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Earth Shield

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Earth Shield.gif Earth Shield
Trade Info
Item class Shield
Buy value 4100
Sell value 3075
Artifact? Yes
Sell value when broken 2050
Repair cost 1025
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 31
Elemental Resistance Boosts Star venus.gif 20
Use Effect Casts Cure Well on a target party member *
When Usable Field or Battle

An Earth Shield (アースシールド, Earth Shield?) is a Shield found in Golden Sun.

Basic Description[edit]

An Earth Shield increases the wearer's defense by 31 and Venus resistance by 20. Unlike most Artifacts, the Earth Shield has an extra effect that is Usable like an item. When used, the Earth Shield emulates the Cure Well Psynergy, restoring approximately 150 HP to one Adept. It can be bought for 4100 coins and sold for 3075 coins. If sold while in a broken state, the resale value drops to 2050; however, the Earth Shield can be repaired by a Vendor for 1025 coins.

Earth Shields are one of the prizes that can be won in the Lucky Medal Fountain in Tolbi. Being a Shield, it can be equipped by Isaac and Garet. If the Earth Shield is transferred to Golden Sun: The Lost Age as part of a password-enhanced game, it can be equipped by Felix and Piers.


An Earth Shield is the strongest armwear that can be won at the Tolbi Springs, and is a valuable piece of equipment even if its healing effect is never used. This effect is perhaps best used as a last-ditch effort when close to defeat, or as an alternative to healing when the party's PP and healing items are running low. However, it does not effectively replace other healing methods, as it has a chance of breaking each time it is used and then must be repaired before it can be used again. It is perhaps best given to Garet, who lacks healing Psynergy and has a lower natural Venus Resistance than Isaac.

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