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The save menu in Golden Sun

The Travel Log is one of the options introduced in the Main Menu of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

It is very important to players primarily because it contains the Save option where one can save their game progress. Aside from that, it includes important details about your current save file.

Prior to Dark Dawn, the save screen contained icons of your current party members (but only the members in your active party), the number of djinn that your party has for each element, your main character's level, the play time, and the number of coins you have currently.


In the Dark Dawn save screen, first is the portraits of active party members, or those that appear when engaging a battle. Second is the list of Djinn caught per element. Third, and one of the unique features of the Travel Log is the Objective where the player can remember what to do next.

The Objective Screen[edit | edit source]

The Objective screen is a unique part of the Travel Log option in Dark Dawn and is useful especially to players who rush into dialogues and missed reading the next thing to do or to those who haven't played in a while and have forgotten where they have stopped. The Objective screen reminds the player of the task needed to proceed further in the game, without literally pointing at what to do next.

List of Objectives in Dark Dawn[edit | edit source]

Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.
  • Objective: Find Tyrell at the crash site!
  • Objective: Meet Kraden in Carver's Camp!
  • Objective: Get the temple's Insight Glass!
    • Details: Paithos says that you cannot find the true way into the Ouroboros unless you have the Insight Glass from the pond temple. Use the Alchemy Well to lower the water, then get the relic from inside.
    • Prerequisites: Speak to Paithos for the first time.
  • Objective: Find the way into the Ouroboros!
    • Details: Now that Amiti possesses Insight Psynergy, head back to Kaocho and find the true way back into the Ouroboros, where the Sol Mask awaits.
    • Prerequisites: Acquire the Insight Glass at the bottom of Barai Temple. Be aware that the Insight Glass is not an inventory item.
  • Objective: Get the Sol Mask!
    • Details: Using the powers at your disposal, you found the way into the true depths of the Ouroboros. Now you must get the Sol Mask from inside.
    • Prerequisites: Return to the Ouroboros after Amiti joins the party.
  • Objective: Restore the Alchemy Forge!
    • Details: You have the Sol Mask, so head to Passaj and restore the Alchemy Forge to full operation.
    • Prerequisites: Acquire the Sol Mask hidden within the Ouroboros.
  • Objective: Return to the sky platform!
    • Details: You restored the Alchemy Forge to full operation. Now head to Passaj's sky platform to take the legendary cloud passage to distant Craggy Peak.
    • Prerequisites: Install the Sol Mask into the Alchemy Forge.
  • Objective: Find the Ice Queen Stone!
    • Details: There is one more ancient secret for creating a passage to Craggy Peak: putting the Alchemy Forge in reverse. To do that, you'll need Psynergy from the Ice Queen Stone hidden in the Harapa ruins.
    • Prerequisites: Attempt to travel to Craggy Peak after returning the Sol Mask to the Alchemy Forge.
  • Objective: Put the Alchemy Forge in reverse!
    • Details: You have the Ice Queen Stone from the Harapa ruins. Use its Psynergy to put Passaj's Alchemy Forge into reverse--and create the cloud passage to Craggy Peak!
    • Prerequisites: Defeat the Ice Queen in Harapa Ruins.
  • Objective: Cross the clouds to Craggy Peak!
    • Details: With the Alchemy Forge in reverse, cross the Clouds of Passaj to the far side of the sky, where Craggy Peak awaits you!
    • Prerequisites: Use Cold Snap on the two puddles in the Alchemy Forge.
  • Objective: Descend from Craggy Peak!
    • Details: After reaching Craggy Peak, you found more ancient Neox ruins. Find a way through them to descend from the peak.
    • Prerequisites: Cross the Clouds of Passaj.
  • Objective: Cross the glacier and find a town!
    • Details: You puzzled your way through the Craggy Peak ruins and reached the Khiren Glacier. Find someone who can tell you how to get north into Morgal from here.
    • Prerequisites: Leave the Craggy Peak Ruins.
  • Objective: Explore the Teppe ruins!
    • Details: You met Ryu Kou and Hou Zan in Te Rya village. They told you of a path through the Teppe ruins that leads north to Morgal.
    • Prerequisites: Visit the tent in Te Rya Village where the Sanan soldiers are resting.
  • Objective: Deliver the bag to Ryu Kou!
    • Details: You met Sveta in the Teppe ruins, and she gave you a bag to be delivered to the concerned villagers of Te Rya.
    • Prerequisites: Meet Sveta in Teppe Ruins.
  • Objective: Meet up with Sveta in Teppe!
    • Details: You delivered the bag to a grateful Ryu Kou. Go meet Sveta in the Teppe ruins so she can guide you to Morgal.
    • Prerequisites: Return the Elegant Bag to Ryu Kou's group.
  • Objective: Travel through Teppe to Morgal!
    • Details: Now that Sveta has joined your party, you can pass through the Teppe ruins. Navigate your way into Morgal.
    • Prerequisites: After delivering the Elegant Bag to Ryu Kou, return to the room where Sveta gave Matthew the bag.
  • Objective: Find Kraden in Belinsk!
    • Details: Sveta has left your party until after you deal with the Mountain Roc. You'll want some guidance before tackling it, so try to find Kraden in Belinsk.
    • Prerequisites: Reach the other side of the Teppe Ruins.
  • Objective: Head toward Border Town!
    • Details: Kraden has apparently not yet made it to Belinsk. Also, the minstrels you need to signal Sveta have scattered across Morgal. Perhaps if you head toward Border Town, you can meet Kraden on the way?
    • Prerequisites: Leave Belinsk after searching for Kraden.
  • Objective: Meet Briggs in Port Rago!
    • Details: In Border Town you received a letter from the notorious pirate, Briggs. He asked for your help and can probably be found in Port Rago, getting his ship repaired.
    • Prerequisites: Meet the Champan pirates in Border Town.
  • Objective: Activate the Apollo Lens!
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