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Mercury Clan

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Mia is stricken with shock by Alex's breaking of the Mercury Clan code.

The Mercury Clan is one of the four canonically mentioned clans of adepts in the Golden Sun games; the others being the Mars Clan, Jupiter Clan, and the Umbra Clan. It was based in modern-day Imil in the ancient past.


When Alchemy was sealed away the Mercury Clan was designated as the sworn guardians of the Mercury Lighthouse near Imil, given the responsibility to ensure that the Lighthouse is never activated so that Alchemy's seal may be broken. In the present age, only seven individuals are known to be alive: Alex, Mia, Rief, Nowell, Justin and Megan and Amiti (as he is the son of Alex, he has Mercury Clan's blood inside him). Alex breaks his bloodline's code in Golden Sun by helping Saturos light Mercury Lighthouse with the Mercury Star and travelling with him across Weyard to activate all the rest. Mia, in response to this betrayal, joins Isaac's party in pursuing Saturos and Alex.

The Fish symbol seen in Mars Lighthouse.

Connection with Mars Lighthouse Symbols[edit]

Because of the mutations and special abilities other clans are known to have, such as the dragon-like characteristics of Proxians and the alleged ability of Jupiter Clans-people to fly, it can be speculated rather easily that Mercury Clan member hair color can be attributed to their alignment with the Mercury element. Mars Lighthouse reveals that each element has a corresponding symbol associated with it. The symbol of the Mercury Clan is the fish. However, neither Mia nor Alex appear to have any actual resemblance or characteristic of this symbol.


Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.
  • Amiti: Alex's (supposed) son