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Fairy Ring

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Fairy Ring.gif Fairy Ring
Trade Info
Item class Ring
Buy value 2900
Sell value 2175
Artifact? Yes
Sell value when broken 1450
Repair cost 725
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Casts Restore on a target party member *
When Usable Battle

The Fairy Ring (ようせいのゆびわ, Yōsei no yubiwa?, lit. Fairy Ring) is a Ring-class piece of equipment found in Golden Sun. It is found in a treasure chest in the third floor of the optional dungeon Crossbone Isle. It can be bought for 2900 coins and sold for 2175 coins. If broken, it can be sold for 1450 or repaired for 725.

The Fairy Ring does not provide any statistics boosts while equipped. Rather, it can be Used as an item in battle (it does not need to be equipped to be used in this manner) to emulate the Restore Psynergy, curing a party member of the Sleep, Stun, Delusion, Psynergy Seal, and/or Death Curse effects.

The Fairy Ring is actually a little more valuable than an Elixir, which doesn't cure Death Curse. Placing this in the inventory of a party member effectively grants that character access to the Restore Psynergy, therefore it would be best given to a character that does not already have the Psynergy. Whether this Ring is actually useful depends on whether the player places value in having multiple party members with access to Restore, which can cure all temporary status conditions from a targeted ally. Of course, like with all items with Use effects, since it does not have to be equipped in place of anything else that provides something more useful, it can remain in the party's inventory relatively harmlessly throughout a game.

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