Ice Queen Stone, which can grant them the ability to reverse the Forge's power, allowing for the creation of the passageway. The Adepts travel to Harapa, where they battle the Ice Queen and reseal her into a stone that grants them the necessary Psynergy. After returning to Passaj, Amiti decides to continue with Matthew's party as they journey across the Clouds of Passaj, citing that the experience will help him improve as a future ruler.

Morgal Region

Amiti puts his contempt for pirates on full display when interacting with the most notorious pirate of all.

Amiti travels with the group through the Clouds of Passaj and the Craggy Peak Ruins into the Khiren Glacier region, eventually reaching the town of Te Rya, where several Sanans, including Ryu Kou and Hou Zan are hiding. From there, the group is directed towards the Teppe Ruins, which lead to Morgal. In the ruins, the party meets with Sveta, a mysterious beastman who possesses the powers of a Jupiter Adept. In exchange for the Adepts returning a bag to the Sanans in Te Rya, Sveta offers to act as a guide through the remainder of the ruins as well as Morgal.

Upon learning that the Adepts intend to search for the Mountain Roc, Sveta chooses to leave the group, offering to rejoin them after hearing the song Arangoa Prelude. When Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis realize that they know little about the Mountain Roc, they ask Amiti and Rief if they have any information. Amiti recounts an encounter with the bird from when he was a child, describing it as being so large that it not only carried off a man but created a whirlwind in the forest he was in.

Amiti and the group explore Morgal, starting with the city of Belinsk, where they intend to meet Kraden. When they realize that Kraden is nowhere to be found, the group travels to Border Town, on the Morgal-Bilibin border, to try to find him. Here, they are given information that Kraden is trapped in Bilibin due to the closing of the border. However, pirates under the command of Briggs relay a message asking for the Adepts' assistance in rescuing his son, Eoleo. Eoleo had been sentenced to being boiled alive by the people of Belinsk. Amiti adamantly refuses to help, citing his negative opinion of pirates in general. However, the rest of the group points out that nothing is black and white; they also point out that the Sanan royal Hou Ju, sister to Ryu Kou is fated to suffer the same punishment, despite her innocence. Amiti agrees to help on that basis.

Amiti is persistently eager to bend the knee toward beings he perceives to be of a higher station than himself.

After a meeting with Briggs, the group seeks out the knowledge of Tret, as he would not only know about Belinsk's defenses, but about the Mountain Roc as well. In Kolima Forest, they are able to meet not only with Tret, but also Laurel. Amiti falls to his knees out of respect as he believes the two Waelda to be divine in nature, despite their protests. While speaking to the group, Tret mistakes Amiti for a relative of Mia, citing their similar auras. While this confuses Amiti, it is not discussed any further. The group travels to Talon Peak, under the accompaniment of Ryu Kou and Hou Zan, who possess the Slap Glove, needed to wake the Mountain Roc. Here, Amiti first meets Blados and Chalis, commanders from Tuaparang who had been manipulating Matthew's party. The two commanders set the Mountain Roc on the Adepts, forcing them to battle the Roc.

After getting the Mountain Roc feather, the group meets with Sveta in Belinsk, Amiti helps Matthew's group rescue Hou Ju and Eoleo, though he and Eoleo begin arguing soon after due to Eoleo taunting Amiti. Before a fight can break out, the group is forced to flee Belinsk due to the Grave Eclipse, which had been triggered in their attempts to rescue Eoleo and Hou Ju. The group heads to Belinsk's port and notice's Briggs's ship docked for them to board. However, Briggs had been fatally injured by the monsters that had appeared after the beginning of the Eclipse. Faced with this sacrifice, Amiti's opinion of pirates changes dramatically.

The Grave Eclipse

Amiti discovers that Paithos has become terminally ill since he left Ayuthay.

After escaping the Eclipse, the group learns that they must travel the world to find various artifacts that will enable them to activate the Apollo Lens, needed to end the Eclipse. During their travels for the Umbra Gear, which are necessary to even enter the Apollo Sanctum, Matthew's party eventually returns to Ayuthay. There, Amiti learns that Paithos is dealing with a fatal illness, presumable a result of the Grave Eclipse. Paithos attempts to step down, but Amiti refuses to take the throne until after the Grave Eclipse has ended, as Amiti is not even sure that he will survive the events to come. Instead, Paithos promises to hold on until Amiti returns for good, but asks Matthew to watch out for Amiti.

Eventually, the group is able to make their way to Apollo Sanctum, home of the Apollo Lens. Just before the group is able to fire the Apollo Lens, they discover that Sveta's brother Volechek has been transformed by Blados and Chalis. Though ending the Grave Eclipse would kill him, Sveta decides it must be done anyway, claiming that as royalty, they have a greater responsibility to Morgal. Being royalty himself, Amiti is shown to sympathize and tries to comfort her by complimenting her courage. Once the Grave Eclipse has ended, Amiti sees Matthew, Tyrell and Karis off on their trip home. He announces his intention to return to Ayuthay, presumably to take the throne, stating that his countrymen likely await his return.

Amiti has yet to find out who his father is, although he cannot stop thinking about Alex during the events at Apollo Sanctum.


  • Amiti's somewhat androgynous appearance caused confusion about his gender. Notably, the official Australian Dark Dawn website lists him as female.
  • There is a striking resemblance between Amiti and Rief, not only in the color of their hair and eyes, but their hair style as well. A small lock of hair on top of both of their heads stand up in a very similar way. Both Mia and Alex have similar hair styles, further implying a somewhat close genetic relation. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.
  • Amiti is so far the only mage-style adept to possess an Elemental Physical Attack (Diamond Dust and Diamond Berg), in his base class, even though it was originally Piers'.
  • The hair colour of Amiti's sprite is the same shade as Nowell's while Rief and Alex have the same hair colour as sprites.
  • Amiti, through his father Alex, is now a member of the Mercury Clan. However, illegitimately.
    • Also, as of Dark Dawn, he is the only illegitimate playable character.
  • He is one of three playable characters adopted. He was adopted by his uncle. Sheba was adopted by Faran. Ivan was adopted by Hammet.
  • Amiti is the only male playable adept in Dark Dawn who cannot equip Maces. He can equip Bows instead.
  • The first indicator of Amiti's existence was in 1:44 of this video, released mid-September 2010. Before the game's release, videos like this showed him with a high HP statistic and Mercury Psynergy, leading people to believe he would be a warrior-style Adept analogous to Piers in terms of statistics. While Piers' Mariner class series is similar to Amiti's Aqua Squire class series, such as having Diamond Dust and Diamond Berg, Amiti's choice of weapons is decidedly more "mage-like" and does not include long swords or axes.
  • In the Japanese version, Amiti would address Mia as his aunt and Rief and Nowell as his second cousins.


In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
  • In Ayuthay:
Amiti: (As Matthew's group wakes up inside Ayuthay's underground) "Their eyes are open, but we have not yet opened their eyes... Welcome, strangers. I'm sorry your arrival was so...jarring."
Amiti: "Adepts are descendants of the Jenei. Thus, by the ancient bonds, we must offer them help and hospitality."
Amiti: "Ancient secrets like these still hold such wonder for me!"
Amiti: "What...what do you mean? My mother conceived me through her miraculous power! I have no father... Do I...? Please, Uncle! You told me that I was conceived of her power! You told everyone in Ayuthay that!"
Paithos: "Now it is the time to tell the truth."
Amiti: "Then you truly will help us? I'm so very grateful, my fr-fr-friends..."
  • In Barai Temple:
Amiti: (After being chosen by the Insight Glass to wield it) "I'm honored, of course! But I cannot say why it would choose me over any of you!"
  • Back at Ayuthay:
Amiti: "Truth be told, I was thrilled to spend time with them! I've never known such excitement!"
Amiti: "The meaning of my life has suddenly become clear at last."
Amiti: (To Paithos) "We can't rely entirely on your kind people to fix the problems plaguing our Ei-Jei region. I must go... Paithos cannot stop me. We can leave, Matthew."
Paithos: "Wait, Amiti, I command you!"
Amiti: "You would stop me, after all that's been said?"
Paithos: (After a moment's hesitation) "That is not my intention. Your convictions have convinced me. Go. Walk the path you have chosen, Amiti. You are one of them now."
Amiti: "Farewell, Uncle."
  • In Passaj (second visit):
Baghi: "You actually got into the labyrinth?"
Amiti: "Of course they did, Baghi. Matthew and his friends are true miracle workers."
Amiti: "It is BOTH our machines, working hand-in-hand, that is bringing about such miracles. These great Adepts have done nothing less than revive our ancient civilization! The descendants of the Jenei have reunited we Exathi peoples! Passaj and Ayuthay-in harmony! I will never forget this moment, the day on which the lands of my birth were forever changed! But I won't be staying in Ei-Jei to enjoy the first days of this new golden age. I would like to accompany my new friends farther on their journey. If they'll have me, that is?"
Bogho: "Are you truly turning away from your royal duties to walk the path of a warrior?"
Amiti: "I am not turning my back on my home, for I will surely return as a wiser son of Ayuthay."
  • In Teppe Ruins:
Rief: "That Sveta cuts an intriguing figure, eh?"
Tyrell: "I just think she'll be an asset to the group...with the mind-reading thing, I mean..."
Amiti: "She only offered her services as a guide. Let us not assume too much yet."
  • In Belinsk:
Amiti: "I am...overwhelmed. There is so much to see and hear. And musicians! They make the city seem so joyful."
  • At Border Town:
Amiti: (As one of the possible responses generated when Matthew repeatedly refuses to read Kraden's letter) "I am surprised that a common pirate was able to swallow his pride and ask a favor of anyone."
Amiti: (Upon hearing of Briggs' attempt to attack the fortified Belinsk Castle from sea to rescue Eoleo) "A head-on assault? This Briggs is obviously suicidally insane."
Amiti: "The Champa pirates are notorious enough that I have heard of Briggs's son, Eoleo. He may even be worse than this scourge of a father. Should we help such a man?"
Rief: "But all we know about this Eoleo is hearsay. We can't judge him yet. If we can't get to Bilibin, then I believe we should help."
Amiti: "We will not help roving sea thugs."
Tyrell: "Sheesh, Amiti, who died and made you prince of the party?"
Karis: "Tyrell..."
Amiti: "Champa is a nation of lawless cutthroats. Their leader does not deserve our help."
Karis: "Amiti, I know you mean well, but I don't think the world is quite that simple."
Amiti: "What do you mean?"
  • At Port Rago (first visit):
Amiti: "What is your purpose in sending us to this Tret?"
Briggs: "Well..."
Amiti: "We expect the full truth, criminal!"
Amiti: (In response to receiving the Hermes' Water from Briggs) "So you were given a treasure but cannot remember its value, so you "thank" us with it. Delightful."
  • In Kolima Village:
Amiti: "The saviors of this village, and we will be sleeping on the ground like animals?"
Amiti: "Your collective curiosity is beginning to rub off on me, I must confess."
  • In Phantasmal Bog:
Amiti: (To Sludge) "Have at you, monster!"
  • In Kolima Forest:
Amiti: (Kneels before Laurel) "I apologize for not recognizing you, Elder Laurel. I am Amiti. It is a great honor to meet you, holy one."
Tyrell: "Pssst! Amiti! What are you doing?"
Amiti: "We are in the presence of an enlightened entity! Bow your heads!"
Laurel: "I prefer to think of us as beings whose long lives allow us to gather a share of the world's knowledge."
Amiti: "I must respectfully disagree. The qualities you describe are the very essence of divinity."
Pewter: "What part of "I'm not a god" do you not understand, fishbrain?"
Amiti: "I am Amiti of Ayuthay. It is a great honor to make your acquaintance."
Tret: "Hmph. Charmed, I'm sure. Another relative of Mia's, right?"
Amiti: (Upon seeing a man stuck inside a hollow tree whose face is the only visible part of his body through an opening in the tree, Amiti kneels) "There is another tree of wisdom..."
  • At Port Rago (second visit):
Amiti: (In response to Briggs refusing to go to Belinsk to save Eoleo from execution because of having a broken-down ship) "I am completely opposed to helping this man in any way."
  • In Belinsk Temple:
Amiti: (After Sveta uses Spirit Sense to gather much information from Matthew's group) "Sveta, that was astounding. I knew you had an extrasensory ability, but still, most impressive."
Amiti: (Concerning letting Sveta accompany their group) "Certainly. An Adept with extraordinary abilities and who knows her way around Belinsk sounds ideal."
Hou Zan: "Please. Allow us to apologize for our recent actions."
Amiti: "Apologize?! I am afraid the stakes are too high for a simple apology to suffice."
Tyrell: (While discussing what Volechek and the Tuaparang apparently plan for the Adepts) "If that's so, heading down the path here is playing right into their scummy hands."
Amiti: "True. But our return path is gone, and we cannot sit idle. Every second brings Eoleo closer to the end."
  • At Belinsk:
Eoleo: (After having been saved from his jail cell and execution by Matthew's group) "Would my saying thanks make you feel good about yourself? Like a big boy?"
Amiti: "I knew saving a pirate was a waste of our time."
Eoleo: "Lemme guess... you’re from Ayuthay, right?"
Amiti: "Yes. Why?"
Eoleo: "Nothin’. I just never saw an Ayuthay wear real clothes before."
Amiti: "Are you TRYING to start a fight, you despicable thug?"
Amiti: (Upon seeing Briggs' death) "I've painted all pirates with the same broad brush and now I find I owe my life to one..."
Amiti: "We are partly to blame for what has happened here, but I cannot imagine how to correct it. For the first time in my life, I feel entirely powerless."
  • Out at sea:
Amiti: "I confess I was hoping to wake up in the palace of Ayuthay... I suppose my old life was the dream, though."
Amiti: (After Kraden decides that Matthew should continue leading and Matthew looks at Amiti) "I would follow no other."
  • In Yamata:
Amiti: "If I look out over the mainland, shadows cover everything I can see...even to my Ayuthay..."
  • In Ayuthay (late-game visit)
Amiti: (Paithos lies terminally ill in bed) "Uncle! I am here too! What is wrong?"
Paithos: "Uncle...? I'm afraid I won't be your uncle for much longer. Paithos shall soon wither away..."
Amiti: "The Grave Eclipse must be doing this!"
Paithos: "My reign is coming to an end. But you look ready to rule. I'm happy to...step down..."
Amiti: "Uncle, no! I cannot stay! We have important things left to do! And I... may not survive what is to come!"
Paithos: "Then I cannot go. Not until you return to me safely, Amiti."
Amiti: "Then hold on, Uncle. We'll be back, I promise you."
  • At the Apollo Lens:
Amiti: (After the party felled the Chaos Hound, only to find out it was Sveta's brother Volechek) "Sveta, if I were Volechek, I would be grateful to you for your courage."
Amiti: "While it is hard to cause Sveta grief, it is the lot of all royalty to survive the loss of loved ones."
Amiti: (To Sveta, who has decided to put herself on the line to activate the Apollo Lens) "I know you feel that the eclipse is your fault because of your connection to Volechek, but you are blameless."
Amiti: (Thinking) "There is nothing more we can do. I wonder why my mind drifts to Alex at times like this..."

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn's encyclopedia entries for Amiti:

This nephew to King Paithos is the prince of Ayuthay. He is also a good friend to Baghi from Passaj.

This prince of Ayuthay long thought he was a miracle born purely of his mother's powers. King Paithos has revealed the truth.
His mother had no powers, and Amiti has inherited his Water Adept abilities from a strong Adept whose identity is a mystery.

In Fan Circles

Amiti is mainly paired with Karis, a pairing dubbed "Stormshipping." It might be because Karis "checks him out" from top to bottom when he announces that he will join the party and she tells him to do something about his clothes. She also stands up for him from time to time.

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