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Te Rya Village's current location as of Dark Dawn is in the Khiren Mountains.

Te Rya (テイリャ, Teirya) is a small village near the Khiren Mountains and the Teppe Ruins. Ryu Kou and Hou Zan are first encountered here, when seeking safety. Also, a shadowy figure that seems to be following Matthew's party is first encountered here.


Te Rya is a nomadic tent village that has just settled near a routine Khiren Water-harvesting operation.

Te Rya is located in the Khiren Highlands, a snowy area in central Angara, and is nearly completely enclosed by the Khiren Mountains. The village was founded by a group of nomadic farmers, so the village's houses are designed to be easily moved to allow the farmers to easily follow the sheep and goats they herd. The inhabitants constantly keep themselves warm through the heat coming from the torches located around the village. The village is also a source of free-flowing Khiren Water.

Travel to and from the city is limited. While the Teppe Ruins to the north serve as a passage to Morgal, the ruins are crumbling, making travel difficult for non-Adepts. However, Adepts can also travel to the village from the south, via the Clouds of Passaj.


Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

After the events of the Morgal Revolution, the Sanan royal Ryu Kou, alongside his mentor Hou Zan seek Te Rya as a place of refuge alongside other Sanan citizens. They offer to watch the gate of the town in exchange for permission to stay there. One day, Ryu Kou encounters a group of travelers, Matthew and his party, who seek to enter the town. Ryu Kou refuses to allow them to enter, due to fears that the group are Morgal spies. Tyrell soon realizes that Ryu Kou is not a local, but Ryu Kou refuses to discuss the matter. Eventually, Hou Zan forcefully makes Ryu Kou give the group entry.

Te Rya's entrance is initially guarded by Ryu Kou

While exploring the town, Matthew occasionally notices a shadowy figure, though none of the citizens appear to notice. In one house, Matthew overhears a conversation between and man and woman; the woman had been searching for a bag belonging to a girl named Hou Ju. At her request, Matthew agrees to alert her if he finds it. Later, Matthew enters another house, where he finds two injured mercenaries. Before Matthew can investigate further, Hou Zan and Ryu Kou arrive. The two men explain that they cannot allow Matthew's group to roam freely, and ask where they intend to go. Hou Zan realizes that Matthew's party is made up of Adepts, and tells them of the Teppe Ruins, which will allow the group to continue to their destination in Morgal.

Matthew's group explores the ruins, but come to a dead end. Fortunately, they meet Sveta, who had been following them earlier. She offers her services as a guide, but asks that they return the bag she had found earlier. Being a beastman, she would risk being attacked if she tried to approach the Sanans herself.

Matthew's group returns to Te Rya and presents the bag to Ryu Kou and the other Sanans. Realizing that Matthew's group is trustworthy, Ryu Kou tells the Adepts of their situation. Hou Ju, Ryu Kou's sister, had been captured by Morgal forces and was being imprisoned despite her innocence. The bag had contained several of her belongings, which Ryu Kou hoped to return to her. Meanwhile, one of the Sanans notices something in the bag. When Matthew's party prepares to return to the Teppe Ruins, they notice Ryu Kou, Hou Zan, and several others prepare to leave the village.

Spoilers end here.Those who did not want the plot ruined for them may now continue reading as normal.


Te Rya's inn is located in the southeast portion of the village and costs 10 coins per party member.

Name Class Cost Effect
Claymore DD.gif Claymore Long Sword 4000 Attack +70, Unleashes Critical Strike and Spin Strike
Composite Bow DD.gif Composite Bow Bow 1600 Attack +65, Unleashes Double Shot and Arrow Shower
Chain Mail DD.gif Chain Mail Armor 2000 Defense +25
Jerkin DD.gif Jerkin Robe 2400 Defense +26
Gauntlets DD.gif Gauntlets Gloves 1600 Defense +23
Heavy Armlet DD.gif Heavy Armlet Bracelet 2000 Defense +25
Mail Cap DD.gif Mail Cap Hat 2000 Defense +23
Guardian Circlet DD.gif Guardian Circlet Circlet 3400 Defense +25
Frost Wand DD.gif Frost Wand Staff 5400 Attack +76, Unleashes Critical Strike and Frost Bite
Item Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Herb DD.png Herb Consumable Item 10 Restores 50 HP to one Adept
Antidote DD.png Antidote Consumable Item 20 Cures Poison and Venom from one Adept
Elixir DD.png Elixir Consumable Item 30 Removes Stun, Sleep, and Delusion from one Adept
Sacred Feather DD.png Sacred Feather Consumable Item 70 Temporarily lowers monster encounter rate
Trusty Staff DD.png Trusty Staff Rare item 8 Used in Teppe Ruins to acquire Dewdrop
Lighting a torch will cause the sheep to move, allowing the player to reach Fury.


DjinnDDIconFury.gif Mars Djinni Fury: Located on a ridge in town. The path to the Djinni is initially blocked by a sheep.

Apple DD.png Apple: A pot in the northern house.
Coin DD.png Coin: 1 coin in a pot in the inn.
Nurses Cap DD.gif Nurse's Cap: Enter the nearby house to the Mars Djinn (where two people are talking about Hou Ju's Bag) and check the drawer.

Cultural references

Te Rya Village may be a reference to both the Tarim Basin and the Keriya River that flows into it from the mountains to the south. The various mountain ranges surrounding the Tarim Basin form the namesake and inspiration for the Khiren Mountains, and the Tarim Basin's Taklamakan Desert was previously the inspiration for the Lamakan Desert – but unlike that desert, the Taklamakan is one of the coldest deserts in the world, a fitting setting for Te Rya Village and the Khiren Mountains.

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