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Elemental Power

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Some characters are naturally higher in elemental power than others, and power levels are further raised by the amount and elements of set Djinn.

Elemental Power, often just called power, is a battle statistic that modifies the amount of damage or healing an Adept will do with element-based attacks such as Summon sequences and weapon unleashes or element-based healing spells like Ply Well.

Basic Description[edit]

The Elemental Power of an Adept is affected by several factors: their own elemental affinity, Djinn lineup, and equipment. At any time, the maximum Power or Resistance of any element on any character or monster is 200. Naturally, Adepts typically have the most power in their innate element, and lesser, yet fairly equal power in the other three elements. Playable Adepts with no Djinn set and no power-increasing items equipped will have 104 power in their innate element, 78 power in their neutral element (Mercury-Venus and Jupiter-Mars), 77 power in their opposed element (Mercury-Mars and Jupiter-Venus), and 76 power in their symbiotic element (Mercury-Jupiter and Venus-Mars).

Setting Djinn is the easiest way for a playable Adept to increase Elemental Power. Each set Djinn will increase the Power in the corresponding element by 5 points per Djinn. However, certain pieces of equipment, such as the Virtuous Armlet, will increase Power when equipped. However, this equipment is usually limited in number, and only affects a certain element. In battles, the player can increase an Adept's Power in a certain element by having that character perform a Summon. Summoning increases Power according to the number and type of Djinn used to fuel the Summon. For example, summoning Atalanta would increase Jupiter Power by 30, while summoning Judgment would increase Venus Power by 100. Unlike Elemental Resistance, there are no Psynergies capable of raising Elemental Power.

Like playable Adepts, most enemy monsters or Adepts will possess the highest power in the element they are aligned with. However, the Elemental Power in the other three elements varies greatly. Some enemies may possess a decent Power in a secondary element, or may have low Power in all three elements. Non-Adept humans will also have Elemental Power ratings. However, these ratings will usually be equal across all four elements, and fairly low in comparison to elementally-aligned enemies.

Battle Mechanics[edit]

In battle, Elemental Power works as a percentage multiplier on Element-based attacks, which include Psynergy, many Enemy Abilities, and weapon Unleashes. Offensive Elemental Psynergy that has base power values like Quake Psynergy series, Elemental Physical Attacks that deal otherwise normal physical attacks like Ragnarok, and curative Psynergy like Cure Well all have their own formulae for how strongly the user's Elemental Power affects their damage outputs - and the Resistance of the target is a part of the formulae for the effects that are not curative. These are described in detail below:

  • For an Elemental Power offense like a Psynergy or a Summon, suppose the user casts Mother Gaia, a Venus-aligned Psynergy spell with 100 base power, against a single target. If the user's Venus Power and the target's Venus Resistance are equal, Mother Gaia will do 100 - 103 damage (all attacks randomly add anywhere between zero and three damage points to the total result). If the user has 30 more Venus Power than the target's Venus Resistance, this value of 30 is divided by 200 to make 0.15, and 1 is added to make 1.15. The damage that the spell would do is multiplied by this 1.15, so Mother Gaia would do 115 - 118 damage. In theory, if the user has the maximum of 200 Venus Power and the target has the minimum 0 Venus Resistance, the damage result of Mother Gaia is doubled, dealing 200 - 203 damage where it would have done 100 - 103 damage otherwise.
  • For healing Psynergies, the associative Elemental Power is divided by 100 (converted into a multiplier) and multiplied by the base power of the psynergy. An Elemental Power less than 100 would decrease the output, while being greater than 100 would increase it. As an example, with Cure Well having a base power of 150, a user casting with 77 Venus Power would only effectively heal 77% as much as a 100 Venus Power user's 150 HP. With 200 Venus Power, Cure Well would double its output to 300 - 303 HP.
  • For an elemental physical attack like the Ragnarok Psynergy, a typical weapon Unleash, or a Pure-Element weapon like Gaia Blade hitting the enemy without Unleashing, suppose the damage output is 200. If the user has 124 Venus Power and the target has 72 Venus Resistance, the difference between them, 52, is divided by 400 to make 0.13. 1 is added to this to make 1.13, and this is the multiplier that is applied to the damage of the attack, so that instead of 200 - 203 damage it deals 226 - 229 damage. By this formula, if the user has 20 more Venus Power to make 144, total damage would be 236 - 239. In theory, if the user has the maximum of 200 Venus Power and the enemy has 0 resistance, the 200 damage of the base attack would be increased to 300 - 303.

Ways to increase Elemental Power[edit]

Temporary increases[edit]

  • Using a Summon will increase that character's Elemental Power. Such increases are generally in the same element as the djinn required for the summon, with greater increases correlating to greater numbers of djinn.

Permanent increases[edit]

Ways to decrease Elemental Power[edit]

There are no known ways to decrease Elemental Power, however it should be noted that the Break Psynergy will eliminate all bonuses any affected Adepts have received from Summoning or any stat-boosting Psynergy/Djinn in battle.

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