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Imil is located on the top region of Angara, near the Mercury Lighthouse.
Landmass Angara
Game(s) Golden Sun
Inn Pricing 8 coins per adept
Services Item Vendor
Weapon Vendor
Armor Vendor

Imil (イミル村 Ymir Village) is the northernmost village in Angara, and the second northern-most settlement in Weyard (with only Prox being further north). Imil is close to Mercury Lighthouse, and the members of the Mercury Clan who guard the lighthouse live in the village. It is home to the Mercury Adepts Mia and Alex. Story-wise, it is a very important village as it is where you first meet Mia and you must come here before you can enter the lighthouse.

In Golden Sun

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Imil is a village that is visited relatively early in the first Golden Sun. Through the story that occurs here the player is introduced to Mia and is given some back story to Alex. It can be visited anytime after leaving the Goma Cave but it is recommended that players first visit Bilibin, Kolima, and complete the Kolima Forest before coming to Imil. This is because the monsters around Imil and Mercury Lighthouse are stronger and more difficult than those in the Kolima region, so by completing the above three areas first the player should be at a sufficient level to conquer the neighboring lighthouse.

When you first arrive most of the village is in bed and most inquires lead the player to where Mia is. Players cannot enter Mercury Lighthouse until after a cutscene in Imil which introduces Mia and her Mercury Psynergy. After the cutscene it is recommended players grab the Empty Bottle from the nearby treasure chest as it will be needed later.


Imil's Inn is located in the southeastern-most building and costs 8 coins per Adept. The sanctum is on the west side of the village, however, just north of the cemetery. The weapon and armor vendors are closed until Mercury Lighthouse is re-lit.

Weapon Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Broad Sword.gif Broad Sword Long Sword 1000 Attack +40
Hunters Sword.gif Hunter's Sword Light Blade 520 Attack +28
Battle Axe.gif Battle Axe Axe 280 Attack +24
Heavy Mace.gif Heavy Mace Mace 500 Attack +26
Blessed Ankh.gif Blessed Ankh Staff 1600 Attack +44, Unleashes Psyphon Seal
Armor Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Leather Armor.gif Leather Armor Armor 240 Defense +12
Adepts Clothes.gif Adept's Clothes Clothing 850 Defense +18, Max PP +8
Bronze Shield.gif Bronze Shield Shield 500 Defense +14
Leather Gloves.gif Leather Gloves Gloves 220 Defense +10
Leather Armlet.gif Leather Armlet Bracelet 180 Defense +7
Open Helm.gif Open Helm Helm 180 Defense +9
Wooden Cap.gif Wooden Cap Hat 400 Defense +10
Item Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Herb.gif Herb Consumable Item 10 Restore 50 HP to one Adept
Antidote.gif Antidote Consumable Item 20 Cures Poison and Venom from one Adept
Elixir.gif Elixir Consumable Item 30 Removes Stun, Sleep, and Delusion from one Adept
Sacred Feather.gif Sacred Feather Consumable Item 70 Temporarily lowers monster encounter rate


  • Coin.gif 9 Coins: Found in the jar next to the house in the upper left corner of Imil.
  • Lucky Medal.gif Lucky Medal: Found on the top left grave in the cemetery.
  • Sleep Bomb.gif Sleep Bomb: Found in a barrel inside the room with the weapon and armor vendors, on the center left side.
  • Lucky Pepper.gif Lucky Pepper: Found inside a stove in the Inn.
  • Empty Bottle.gif Empty Bottle: Found inside a chest in the elders' house.
  • Vial.gif Vial: Found inside a treasure chest on top of the cliff, which is reached by sliding across the frozen river.
  • Mars djinn.gif Fever is in a cave inside the frozen waterfall. In order to reach it you must use Move on the snowman, pushing it onto the river so you can use it as an extra stop on the ice. The snowman is at the top of the map on the right hand side of the bridge. Fever joins without a fight.


Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

For many generations the Mercury Clan has been responsible for keeping Mercury Lighthouse from being lit. In the present day of Golden Sun, the clan has been reduced to a mere four members: Mia, Alex, Justin, and Megan. Some time before the Elemental Stars are stolen from Sol Sanctum, Alex decides to abandon his duty and aid Saturos and Menardi in relighting the lighthouses. However, unlike the Proxians who wanted to save Weyard from eroding into oblivion, Alex wished to obtain the raw power of the Golden Sun for himself.

Imil is a wintry village that experiences annual flu epidemics.

Isaac, Garet, and Ivan, intent on stopping Alex and his companions from lighting the lighthouses, arrive in Imil while much of the village is in the grip of a powerful, debilitating cold. Mia is being kept busy staving off the worst of the cold's effects and unintentionally demonstrates her healing abilities to Isaac's party when they finally find her. As fate would have it, Alex broke the seal that keeps non-Adepts out of the lighthouse, which manages to catch Mia's attention and arouse Isaac's suspicion. Mia then rushes off to investigate, with Isaac's party hot on Mia and Alex's trails.

Ultimately Isaac's team, even with Mia's assistance, are unable to scale the lighthouse fast enough to keep it from being lit. Fortunately, with the Mercury Beacon glowing brightly, the fountain at the base of the lighthouse is filled with the Water of Hermes, mystical water that can heal all wounds and diseases. With the fountain flowing once again, Imil would never need to fear illness again. Knowing this, and realizing that she had failed in her most important duty, Mia decides to continue traveling with her new friends and help them keep the remaining lighthouses unlit. Before leaving, though, Mia stops by the sanctum to say goodbye to Megan and Justin. After reassuring the two that Imil will survive with the beacon lit, she leaves the village in their hands as the children wish her good luck on her new mission.

Although Imil itself does not appear during Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Justin and Megan are seen at the end of the game. They are at the base of Mercury Lighthouse, warning people on the Wise One's behalf that the area around the lighthouse will become very dangerous now that Alchemy has been unsealed. Somehow they can hear Mia's voice, despite her being atop the Aerie of Mars Lighthouse, and likewise Mia and her companions can hear the young Mercury Adepts.

Imil is mentioned a few times in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, always for being Mia's hometown or its relation to the Mercury Lighthouse, but does not appear, even as an unreachable location on the map (as the Mercury Lighthouse does). Of note is that Imil would be under the effects of the Grave Eclipse.

Spoilers end here.Those who did not want the plot ruined for them may now continue reading as normal.

Name Origin

Imil is a corruption of Ymir, which the Japanese name イミル may also be transliterated as. Ymir was the Norse Giant slain by the Aesir God Odin and his brothers in the Norse Creation myth. As progenitor of the Giants (Jötnar) , his bloodline led to the enemies of the gods. However, more importantly, Odin and his brothers used Ymir's body to create the world. Imil, being in a location on Weyard similar to Scandinavia, reflects this Norse tradition.

  • Also, a Russia Peninsula named Taymyr (タイミル) is similar with イミル.
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