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Carver (ハチェット Hatchet) is a minor character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He is one of the many refugees from Vale from when it was destroyed by the Golden Sun event at the end of The Lost Age.


Carver trusts his life to a structurally compromised ancient gondola that he will use to cross the chasm of his camp.

Carver lives for his trade as a lumberjack, and has founded Carver's Camp. In the nearby Goma Highlands, Carver is attributed as the author of several signs giving tips to lumberjacks. Early in Dark Dawn, Matthew's group comes to Carver's Camp in search of Kraden. However, a Psynergy Vortex destroyed the bridge to Bilibin. Thus Kraden, asked Carver to let the party know to travel to an alternate meeting place in the Konpa Ruins. Carver passes on Kraden's message when the group arrives. At the same time, he tries to come up with a plan to travel to the other side of the camp. With the assistance of two other lumberjacks using the Grip Psynergy, Carver is able to cross the gap by means of an old and broken gondola.


  • In Goma Highlands Road:
Carver's sign: "Experience the great outdoors! Climb a tree! - Carver"
  • In Carver's Camp:
Assistant 1: "Hey, where are you going?! Trying to figure out a way past the vortex to the other side?"
Assistant 2: "We have to check on the rest of the camp. Maybe the gondolas can get us past it."
Carver: "Well then, hop to it, men! No vortex is going to get the best of ME."
Assistant 1: "It might hold together. But just barely."
Carver: "Barely? That's better than nothing."
Assistant 1: "Hang on, Carver... You're not actually going to ride it, are you?"
Carver: "With a little elbow grease and some Psynergy..."
Assistant 2: "Not another one of your crazy schemes, Carver..."
Carver: "And you call yourself a lumberjack! Come on, show some gumption!"
Assistant 1: "Don't chance it. That thing's too rickety!"
Tyrell: "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm in awe of Carver."
Karis: "Of course you would say that. I'm surprised that you didn't volunteer for his crazy plan."
Carver: "Watch this, kids. This is about to get REAL interesting. All right, men, get ready! Hurry it up!"


  • In the English-language version of the game, the signs throughout the Goma Highlands and the Lumberyard are signed by Carver. However, in the Japanese-language version, they are signed by the Woodman Lumberjack Association.