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Golden Shirt

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Golden Shirt.gif Golden Shirt
Trade Info
Item class Shirt
Buy value 2400
Sell value 1800
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 12
Hit Point Boost 10

The Golden Shirt (おうごんのシャツ, Ougon no shatsu?, lit. Golden Shirt) is a Shirt available in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It can be obtained in Shaman Village Cave, but only if the player meets certain requirements.

The Golden Shirt increases the wearer's defense by 12 and maximum HP by 10, essentially making it a stronger version of the Mythril Shirt. It costs 2400 coins and can be sold for 1800 coins. Strangely, the Mythril Shirt costs more.

Like the other "golden items" (the Golden Ring and Golden Boots), the Golden Shirt is only available to players who meet certain requirements in Golden Sun and then transfer their data to The Lost Age. The Golden Shirt is probably the most difficult of the golden items to obtain, as the player must win Colosso in order to make it available. If the player returns to the Shaman Village Cave after Felix and Isaac's parties unite, Isaac's opponents from Colosso, Navampa, Satrage, and Azart, will appear. These three will be seeking revenge for their defeat in the first game (they're unnerved by the possibility that Babi rigged the tournament) and will challenge the party to a rematch. Although all three Colosso warriors must be fought at once, it is unlikely they will pose much of a threat against the combined might of eight Adepts. After their defeat, they will offer the Golden Shirt as a sort of peace offering.


  • There appears to be a small glitch involving the Golden Shirt. On occasion, pressing A immediately after picking up the shirt will cause the party to enter another fight with the Colosso warriors. The post-battle dialogue will repeat if the party wins, including the Golden Shirt drop. This technique could in theory be used to attain an unlimited number of the item, although the glitch doesn't always take effect.
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