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Blaze is used on existing patches of fire to project them outward in a compass direction, which is a basis for several end-game puzzles.

Blaze (プロミネンス, Prominence) is a Mars class Utility Psynergy introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Blaze consumes 1 Psynergy Point with each casting. Its in-game description describes Blaze as the ability to "manipulate flames".

In theory, Blaze is presumably learnable by any Mars Adept who can reach the innermost chamber of Magma Rock, where said Adept can touch a stone table to gain the Psynergy. In practice, Blaze can only be learned by Jenna, despite another Mars Adept being in the party at this time. Blaze's main use is in manipulating already-existing flame sources. When used, Blaze allows Jenna to project the flame in a stream pointing in a cardinal direction. This is integral to solving some puzzles, especially in the Mars Lighthouse, and is required to complete the game, but has nowhere near as many uses as Reveal.

Star mars.gif Mars 1 PP
"Manipulate flames." (TLA-present) Blows an existing flame in a cardinal direction

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