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Coin.gif Coins are the currency of Weyard. These are individual units of gold that are amassed by both party characters and enemies. Like in most other RPGs, coins are used to buy items in the various vendors around the world, gamble at Lucky Medal Fountains, Lucky Dice and Super Lucky Dice, stay at Inns and utilise the services of the healers, among other things. The maximum amount of coins that can be carried at any one time in every Golden Sun game so far is 999,999.

Obtaining coins[edit]

There are seven ways to get coins:

  • Battle: All enemies and bosses in the series, except for the final bosses, drop coins when they are defeated. This is the best way to get coins, and no doubt the most common method, because there are an infinite number of enemies that are battled regularly. Bosses naturally give more coins than normal enemies because they are harder to defeat.
  • Selling items: Another way for a player to earn coins is to sell to vendors the Equipment or other items that they no longer need or want. All non-key items can be sold back to the vendors. Artifacts can be re-purchased at any appropriate store. It should be noted that items are sold for only 75% (3/4) their purchase price. If the game comes out with a decimal, it simply rounds down. For example, a Game Ticket is worth 50 coins; it would theoretically be sold for 37.5 coins, but the actual value becomes 37 coins.
  • Treasure chests: Although most treasure chests scattered throughout dungeons, such as Anemos Inner Sanctum, contain items or equipment, some contain varying amounts of coins.
  • Finding them in towns: In many towns, both items and coins are hidden in the various boxes and crates scattered throughout the town.
  • Scooping: Every time Scoop is cast on a piece of land with no predefined items, the player has a small chance to retrieve coins.
  • Gambling: The Lucky Dice, Super Lucky Dice, Tolbi Spring and Lemuria Spring minigames give players plenty of opportunities to win coins, but not without risking their current coins.
  • Looking into shallow water: When sailing in shallow (light blue) water on the World Map, if the player looks in by pressing A while the ship is stationary, there is a small probability of finding some coins.

Uses for coins[edit]

Lucky Medal Fountain prizes
Tolbi (Golden Sun) Lemuria (The Lost Age)
Weapons Assassin BladeBurning AxeGrievous Mace Fireman's PoleHestia BladeMighty Axe
Body Armor Cocktail DressKimonoSpirit Armor Erebus ArmorFloral DressWild Coat
Hand Armor Battle GlovesEarth ShieldGuardian Armlet Aegis ShieldCrafted GlovesLeda's Bracelet
Head Armor Adept's HelmGlittering TiaraNinja Hood Brilliant CircletCrown of GloryMinerva Helm
Consumable Items PotionPsy CrystalWater of Life PotionPsy CrystalWater of Life
Miscellaneous N/A Eclipse (summon)
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