Faery Vest

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In-Game Description
"Clothes: Use to restore 200 HP" (TLA)
"Body: Clothing (Use to restore 200 HP)" (DD)
Trade Info
Item class Clothing
Buy value 6900
Sell value 5175
Artifact? Yes
Sell value when broken 3450
Repair cost 1725
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 38
Special Equip Effect Can only be equipped by females
Use Effect Casts Ply Well on a target party member *
When Usable Battle or Field
Forged from Sylph Feather (TLA)
• Chest in Phantasmal Bog (DD)

A Faery Vest (フェアリーベスト, Fairy Vest?) is a Clothing-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is an uncommon example of a piece of gear that can only be equipped by female Adepts. Any such Adept with it in their inventory (whether or not they actually have it Equipped) can repeatedly Use it to have it produce an emulated form of the Ply Well Psynergy (which will always restore around 200 HP regardless of the user's Mercury Power rating). On the off-chance Using it makes it break, it will have to be repaired before its Use effect can be used again.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age

The Faery Vest is first accessible relatively late into the player's exploration of the Eastern Sea arc of the game, when one of two Sylph Feathers can be acquired from chests in dungeons explored later on. Tundaria Tower contains one Sylph Feather, but the dungeon can only be accessed with the Parch Psynergy previously gotten in Aqua Rock. Ankohl Ruins contains the other "early" Sylph Feather, and the party needs the Sand Psynergy previously awarded in Gaia Rock to reach it. Only one more "easily acquired" Sylph Feather can be found in a chest that lies in the earlier section of Treasure Isle; after this, the player would have to get Great Seagulls in the later, endgame-level portion of Treasure Isle to randomly drop more Sylph Feathers.

As Sylph Feathers are forgeable items, bringing one down to Sunshine the blacksmith in Yallam will cause him to randomly convert it into either this (with a 25% probability) or several other items: Sylph Rapier, Floating Hat, or Aerial Gloves. If a Faery Vest has ended up being made, you will have to pay the purchase price of 6900 coins (which is not shown to the player in localized versions of The Lost Age) before you can forge something else.

In The Lost Age, this can be equipped and/or Used for its effect by any of the three female Adepts, who all happen to be "caster-style": Jenna and Sheba at first, and Mia much later. A Faery Vest might not have as much lasting appeal as other items created out of the Sylph Feather, like the Aerial Gloves. However, its defense rating and ability to grant either Jenna or Sheba a PP-free equivalent to the Ply Well Psynergy can make it an interesting placeholder item that will last until you gain the Muni Robe in Ankohl Ruins, or reach the Lucky Medal Fountain in Lemuria, where you can attempt to "exchange" Lucky Medals for gear like Wild Coats.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Only one Faery Vest is available in this game, in which it is found in a chest in Phantasmal Bog over halfway through the game; this means it will be permanently missed once Arangoa Prelude is requested late in the Morgal arc of the game. The only applicable Adept who can equip this at that time is Karis; since she already has her own useful group-healing Psynergy series in the Fresh Breeze Psynergy series, the Faery Vest's Use effect may not see as much use. Its defensive boost can be very useful if the player has not already given her the Muni Robe found in Belinsk. Even if the Faery Vest is not equipped on Karis at this point, it can still be retained in the inventory so that the next female Adept who will join the party, Sveta at Belinsk Ruins, can immediately replace the Silver Vest she comes with. The same goes for Himi when she is added to the party during the game's final third because she comes equipped with just a Silver Vest as well.

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