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Lord Sun's Ring

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Lord Suns Ring DD.gif Lord Sun's Ring
Trade Info
Item class Ring
Buy value 4900
Sell value 3675
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Attack Boost 8
Special Equip Effect Increases Unleash rate by 12%

The Lord Sun's Ring is a Ring-class piece of equipment that was introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description[edit]

The Lord Sun's Ring increases the wearer's base Attack by 8 points and increases the rate at which Unleashes occur by a base value of 12%. It can be sold for 3675 coins and, being an Artifact, subsequently rebought for 4900 coins.

In Dark Dawn, the Lord Sun's Ring is found in a treasure chest located in the royal palace in Tonfon, where it is among the treasures stored in the secret room behind Emperor Unan's study. Like all Rings, it can be equipped by any party member.


The Lord Sun's Ring is extremely valuable, more for the increased odds of getting an Unleash than for its attack boost, although the latter is still valuable. Because of these two properties, it is especially useful as part of an equipment set-up designed to maximize the Unleash rate. When combined with the Ninja Sandals, Valkyrie Mail, Warrior's Helm, and the Aegis Shield, the Unleash rate increases to nearly 100%. Matthew is the most likely recipient of the Lord Sun's Ring, since he is the only party member in Dark Dawn that can wield the powerful Sol Blade and its attack-tripling Megiddo Unleash. However, changes made to the Unleash system in Dark Dawn have given the Sol Blade a total of four Unleashes, so there is no guarantee that Megiddo will occur.

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