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Spirit Ring

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Spirit Ring.gif Spirit Ring
Trade Info
Item class Ring
Buy value 3600
Sell value 2700
Artifact? Yes
Sell value when broken 1800
Repair cost 900
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Casts Wish Well on the party *
When Usable Battle or Field

A Spirit Ring (せいれいのゆびわ, Seirei no yubiwa?, lit. Spirit Ring) is a Ring-class item found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. They are acquired by giving a Tear Stone to Sunshine the Blacksmith in Yallam, at which point he will randomly forge it into one of several pieces of equipment chosen at random from a predetermined list. Among those items is the Spirit Ring, although it must still be bought from Sunshine after it is made. Visually, the Spirit Ring resembles a white ring with a large, light blue, tear-shaped stone set on top, with two blue sparkles on either side of the icon. They are bought for 3600 coins and sold for 2700 coins apiece. If broken, one can be sold for 1800 coins or repaired for 900 coins.

A Spirit Ring, as with most other Rings in The Lost Age, has no effect when equipped and is instead used as an item to restore 160 Hit Points to all active party members (effectively emulating the Wish Well Psynergy), although there is a chance one might break each time it is used.

Spirit Rings are arguably among the best Rings in The Lost Age, as they can be used by any character to heal the entire party, regardless of how many Psynergy Points that character has left. This far outclasses Healing Rings, which only restore 70 HP to a single character, and even a coded-but-unavailable Ring called the Aroma Ring, which restores 100 HP to all allies. However, Spirit Rings do not usually restore as much HP as a true Wish Well does, because Wish Well is also affected by the user's Mercury Power (which is most likely well over 100, resulting in more than 160 HP healed), while Spirit Rings are not. Still, a free group healing for no PP cost makes it very valuable regardless.

The most interesting feature about Spirit Rings is that they can only break when used in combat, meaning that players can wait until a fight is over and then use the Ring repeatedly to bring the entire party to full health. When used in such a situation, the Spirit Ring heals all eight party members (as opposed to only the four currently battling).

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