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Insight Glass

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Insight Glass DD.png

The Insight Glass (カルトン Dish) is a Utility Psynergy item found in Barai Temple under Ayuthay. It bestows Insight, a Psynergy that shows its user "what is most needed" in the form of thought bubbles, often depicting other Psynergies. However, the Insight Glass appears to be at least partially sentient and chooses Amiti, someone originally from Ayuthay, to learn Insight. This is a turning point in Amiti's life, as he then joins Matthew and his friends on their journey.

Unlike most Psynergy items, the Insight Glass is not an inventory item.


  • If an Action Replay is used to make all items available in shops, the Insight Glass is shown as an inventory item. It can be purchased for 0 coins and can be equipped on any character, not just Amiti.
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