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Aroma Ring

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Aroma Ring.gif Aroma Ring
Trade Info
Item class Ring
Buy value 2300
Sell value 1725
Artifact? Yes
Sell value when broken 1150
Repair cost 575
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Casts Healing Aura on the party *
When Usable Battle or Field

The Aroma Ring (アロマリング, Aroma Ring?) is a Ring-class item coded into Golden Sun: The Lost Age. However, it is not acquirable by any means within the game; it can only be accessed through a hacking device such as an Action Replay. Visually, the Aroma Ring resembles a gold ring with a small red-violet jewel on top, with purple dust surrounding it.

The Aroma Ring, as with most other Rings in The Lost Age, has no effect when equipped and is instead used as an item to restore 100 Hit Points to all active party members (effectively emulating the Healing Aura Psynergy). Although it cannot be acquired normally, the Aroma Ring has been programmed with a purchase value of 2300 coins and a resale value of 1725 coins. If broken, its resale value drops to 1150 coins and its cost to repair is 575 coins.

The Aroma Ring, usable by all party members, would not have been the most practical Ring available, as it is effectively a weaker version of the Spirit Rings, which restore 160 HP. The Aroma Ring could have served as a placeholder if it was introduced before Spirit Rings become available, but would have eventually become obsolete.

It is unknown why the Aroma Ring was not included in the actual game despite being designed and coded. Incidentally, this is not the only Ring that has been coded into The Lost Age without actually being featured; the other two such Rings are the Rainbow Ring and the Soul Ring. It is possible that they were meant to be prizes in the slot machines in The Lost Age, since there are exactly three such unimplemented Rings, not to mention similar unused Shirts and Boots. However, the slot machines in The Lost Age instead used the same prizes seen in the previous game, suggesting that Camelot eventually decided to recycle the old prizes rather than introduce new ones.

Incidentally, the Aroma Ring is subject to the same exploit as the Spirit Ring in that, unlike items like the Virtuous Armlet that potentially break when used for their single-target HP-restoring effects whether during battle or outside it, the Aroma Ring will never break when used outside of battle. Therefore, the mere presence of this ring or its superior counterpart in the party's inventory can ensure that the party's HP will always be topped off between battles without straining the party's PP reserves.

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