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Kibombo is located in the upper-middle of Gondowan, with The Great Gabomba at the rear of the village.

Kibombo (キボンボ村 Kibombo Village) is a large village in the Northern half of the Southern region of Gondowan, just south of the Suhalla Range. The architecture and culture of the village resembles pre-European Sub-Saharan Africa, of which the Zulu's are a clichéd example. When you first arrive in Kibombo, you find that an initiation ceremony is underway. All of the buildings are closed and the villagers are choking the road to the ceremony, all hoping to glimpse their new witch doctor.

Although apparently warlike and violent in nature, Kibombo's warriors are in fact primarily hunters and farmers. Their fearful reputation comes from the fact that their spears, which are laced with a deadly poison, and their protective body paint, which their witch doctor makes using his magic, are much more potent than standard weapons or armor. The fact that the warriors are the primary food collectors for Kibombo also has the side-effect of forcing the residents to eat substandard food while they are away, much to the detest of the local children.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age

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The town's Inn service is provided in the building to the lower right with a fee of 12 coins per Adept.

Weapon Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Battle Mace.gif Battle Mace Mace 2600 Attack +56
Battle Rapier.gif Battle Rapier Light Blade 2900 Attack +58
Broad Axe.gif Broad Axe Axe 1400 Attack +50
Claymore.gif Claymore Long Sword 4000 Attack +70
Frost Wand.gif Frost Wand Staff 5400 Attack +76, Unleashes Frost Bite
Armor Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Adepts Clothes.gif Adept's Clothes Clothing 850 Defense +18, Max PP +8
Armlet.gif Armlet Bracelet 900 Defense +17
Chain Mail.gif Chain Mail Armor 2000 Defense +25
Gauntlets.gif Gauntlets Gloves 1600 Defense +23
Iron Helm.gif Iron Helm Helm 1600 Defense +20
Iron Shield.gif Iron Shield Shield 1200 Defense +20
Silk Robe.gif Silk Robe Robe 1400 Defense +20
Silver Circlet.gif Silver Circlet Circlet 1300 Defense +16
Item Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Antidote.gif Antidote Consumable Item 20 Cures Poison and Venom from one Adept
Elixir.gif Elixir Consumable Item 30 Cures Sleep, Stun, and Delusion from one Adept
Herb.gif Herb Consumable Item 10 Restores 50 HP to one Adept
Nut.gif Nut Consumable Item 200 Restores 200 HP to one Adept
Sacred Feather.gif Sacred Feather Consumable Item 70 Temporary lowers monster encounter rate


The following items can be found in the town houses following the episode inside the Gabomba Statue when day arrives:

  • Lucky Pepper.gif Lucky Pepper: Found in jar on the left side of village
  • Lucky Medal.gif Lucky Medal: In a blue jar in the northwest two-room house in town.
  • Nut.gif Nut: In a barrel in the second floor of the Inn.
  • Mercury djinn.gif Spring is in Piers’ possession when he joins your party at Kibombo.
  • Mercury djinn.gif Shade is in Piers’ possession when he joins your party at Kibombo.


Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.
Felix standing on somebody's rooftop.
Using Move to help Piers.

The Kibombo worship a deity called The Great Gabomba which is a spirit that resides in a huge clockwork and Psynergy powered statue to the north of the town. The Kibombo are ruled by a wise Witch Doctor who must undergo a test of offering to the Great Gabomba to validate his or her leadership. The people of Kibombo are slightly more warlike than their peaceful southern neighbors in the village of Naribwe, and they patrol the Kibombo Mountains to the south tenaciously. The latest Witch Doctor, Akafubu is childish and reckless, and thus has difficulty accessing his potential. It doesn't help that the Great Gabomba keeps refusing to acknowledge that his skills are sufficient, undermining his self-confidence. What no one realizes is that the fault is not that Akafubu's skills are insufficient (they're not), but that the system that would conduct the Witch Doctor's Psynergy to the Gabomba spirit has broken down from age.

Once the ritual is completed, the village's warriors return to their primary job of collecting food and Kibombo quiets down again. They relay this message of peace to the nearby settlement of Naribwe via smoke signals, much to their neighbour's relief.

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