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Use Retreat at any point in a dungeon to instantly leave regardless of how deep you're in one.

Retreat (リターン, Return) is a Venus class Utility Psynergy usable in the Golden Sun games and costs 6 Psynergy Points. It is a Psynergy that is inherently known by the Venus Adepts and party leaders within the games, Isaac, Felix and Matthew. The Retreat Psynergy causes the party to "Return to the dungeon's entrance," and is a very practical spell that can be cast at almost any point in almost any dungeon-style location. The manual to the North American version of The Lost Age incorrectly names this Psynergy "Return" in one instance. Of note is that it will return the player to the last entrance used, so if a dungeon has more than one entrance, the usefulness of this piece of Psynergy may vary.

While not actually a Psynergy that is mandatory to beat either game, it can be a huge boon to any party wanting to leave a dungeon without having to backtrack through it. One of the best examples of this is the Tundaria Tower dungeon, where the true prize is located at the beginning but can only be obtained with a special item found at the top. Another good example is after Isaac and Garet first meet with the Wise One and learn that the Sol Sanctum is about to collapse and are told to exit the dungeon. As there are no enemies during that segment, meaning no chance for experience, using Retreat here saves some time. It can also be useful during the beginning of a game, if your party of Adepts are injured and you need to return to an inn and want to avoid as many monsters as possible.

Retreat.gif RetreatDD.gif
Star venus.gif Venus 6 PP
"Return to the dungeon's entrance." ((GS)/(TLA)/(DD)) Teleport back to where you most recently entered the current "named instance area."


  • Usually ineffective in towns, Retreat can be used in Shaman Village, and will have its normal effect of returning you to the last entrance used. This is likely because the Trial Road dungeon area is attached to Shaman Village.
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