Golden Ring

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Golden Ring.gif Golden Ring
In-Game Description
"Ring: Raises elemental resistances" (TLA)
Trade Info
Item class Ring
Buy value 4000
Sell value 3000
Artifact? Yes
Sell value when broken 2000
Repair cost 1000
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Casts Resist on the party *
When Usable Battle
• Event at Champa if a password in which Hsu was rescued was used (TLA)

The Golden Ring (おうごんのリング, Ougon no ringu?, lit. Golden Ring) is a Ring-class piece of equipment available in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Like the other Golden Items, the Golden Ring is automatically acquired at a certain point in the game (in this case, upon entering Champa for the first time), but only if the player met certain requirements in the preceding game and transferred that game's data to The Lost Age.

Like most Rings in The Lost Age, the Golden Ring has no effect when equipped and instead is used as an item during battle (it does not need to be equipped to be used in this manner) to emulate the Resist Psynergy, which temporarily increases the Resistances of all active party members by 20. This effect can be used repeatedly to increase Resistances by a maximum of 80 points, although there is a chance the Golden Ring might break each time it is used.

The Golden Ring is arguably the easiest of the golden items to obtain, since the player is not required to battle in order to receive it. In Golden Sun, after Master Hama teaches Ivan how to use Reveal, follow Hama and Feizhi to the Alpine Crossing, where Feizhi's friend Hsu is trapped under a boulder. The player must use Reveal to reach Hsu and then use Lift to raise the boulder while Hama and Feizhi pull Hsu to safety. In The Lost Age, Feizhi arrives in Champa to give Isaac the Golden Ring as a good luck charm. Since Isaac isn’t around, she gives it to Felix so that he can give it to Isaac for her, although the player is free to do with it as they want.

The Golden Ring is a helpful item, especially for Boss battles, given that they tend to use strong psynergy attacks and so boosting the resistance of all party members can substantially reduce damage taken for a couple of turns. Another factor that helps the Golden Ring's viability is that, most of the time, when it's available the party would still not have learned the Resist Psynergy.

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