Healing Ring

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Healing Ring.gif Healing Ring
In-Game Description
"Ring: Use to restore 70 HP" (GS) (TLA)
Trade Info
Item class Ring
Buy value 800
Sell value 600
Artifact? Yes
Sell value when broken 400
Repair cost 200
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Casts Cure on a target party member *
When Usable Battle or Field
• Chest in Tret Tree (GS)
• Random drop from Nightmare (GS) (TLA)

A Healing Ring (キュアリング, Cure Ring?) is a Ring-class piece of equipment found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

In Golden Sun and The Lost Age

In the first game, one is found in a chest in Tret Tree, and more are randomly dropped by Nightmare enemies in the earlier portion of Venus Lighthouse. A Healing Ring does not provide any statistic boosts while equipped. Rather, it is Used as an item both in and out of battle (it does not need to be equipped to be used in this manner) to emulate the Cure Psynergy to restore a party member's Hit Points by around 70.

In Golden Sun, a Healing Ring can be nice to have on a character who does not have the Cure Psynergy in their default class, such as Ivan, early in the game. Specifically, the Healing Ring found in Tret Tree can be useful in helping increase a player's odds in surviving the Tret boss battle coming up shortly. Other than that, they will very quickly become obsolete as the game progresses, and will strictly be something to sell off if it is dropped by Nightmares in either game.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Nightmares continue to drop the Ring and can be fought in Trial Road. The Healing Ring is pretty much useless because, at the moment you can get one to drop, lots of better healing methods are available — specially the the vastly superior Spirit Ring, which is available much earlier, heals more HP to the whole party and (owing to a bug) can be used indefinitely outside of battle.

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