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Crafted Gloves

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Crafted Gloves.gif Crafted Gloves
Trade Info
Item class Glove
Buy value 4600
Sell value 3450
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Attack Boost 5
Defense Boost 35

Crafted Gloves (コンポジットグラブ, Composite Glove?) are a Glove-class piece of equipment found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Basic Description[edit]

Crafted Gloves increase the wearer's defense by 35 and attack by 5. They can be sold for 3450 coins and subsequently rebought for 4600 coins.

In The Lost Age, Crafted Gloves are one of the prizes that can be won in the Lucky Medal Fountain in Lemuria. Being Gloves, they can be equipped by all Adepts.


The Crafted Gloves are notable for their useful addition to Attack and are an option for characters that either have low attack power, like Sheba, or those whose strategy focuses on physical attacks. However, the War Gloves available earlier in Izumo give double the Attack increase, for only three less Defense points. Unlike the War Gloves, the Crafted Gloves can be obtained in multiples and thus could be given to the three Adepts that don't have the War Gloves.

When comparing the Crafted Gloves to other armwear available in the Fountain, the Crafted Gloves give the lowest Defensive boost. In Sheba's case, the Crafted Gloves compete with Leda's Bracelet, which give a higher defensive boost and add 30 points to her Jupiter Power. The Crafted Gloves are an option if the player prefers to have her attack with her weapon, while the Leda's Bracelet is for situations where she is using Jupiter-based offenses. For Felix and Piers, the Crafted Gloves remain an option, but also compete with the Aegis Shield, which gives a 41 point increase to Defense and raises the critical hit rate. If Piers and Felix use their elemental physical attacks, the Diamond Dust and Ragnarok series respectively, then the Crafted Gloves will increase the power of these Psynergies. If attacking with a weapon, then the Aegis Shield is the better option.

In either case, the Crafted Gloves will eventually be outclassed by the Riot Gloves, which not only gives a higher increase to Attack, but raises the Unleash rate.

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