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Insight encases the screen in a frame that shows which objects in an environment can have which utility Psynergy used on them.

Insight (プレビジョン, Prevision) is a Mercury Utility Psynergy introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Insight costs 1 Psynergy Point to use. The ability to use Insight is bestowed by the Insight Glass that is found in Barai Temple, though the item will not appear in the inventory. In Dark Dawn, the Insight Glass is given to Amiti, meaning that he is the only Adept capable of using it. Its encyclopedia entry reads as follows:

"This water-based Psynergy allows the user to view the true solution required, among other deeper views."


Insight is rather unusual in that it is technically not required to complete the game. When used, the Psynergy appears as a large frame surrounding the screen, akin to a window. Insight's primary function is to give hints to various puzzles, which appears as a thought bubble above the specific puzzle. For instance, a pillar that can be Moved will have a thought bubble with the Move Psynergy's icon in it if the pillar is on-screen when Insight is used. In most of these cases, however, the task can be completed without the use of Insight. Insight is mostly helpful in situations where the player might be stuck, such as when finding the solution to the Capricorn Room puzzle at Craggy Peak Ruins.

Insight can also be used to determine the mood of any person or animal within range, appearing as thought bubbles containing a facial expression. This function has little practical use, but can be helpful in acquiring the Mars Djinni Lava: Using Insight on an NPC in Kaocho will reveal his desire for a Kaocho Dumpling. Fulfilling this desire allows access to the Djinni.

At a few points in the game, Amiti will use Insight automatically. For example, just after acquiring Insight, Amiti will use it to reveal the exit to the chamber, and again to reveal a method to acquire the Mercury Djinni Surge, if it hasn't already been acquired. Insight's main use comes when entering the Ouroboros, as it is said to be required for discovering the true entrance.

Star mercury.gif Mercury 1 PP
"Learn what is most needed." ((DD)) All applicable objects on the screen communicate which Psynergies can be cast on them.
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