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Full Metal Vest

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Full Metal Vest.gif Full Metal Vest
Trade Info
Item class Clothing
Buy value 1100
Sell value 825
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 21

The Full Metal Vest (フルメタルベスト, Full Metal Vest?) is Clothing-class armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is notable for being the first Artifact available to the player.

Basic Description[edit]

The Full Metal Vest increases the wearer's Defense by 21 points. It can be purchased for 1100 coins and sold for 825 coins.

In The Lost Age, it is found in a treasure chest in the entrance area of the Dehkan Plateau, and can be equipped by all Adepts.


The Full Metal Vest is notable for its impressive Defensive boost at such an early stage of the game. Due to the high Defense, the Full Metal Vest is usually given to Jenna or Sheba, who have naturally lower Defense. Once equipped, it will remain in the Adept's possession for quite some time, as stronger equipment for the two will not appear until the player has gotten the Lemurian Ship.


  • The Full Metal Vest is unique among Artifacts in that it has no special effect other than the relatively large increase to Defense.
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