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Lady Moon's Ring

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Lady Moons Ring DD.gif Lady Moon's Ring
Trade Info
Item class Ring
Buy value 3300
Sell value 2475
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 8
Elemental Resistance Boosts Star venus.gif 10
Star mars.gif 10
Star jupiter.gif 10
Star mercury.gif 10

The Lady Moon's Ring is a Ring-class piece of equipment introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description[edit]

The Lady Moon's Ring increases the wearer's base Defense by 8 points and all four of his/her Elemental Resistances by 10 points. It can be sold for 2475 coins and, being an Artifact, subsequently rebought for 3300 coins.

In Dark Dawn, the Lady Moon's Ring is received as a gift from Lady Hinechou of Tonfon, who gives it to Matthew as a gift for rescuing her children Ryu Kou and Hou Ju. As a Ring, it can be equipped by any party member.


Just as the Lord Sun's Ring is useful for offensive purposes, the Lady Moon's Ring is useful as a defensive item. It is one of only two pieces of equipment in Dark Dawn to raise Resistance to all four elements, with the other being the Cosmos Shield. Since it is a Ring-class item, it can be equipped by any party member, making it a valuable piece of equipment. It could be combined with the Cosmos Shield to provide a total increase of 30 points, or given to a character that can't wield a Cosmos Shield so that more characters can benefit. Ultimately, choosing who wears the Lady Moon's Ring is up to the player's preference.

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