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Wild Coat

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Wild Coat.gif Wild Coat
Trade Info
Item class Clothing
Buy value 4000
Sell value 3000
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 37
Agility Boost 40

A Wild Coat (ワイルドコート, Wild Coat?) is a Clothing-class item found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Basic Description[edit | edit source]

A Wild Coat increases the wearer's defense by 37 and agility by 40. It can be bought for 4000 coins and sold for 3000 coins.

The Wild Coat is one of the prizes that can be won in the Lucky Medal Fountain in Lemuria. Being a Clothing-class item, it can be equipped by all Adepts.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

Like most defensive Artifacts, the extra effect (in this case the agility) is often more valuable than the defensive boost. The substantial boost to the wearer's agility means that the Wild Coat is best given to slower characters like Felix and Piers (assuming everyone is in their default class series). Better armor doesn't become available until Jupiter Lighthouse, making this a valuable piece of equipment.

When comparing the Wild Coat to the other bodywear available in Lemuria, the Wild Coat gives the lowest Defensive boost; however, the high agility increase more than makes up for the lower Defense. The Wild Coat is considered to be more useful all around than the Floral Dress, as the Floral Dress only has an unreliable use effect. When compared to the Erebus Armor, the Erebus Armor is stronger Defensively, and also provides HP regeneration. In general, the choice between whether the player prefers to regenerate HP or to have higher speed comes down to taste.

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