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Faery Vest

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Faery Vest.gif Faery Vest Faery Vest DD.gif
Trade Info
Item class Clothing
Buy value 6900
Sell value 5175
Artifact? Yes
Sell value when broken 3450
Repair cost 1725
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 38
Use Effect Casts Ply Well on a target party member *
When Usable Battle or Field

A Faery Vest (フェアリーベスト, Fairy Vest?) is a Clothing-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Despite Clothing-class armor normally being available to all Adepts, the Faery Vest is one of several items that can only be equipped by female Adepts.

Basic Description by Game[edit]

A Fairy Vest increases base Defense by 38. In addition, it may be Used as an item, both in battle and in the field, to emulate the Ply Well Psynergy and cure an Adept's HP by around 200. As an Artifact, it can be sold to a Vendor for 5175 coins and subsequently rebought for 6900 coins. If sold while broken, the resale value drops to 3450 coins; however, it can be repaired by a Vendor for 1725 coins.

In The Lost Age, it is obtained by giving a Sylph Feather forgeable item to Sunshine the Blacksmith in Yallam, where he will randomly forge it into either that or several other items, and buying the item from him afterwards. It can be equipped by Jenna, Sheba, and Mia. In Dark Dawn, the Faery Vest is now a singular Artifact found in a treasure chest within the Phantasmal Bog; the player must solve a log-rolling puzzle to reach the chest. The Faery Vest can be equipped by Karis, Sveta, and Himi.


In The Lost Age, the Faery Vest might not have as much lasting appeal as other items created out of the Sylph Feather, like the Aerial Gloves. However, its defense rating and ability to grant either Jenna or Sheba a PP-free equivalent to the Ply Well Psynergy can make it an interesting placeholder item for until you gain the Muni Robe in Ankohl Ruins or reach the Lucky Medal fountain in Lemuria, where you can get Wild Coats.

In Dark Dawn, only Karis will be able to be able to equip the Faery Vest at the time it is found. Since Karis has her own unique healing Psynergy, the Faery Vest's Use effect may not see as much use. However, its Defensive boost can be extremely useful. If the player has given Karis the Muni Robe found in Belinsk, then the Faery Vest may not be needed at this point. In this case, the player has the option of keeping it until Sveta joins the party, as it will be an immediate upgrade to Sveta's default Silver Vest.

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