Manticore (Psynergy)

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The Manticore (マンティコア) Psynergy is a stand-alone Mars Support Psynergy featured in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It takes both its name and appearance from the enemy Manticore.

Basic Description

Manticore restores Hit Points to all currently-battling party members that haven't fallen; unlike other mass healing Psynergies, it cannot be used outside of battle. The amount of HP recovered depends on the caster's Mars Power, as well as which Psynergy is actually used.

Star mars.gif Mars 18 PP
Range all.gif
"Restore 300 HP to the whole party." (TLA) All currently-battling, non-downed party members recover around 300 HP.

Visually, Manticore features the user summoning a Manticore, which heals the party. The healing is symbolized by red sparks of energy, similar to that of the Aura Psynergy series, entering each member of the party.

Recovery Calculations

As previously stated, the exact strength of Manticore depends on the caster's Mars Power. To be specific, the outcome can be represented with the following formula:

HP restored = Base HP recovery rating * (Power / 100)

The caster's Mars Power is divided by 100 and multiplied by the base HP restored; the Power rating is effectively treated as an exact percentage. As a result, an Adept with less than 100 Mars Power would heal less than the advertised amount of HP, while an Adept with more than 100 Mars Power would heal more. If an Adept has 124 Mars Power, the Psynergy literally heals 24% more than what is listed in the game. The highest any Power rating can reach is 200, so if the user has 200 Mars Power, the healing potency of Manticore is doubled.


Manticore is unique to the Tamer class series, specifically to the Beast Lord stage. The Tamer class is available to any Adept that has equipped the Trainer's Whip, available on in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In addition, the Beast Lord stage must be accessed by having the Adept in question setting 9 Djinn, divided equally between the three elements other than that Adept's natural element. Assuming the Adept is in the correct class, Manticore will be learned at Level 38.


Most healing abilities of the Tamer class series are not extraordinary, particularly when considering the Tamer's low PP. Manticore, however, is decent enough that it can be useful in certain situations. It is more efficient that the other mass heal, Estre Wood, restoring 120 more HP for only 4 more PP. It is directly in between Cool Aura and Pure Wish in terms of power, with only 100 HP and 2 PP worth of difference in either direction. When choosing to use Manticore, however, it is worth keeping the Tamer's limited PP in mind, saving it for truly necessary situations.

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